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How to Increase Metabolism in One Shot? Try Metabolism Boosting Foods!

Food is the only enjoyable medicine in the world. We can heal any ailment with the help of ‘diet of our choice’ and even combat many issues at advanced stages. Illiteracy towards food & diet bears a huge role in causing so many diseases of the day. There are several ways to understand the concept of the importance of foods and its relation to metabolism. Do not worry if you have no idea about what I’m talking. You have arrived at this page and that’s all, we are here to broaden your knowledge about metabolism boosting foods along with few useful health tips.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Metabolic rate is defined as the pace of your energy consumption for your physical living. It means it takes a minimal energy to make you run the system. The rate of metabolism and the level of health are closely related. When the energy consumption for your body’s maintenance falls down, it means that you are storing the energy that is not going to be consumed sooner. This is where the issue of ill-health begins. It is not a big thing to learn how to boost metabolism at home but you must gain the clear idea of how the body works well in coordination with food and exercises.

Where does the problem of Poor Metabolism arise?

Upon hearing such positive vibes regarding the relationship between foods and metabolic rate of the body, nobody can even think about avoiding foods to boost metabolism. But it needs a special mention that people are blindly choosing those diets which has a lower quantity of foods falsely thinking that metabolism gets easier at least amounts. This is an absolutely wrong assumption as the connection between food quantity and metabolism is not a direct one. We need to eat more to boost up the metabolism.

It is not that lessening the burden will give relaxation to the system and it works better later on; our evolution and life process is habituated to be ready to fight more and live more. Thus we let our body do more, it does the task with great competence, unlike our lazy brains.

Being lazy is also another factor for poor metabolism though, we are now discussing the nature of body with respect to foods. So keeping the other reasons of lack of exercise, genetic disorders let us get into the topic of metabolism boosting foods.

Metabolism and Foods – What’s the Science?

There is no particular medical knowledge required to understand the science of foods and metabolic rate. It is a simple ‘give and take’ mechanism of our biological structure. What you take in as a part of your diet is used for every activity in the form of energy. But to let you exist, it takes some individually fixed component of the energy. This part of the energy from your food is used for maintenance of the activities of every organ viz. kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, etc.

Apart from cellular activities, metabolism includes conversion of foods into protein to access the digestion process. Enabling the body to become more active lies in this phenomenon. The metabolic process generates lipids and nucleic acids along with protein. This process is carried out in the second phase of metabolism, whereas the prior stage to it includes breaking down the food into useful molecules like monosaccharides, amino and fatty acids. These two stages are called catabolism and anabolism respectively.

All the above-mentioned operations are carried out with one single entity, food. So foods that speed up metabolism and regularize the activity of organs seems to be the only factor that comes handy. And yes, food is the central figure of the phenomenon, then how could it not be the solution?

Use of Metabolism Boosting Foods

We have come up with the best 7 suggestions of foods that increase metabolism in a significant manner commonly in every person. These are the best foods that you can choose to get rid of useless fats out of the body, give your body a perfect track of health, along with benefited metabolic rate.

Nuts and Grains

Nuts and Grains

Nuts and Seeds are highly popular for promoting metabolism. They contain fiber and vitamins in adequate amounts. Go for almonds, walnuts, cashews if you are in dire need of healthy working of the body. If you are consistently suffering from inflammations. Every other whole grain does equally good to your body to enhance the blood flow and healthy nutrition in parallel.

Having a handful of nuts of every type every day is good for your metabolism. But the metabolism boosting foods will only work positively if there is enough expenditure from the body as they have huge calories in them.

Oats, quinoa, brown rice have good fiber and protein. Choose them for better nourishment. Entire nutrition chart can be built with the nuts and whole grain alone in children. This will help in the great nourishment of the children.

Versatile seeds like Chia seeds, Moringa seeds work very effectively to boost your metabolism.

