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Home Remedies for Hiccups- How to Stop Hiccups?

When the diaphragm contracts involuntarily, hiccups happen. A muscle separating chest and abdomen has a key role to play in the process of breathing. Each time our diaphragm contracts, vocal cords also contract into themselves producing a sound, i.e. a “hic sound” and this sound continues for generally 30 seconds to a minute. But if they prolong, you have to follow some steps for how to stop hiccups which we will discuss in this article. So let us briefly discuss the causes of hiccups first.

Home Remedies for Hiccups How to Stop Hiccups

  • This also produces an irritation in the neck region which will keep annoying the patient.
  • Hiccups also start occurring frequently when you have been suffering from pneumonia.
  • Chewing a gum also sometimes causes hiccups, this is because while swallowing, you swallow some air also into your body which will cause hiccups.
  • Smoking, the same reason when you inhale some smoke, some air also will go into your mouth, this will also cause hiccups.
  • Eating a lot also is one of the main cause for hiccups.
  • A sudden intake of a lot of fluids also will cause hiccups, they disturb the diaphragm and then contractions will occur which will cause hiccups.
  • Sometimes trauma to the brain also will cause hiccups
  • Liver problems also, it produces various gases which will cause hiccups.
  • Some nerve problems also will lead to hiccups.
  • Taking few medications also will lead to hiccups, in the similar way few medicines are used for treating hiccups.

With these, we are clear about what causes hiccups, so by avoiding these cases you can stop hiccups easily and prevent them from occurring. This is a very simple problem; you needn’t really worry about it. By following some home remedies for how to stop hiccups, you can prevent them from coming back. But for newborns, it might lead to few complications because tiny tots have a weak immune system which will cause many problems, but by following the hiccups treatment for them we can easily stop hiccups in newborns. Let us discuss the hiccups in the new born.

All About How to Stop Hiccups in New-Borns?

Hiccups in newborns is not a chronic problem but will be big time trouble to tiny tots, because yes they are tiny and in a developing stage. The main reason for the hiccups in newborns is overfeeding. In the name of love, babies are fed little much food, but they might not be aware that this will cause hiccups. So stop overfeeding infants, let them have a proper required diet only.

When there is a sudden drop in the temperature, the baby will feel cold. This will also cause hiccups because the temperature decreases and the infants have a very weak immune system and that gets disturbed. They do no harm to the baby but will be disturbing a lot, so they stop falling asleep due to the small size big trouble.

If the infants have gastro Easo PHA goal reflux disease then there is more chance of occurring hiccups frequently, it can be easily identified with the symptoms. The symptoms include crying, spitting food when fed, coughing a lot and uncontrollable hiccups. You have to see a doctor soon if your baby is having this symptom, they are not chronic ones but it’s better you are one step ahead towards health. But generally, the home remedies for hiccups work on the infants easily like creating a sudden big sound which will scare them and then the hiccups stop. You can simply blast a balloon front of them, it will work believe me. Few sips of water also will work in clearing out the hiccups in newborns easily.

When the baby is fed, make sure he is in the proper position or else it will make the baby difficult for the food to go properly into the food pipe. When you give the baby milk in a bottle make sure the zipper is in a way where there is no extra air going into your baby’s mouth and make sure the bottle is also in proper position, this will also prevent the hiccups.

In adults generally it is self-diagnosable and needs not see a doctor, but for infants, if the hiccups keep coming, they trouble them a lot so visiting a doctor if hiccups repeat coming is strictly advised. For adults, by following few home remedies the hiccups will be avoided. Let us briefly discuss the home remedies for hiccups in adults.

How to Stop Hiccups-Home Remedies for Hiccups in Adults?

We have clearly discussed the hiccups in new-borns now let us discuss the home remedies for hiccups in adults. It will help in preventing hiccups, there are tips to get rid of hiccups.


Benefits Of Water For Health

It is advised to drink water when you get hiccups, drink upside down it will help you. Having few sips will stop the contractions in the diaphragm. So whenever hiccups come have few sips of water, it will help in stopping them.



Eating some sugar when you get hiccups will also help to stop hiccups. Eating a table spoon of sugar will help you to stop hiccups. All you have to do is put the sugar under your tongue, it will help you to stop hiccups.

Hold your breath


When you get hiccups, try to hold your breath for five to six seconds. It will help you to stop hiccups. Practicing this will help you to prevent hiccups also.

Sudden shock

Giving a sudden shock to a person with hiccups will help them to stop hiccups. Making a sudden sound will help to stop hiccups. Sudden surprise or shouting something all of sudden unexpected will also help you in stopping the hiccups.



Having some vinegar will you in preventing hiccups and will stop hiccups. This is one best remedy to stop hiccups.



Biting a lemon will help you to stop hiccups and it also has many antibacterial properties which will help in avoiding mistakes and also will help you to remain hydrated. Lemon has got various health benefits.

Tips to stop Hiccups

Pulling knees up to chest will help to stop hiccups. Compressing chest by bending forward also will stop hiccups. Sometimes doctors will prescribe you few medicines to stop hiccups caused by reducing of acids in the stomach.
So by following these tips also you can stop hiccups, so do give it a try and I’m sure they will work on you.

These are the few home remedies for hiccups, by which you can stop hiccups in adults and also prevent them from coming back.  With this, you must be clear about how to stop hiccups.

What are the Medicines for Hiccups Cure?

Even though I’m mentioning about the medication for hiccups, it is generally not needed because there is no evidence that these medicines will work on you. The medicines for hiccups cure is;

  • Chlorpromazine
  • Metoclopramide
  • Gabapentin
  • Baclofen
  • Haloperidol

All these medications have side effects, so it is advised to consult a doctor before using these medicines because even after knowing about the side effects you shouldn’t actually start having these medications, they’ll lead to various complications and make you ill. All stay a step ahead towards health but not problems.

So what did We Learn from this Article?

With this, we are clear about how to stop hiccups in adults and also newborns. By following the home remedies for hiccups we can prevent hiccups from coming back. It is advised to consult a doctor if new-borns have hiccups frequently coming because it will trouble the infants a lot. So take care of yourself as well as your baby. Staying a step ahead towards health is always necessary for a happy life. We have learned all ways about how to stop hiccups in adults as well as infants. So you must be having some knowledge about it now.


There is nothing to worry about hiccups, we have discussed various hiccups treatments. But the only thing you have to keep in the mind is when hiccups frequently come for the infants, it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The hiccups for newborns might be a bit serious issue cause the infants are sensitive and feel lots of disturbance to this small size problem. But for adults by following the home remedies for how to stop hiccups, you can easily prevent the hiccups from coming back and then stop hiccups. It is not a chronic problem, so there is nothing to worry about and spoil your brains. So you must be clear about the hiccups treatments with this article. Thanks for reading, I’m sure it was useful for you guys.