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How to Get Rid of Headaches Fast? 7 Best Home Remedies that Work

People are working too much without giving proper time for food and relaxation. They usually get stressed and are the major victims of headaches. A headache is a big issue for those who are not with a better peace of mind and also who are not good at maintaining a healthy diet. For this, one needs to take care of the food they are eating, a plan they are playing, the life they are living; this is very much important because our head is like CPU of our body. Before going to know how to get rid of headaches and stress relief measures, let’s get into the topic of what causes headaches.

How to get rid of headaches fast

The Points Discussed in the Entire Article

How Exactly Headache Attacks?

Headaches are because of various reasons, they might be physical stresses, work stresses, and emotional stresses too.

  • Physical disorders like sinusitis, dehydration, lack of sleep, migraines are major headache causes.
  • A Certain environment with Tobacco, Allergic Perfumes, Noise, Stuffy Lightings around will definitely cause a headache for the people who have lower levels of immunity.
  • Continuous illnesses like fever, fluctuations in blood pressure, nervous weakness also cause a headache.
  • ‘Caffeine’ – which people think it as a common solution to a headache (through coffees and teas); increasing the caffeine content or sudden stopping is also a dangerous sign as the brain has to undergo strange circumstances upon the changes.
  • Food pattern also has an effect on brain functioning, be careful while taking food with extra flavours like MSG(Mono Sodium Glutamate) which may not suit your body and health.
  • Mainly, the emotional imbalance is an utmost considered problem as anxiety, sleeplessness, depression cause a severe headache.

Headaches do not occur simply because of the pain in brain parts, it might also be the consequent effect of neck and shoulder pain.

Headache Cures:

Don’t simply leave your headache to “the doctor’s headache”; Handle your health with your hands because a headache is not a big technical issue that is to be dealt with a doctor as soon as it is recognized. That’s why this article is mainly about the home remedies for headaches through which you can cure your own problem.

The only method to get rid of headaches permanently is “to separate the thought folder from life intellectually”—A philosophical suggestion may work all the time or may not work anytime. For that reason, let’s also find out the technical remedies which are easy to carry out at home. Though there are several types of headaches, first we are going to study the basic headache cures which also work for other severe headaches we are going to deal with.

In following paragraphs, we have mentioned the headache types and their clear description of their causes how to get rid of headaches of each type. You can also try the treatment of acupressure for headaches, which is also vast and efficient. But there are some common remedies to control headaches of all types most of which are natural therapies only. They are the safer methods to follow rather than any other scientific medication. Let’s see some home remedies for headaches.

Health Tips to Get Rid of Headaches:

Avoid pills

People usually depend on pills and ointments without doctor’s prescription. This is the major reason they continue to use them for their lifetime.

Avoid pills

But when you switch to natural remedies, the change can be seen healthily and permanently. Better try this.

Regulate Caffeine Levels

Use caffeine consciously, if it is reduced suddenly, you’d not be able to avoid the pain. If it is increased more than you body’s habituated level, then also it affects the neurons’ working potentials.

Take Water Aplenty

Take water a plenty

Drink plenty of water which gives enough oxygen to the brain and it is healthy for your blood cells too.

Practice Exercises for Different Parts of Your Body

Practice exercises for different parts of your body

  • Become stress-free in terms of physical and emotional conditions.
  • Practice regular muscle relaxation techniques like exercises and casual warm-ups.
  • Massage the back part of neck, shoulders, face, and scalp whenever it feels aching.
  • Do breathing exercises and practice relaxation techniques like meditation etc.
  • Give required an amount of sleep and rest to your body so that physical stresses are naturally avoided.
  • Set up good gesture of sitting at the working time, so that everything is at the right distance and height which avoids stressing of your eyes, hands, the overall body sometimes.
  • If you’re a person with anger, frustration or short temper, try to be calm at peak times, this helps you get rid of headaches. You need to do this surely as you are prone to many kinds of headaches in future.
  • Never neglect a small aching sensation in the back neck, forehead and nearer parts of your head, they may lead to bad effect later.

Quit Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking as it is a major cause of many disorders in our body. Smoking is also one of the headache causes.

Home Remedies for Headaches:

This is the important part of this article as these are the most suggested natural medications for how to get rid of headaches.

Try Acupressure Techniques

Acupressure helps in relieving tension and headache, mainly if the pain is due to muscular tension.

  • Locate the bone at the back part of your ear(mastoid bone) at which natural groove is there in the conjunction of ear and skull. Apply deep pressure with thumb for 4-5 seconds accordingly while taking deep breaths.

