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Get the Best Natural Remedies for How to Stop Ringing in Ears

If you are looking for various ways of how to stop ringing in ears, this article will give you the best natural remedies that will help you get rid of the problem. You could be suffering from a problem called tinnitus whose major symptom is a persistent feeling of ringing in the ears. You need not worry much because you have various natural remedies for tinnitus.

Ringing in ears can, however, occur due to a wide variety of reasons including your habit of plugging in your earphones and listening to music in a high volume. You can also learn about other reasons that can cause tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not really a big problem. Read on to know more about tinnitus!

Tinnitus is defined as a problem where the patient hears some sound which is not actually generated. It is not generally termed as a disease but it is generally a small problem. The very general symptom for this is high pitched ringing sound. The patient suffering from this problem will hear a subjected noise which is not actually generated, he keeps on hearing the high pitched ringing sounds.

Tinnitus is not a chronic problem but is found to be irritating a lot. However, this problem doesn’t stay for long periods, it generally wears off in a week after seeing the doctor. It is advised to meet a doctor when you experience to have the tinnitus symptoms. This problem was found by the Americans, and they have stated that it is a problem where the person hears the constant ringing sounds, which actually don’t exist.

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What Causes Ringing in the Ears- Tinnitus Causes?

Let us briefly discuss the tinnitus causes. So that we are aware of the causes and could follow some preventive measures.

  • The main common cause of tinnitus is the tiny sensory hair cells in the ears getting disturbed. When you clear your ears with earbuds and If you then disturb the ear system, this will lead to tinnitus. Ears are generally considered to be very sensitive, so you do have to take care of them.
  • The other main tinnitus cause is ageing. When the person becomes old, eventually, his hair cells in the ears become weak and this will lead to tinnitus.
  • Even when your ears are exposed to high pitched sound or noise, then tinnitus may hit you easily. So avoid high pitched sounds, they’ll spoil your ears and also your brain.
  • Tinnitus may also occur due to the ear wax which is why you have to keep your ears clean. You have to clean your ears once in a while, do take care of them and be hygienic. You can make a habit of clearing your ear wax once or twice in a week.
  • Tinnitus is also caused due to some serious problems which already exists in your body, that is it acts as a symptom also for heart disease and hypothyroidism. So the patients suffering from those diseases can also experience tinnitus.
  • A minor or a severe head injury can also be one of the tinnitus causes.
  • It can also be common in people suffering from ear disorders or auditory nerve disorder problems.

With this, we have clearly discussed the tinnitus causes, so it’s your duty to make sure that you don’t move a step closer to the causes. Always make a step ahead for health,

What are the Signs of Tinnitus- Tinnitus symptoms?

Now let us briefly discuss the signs of tinnitus that is the tinnitus symptoms. After reading this you’ll clearly be able to identify if you have been suffering from tinnitus or not. Generally, you’ll be able to hear ringing or clicking sounds, these sounds are not generated by any person or any external object but still, you can hear them, but they don’t exist. Don’t call yourself mad for that, it is considered to be one main tinnitus symptom. The noise or the ringing can be continuous or it can keep coming and going.

People suffering from Tinnitus claim that they sometimes hear hissing sounds, whistles or roaring sounds. Tinnitus can also occur when your upper respiratory system suffers from some viral infections like flu or cold. It is always advised to see a doctor in case of the hearing loss, that symptom is considered to be the worst case scenario among the tinnitus symptoms. So make sure that you’re away from all these problems and take proper care of yourself.

With this, you must be clear about the tinnitus symptoms and if you’ve observed these signs in you, then you have to start following some natural remedies for tinnitus and also consult a doctor for the tinnitus treatment.

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How to Stop Ringing in Ears Home Remedies

Maidenhair Tree or Popularly Called Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

These herbs help in your tinnitus treatment, you needn’t go in search of the plant and then follow some process to have the treatment. You readily have Ginkgo Biloba in the form of Ayurveda medicine. You’ll find them in the medical stores also. So by using this, you’ll slowly get rid of tinnitus. These herbs also have anti-bacterial properties which help in curing the underlying infections for the tinnitus causes.

Presenting You the Onion Drops;


wait! Don’t get confused, you needn’t buy these onion drops in the stores actually you won’t get them. All you have to do is cut an onion and then heat in the microwave Owen for a couple of minutes and then squeeze out the juice you get from onions. The liquid which you get from the squeezed onions will help you in curing ear infections and also tinnitus because they have anti-fungal properties which will help in fighting against the tinnitus. Repeating this process for a week once in a day will help you if you have been looking for how to stop ringing in ears.



