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Home Remedies For Upset Stomach – A Guide To A Healthy And Happy Gut!

If you have been feeling a constant uneasiness and discomfort because stomach upset has been bothering you, you can follow these home remedies for upset stomach, that will quickly rescue from the turmoil and immediately give you a major upset stomach relief. Hard to trust? Read on to know.

Home Remedies for Upset Stomach

You could probably be suffering from a lot of uneasiness and agitation because an upset stomach does not let you finish your daily tasks. You literally have to stay away from all your responsibilities and commitments or keep them pending because you need to constantly look after yourself to calm down the unexplainable chaos in your stomach which only you can understand and this is ultimately going to ruin your mood and your day.

A Constant Upset Stomach Can Rob Your Peace!

No matter how much you try to deviate yourself, there is a constant war going on between your mind and your stomach because while you use your mind to deviate yourself and calm yourself down, your stomach doesn’t let you remain in peace as it continuously reminds you about its presence by showing up in the form of upset stomach symptoms.

You just while away your time by contemplating on what to eat with an upset stomach or what helps an upset stomach.

The worst part about upset stomach is that it can most commonly show up during the most unfavourable situations, such as an important meeting, a life-changing event like an interview or the worst of all they can ruin the most joyous occasions such as birthday parties or wedding anniversaries.

Treatment For Upset Stomach

Do you know what is the first and foremost step to get yourself relieved from all the uneasiness and turbulence? You just need to stop being anxious about your situation, rest easy on your comfy bed, make yourself super comfortable and start reading these below-mentioned home remedies for upset stomach that will result in a happy and healthy stomach.

No one can really understand your situation much better than your own self. So, you first need to comprehend your own situation and for this, you need to understand the underlying cause for your situation so that, you never again repeat the cause and be careful next time.

A Very Frequent Or A Persistent Stomach Upset Can Be An Indication Of An Underlying Emergency

A stomach upset is usually a very minor problem that goes away by itself, you just need to put in some extra efforts to know what’s good for upset stomach and what is the best food for upset stomach.

But, if stomach upset has been a very common problem that has been continuously showing up you, you must consider visiting your doctor for medication because a persistent stomach upset is an evidence to prove that you could be suffering from intestinal infections, stomach ulcers, or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease which is commonly known as GERD.

This implies that you consult your doctor for a proper medical diagnosis. You can also follow some of these home remedies for upset stomach, to relieve yourself from the temporary uneasiness.

Stomach Upset – An Indication Of Lactose Intolerance

If you are lactose intolerant, you will experience the symptoms of stomach upset soon after drinking milk on an empty stomach, or after consuming dairy products on an empty stomach.

What Causes Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is caused because your body contains an enzyme called lactase that is very much needed for digesting a sugar called lactose which you absorb through milk. When your small intestine does not produce required amounts of lactase enzyme, lactose in your body does not get digested. This can immediately result in stomach upset.

Though you can rely upon natural remedies for upset stomach if you are lactose intolerant, it is advisable to cut down on dairy products to prevent the uneasiness and suffering. If you cannot really avoid the intake of dairy products, you could instead consume dairy products after having your breakfast, so that lactose does not directly act on your empty stomach.

Upset Stomach Symptoms

It is your responsibility to know whether your stomach upset has been caused because of a minor issue that can be treated by following some home remedies for upset stomach or whether it is a very serious complication that requires an immediate medical attention.

You can cross check with the following symptoms for a better understanding of your situation.

Minor Upset Stomach Symptoms

Upset Stomach Causes

Before you opt for some home remedies for upset stomach, you need to understand that your lifestyle habits can sometimes land you up in conditions like stomach upsets. You may sometimes overlook the cause which is why we bring to your notice some of the most common upset stomach causes.

Overeating Or Over Drinking – The Most Common Cause Of Stomach Upset

Sometimes, your food intake may surpass your digesting capacity, and you need not blame yourself for eating beyond your permissible limits because, your love for food overflows which does not let you stop and think for a second whether you are harming your body.

If you are unfortunately experiencing this situation now, do not worry much. You can just take a break from your work life and follow these soothing home remedies for upset stomach.

Overeating Or Over Drinking

But if you are someone whose boozing habit knows no limits, there is an immediate need for you to put an end to your drinking addiction because heavy drinking is supposed to make you susceptible to a condition called gastritis, a condition in which your stomach lining gets inflamed.

Putting a permanent full stop to your addiction is much advisable because natural remedies for upset stomach, in this case, can just give you a temporary relief.

Food Poisoning

If you are a foodie, your fondness can never be measured in terms and you never pay heed to the cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to savouring your favourite fast foods. You may really enjoy the flavour but the consequence is what really puts you in a lot of inconvenience and irritation.

Food Poisoning

Just relax and ease your mind because of the suffering that has been bothering you is just temporary. You just need to find out some amazing ways through which you can resolve the uneasiness. Read on to know the most comforting home remedies for upset stomach.

Stress Can Be One Of The Upset Stomach Causes

You will be astonished to know that, the amount of stress that you undergo on a daily basis can cause you stomach upset. The reasons for your stress-related stomach upset could be numerous. It could be exam tension, stress to meet your deadlines at your workplace, stress to resolve your family issues, stress to pay your bills or stress to take good care of your family.

Stress Can Be One Of The Upset Stomach Causes

A massive stress can bring changes to your physical as well as psychological systems. Your mind gets hampered which shows up in the form of nervousness or anxiousness, while the change in your physical system shows up in the form of stomach upset.

Still, don’t believe that stress causes stomach upset? Here is the reason. When you are anxious, your digestive system does not work proficiently, which is why proteins do not get digested properly ultimately causing you an upset stomach.