Completion bone

  • At the edge of your shoulder muscle and half way of the neck, locate the acupressure point and pinch the point using opposite hand, while pinching left shoulder use right hand. Do this simultaneously with both the hands by applying pressure downwards with the index finger for 4-5 seconds for a couple of times.
  • Massage your soft part of skin in between the thumb and index finger firmly for 4-5 seconds. Don’t do this if you are a pregnant lady.

thumb and the index finger

By activating these acupressure points, you could avoid a headache gradually.

Use a Cold Compress

Use a cold compress

  • Use a cool and soft cloth, place it over your forehead.
  • This helps in reducing inflammation of blood vessels and control the headache pain.
  • Remove the cloth each time it gets warm by the heat of head and makes it cooler with cool water or ice.
  • To avoid warming of the cloth, use a plastic sandwich bag and keep in the freezer for 30 minutes, upon using which will not get warmed up, as plastic bag keeps the wetness of ice to your skin which cools long-lastingly.
  • When a headache is due to anxiety or tension, a hot shower may help rather than cold compress.



  • The treatment in aromatherapy varies person to person, but the most common composition is given here.
  • Mix five drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of nutmeg oil, 5 drops of lavender oil in olive oil carrier or coconut oil carrier.
  • Massage this oil mixture over the back neck.
  • You can even use this mixture in a bath or to inhale.

Food-Based Remedies

Herbal Remedies


Ginger is a good digestive item, this controls a headache and even nausea and vomiting. Eating raw ginger pieces is the best way to get rid of headaches. But however, there’s another suggested procedure, which is easier to eat than the raw ginger.


Heat some water in a bowl and keep 2-3 quarter pieces of ginger in it for 30 minutes, then sip the hot water, or inhale the steam. Ginger shows a great effect on headache.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a great soothing effect and it relaxes your mind. Simply apply the oil on your temples, back parts of your jaw and neck, and forehead.

Peppermint oil

Find a quite place to relax and take rest for some time. Dilute the oil in olive oil, if you have sensitive skin.

Fish Oil

Fish oil helps in reducing inflammation, blood clotting; and also helps in steady heart functioning and controlling the levels of blood pressure.

Fish Oil

Add one tablespoon of this oil to orange juice and have it, or I you take capsules, you can have according to the dosage on the bottle.

Cayenne Powder

Take a ¼ tablespoon of cayenne powder in 4 ounces of warm water and stir the mixture well with a cotton swab. Now apply the moist cotton swab onto the paining parts, upon which you’ll feel the burning sensation.

Cayenne powder

For some time, it gets cooled down and you’ll feel the relief.


Eating nuts like almonds, other cashews will help us in the case of a headache rather than a tablet does for it.


Eat them in a good amount each time the pain gets to be started.Nuts relieve the tension and migraines mainly as they contain ‘salicin’ with them.


Feverfew plants give the feverfew flowers, dry them up; dip them in 1 pint of boiling water for some time.


Have that water twice a day as long as the headache seems reducing.This is one of the good home remedies for headache as it has no side-effects.


Coriander seeds decrease inflammation. They can be chewed or directly taken orally.


We can also use them in food or tea.


This mainly reduces a migraine. Take two 25mg capsules of butterbur daily for 3 months, which gradually controls the headache after which 60% of the pain is relieved. You need to follow the other mentioned methods to reduce the headache to a narrower level.


Above are mentioned the regular headache remedies at the starting stages of headaches. There are still some remedies which are for separate kind of headaches. But the above are common for any headache, can be applied to any normal headache issue.

However, technically speaking, there are two types of headaches viz., primary headaches and secondary headaches.

Primary Headaches:

Primary headaches are due to just an illness caused by the over-activity of nerves which are pain-sensitive. Not only nerves in the brain but if the blood vessels, muscles, head and neck parts are with the problem, they cause a headache. These problems affect the chemical function of the brain.

Primary headaches types

We especially don’t need any medication for primary headaches, they are solved by natural treatment or home remedies.

Primary headaches mainly involve a cluster, tension, migraine headache. Though there are other types of headaches a namely sinus headache, hormone headache, migraine transformations, hangover headache, they all require almost similar headache treatment as above three main types. Let’s discuss the special things too.

Cluster Headache:

There is no reason technically how a cluster headache occurs. But this is considered as most painful one. This headache occurs on one side of the head usually. It stays for 20 minutes to one and a half hour.

Cluster headache

Once this headache attacks, it lasts for two to three months. It might be seasonal too.It stresses the area around the eye. Eyelids are drooped or swollen, nose discharge happens, these are said to be symptoms of a cluster.

  • Eye tearing, burning sensation on one side of the head, excessive sweating can also happen.
  • It happens more in men than women.
  • This headache may sometimes run in families(inherited).
  • There’s the least probability of getting this headache commonly(usually 1 in 1000).