Tinnitus which is caused by the blockage of nasal passages and throat can be cured by saline. All you have to do is spray some saline in your nasal passages until they come to your throat. This will destroy the blockages and will help in a clear way for air and will help best for how to stop ringing in ears or the tinnitus treatment.

How to stop ringing in ears using Basil (TULASI)

Holy Basil leaf or tulsi leaf

The holy basil, this plant has many benefits towards health. Take few leaves of the basil tree and then grind them in the blender until you get the paste. Add a few drops of warm water to this until it becomes a liquid solution.  Put two drops in the affected ear for a week process. Basil containing antibacterial and antifungal properties which will fight against the ear infections and will strengthen you.

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Garlic Paste with Sesame oil

Garlic Paste with Sesame oil

Garlic has got many antibacterial and antifungal properties which will help in curing the underlying infections also. Garlic contributes to various health benefits; it also helps for how to stop ringing in ears. All you have to do is make some garlic paste and then heat it with sesame oil and then let it cool down. After it cools down, then put two to three drops of this oil in your affected ear for a week. This will help you in getting rid of the tinnitus.

Hygienic Ear Maintenance

You have to make sure you maintain your ears clean. Always clean your ear wax once in a week, they also lead to tinnitus and also will lead to many infections. Use earbuds to clean your ears and don’t push them deep as it can destroy the tiny hair cells in the ear which can lead to tinnitus. You can follow these natural remedies for finding answers on how to stop ringing in ears and I’m sure they’ll help you in resolving your problem.

Avoid Alcohol and Stop Smoking

Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking should be Banned

People suffering from tinnitus are advised to stop smoking because cigarettes are depressants. You should also avoid drinking alcohol right three hours before you sleep to prevent the condition from worsening. Alcohol and Smoking have always been harmful to mankind. So you are strictly advised to stop smoking because it can make you weak step by step and eventually lead to death. It is better to think twice before you grab a cigarette.

Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep

Sleep always plays an important role in maintaining your health. Always take plenty of rest when you are sick. This will help your white blood cells to fight against the infections at a faster rate and you will be able to recover quickly from the problems. Always take plenty of rest and have a sound sleep during nights.

So by following these natural remedies for tinnitus mentioned in here regularly and properly, you will be able to get rid of tinnitus easily. But you must be strict while following tinnitus remedies if you are looking for how to stop ringing in ears quickly. They are initial steps towards how to stop ringing in ears which have to be taken by you for tinnitus cure.

Tinnitus Treatment and Medication

Let us briefly discuss the steps involved in the tinnitus relief and also about the quick tinnitus medication. With this, you will be clear about the treatment and the medicines which you have to use for tinnitus cure. With all this, you will be having an answer for the question how to stop ringing in ears.

Removal of Ear Wax

The ear wax is removed which will help in the clear propagation of sound into your ears and will create no disturbances with which you’ll be easily able to cure tinnitus. It will also help in the minimizing the tinnitus symptoms.

Blood Vessels Check

Sometimes tinnitus is caused by the underlying medical disorders.  So by checking the blood vessels or by treating them, we can easily have redundancy in the tinnitus symptoms. They wear off within the week, right after the blood vessels get treated.

The tinnitus medication is not generally prescribed because it leads to many side effects. So even if the doctor advises you to go upon the tinnitus medication, I say give a try by following the natural remedies for tinnitus for the cure because the medications often lead to side effects like dry mouth, heart problems, constipation and also nausea. So it is better advised not to go on the medication instead follow the tinnitus remedies at home.

The tinnitus medications include amitriptyline and nortriptyline but however, I say a no to them. You have to rely only on them when the tinnitus symptoms become chronic and you have hearing loss.

Also taking zinc supplements into your body is recommended by many doctors to reduce the tinnitus symptoms and to maintain your ear health. After following all these you’ll surely be able to get rid of the ringing in ears because we have already done the research on how to stop ringing in ears or a complete tinnitus cure.

What Did We Learn from the Article?

After reading the article, you must be clear about the tinnitus causes and the signs of tinnitus. Once you identify the tinnitus symptoms in you, it’s time for you start following the natural remedies for tinnitus at home for tinnitus cure as an initial treatment. Generally, after following the tinnitus remedies, the symptoms wear off in a week. If not, you have to go consult a doctor because you need medical attention. Your search for how to stop ringing in ears doesn’t make you wait long; the doctor will tell you the same tinnitus medication which I have mentioned above. But it is advised to meet the doctor because he’ll make sure there will be no further complications to the problem. So stay away from problems and stay safe, because you live only once. Make it a worth instead of suffering at home from health problems. We have also known about how to stop the ringing in ears, so yes you have the key. It’s your life boss, play safe! Thanks for reading my article and I’m sure it will be helpful to you.