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What is Kidney Infection? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Our body parts often go unnoticed in terms of their role and importance. The kidney is also one such organ that is not being thought of. Kidney infection is a severe disease when we understand it absolutely. When the genital hygiene isn’t proper, or if substandard nutrition is employed, kidneys are prone to infection. We can get the kidney infection treatment at home, but that is not all. A sense of how we have to deal with our body organs is needed to avoid every ailment in the body.

Kidney Infection Treatment Know the Disease, Causes & Symptoms

The Things We are Going to Study in this Presentation are:

What is Kidney Infection?
Who Gets It More?
Factors & Kidney Infection Causes
Kidney Infection Symptoms
Kidney Infection Treatment at Home

What is Kidney Infection?

Kidney infection happens when a bacteria attacks the body in the urinary tract. The infection is generally called urinary tract infection, which has two major divisions in it, the bladder infection, i.e. infection in the lower part of the urinary tract; and the kidney infection, the major one, which occurs in the upper part of the tract.

When the bacteria enters your body through vagina or urethra, and if it is not removed immediately, infection occurs in the bladder due to lack of cleanliness. The infection in bladder has a mild impact on the urinary tract health, though it shows symptoms of severe pain, dark, frequent, and often bloody urination. When this infection isn’t controlled well, the bacteria moves up into the kidneys to ureters, the tubes which carry waste to the bladder. This is the typical start of the kidney infection.

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Who Gets It More?

Kidneys are mandatory for everybody, so is the cleanliness of the respective parts. Without taking care of the body parts, one should never complain about their ailments. Everyone is prone to kidney infection if they do not have the sense of attention towards the health of external organs like urethra and anus.

Young females are more prone to the infections as they have huge interruptions every month due to which genital hygiene may be lost sometimes unknowingly. And bacteria stays in the genitals always; it will attack you once the immune system goes down. If the defence system of the body is not efficient, kidneys may anytime get infected and it will take us to any worse ends possible.

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Factors & Kidney Infection Causes:

Let’s understand the practical reasons behind what makes our kidney health weak that lead to a kidney infection.

Is your Immune System Strong enough?

Conditions of diabetes and HIV will not be able to sustain inflammations. And when you are readily weak with the immune system also, the infections will become an obvious result. The only caution we can suggest to people with weak defence system is to be conscious about the foods and environment the body gets exposed to.

Are you a Woman?

Women are more prone to many health issues than men. The monthly cycles impact their psychological conditions severely along with physical conditions. Adding to the natural impacts, if the bacteria is also called in, the situations become even worse. The path for bacteria becomes more open at the weaker times.

Being a woman, one must be taking care of the health hygiene and food hygiene. We can protect ourselves more if we maintain a conscious food intake.

How’s your Urinary Tract Health?

There are several notable points in understanding urinary tract health. The damaged urinary tract is the whole big reason behind all the kidney infection causes.

At times, one may face the issue of backflow of urine due to forcibly stopping urination or other reasons. This will strongly impact kidneys.

Blockage of urine in the bladder is another reason behind infection as it may cause stones in kidneys and urine in the kidneys can directly infect them.

Urinary retention(Inability to empty the bladder completely) is a type of urine blockage; this may also lead to few kidney infection symptoms.

Nervous issues in the bladder will lead to Urinary tract infection, which primarily damages kidneys as they are the headquarters of the urinary system.

Pregnant women are also prone to kidney infections highly. During pregnancy, urinary tract gets altered and bacteria find it easier to move up in the tract.

Kidney infection treatment must be started curing the urinary tract irrespective of the reason and signs of kidney infection.

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Kidney Infection Symptoms

Signs of kidney infection are seen few days after the bacterial attack. Sometimes, there’ll be no symptoms of kidney infection observed in children and young people.

These are the Bladder-related kidney infection symptoms that are observed in common:

-Pain in the bladder

-Pain in kidney region, i.e. back and side

-Fever and Chills

-Bloody urination

-Dark and frequent urination

-Cloudy urine

Few other indications that account for signs of kidney infection:


-Rashes on Skin, Skin irritation



-Ridges on fingernails and puffy eyes

-Swollen legs and hands

Psychological damage is also noted as one of the kidney infection symptoms:

-Retardation in thinking


-Weakened Memory

The symptoms shown in the brain aren’t very frequent though, they are seen in 1 in 10 cases.