Stomach Infection Or Gastroenteritis

If you are accustomed to a continuous habit of relying on processed food, it is time for you to master some cooking skills and cook some tasty and healthy recipes for yourself because a continuous intake of processed food can land you in a condition called gastroenteritis.


The lining of your stomach gets swollen because of the continuous bacterial infection, which is why you need to start cooking your own food to stop further deterioration of your intestines. You can keep a track of these upset stomach remedies to obtain an upset stomach relief.

Home Remedies For Upset Stomach – Best Food For Upset Stomach

You no longer have to feel worrisome about what to eat with an upset stomach. You can just use this simple guide as a pathway for a healthy stomach.

Warm Water Flavoured With Honey And Lemon Mix

A great day starts with a great morning. But when you suffer from an upset stomach, every morning can be a gloomy one. You would not want to get out of your bed to perform your daily chores. But you definitely have a great solution for this.

The simplest of all the home remedies for upset stomach, this antidote will energise your day and make it so sportive and lively, you will invite some positive vibes into your day that will tarnish and taint your lustreless day.

Warm Water Flavoured With Honey And Lemon Mix

You just have to warm a glass of distilled water until the water is devoid of the germs. Add one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of lemon juice to this water. Your energy drink for the day is ready to be savoured.

Make sure you drink this on an empty stomach and the rest will follow. You will be relieved from all kinds of upset stomach symptoms that have been bothering you.

Prepare Genmaicha In Your Own Style – The Best Of Upset Stomach Remedies

Genmaicha is basically a Japanese recipe which is followed by the people who have their origins in Japan, a country which is popularly called “the land of rising sun.” They usually make use of brown rice to prepare the recipe, but you can opt for polished white rice, as brown rice is hard to digest and it is preferable for you to consume something that can easily get digested.


This easy to prepare recipe requires you to boil the required amounts of water, a glass or two is usually enough. Wash the rice properly and add the required quantities of rice (two to three cups) to this boiling water. Let the water absorb the flavour of rice properly.

Use a sieve to separate the rice from the water and preserve the rice water, this water is usually referred to as rice tea. You can add a pinch of salt to this which makes it easy for you to drink.

This is going to give you required amount of nutrients and vitamins apart from boosting your energy levels.

A Cup Of Greek Yoghurt Will Do

If you are lactose intolerant but still can’t resist yourself from consuming dairy products, you can add a cup of Greek yoghurt to your diet as yoghurt contains considerably lower levels of lactose. This is because the lactose present in the milk gets converted into lactic acid.

Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the soothing home remedies for upset stomach because apart from being enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium, Vitamin B6, magnesium and Iron, yoghurt contains good bacteria (probiotics) that help in cleansing your digestive system and maintenance of a healthy gut.

Bananas To Ease Your Stomach Pain

Your sense of taste gets easily affected when you suffer from an upset stomach, and a major consequence of this is a loss of appetite. A persistent uneasiness in your stomach adds up to your problem that makes you go nuts.

Bananas To Ease Your Stomach Pain

If you want to free yourself from this unpleasantness, bananas are the best food for upset stomach because, apart from adding a sweet essence, bananas are rich in fibre content which is why these fruits can help you in relieving you from any kind of gastrointestinal troubles that have been leaving you in splits.

Make sure you do not consume too many bananas as it may worsen your abdominal pain.

Fennel Seeds To Relieve Bloating And Nausea

Fennel seeds contribute to one of the best home remedies for upset stomach because, they help in reducing the most annoying upset stomach symptoms like nausea, bloating, heartburn and stomach cramps. You can either prepare a fennel tea as an evening snack or just chew these seeds soon after you finish your meals.

Fennel Seeds To Relieve Bloating And Nausea

They further aid in an easy digestive process which is why it recommended chewing these seeds post lunch.

Ginger, Lemon, and Cinnamon Tea

If you ask me to suggest one of the quickest remedies that will ease your upset stomach, I would ask you to make the most out of ginger because this amazing ingredient with multi-benefits will relieve you from motion sickness, nausea, bloating and diarrhoea.

Ginger, Lemon, and Cinnamon Tea

You can include ginger in your diet by preparing a tea that is flavoured with a dash of cinnamon and a peculiar essence of lemon.

You just need to boil the required quantity of water, cut a fresh slice of ginger, crush this and add it to the boiling water. Once the water has absorbed the essence of ginger, you can squeeze a fresh lime into this and add a stick of cinnamon. Let this boil for five to ten minutes after which you can savour this healthy tea that will give you a massive relief from the uneasiness.

A Diet Chart Involving The Natural Remedies For Upset Stomach –Best Treatment For Upset Stomach

The smartest and quickest way to cure yourself of stomach upset is to take a break from your work-life and take good care of yourself until you get completely relieved from the uneasiness and obtain a permanent upset stomach relief. If you are worried about what to take for upset stomach, this diet chart will help you give the best treatment for upset stomach.

TimeWhat to Include
Early morning (empty stomach)Lemon and honey mixed warm water or simply a glass of warm water will do
BreakfastBananas, papaya or sweet potatoes. You can also have an oatmeal for your breakfast. Avoid oily foods
Before lunchKeep yourself hydrated by relishing fruit juices of your choice
LunchKeep it simple and include those foods that can get easily digested.
You can simply drink a glass of rice tea and savour two bananas.
You can rely on buttermilk to soothe your stomach cramps.
Chew some fennel seeds soon after your meals
Post lunch Ginger tea flavoured with lemon and cinnamon
Dinner Some fresh fruits and a cup of Greek yoghurt