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8 At-Home Morning Sickness Remedies to Get a Yielding Relief

Morning sickness is a common part of most pregnancies. Apart from expecting moms, many women suffer from morning sickness due to other medical reasons. However, the crucial aspect of morning sickness is that you don’t have to bear with it! You can experiment with the wide spectrum of morning sickness remedies and chose the best one for you.

Morning Sickness Remedies

What Is Morning Sickness?

The excessive secretion of hormones during pregnancy is the main cause of morning sickness. The most common hormones are the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Estrogen, Progesterone, etc. As the pregnancy progresses, the morning sickness symptoms will slowly fade away in most cases.

Understanding what is morning sickness will help you in dealing with it to a significant extent. The queasy feeling which began in the morning can last the entire day and continue for the initial months!

Relationship Between Morning Sickness And Pregnancy

Just because you woke up feeling nauseated and fatigued doesn’t mean you are pregnant. If you wonder what causes morning sickness, then there can be many reasons. Pregnancy tops the list of causes that lead to suffering from morning sickness. However, there can be many other reasons for the icky and queasy feeling.

Morning sickness can be caused due to irregular sleeping patterns, low levels of blood sugar in the body, overeating the previous night, skipping breakfast, heavy breakfast, acidity, sinus congestion, blocked nose or nasal drip, migraine, PMS, etc.

Morning Sickness Triggers

Pregnancy morning sickness is the uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, the increased sensitivity towards smells, fragrances, foods, etc. accompanied with or without a headache. There can be different triggers to nausea which varies from one person to the other.

However, understanding the triggers to the queasy feeling will help you with the morning sickness cures. Avoiding the triggers will be effective in dealing with the sudden bouts of vomiting and nausea.

How Early Can Morning Sickness Start?

For the first time moms, wondering how early can morning sickness start is a common question. Nausea usually begins around the 5th week of pregnancy, as you enter into the first trimester and settles down mostly by the 17th week.

Morning sickness might get better as you progress towards the 2nd trimester in most cases. However, there are women who don’t suffer from morning sickness at all and many others who suffer the entire duration of pregnancy. The morning sickness symptoms range from acidity, vomiting, headaches, to bitter taste in the mouth and nausea.

Morning Sickness Or Sickness Throughout The Day!

Though termed as morning sickness, the uneasy and icky feeling can strike at any point in time during the day and last the entire day as well! The surge of different hormones in the body during pregnancy is the prime reason for pregnancy nausea.

During the initial months of pregnancy, the stomach gets extra sensitive to the increased secretion of hormones. The food takes a longer time to get digested leading to nausea, gas formation, constipation, and other digestion problems. You can try the different morning sickness remedies to get some relief from it.

Morning Sickness-A Misleading Term:

Morning sickness can be defined as nothing but vomiting, nausea, and indigestion. Pregnancy being the prime cause of morning sickness, the term is misleading. It can happen at any point of time during the day and night, morning time being the most susceptible to its severity.

The bouts of nausea can make you irritable, uneasy, fatigued, and lethargic. Since it is considered to be normal during pregnancy, you must ensure you get sufficient rest and eat well to deal with it as the best pregnancy nausea cure!

Pregnancy Challenges-Learn To Deal With Nausea:

Different morning sickness remedies can be tried to get some relief during the first trimester. As you progress towards the second trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness will get much manageable.

There are different ways to get some morning sickness relief which varies from one person to the other, as follows:

  • Avoid being on an empty stomach.
  • Munch on some crackers or toasts.
  • Have ginger tea.
  • Use ginger candies.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Eat something sour and bitter.
  • Avoid sweets and candies.
  • Eat small meals.
  • Avoid overeating.
  • Eat whole grain snacks.
  • Avoid having deeply fried and oily things.
  • Substitute unhealthy snacks with raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink lemonade.
  • Don’t lie down immediately after having a meal.
  • Get up slowly from the bed, rather than jumping out of the bed.
  • Brush your teeth often to give a refreshing taste in the mouth.

Enjoy Pregnancy With The Morning Sickness Cures

Enjoying pregnancy might seem a challenge with the surge of hormones, unwanted nausea, uncontrollable mood swings, etc. You can make the joyful journey of your pregnancy more comfortable by trying the morning sickness remedies.

You might not feel like eating after the vomit. However, keeping yourself on an empty stomach will worsen the problem by increasing acidity. If you wonder how to help morning sickness get manageable, then you must ensure you have small meals at regular intervals of time.

An Upside To Morning Sickness!

