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All About Bronchitis- How to Treat Bronchitis at Home?

Bronchitis is a respiratory problem which happens in your wind pipes. We can say the pipes which carry air to your body face inflammation, that is they get swollen and often filled with mucus which blocks the air passage to lungs and makes you difficult to breathe. This is because of the infection to the bronchial tree. Now in this article let us briefly study about the bronchitis symptoms and also home remedies for bronchitis cure. It is not a chronic problem but if left untreated would lead to further rise in complications which will make the situation chronic. So if you are suffering from bronchitis it is advised you to follow the bronchitis remedies for the cure. Don’t worry we will be learning all about the bronchitis treatment in this article.

How to Treat Bronchitis - Natural Remedies for Bronchitis

What are the Signs of Bronchitis- Bronchitis Symptoms?

Before finding a solution for the problem, first, figure out what the problem is. Now let us discuss the signs of bronchitis so that you can identify yourself that you have been suffering from bronchitis. After reading this bronchitis symptoms you will clearly be able to find out that you are infected. The bronchitis symptoms are listed down below.


You will be experiencing high fever and also you will fall sick. Generally, you may mistake this as a normal fever but yeah if you suffer these symptoms along with the other bronchitis symptoms listed below, I advise you to start following the bronchitis remedies for the cure.


You will be also facing lots of cough along with the mucus coming out of your mouth. This is because of the blockage of the bronchial tree which will lead to difficulty in breathing. You have to start following the bronchitis remedies when you face these symptoms.

Body Aches

You will be experiencing body aches. This is because of the disturbance in your immune system and weakened respiratory functions. So don’t become low with this and instead start having healthy diets and following bronchitis remedies at home.

A sore throat and also Wheezing.

I needn’t explain you with this. You know and if left untreated, it would bring further more complications which will make you sick.

Difficulty in Breathing

You will also be experiencing difficulty in breathing, this is because of the blockage of air pipes with mucus and generally, they get swollen which will, in turn, shorten your breath. So you will be facing difficulty in breathing.

Disturbed Sleep

This is because of difficulty in breathing only. You won’t be able to have a proper sleep, there will be many interrupts which will, in turn, give you a sleepless night and without sleep, you will again ultimately fall sick.

With all these, we have clearly discussed the signs of bronchitis. So if you have been facing these bronchitis symptoms, I advise you to follow the home remedies for bronchitis before the infection moves to further complications. Generally, these bronchitis symptoms wear off in a week after you start following the remedies, but if they don’t may be you have to meet a doctor as soon as possible. Now let us talk briefly about what causes bronchitis in the following.

What Causes Bronchitis?

We have already clearly discussed the signs of bronchitis in the above, now let us move to the causes. What causes bronchitis? There are many reasons, let us discuss them briefly in the following.

The main reason for bronchitis is virus. This virus deploys the lining of the bronchial tree which will cause inflammation and then they get swollen. Then they get filled with the mucus which will block the air ways and make you difficult to breathe.

Bronchitis is also caused by fungal and bacterial infections but in most of the cases virus is only responsible for the infection.

This happens when you breathe polluted air and then dust or if you have been an active smoker for more than long. Sometimes even sudden changes in the climate would lead to bronchitis.

These are the causes of bronchitis, but by maintaining a healthy hygiene and having a healthy diet you can stay away from infections and also reduce the risk of suffering from health problems. It is all in your hands, so think about it.

How to Treat Bronchitis at Home- Home Remedies for Bronchitis?

We have clearly studied about the signs of bronchitis and also the causes. Now let us move to the bronchitis remedies with which you can prevent further rise of complications and slowly get out of the infection. So let us discuss the home remedies for bronchitis in the following.



Ginger because of its various antiviral and antibacterial properties will help you in preventing the further rise in the complications of the infection. It also acts as an anti- inflammatory substance which will help in soothing your throat. You can have ginger in the form of ginger tea or else in the hot soups. But make sure you take ginger in your diet because it will give you a soothing effect and will fight against the virus.

