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10 Proper Ways to Strengthen the Bones – Natural treatment for osteoporosis

Our bones are one of the most rigid things insides our bodies. It is a living tissue that keeps growing and renewing every day. 5 to 10 percent of it is replaced and renewed in our body every year. The discussion is on the very problem of this too strong organ. The problem is called osteoporosis, it is the thinning of the bone, in normal terms. Let’s gain something from this article about this disease and few important ideas about natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Follow natural treatment for osteoporosis for healthy bones

What causes osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that sets in when either of the two given below or both happen:

-The body loses too much bone

-The body makes little bone.

Weak bone do not support the body like they should. They may break from a minor fall or bumps. All these are signs of osteoporosis.

When someone suffers from osteoporosis, the bone becomes porous. The bones are filled with holes and gaps, when compared with a healthy bone. The weak bones lose density or mass and the tissue structure is abnormal. Bones that become less dense, weaken further and are more prone to getting broke. Natural treatment for osteoporosis focuses on reducing bones from getting weak.

Generally older people suffer from osteoporosis and show osteoporosis symptoms. They may face difficulty standing erect or sitting.

Bones are quite dynamic that our body keeps losing and gaining bone. Bones remodel themselves adding and subtracting materials to maintain the overall health. After hitting 30, the bone mass of an individual peaks and then the bone mass starts decreasing. There are other factors too that can invite osteoporosis like smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not doing any activities.

When one does not receive enough calcium in their diets, then there is a risk of osteoporosis. Calcium is a mineral that makes the bones strong and gives the ability to perform activities like running, standing etc. When calcium levels decrease in the body, the bones give up or donate calcium to restore normal levels, but this also ends up making the bones weak.

Older individuals are always suggested to take calcium and vitamin D supplements as the bone does not function as it used earlier in their bodies. The supplements help restore the normal levels of bone density. Natural treatment for osteoporosis can be taken from such supplements with utmost organic impact on the body.

Calcium resides inside the bones and helps maintain heart rhythm and muscle functions. The daily recommended calcium levels in the body are as follows:

-Infants below or equal to 6 months of age should be taking in 1000 milligrams of calcium per day.

-Infants aged above 6 months and up to a year should take in 1500 milligrams of calcium.

-Children aged one and below eight need 2500 milligrams of calcium every day.

-Children above eight and below eighteen should consume 3000 milligrams of calcium in a day.

For women over 50 and men over 70, the daily calcium intake recommended is 1200 milligrams.

Let us take a look at some ways that can help you deal with or even prevent osteoporosis, some of which include natural remedies for osteoporosis.

Limiting carbonated beverages:

Many a times, it is the unwanted things that cause more harm or trouble and doing away with them helps you reach the desired goals with ease. A simple example would be consumption of soft drinks or liquor. These drinks are not a friend of the calcium in your bones. Any excessive intake of these drinks is sure to cause bone loss. Beverages that are carbonated have excess phosphates in them that can cause calcium loss.

Excess of these drinks is becoming prevalent in many countries now a days that is also causing obesity among children and youth who later become victims of laziness, and then start resisting and disliking simple exercises to stray fit.

Optimum intake of protein:

Another Natural treatment for osteoporosis that focuses on precaution.

Excess protein intake creates acidity in body. When acidity is created in body, then in urination, calcium gets lost. So it should be taken care so as to not eat more than required protein as it may lead to calcium loss.

Excess protein intake is also known to cause kidney stones which is a dreaded disease. It is better to be aware of how much protein intake is suitable for you.

Stomach acid:

Stomach acid

For problems like heartburn, there are certain acid blocking drugs like Nexium, protonix and prevacid. These medicines are taken by some people as suggested by doctors. The only trouble with these medicines are that they block stomach acid, which is a not a good thing as stomach acid is a requirement for absorption of minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium. These important minerals that ae getting blocked are essential for bone and if they get blocked or removed then this can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

So these medicines should be taken only if necessitated and for a certain time period only. As far as the supplements are concerned, any supplement preferred should work like a natural treatment for osteoporosis that can take over acid blocking medicines.

Avoiding caffeine:

Avoiding caffeine

It is said that a cup of coffee makes one lose some amount of calcium by the way of urine. Chemically decaffeinated coffee may not contain caffeine, but it contains harmful chemicals that prove to be an obstacle for detoxification process. A good alternative would be naturally decaffeinated tea.

Proper form of calcium:

Calcium carbonate tablets are not effective all in one solution for bone health. These tablets may even produce side effects like a decrease in stomach acid. But for the compensation of calcium in our bodies, few other ingredients.

Calcium citrate and calcium hydroxyapatite are the proper calcium inputs for the body that can be taken and have no side effects. This is how natural treatment for osteoporosis can be opted with slight medical knowledge where there are minor differences between the good and bad medicines.

They should be taken on an empty stomach as it helps with the best absorption. Our bodies only accept 500 milligrams of calcium at a time and any excess is discarded.

