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Stress Relieving Techniques: How to Relieve Stress by Natural Therapy?

The substantial gush and soaring question among the employees who are employed in private organizations, college students, and home maker women is  about how to relieve stress. This is the most triggering factor that affects mental and physical health smashing up one’s positive self-esteem and positive thinking. The recent study of psychologists says that the stress transpires 8 out of 10 persons. The phenomena of stress demotivates not only our peers but also our body. The peace of mind, calmness, bravery, courage, patience, persistence, aspiration, and planning crave the stress and benefit the health.

Stress Relieving Techniques Relieve Stress by Natural Therapy

The stress changes the way you see the entire world. It is the death of your creativity and collapses the functioning of neuron cells in the brain which in turn prisons positive thoughts. You may be employed or facing terrible situations in life; stress will be a natural phenomenon for every human being but the way you tackle them answers your question how to reduce the stress. Stress forms a glass of the window to your vision and everything you see will become a paradox or Orthodox to your eyes. The way of perception changes. Many are unaware of how to relieve stress and, how to manage stress is still shooting up even though there is much advancement in understanding the biological conditions of human body.

Effect and Causes of Stress:

Have you ever thought that you’ll be into stressful life? No, right! Every individual desire to be happy with his life but uncommon situations take us through that path. The positive effectiveness without becoming the slave to the stress is what all you can do. Apart from these, there are many reasons to get stressed and stress medications diversify you. This can happen with the intake of foods. Yes, there are foods to relieve stress; also there are effects of stress. The various effects of stress and the way we handle them goes like this.

Always brain wanders around negativities as it is a magnet and when you face negative circumstances, the first thought will be negative. So in order to make your thinking positive, we’re here to let you know how to reduce stress. “The life with stress is a life without peace and happiness.” Complications in our lives with various factors (may be exterior or interior) pave the way to the ghost of stress and always question arises how to relieve stress.


The Preeminent aspect of stress is relationships. The changeover in the lifestyle and adaptation to the habits of other, divorce among the partners, the death of the partner, unwanted or forced marriage, sexual problems, too much of expectations from the other are the causes of stress. These are mostly seen in the newly married couples. Also, another minor cause among the married couple will be interaction with the opposite gender and close movements with him/her lead to the misconceptions raising arguments flowing to still lake of stress. Another cause of stress in relationships could be the office work carrying to home and not spend time with your loved ones. Many of them don’t understand on how to relieve stress with relationships.

Peer/Work Pressure:

The Company expects the quality of work from you. No project or task runs without any deadlines. As you will have work to do, you may be getting more work from your above managers. Through this, a negative thought originates in the mind being doubtful whether you can do the work or not. As the deadline nears, there comes the statement, “I can’t do.” You will then begin to act on multiple tasks leaving incompletes or mistakes. The manager above you shouts at you and there you go with the stress. Also, the inadequate support from the co-employees and their discouragement on you open the gateway of your mind into the stressful world. Taking forward your family problems to work impacts on your brain resulting in stress.

Competition and Parental/Teacher Pressure:

Studies have shown an impact on students on the negative side of the coin, either from the parenting teacher or from the teaching parent. During schooling, the low performance of the particular student will be discouraged by the teachers and parents turning his/her mindset to the inability of his/her capabilities. Knowing the weak points by the co-students, they start to play with their weaknesses which weaken their self-esteem. These factors make them think that they’re of no use that pokes them all the time holding stress in their minds and here also it is unanswerable to the question of how to relieve stress.

Social and Career issues:

Branded with failures and the inability of having conversations with new individuals you meet, being apart from the group discussions, not getting placed in the company, inactive participation, criticizing, maintaining egos, selfishness is the dominant elements that make you feel stressed. During the results time after the exams, the comparison with other student generates Inferiority Complex. This Inferiority complex among the students leads to stress. Inferiority complex in turn arrows to depression. Social and career issues redirect the youth and many of them searching for how to relieve stress in their day to day life.

Health Concerns:

Disorders in the body could bring low performance at craft comparing themselves with other individuals which will lead to stress. The illness experience or offensive condition such as paralysis – a living dead, creates a stressful environment in their minds.

Personal Appearance:

Body weight, shape, wrinkles, black spots or hair fall seems to be minor problems but are massive elements for few individuals opening the gates to the stress. For the bodily changes, the mind thinks and thinks to dump brain in the negative thoughts which harden stress.

Financial Concerns:

We all have a family to look upon. When the expenditure is more than the income there’ll be worry onsets in the brain. Home need expenditures, payable bills, and other expenses worry the people causing stress.

Past Life and Changing Life:

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, beautiful at the end”, says Humanitarian. As the life goes like never stopping air, changes are unexpected. These changes couldn’t accept by the person as he/she already habituated to a routine life. Our subconscious mind resists the change to take place and psychologists say that it takes 33 days to install a new habit. The changeover in life stairs to stress.