Warm Water with Salt

Warm Water with Salt

All you have to do is boil the water for a minute or two and then add one or two tablespoons of salt in that. But make sure you don’t add excessive amounts of salt because it will hurt your throat. So after adding the proper amount of salt, let it cool down to become warm from boiling state. Then drink it, it will give you instant relaxation and will soothe your throat also. By following this bronchitis remedies, you can help in staying on the safe side of the infection and also help in preventing further complications.

Raw Honey


Honey has got various health benefits and also is the main thing in Ayurveda. It has got many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will help you in giving relaxation from the bronchitis problem. I’m sure everyone likes this bronchitis remedy because of its taste. All you have to do is consume a table spoon of honey thrice a day. One in the early morning and then afternoon and the last one before you go to bed. It will give you instant relaxation and you will surely thank me for telling you this after you try it out. But if left untreated bronchitis would turn to be a serious problem because the air ways get blocked completely and will make you difficult to breathe. So if you are affected with bronchitis, do take care of yourself by following the home remedies for bronchitis.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt

If you are suffering from acute bronchitis, then Epsom salt will help you in providing relaxation to you in many ways. It will help you from getting relief from body aches and also will soothe you in a proper way. Having a bath with Epsom salt will help you by providing various health benefits. So having a bath with Epsom salt will help you soothe bronchitis, try it out.

Lemon Water

Lemon Juice

Lemon has got many antiviral properties which will help in curing you of bronchitis problem. All you have to do is boil a cup of water and then add some lemon juice to it and drink it when it is warm only for acquiring the benefits. It will help you in providing relaxation and reduces a cough also. So by drinking the lemon water once or twice a day will help you out in giving a soothing effect instantly. This is considered to be one of the best among bronchitis remedies.

Basil Leaves

Holy Basil leaf or tulsi leaf

Everyone is clear and aware about the health benefits of basil towards health. Basil leaves help in strengthening the functioning rate of our respiratory system. It acts as a remedy for a cough and cold and also fever. All you have to do is chew few leaves of basil or else add some cleanly washed basil leaves in your water bottle. It will help you with many health advantages. This is the best answer for how to treat bronchitis because it gives instant effects after use.

No Alcohol

Drinking alcohol would worsen your health at the time of bronchitis. It will slowly bring up the gas problems and then maybe it will lead to worse case scenarios and bring trouble to breathing. So if you are an alcoholic, a time has come for you to start thinking and stop drinking in order to stay alive I say. So think about it and start following the home remedies for bronchitis because once it’s too late, there will be nothing left in your hands but the pain and problems.

No Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Smoking with bronchitis is like lighting up a bomb and throwing it in your mouth and finally closing your mouth and watch it explode and suffer. Maybe you might have already understood the depth in these lines. So stop smoking and start following the home remedies of bronchitis to stay healthy and away from infections.



This is one of important among the bronchitis remedies. It will help you in treating bronchitis efficiently. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of sugar and add a drop or two drops of eucalyptus oil on it and eat it. It will help you in providing instant relief from the inflammation. So by following these bronchitis remedies once or twice in a day will help you overcome the problem.



Garlic also helps you in treating bronchitis because of its antiviral and antibiotic properties. So start inculcating the habit of eating garlic in your diet to obtain various health benefits. You can actually eat a raw garlic piece but it’s all up to you, cause very few people like the taste of garlic. But eating it raw only will give you soothing effect instantly.

After reading all these home remedies of bronchitis, you have got the answers for the question “how to treat bronchitis at home?”. So start following these bronchitis remedies for avoiding the further rise in the complications of the infection.

What Did We Learn from The Article?

After reading this article you must be clear about how to treat bronchitis problem yourself at home. We have discussed the signs of bronchitis that is the bronchitis symptoms. We have listed out the bronchitis remedies also. So if you are sure that you have been infected with bronchitis, I advise you to start following these home remedies for bronchitis cure. It just takes a thought for you to find a solution to a problem and we have listed out so many thoughts in here for the bronchitis treatment. So try them out and I’m sure you will surely be benefited with the article.