Include Spices to Stir it Up

Include Spices to Stir it Up

Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cayenne will provide great detox effect to the body. Spices give a completion to the list of metabolism boosting foods as they have extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Spices take the food you ate into digestive tract quickly and get them digested within no time. This property of spices is a unique thing that no other food can give such an impact on digestion and detoxification. Believe me, spices are nowhere a part of the placebo effect, they can do their part most effectively than any other foods that increase metabolism generally.

Herbal Organics

Metabolism has great intimacy with herbal foods and drinks. ‘Herbal organics’ here mean the products should be made out of organic methods but not with the help of preservatives and synthetics. Herbal foods resemble the nature in them which gifts us health with zero side effects. Habituate the natural taste and organic recipes rather than stored/packaged foods.

One great herbal product out of giant organic food list we suggest is the “green tea.” It is a natural metabolism booster that you can challenge upon any other product.

Although coffee and tea are made out of trees and they accelerate metabolic rate in the body, they are not on top rank for metabolism boosting foods. We will have to limit our love towards caffeinated beverages as they have other side effects.

Few Herbal Products we can opt for healthy metabolism are:

  • Oolong Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Cumin
  • Mustard
  • Cayenne and Black pepper
  • Cloves
  • Ginger, garlic
  • Dandelion

Meat to Combat Deficit

Red meat

Meat is especially needed for those who are unable to replenish the body muscle and tissue. When there’s no proper nourishment, we cannot expect any health from the aspect of metabolism.

Meat includes lean meat majorly. It gives enormous protein that can cut your craving. Protein makes you feel full in the stomach that helps you improve the metabolism further.

Chicken breast, salmon, and other fish give great enhancement to your health. They aid in great digestive capabilities which place them in a unique place of the metabolism boosting foods list.

Fruits are the Kings


Fruits are the elixir to life on Earth. They have answers to every health issue for the human beings. Starting from the cold, common flu to the severest cardiac inflammations, fruits can dissolve any issue. This helps in detoxifying the body and working as anti-inflammatory agents.

Coming to metabolism boosting foods, have orange, lemon, pomegranate, grape, grapefruit, apple, mango, etc. Almost every fruit can take your waste stuff in the body out and cleanse it entirely. We just have to have an adequate portion of fruits in our diet. All Berry fruits, banana, watermelon will do better work to boost your metabolism.

Fruits are weight loss friendly by nature. Though they are seemed to have more sugars, that doesn’t deviate the purpose of healthily metabolizing the body. A perfect low-carb diet can be made out of any fruits of one’s choice. All this brag about fruits will be justified once you start having them in your diet routine.

Which Drinks other than Water?

Drinking water isn’t a newer tip for metabolism. But it is not a minor factor to help in curing any ailment. Starting from respiratory to cardiac problems, water has enormous benefits with it. But the point here is what all we need other than water to drink and combat poor metabolism?

Take fruit juices in the first place. Try detox drinks to get the body cleansed from oxidative residues. Lemon drinks, smoothies, coconut milk are all healthy to have for anyone.

Red wine is one top suggestion for antioxidant effect on the body and boosting your metabolism. It comes handy in boosting your digestion also. But always remember not have more than one portion each day, that too after the supper.

Last and Important: Metabolism & Weight Loss Foods

One common considerable factor from the above list is, every food out of them is a part of a proper weight loss diet. It is not a coincidence anyway. Weight control has an interesting connectivity with the metabolic rate of one’s body. Controlling body weight requires removal of fats in the first place. Then the rest is about detoxifying the body. More than 70% of victims of overweight are suffering because of unhealthy/toxic stuff stored in the body.

These other weight loss foods also contribute to the process along with the major metabolism boosting foods.

-Whole Eggs

-Leafy Greens and Cruciferous Vegetables

-Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes


-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Ginger & Garlic Recipes

-Coconut Oil

Hope we have made up a well-informative presentation on metabolism boosting foods. Follow simple ideas like eating well, maintaining the diet on a perfect line to have your health in your hands.