However, any symptom of above list can cause kidney infection pain which is our primary note to confirm the disease. Let’s go to the ideas of kidney infection treatment which will help you resolve the issue in simple steps.

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Kidney Infection Treatment at Home

Kidney Infection Symptoms are not so easily healed by the home remedies when the disease advances. But the signs of kidney infection aren’t caught at starting stages. If we get lucky enough to understand the disease, then the home remedies will work better than anything.

Food List and Diet

Taking care of our health is all in the food intake and the environment we live in. The idea of protecting the health lies in our concentration on the food. It is because our bodies are entirely made up of the food we take.

Hydration is our primary priority in whole kidney infection treatment. Take water-rich foods and fruits in adequate amounts so that there will never be a lack of water in the urinary tract. Dehydration doesn’t only impact body cells but also the kidneys and bladder.

Juices are another alternative to compensate water content. It also provides the good nutrition needed for kidney and blood health. Drinking more and more water can cure the stones in kidneys, which by the way results in curing the kidney infection pain.

Have juices of lemon, cranberries, blueberries, parsley, apple in your fruit diet for quick results.

The herbal teas work as good as fruit juices do. Enhanced kidney infection treatment is possible only with fruits and herbs in your diet.

Garlic is one of the best suggestions to be added to the diuretic food list. Garlic has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and detox properties that can relieve you from intense urinary infections. Add garlic and other spices to cure most of the kidney infection symptoms at the initial stages.

Some of the foods that improve your metabolic rate and enhance the nourishment are cabbage cauliflower, onions, peppers, olive oil, and watermelon.

Have less meat in your diet. Do not go for more than 2 ounces of meat in a single day. This will help you in relieving the pain faster.

Herbs like Basil, celery, aloe vera will bring up your urinary tract’s health. Take apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water every morning for kidney infection cure.

Exposure and Lifestyle

The environment to which we are exposed to has a great impact on our metabolism and blood health. This will further have long-run influences on the body. Bad is the way people eat, worse are the results on their health. Diabetes, Blood infections, Arthritis, few of the kidney infection symptoms are all the bad effects of ill-health lifestyle.

Here are some tips on how you can speed the kidney infection treatment up:

Do not depend on Pain Relievers and medicine heavily. They will promote cancer-causing cells in kidneys and their treatment on kidneys is so tough that in the treatment becomes hopeless in the long-run due to decreased immunity.

Smoking should be avoided to serve the purpose of treatment. There’s no way you can escape from kidney infection pain if you still continue smoking knowingly.

Weight control is one factor that has a lead towards kidney health. Get used to low-weight diets and physical activity so that chances of obesity and kidney cancer will come down.

Do not stop urinating forcibly. Do it whenever you need to do. Empty the bladder regularly, especially after an intercourse.

Maintain hygiene. Have your genitals always clean.

Medicine & Tests


Kidney infection symptoms in men are found through rectal examination. Enlarged prostate and blocked bladder will be found out from the test.

Scan your kidneys with MRI scans, CT scan, and Ultrasound test.

Know the urine culture if you’re continuously facing problems related to the urinary system.

Urinalysis will help you know the bacteria and blood cells in the urine. This will confirm the kidney infection as we see any blood leakage to the urinary tract.

Medicinal Treatment:

Kidney infection treatment is quite easier at initial stages but the ironic symptoms won’t show up that quickly. We will have to confirm the disease by kidney infection pain without any choice. With confirmation, we will have to use antibiotics, with which you can understand the behavior of the problem.

Once the urine culture is understood, kidney infection will be confirmed. At this moment, home remedies for kidney infection can be checked along with medicinal antibiotics.

When the natural remedies and foods won’t work, you may require hospitalization for a week. Upon failure of the treatment with antibiotics, you may be suggested for the further dosage of antibiotics and even surgery, at times.

Treating kidney infection symptoms is all up to doctors when it is in the advanced stages. But the home remedies for kidney infection will help you in getting your body under your control at every scenario.

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