Many women fear that their baby might get harmed with constant nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness. It is of prime importance to understand that morning sickness isn’t harmful in most cases. You can try the different pregnancy nausea remedies to help you deal with the uncomfortable feeling.

The developing baby inside the womb will be able to meet all the nutritional requirements through the mother. Gynaecologists will prescribe you to have Folic acid, Iron, Calcium, and multivitamin supplements to meet the growing demands in the body.

Weight gain is slow during the 1st trimester of pregnancy due to morning sickness. Trying the morning sickness cures and remedies will aid in getting over the icky feeling. As you progress through the later weeks of pregnancy, weight gain will become more pronounced.

The upside to morning sickness is that the women who suffer from nausea and morning sickness will have a healthier pregnancy than those women who don’t suffer from it. However, it is difficult to state the fate of the pregnancy by judging it through the morning sickness. Try the home remedies for morning sickness and enjoy the days of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Treatment

Understanding the morning sickness triggers and how to deal with the queasy feeling will be helpful in the morning sickness treatment, enlisted as follows:

  • Identify the foods that work the best for you.
  • Increase the fluid intake through fruit juices and milkshakes.
  • Try the morning sickness remedies and home care.
  • Keep a nausea kit handy at all times.
  • Try the medications for nausea and vomiting.
  • Try acupressure

Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

There are innumerable natural ways to deal with nausea and morning sickness. It is of prime importance to understand when does morning sickness start to be able to deal with it effectively.

Understand your body, your cravings, and food preferences to be successful in dealing with the morning sickness. The different homegrown morning sickness remedies can be enlisted as follows:

Use Ginger:


Ginger in any form will be very helpful in treating nausea to a significant extent. It can be taken in the form of ginger tea, ginger candies, ginger lollipops, powdered ginger, freshly grated ginger, etc.

Bitter And Sour Foods:

It might sound weird to munch on something bitter and sour to treat the already unwelcoming feeling in the mouth. However, studies have proved that the queasy feeling can be minimized by sucking a lemon or even sniffing something sour as one of the best morning sickness remedies.

Mint Leaves:

Mint Leaves

Chewing some fresh mint leaves will help in enhancing the flavor in the mouth. Even the smell of freshly cut mint leaves is found to be effective in giving morning sickness relief.

Crackers And Toasts:

The best morning sickness treatment is having simple starches. Crackers and toasts will help by giving instant relief to the queasy feeling. They are rich in fiber and hence, help in keeping you nourished and strong.

Avoid Deep Fried Foods:

Pregnancy majorly affects the digestive system of the body. If you wonder how to help morning sickness then it is best to avoid oily foods, foods which are deep-fried, street food, spicy food, and unhealthy snacks. The surge of hormones in the body will slow down the process of digestion.

To Know More: What are the Foods Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Since the food stays in the gut for a longer time, the chances of reflux will be augmented by external triggers. Spicy and oily foods will be further difficult to digest and can lead to acid reflux, acidity, and heartburn.


Acupressure or even massages are found to be effective morning sickness remedies. Many people prefer to wear wristbands to help in dealing with the queasy and icky feeling. The band will put some pressure on the nerves and in turn, it will help in decreasing nausea.

Exercise And Stay Active:

Exercise Regularly

A brisk walk and warm-up exercises will be very beneficial for the expecting moms. Nausea can be counteracted by brisk walk and gentle exercises. It will help you feel energetic and active.

Have Small Meals:

The most crucial aspect of pregnancy diet is to bring about minor changes in the diet plan. It is important for you to have small meals and frequently. An empty stomach will worsen nausea. So, it is safest to eat small meals at regular time intervals to deal with pregnancy morning sickness.

Relieving Stress – One Of The Best Pregnancy Nausea Remedies:

One of the best pregnancy nausea remedies is to avoid stress. Anxiety and stress are a part and parcel of life. However, you can manage stress by medication, yoga, and other relaxing techniques.

Avoid Stress

Stress is found to have a negative effect during pregnancy. It can worsen nausea and vomiting, thereby make you fatigued and further miserable. So, eat well, stay calm, keep yourself hydrated and get over the queasy feeling through the different morning sickness remedies.

When To Get Help?

If you wonder how to get rid of morning sickness instantly, try the different home remedies. Most Gynecologists will prescribe you medications such as Zofran to deal with nausea. The medicines and pills can be easily found in most medical stores and are completely safe during pregnancy.

If the vomiting is making you very fatigued and dehydrated, don’t forget to check with your Gynecologist immediately. The natural morning sickness remedies are effective and safe, yet you don’t want to take any risk while you carry a little one inside you. So, check with the doctor if your intuition tells you to!