Vitamin D deficiency:

Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium and place them in the bones. Vitamin D is also important for immune system modulation. The best source of vitamin D as we all know, is sunlight. Some countries do not have abundant sunlight and vitamin D deficiency is known to affect the population in such places.

So vitamin D deficiency may indirectly lead to deficiency of calcium. It becomes important to take vitamin D supplements to reach the daily requirement levels as recommended.

Proper diet: Natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Insulin levels in the body increase when we consume refined sugars and starches.

Refined processed sugar has become a serial killer of fitness and it is said that it one of the biggest causes of childhood obesity. An increased insulin levels can lead to osteoporosis.

So it become even more essential to have proper diet.

A proper diet would be low on glycaemic index. A diet like it will not raise the insulin levels quickly. The diet would also include protein, beans, vegetables and good fats. Fibre intake also helps in reducing insulin levels. An intake of fibre just before meals helps slow down the absorption of sugars and fats. It also helps lower cholesterol level.

Exercises: One of the ways for a Natural treatment for osteoporosis.


When we do simple exercises, the muscles are strained as they pull against the bones. This fires up the bones. Weight bearing exercises like walking, hiking and climbing stairs may increase bone density. Exercising for less than half hour is sufficient to stay fit and good for bone health too. Some more simple exercises include, leg lifts, sit ups and cycling. These exercises slow age related bone loss.

Those who suffer from osteoporosis, should avoid heavy exercises and rather warm up with simple ones.

Adequate sleep:

A study has claimed that individuals aged 50 and above who sleep less than six hours may are at risk of osteoporosis.

Essential oils for osteoporosis:

Oils such as cypress and helichrysum help in bone repair. In fact, they are the supportive ingredients in the natural treatment for osteoporosis. These essential oils may help increase bone density. Applying oil on the skin daily can be beneficial.



For proper bone maintenance, adequate levels of hormones are required. In women, menopause and in men, andropause are some common reasons for bone loss. Bodily hormones like cortisol, insulin too cause bone loss if their levels are not optimum. So it becomes important to keep a check on them and know if the levels are adequate or not.

Stress reduction:

Stress reduction

When we get stressed, a hormone cortisol starts increasing its level. If the stress level is more longer time, it may too lead to bone loss. Cortisol opposes insulin and leads to resistance if insulin. This may raise blood sugar and cause loss of calcium in the urine.

So it becomes important to stop brooding on things and stop stressing out and rather perform yoga or go for a massage as these relaxation methods are time tested and help overcome stress and reduce the cortisol levels. Adequate sleep too is essential as when we sleep less we get worked up and this may cause anxiety and stress.

Natural remedies to treat osteoporosis:

Healthy diet should be given priority to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Fresh whole foods and homemade meals are a wonderful way to take care of our bones by us and for us. A habit of incorporating fruits and vegetable at least 4 or 5 times in the day is a good idea. To start with, add up Brussel sprouts, turnip, radish and avocado in your cuisine. These good sources have bone friendly nutrients in them, for e.g. – phosphorous.

Dried plums are good for bone mineral density and a better alternative than other sugary products. Dried plums generate boron and potassium that are good for healthy bones.

Sea food contains many essential nutrients like omega fatty acids. They also have in them strontium, a nutrient that is considered good for bone health. It can be found in sweet potatoes and sea food, wheat bran.

Food rich in phytoestrogens should be given a place in our diets. Phytoestrogens are plant derived compounds. They can be found in foods like soybeans, sesame seeds, oats, barley, beans, lentils, yams and rice. They also found in apples, carrots and rice. It is said that phytoestrogens provides nutrition that helps and provides protective action against various health disorders like prostate cancer and osteoporosis. Phytoestrogens have the ability to replicate the effect of the hormone oestrogen in the body. A diet rich in phytoestrogen may help as a natural treatment for osteoporosis in the long run.

Too much calcium is not good for bones and in some cases an even damage the bones. It can also cause constipation and may prove to be an obstacle in the absorption of other minerals and nutrients. When a lot of dairy is consumed, like cheese or butter, the body may remove calcium from bones to maintain or regulate the acidity. For bone health, the absorption of mineral and vitamins like vitamin D and magnesium is also vital.

Osteoporosis in a nutshell

Some drugs may stop new bone from forming and leave you with brittle bones that become prone to fracture, in spite of being denser and hard.

Some antacids do not help when it comes to bone health as they prevent absorption of important minerals and vitamins. Too much of diary items may strip calcium from the bones leaving the bone with the risk of fracture.

Sodium is said to increase calcium loss in urine. So too much salt is not good for bones and anyway is not recommended as it known to cause high blood pressure particularly in old people. Sodium should not be taken more than 2300 milligrams in a day.

Some studies indicate that an optimum amount of magnesium as supplements helped increase bone density over a two year period. Foods rich in magnesium and calcium like green leafy vegetables and sea food are a good option of such essential minerals.

Nutrients like zinc, copper, boron and vitamin D play important role in bone formation.

Osteoporosis can also be considered as an imbalance happening in the body which it tries to correct in its own way. The natural treatment for Osteoporosis is possible in many ways as you could see; it can be reversed too without any drugs.