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Low Carb Diet Plan: How Far is it Useful for Everybody to Get Healthy?

Hello, my dear health concerned individuals! How are you? It’s been so common to follow a particular diet but do we have the authenticity of the diet we’re following? Maybe yes, for few of them and No for most of them. And, again confusion comes about what exactly to eat and what not to eat! In this world, we don’t even know why we are opting for a particular thing! We just go with the majority and not with maturity. Anyways, today I have come up to tell you about low carb diet plan. Individual aspects and strengths always have to roll our minds so we can enjoy the best health.

Low Cab Diet Plan

If Confusion Comes on How to do on the Chosen Diet then Congratulations! Because now you knew what you need!”

Stars derive energy of glow from the sun and if you ask me how sun gets energy, I can only say on its own. As sun derives own energy and shines the world, you have the ultimate energy to shine yourself with splendid health. The power you have is boundless and the energy you have is limitless and it can only happen with a perfect intake of what we need. Unless and until you satisfy your tummy, it will not satisfy your body. To tune your body to your wish, a disciplinary diet plan is a must. It impacts the internal organs. One of the diet plans is low carb diet plan that helps you out in this scenario.

We are here for you to give you an approximately valued diet based on our knowledge and explorations.

Kick Start to Low Carb Diet Plan

You may have heard or read about many diets such as low-calorie diet, low-fat diet, but this is far different from what you think. A low carb diet is filtration of fat through the filter called foods and to make way for higher fat proportions into the body. According to the definition, it is pleased with a name, low-carb high fat-diet. This is recommended more for weight gaining enthusiasts as it contains more fats and proteins. Since many years, fat became unfavorable to human health.

Low-fat diet products available in the markets have much sugar concentrations. Again, natural facts will do no harm to your body. On the low carb diet too, you can choose whatever you like to reduce your weight.

Studies on low carb foods have shown that it became easy now to lose weight as well as to control your blood sugar.

The Fundamentals:

Foods to Eat: Eggs, Fish, Meat, Vegetables (grown above ground), and natural fats

Foods to Avoid: Starch and Sugary foods

Eat whatever you like and don’t care/weigh the food you eat. Until you get satisfied, you can have them. Just shift your mind from having industry produced products though they’re low in fat concentration.

Nature is Natural for the Naturally Obtained Human Body and it cures the cursing illnesses.”

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Conditions May Demand ‘Not’ to Have Low Carb Diet Plan:

Consider the following three conditions if you want to start off with low carb diet foods.

  1. Diabetes medication
  2. High Blood Pressure Treatment
  3. Breastfeeding

Diabetes vs. Low Carb Diet Plan:

Diabetes vs Low Carb Diet Plan

Congratulate yourself first for the thought of having low carbohydrate diet when you’re on the pace for diabetes medication. Because it’s the absolute choice for you could do to optimize your body’s functionality. Once you have this diet, it performs reverse actions on type-2 diabetes and will level up the blood sugar monitoring to establish control over type-1 diabetes.

However, you have to lower the insulin doses once you begin low carb diet foods. You may ask me what happens if insulin remains as same while having the diet. This will increase the decrease in blood pressure and you will hit with hyperglycemia (low blood sugar). A frequent checking of your blood sugar is a must if you really want to start with this diet. It’s better to assist a knowledgeable physician before you begin if you’re a diabetic.

Indeed, the levels of insulin also apply to type-1 diabetes too. Of course, there’s no doubt that low carb diet meal plan will empower the type-1 diabetes but insulin dosage could result in low blood sugars as discussed.  The pumping of insulin into the body through a syringe is directly bonded with making you sick. Thus, it’s more recommended for the people who suffer with diabetes type-1 to go for moderate low carb diet plan (approx. 50 carbs/day).

During type-2 diabetes, most of the patients will be given insulin releasing pills which will release this liquid into the pancreas. On low carb diet, this will rise to low blood sugar. It’s strongly recommended to minimize the drugs while having the diet.

High Blood Pressure vs. Low Carb Foods:

The natural way to reduce your blood pressure when you have high blood pressure is effective if collaborated with low carb foods.  However, a duo complexity comes into picture in this case.

High Blood Pressure vs Low Carb Foods

Medication of Blood Pressure:

The same case with the blood pressure. Low carb diet has a significant effect on lower blood pressure with low carb diet. You have to check your blood pressure frequently to maintain your blood pressure at 120/80.