At a condition of a continuous headache, don’t hesitate to go to your doctor for the treatment. But as of the mild attack condition, you can simply follow the tips given by us.

To Defend Cluster:

One should not neglect this kind of intense problem as this is a severe headache. Because this headache is a longtime illness, which affects our daily routine and even disturbs our neurological condition on a delayed period of treatment.

  • So let’s find out what could we do to cure this one.
  • Sleep should be regulated for anyone, as lack of sleep has a huge impact on brain functioning and neurons’ activities. For this, melatonin of mild dose can be taken before going to sleep.
  • Avoid smoking for the period you are facing the problem. Even though nicotine has no effect on the cluster, only to avoid risk in future, nicotine is suggested to be avoided.
  • Maybe oxygen levels available to your brain become a cause for this headache, so “oxygen therapy” helps you in headache treatment. Take oxygen through oxygen mask for twenty minutes each time you face a headache.

Upon all these efforts, if a headache still hurts you, you have no other option than consulting a doctor, because a cluster headache is a severe thing to deal with.

Tension Headache:

This is most common headache everyone face. This happens mainly because of stress due to work, family, school or emotional problems. This happens due to contraction of muscles in the brain, scalp and back of the neck.

Tension Headache

  • It starts slowly from the back of the neck and follows through the forehead, which makes us feel tightened across the forehead above the eyes like clamping.
  • This headache is not a severe headache as compared to the other two, though, they last for a long time.
  • It lasts for 4 to 5 hours on a day it attacks, but on a weak body, it may stay for 15 days long.
  • It is called episodic headache if it happens at a normal frequency of once in two days, more than of which, called a chronic
  • If a person has anxiety or depression, he/she is more prone to a tension
  • This is not an inherited problem.

Causes for this type:

  • Lack of rest
  • Iron level deficiency in the body
  • Emotional stress/Depression
  • Hunger
  • Anxiety
  • Muscular stress


  • Follow stress relieving methods like meditation, listening to calm music
  • Get treated with acupuncture medication
  • Avoid the causes mental stresses
  • Give enough healthy food and rest to the body

The headache of this type is easily solved by home remedies, so you do not need to go to the doctor in months of own medication. But if the emotional stress gets improved, then you need the help of a specialist.

Strictly avoid the drugging and sedation techniques, because they do not work on your body for a long period of treatment.

Migraine Headache:

This type of a headache is most technical one and more popular one(Nearly 1 in 7 Americans are attacked by a migraine in a year).

Migraine Headache


  • There’s no specific cause for a migraine to occur. Though, when blood availability to brain parts is lacked, migraines said to occur.
  • This is a painful problem, which is recognized by sensory symptoms like blind spots, sound/light sensitivity, visual disturbances,
  • Severe nausea, vomiting are other symptoms of a migraine.
  • Alcohol, exposure to smoke, sleeplessness, dehydration, severe tension headache also cause a migraine.
  • In females, birth control pills, hormonal changes during menstrual cycles do cause.
  • Chocolates, pickled food, nuts, banana, any fermented food, MSG, nitrates(salami and hot dogs) also affect the brain functioning in terms of blood circulation.
  • A migraine lasts for four hours to days span depending on the severity of the pain. It might be moderate to heavy.
  • Obesity is a mild cause of migraines.

Migraines appear genetically, but it varies from person to person when we see for the symptoms. Similarly, the migraine treatment is also variable from person to person. So for migraine relief, the treatment may differ from person to person.

Rarity and Severity of Migraines:

  • The major symptom of a migraine is vision disturbance. The problem in seeing stars, flickering objects, colored spots, zigzag lines may be due to a migraine. This is called Migraine with “aura” or with “brainstem aura”. Sometimes it may lead to fainting and even reversible paralysis. Yet, this is a very rare problem to occur.
  • A migraine without above disturbances is called “Migraine without aura”, this is also called “common migraine”. Pain will be pulsating you may get diarrhea. 70-90% of people with migraines get this kind of problem only. The pain lasts 4 hours to three days.

Headache Treatment:

There is no actual remedy for migraines, but we can avoid or treat them by natural remedies and home remedies through which we get rid of headaches or other kind of normal headaches. Follow only natural ways to avoid a headache. Drugs and other medication are not purely safe.

Health Tips to Avoid a Migraine:

  • Regular exercise will always help in being it and healthy. Aerobic exercise and a healthy diet help in preventing migraines.
  • Even before we exercise, we need to warm-up gradually because a sudden physical exertion may trigger a migraine
  • Maintain a normal weight according to your age and height.
  • Avoid high-risk sexual activities for migraine relief, this looks typical to believe, but yes, our body’s physical activities have an effect on migraine.
  • Follow all the normal headache remedies so that we are safe from every side of the problem.
  • Avoid taking the food which provokes blood circulation to disorder.