Society always pokes us with our past, no matter how happy or sad it might be. Obviously, 90% of our past life will be worries, depressions, sadness, anxieties and other negativities. As society reminds us we’ll begin to show our emotions and the process will be continuous starting negative thoughts in the mind causing stress. Remember, there’s no market for your emotions and society doesn’t want to see you happy. So live your life.

Stress symptoms:

Stress, being the most natural occurrence in human beings can be observed and signs of stress could be known if you have:

  1. Frequent Headaches
  2. Disappointments and daily arguments
  3. Aches and muscle pains
  4. Fear to speak or to express yourself
  5. Unable to mingle with the people around
  6. Being sad by spending time lonely
  7. Addiction to music or drugs or alcohols
  8. Inability to perform work
  9. Difficulty in breathing
  10. Cold and Infection occurrence
  11. Rapid heartbeat
  12. Unnecessary doubts on yourself
  13. Sleeping fewer hours
  14. Always thinking negative in every circumstance
  15. Discouraging other people

These are the stress symptoms and there are foods to get rid of stress.

How to Relieve Stress with Foods?

Gobbling healthy foods is the best way to answer your question of how to relieve stress. As health is another cause of stress, we show you healthy and nutritious food that reduces stress. It’s not the complete way to relieve stress but to some extent, it will.



This sea vegetable enhances the rate of metabolism which widely used in the salads. Especially, this green-leafy sea veggie will be topped in fish dishes. The richness of proteins, fiber, and iodine lessen the stress.



The green colored cauliflower with anti-cancer properties, enriched with Vitamin C and fiber releases stress from the body as you will enjoy the taste of it. Also, Broccoli detoxifies and prevents from free radicals in the body.



Deepened with zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium, beetroot calms the mind and its juice boosts up the mood relieving stress.



The folic acid in Asparagus energizes and refreshes the mind uplifting your mood.



The green-layered vegetable has rich content of vitamins A, C, E, K, and folate. Sulfur content in the cabbage breaks the chemical compounds which help to detox the body cells.



Tuna has more percent of magnesium and Selenium that heals damaged cells. It prevents from muscle contraction and blood vessels; also, plays a vital role in preventing heart diseases.



The food fat content improves the condition of hair, skin heart and massive stress buster. The omega-6 fatty acids regulate sugar levels in the body, guard against diabetes, and control hunger pain.



It’s considered to be a tasty nut and many of them will find the joy in eating it. As the joy comes, the stress levels go down. Perfect balance of cholesterol in the arteries is what Pista does.



From the ages, this fruit is regarded as the finest and cures many of the bodily diseases. The body energy will be exponentially boosted and is a hyperactive fruit in your diet.



This Citrus fruit with a rich source of Flavonoids makes you feel fresh and active in daily activities. Have a glass of lemonade every morning and be active.



Being antifungal and antimicrobial, Garlic in the foods adds a tasty flavor that makes us appreciable. As appreciation is a positive element, it relieves stress that you’ve.



A natural herb topped in our daily foods is the best antioxidant and reduces stress. Scientists say that having cilantro would bursts out stress to make your day.



Current generation kids are avoiding this great protein augmented drink and are affected with many diseases. Milk reduces the stress and the tasty nature of it optimizes one’s performance.

Natural stress relief processes:

We had a glance on the foods that relieve stress and effects of stress on various reasons. The natural stress relief can also be done without the use of foods. Many of you would be thinking how to relieve stress from the natural processes. Let me explain you.


Planning and scheduling the work according to its importance could decrease the stress at work.


Kick starts your day with daily yoga or breathing exercises to manage stress.


Give more than you receive and appreciate your life partner and spend time with you family. While the argument is going on, just be calm and later talk with him/her. Never lose your integrity and convince with co-workers. Maintain high self-esteem.

Release your attachment to outcomes:

When you get failed in executing something, find out the mistake and make it more effective the next time.

Avoid comparing:

As you compare yourself with others more, you’ll develop an inferiority complex. Even though parents/teachers compare, ignore and move forward.

Find your passion:

If you’re passionate in something, get on your legs and do it. This makes you feel happy.

Read Great Books:

At stressful times, reading the books of your favorite would improvise your thinking and releases stress.

Commune with nature:

A walk in the woods impacts positively on your brain and gets an effect of motivation cherishing you.

Watch Fun shows:

Watching fun shows will make you laugh which will be an outstanding stress buster.


Have a self-talk. As Swami Vivekananda says, “You will miss meeting the great person in your life if you don’t spend time for yourselves.” So be delighted in it.

So, deconstruct yourself on how to relieve stress and how you can apply these natural remedies for stress. Follow few of these stress relief techniques and effects of stress will be disappeared; Have a stress free life.