Bouillon with Salt:

A reason behind having salt in soups you prepare with vegetables or meat is that early side effects caused by low-carb diet foods will get minimized and must be followed only for two weeks. You’ve to take this so called bouillon if your blood pressure is well monitored. Despite medication, if you have high blood pressure, then it’s better not to have salt in the liquid you have prepared.

Breastfeeding vs. Low Carb Diet:

Generally, after the birth of a child, mothers gain weight. So low carb meals while breastfeeding is an excellent way to lose weight. Your baby acquires all the nutrition. A considerable point here is that breastfeeders should not stick to a strict diet of this kind. It’s better to follow low carb diet plan.

Few carbs you can eat. But while breastfeeding mother loses sugar in her body through milk (more than 30 grams) and not consuming carbohydrate foods in this condition could lead to ketoacidosis in rare cases. Be careful in this scenario.

Dope the Body with the Best:

Here comes the actual food list on what to eat on a low carb diet. These basic food groups will carve out your body to a perfect and energized one.

“Vastness of vegetables will vanish body’s vague,

Ferocious Fruits will Smash Illnesses in its Raising Flames of Nutrition,

Crispy Nuts Crush the Cheating Bacteria,

Delicious Snacks Bloom the Body to Perfection

Health Powered Drinks Resist the Body Problems at Boundaries Itself.”

Now, what else do you need when low carb diet menu has these many advantages? Let’s start with the vegetables without any delay.

Rooted-up Vegetables Have Low Carbs:
Vegetables Carbs per 100gms
Spinach 1g
Asparagus 2g
Olives 3g
Avocados 2g
Zucchini 3g
Cruciferous 3-4g
Beans 4g
Brussels Sprouts 5g
High Carb Vegetables:
Vegetables Carbs per 100gms





Sweet Potatoes











The disciplinary low carb diet followers must eat only uprooted vegetables and if you are 50-50 in following the diet, then you can go for any vegetable (high carbs in low concentrations probably). Each vegetable has its uniqueness to the human body. The cruciferous have much scientific nature in them which will power the body with nutrition.

Baked beans, Peas, and corns must not consume even a single one as they contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Chocolates, cookies, cooked rice, pasta and bread will show bad phenomenon if you have them. High sugars will impact on the body and you never know the changes happening within.

Ease of Fruits and Berries:

Even fruits are sugary in nature. You can have them once or twice a week of a handful. You have to count the concentrations of the fruits had in terms of carbohydrates and make sure you will have less than 20 grams per day. Moderate follows 20-50 grams/day while liberal low carb diet can reach up to 50-100grams/day.

Fruits Carbohydrate concentration
Raspberries 3grams in 60 grams
Blackberries 4 grams in 70 grams
Strawberries 6 grams in 100 grams
Blueberries 6 grams in 50 grams
Plum 6 grams in 80 grams
Clementine 7 grams in 75 grams
Kiwi 8 grams in 70 grams
Cherries 9 grams in 90 grams
Cantaloupe 11 grams in 160 grams
Peach 13 grams in 150 grams

Considering the comparison, a medium-size orange has about 15 grams of carbohydrate, apple about 18 grams and about 25 grams of banana.

Normal Levels with Nuts:
Nuts Carbs in 100gms
Pecan 4g
Macadamia 4g
Brazil 5g
Peanuts 7g
Hazel Nuts 7g
Walnuts 7g
Almonds 10g

The healthy fats present in the nuts will embrace the body to a great extent. Never go for salted or roasted nuts as they contain artificial sweeteners which will disturb your go i.e. low carb diet plan.

Pistachio and Cashew have higher amounts of carbohydrates. Though they’re weak in this diet in some areas they add an extra mile benefit.

You can shuffle the foods however you need and start today. The foods you have will claim your body with nutrition.

Now, even drinks also should be considered while having low carb diet plan. Here you go with the drinks.

  • Champagne
  • Dry Wine
  • Skinny Bitch
  • Whiskey
  • Dry Martini
  • Water

These drinks have a significant effect when mixed with the mentioned fruit mixes. An overdose could link with other complexities in the human body.

Follow the strict diet sticking to these foods and be healthy.