Home Remedies:

  • A cold pack on face kept for 15 minutes will give the migraine relief. If we do this each time the headache attacks, we might be able to get rid of headache after few days. Actually ‘temperature difference’ is what the remedy here. The Hot pack will also do the job by relaxing the muscles.
  • Eating nuts will help you or the relief from the pain. Especially when you can’t sleep, eat ‘Salicin’ – a pain-blocking agent which is the most used medical ingredient.
  • Apply some pressure to the points of pain, it’s like acupressure treatment. Though you’re suffering from an intense pain, when you apply mild pressure with your fingers over the aching area, you can feel the relief.
  • Ginger pieces chewed raw will help a lot while you are attacked by a migraine. When you do not will for its hard taste, you can also prefer a ginger root tea. Ginger empowers the cells to release lipids which calm down the nerves’ excitement.
  • Even though the light is painful, try to find out a herb garden near your area, go there once in every two days. This shows a gradual effect on your health as the herbs like ginger, cayenne, and peppermint are the best natural pain relievers.
  • It is better to make Herbal tea, by mixing ginger, peppermint leaves, cayenne pepper in hot water for about 15 minutes. Herbal tea is also a great pain reliever as we discussed the herbal leaves’ qualities.
  • As a migraine is a severe issue, we need to take care of sunlight falling on us too. As much as you could, slip into the dark areas so that hangover, migraines could be minimized. It is better to wear the sunglasses outdoor and indoor both.
  • Surprisingly, a fresh Grape juice will also work as a relief for migraines.

Other miscellaneous primary headaches are listed below and their remedies are also given briefly. These below types are no hazardous to brain in any way, thus, they could be considered as normal ones and treated by normal headache cures.

Sinus Headache:

Sinus Headache

  • This is a simple headache caused to people who are suffering from sinusitis. One needs to regulate their breath problem for the cure.
  • For this problem, the another solution is Yoga.
  • There’s a procedure called ‘Pranayam’ in yoga, this works way better than any other cure for breath control, consequently the headache.
  • Eat spicy food so that congestion is avoided and you can breathe better.

Hangover Headache:

  • This is mainly due to excess alcohol consumption which reduces the water amount drastically that is to be supplied to the brain.
  • Drink a plenty amount of water to get rid of this headache.
  • Avoid excess alcohol which is dangerous to our health in other ways also.
  • Eat fresh spinach, which helps in reducing the blood pressure thus relieving from headache.

Hormonal Headache:

  • This is due to the hormonal fluctuations in the body.
  • This mainly shows up in teenagers that too in females during their menstrual cycles.
  • The hormonal imbalance causes various health disorders which also includes a headache, it is biologically called menstrual migraine.
  • Hydrate yourself by taking more and more water.
  • Get stress free and get out of inferiority complex of being a sufferer.
  • Maintain a better diet with a less amount of sugar. Magnesium contents are suggested to be increased.
  • Cut tyramine, which is a blood-brain barrier.

Migraine Transformation Headache:

  • This is due to the combination of a migraine and tension types.
  • This is a special condition of a headache when you are stressed and at the same time, if migraine attacks, this headache is the result of such scenario.
  • To avoid this simply avoid being lazy to re-check those two headache paragraphs.

Brain freeze Headache:

  • When we consume cold ingredients like ice creams, frozen chocolates suddenly and in a bigger amount, headache may occur through the temperature-sensitive neurons.
  • To avoid this, we need to take lesser cold items or in lesser amounts.
  • Take out the things from the fridge and keep them outside for some time, then have it.

Secondary Headaches:

Secondary headaches are more serious things to deal with. They are termed as secondary to easily distinguish between the primary ones such as cluster, tension etc., Except that there’s neither a special feature/symptom for this headache nor a treatment. However, we cannot get rid of headaches of this type naturally because they occur only when there are other serious issues in the body like tumor, aneurysms, neurological inflammatory diseases sometimes the abnormal condition of the spinal fluid.

Though these secondary pains are uncommon, they occur with the underlying diseases as mentioned above. So one has to immediately rectify the problem to check the condition of the body so that the disease may be identified and get out of danger zone. This is all about the headaches’ types, what causes headaches and the discussion about their cures. We have given the best available, efficient solutions to get rid of headache of any type, we hope this article helps you out from the problem you’re facing.

We are intended to our basic guideline that one’s health should lie in his/her own hands. And also that one should be able to treat their health through the natural medications only. So, by believing that we have accomplished our intention through this article..we welcome you to react to this article by giving your suggestions and solutions in the comment section.