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8 Informative Ovarian Cancer Symptoms & Causes to Understand Ovarian Health

A person must be cautious towards his/her health conditions. But a woman needs to act responsible towards the issues she has. Woman’s life is designed in a very complex pattern to follow the guidelines and live by her life normally. Abdominal health is a severely complicated aspect of woman’s life, wherein she is prone to thousands of disorders in her normal day-to-day life. Ovarian cancer symptoms are reflected in women’s general health condition where we can identify many other minor ailments also. But the cancer itself is severe enough to threaten a person’s life.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Ovarian Cancer

Cancer in women is a distressful thing. General types of cancers attack many organs of the body whereas women, in particular, face seriously unwell circumstances when they succumb to cancers like breast, ovarian, vaginal, vulvar, and few other cancers. Many problems of women lie around abdominal and pelvic regions. Ovarian cancer is one of them that covers most of the general symptoms of abdominal ailments in women. We will explore ovarian cancer symptoms in the widest way possible to gain the best awareness of our genital and ovarian health.

As I started with the issue of cancers in women, abdominal issues are not like any other general ailment in humans, women face severe things which are closely indigenous to their very evolutionary process.

Among all the health problems, the cancer disease, particularly, is growing like hell around the globe these days. The obvious causes and its preventive methods are all known to everybody but no one is interested in investing time and patience into such a root level changes in their lifestyles. Thus, people have one bootless answer, “Cancer has no Cure.” Cancer has proper cures from the elementary stages of it if we have any sense of being organically handling the things of diet and lifestyle.

Enough of criticism, we shall move on to the core point of the day, i.e. signs of ovarian cancer along with few measures of how to prevent diseases similar to it.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

When the ovaries get inflamed with cysts, nodules, or due to some infection, it is said to be an ovarian disease. With the infection gone very bad, if the cysts develop any cancerous tissues and we ignore them, there would be a definite attack of ovarian cancer symptoms. These symptoms are very tricky in nature. They do not get caught usually until there’s an unavoidable problem in our body that badly needs a treatment.

Ovaries are the genital headquarters of female body that contain thousands of eggs. This part is highly sensitive to infections and disorders. When any damage happens in abdominal or genital spaces, ovaries lose their firmness. This makes the ovaries get inflamed. If there is a continuous flaw in maintaining the hygiene of organs, building the immune strength, we can expect ovarian cancer symptoms inevitably. The symptoms may be unclear or they may not even indicate the ovarian cancer exactly but we must never ignore any symptoms related to abdominal health/menstrual health.

What Causes Ovarian Cancer?

A typical question to give a convincing answer. There could be a million reasons why cancer develops in one’s body. Women, as said earlier, are more prone to serious cancers than men. So, the cancers in women can develop in a billion ways if we could observe the genetic, physical, biological aspects thoroughly.

The exact reason for ovarian cancer(or any other cancers) is not found but we can give assurance to great extent about the reason after recognizing the disease. This may seem to be of no use, but there would be a definite use for diagnosis with determination of the reason of the disease. Not only for diagnosis, but also for becoming conscious about any factor in our biological conditions, we get information from the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

To be more precise and make the point about ovarian cancer causes clear for you, we will go with brief notes on the most important factors that promote ovarian cancer.

Genetic and Non-Genetic Reasons


If anybody in your family get attacked by ovarian cancer, there is a huge chance that you can be the victim of it. The patterns in your bodies go similar which becomes a major possibility of the attack of the disease.

Late Birth

One special case, if a mother had given birth to her child in her 30s or 40s, she herself has a great chance of growing ovarian problems. Her child, of course, will be at the gun point because of genetic factor.

With late birth, the menstrual life of both mother and daughter become uncertain. Late puberty in girls could cause ovaries to undergo unpredictable ovulation. This produces a chance to promote ovarian disorders.

General Causes


As said, late pregnancy is one major problem for women and their children towards ovarian health. Majorly, the age factor has seen many proven cases that ovarian cancer symptoms become distinctly visible with the age in women.



Women with late pregnancy or no pregnancy are a high risk of ovarian cancer. Pregnancy helps women in avoiding this risk. Breastfeeding is also one other factor to help it. For the women who has no chance for pregnancy, there is a high risk towards this disease.



Having a poor BMI also increases your risk. The profound ovarian cancer symptoms are found in aged and obese women rather than the other category of women.

Overweight may be due to fat storage or gastritis problem. These impact the ovulation and abdominal health severely.

90% of the women face at least one minor issue in their lifetime if they are overweight.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Any other cancer in women may cause destruction in ovarian health. Breast cancer, especially, is caused due to similar causes of ovarian cancer which paves a simultaneous path to grow this disease. Breast cancer is one of the major ovarian cancer risk factors after pregnancy.

The Treatments

Birth Control & Infertility

Use oral pills to control pregnancy. They can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer or improve the symptoms of ovarian cancer in the long run.

If your infertility treatment is not working for a year now, go for a check on your ovarian health. Controlling pregnancy or provoking pregnancy are highly sensitive things to deal with. Doing it in an authentic way helps us a lot to get rid of such issues(cancers).


The Hormone Replacement Therapy gives a counter impact to ovarian health. Opting for an HRT as a part of your healthcare raises a debate to some other means of doing it. We can enhance our hormone cycles and their activity with great ease in natural methods. HRT is not a smart way as it directly targets the women’s sensitive abdominal region.


It is an interesting fact here. Once you undergo any surgery related to ovary or abdomen, you reduce the chance of ovarian cancer symptoms growing in your body. Gynaecological surgeries help us relieve from the sensitivity of succumbing to cancerous cells as we are diagnosed to pre-cancer condition. It helps us become resilient to ill-healthy attacks on body like hormone imbalance, inflammations in abdomen, indigestion, etc.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms:

Here I am not going to present the typical symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer but am representing the general conditions of how ovarian cancer and its risk factors progress.

But a known fact based on ovarian cancer awareness says that we cannot recognize the disease until it shows burning symptoms.

Indications may be found about the situation that something is going wrong but we must be smart enough to judge the problem; or we should keep on checking our health to identify it in the early stages.

The initial stages of ovarian cancer include these symptoms:


Bloated stomach is one of the minor ovarian cancer symptoms. When ovaries grow cancerous cells excessively and damage the ovarian walls, stomach may bulge unnaturally either because of gastritis or directly due to cancer tissues.

Even though there are many reasons and scenarios that one may face bloating, in women, there is a 50% choice that the bloated stomach is due to cancer.

This says, a woman should never ignore any minor abdominal ailment as it may lead to anywhere.

Digestive Problems

Digestive Problems

If you have been suffering from constipation for too long, it may indicate cancer growth in your abdomen. If this is accompanied by any hormonal imbalance symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, sleep apnea, etc. immediately go for the check up with your gynaecologist.

Heartburn can be a serious indication rather than constipation. If heartburn is your regular problem, there is a high risk of ovarian cancer. Get into proper treatment for it as heartburn may also be a result of ovarian cyst disease very often.

Bowel Syndrome can be another high risk factor for ovarian cancer.

Loss of Appetite

Dietary issues are observed differently with the signs of ovarian cancer. We feel hungry all the time, but with very limited intake of food, we feel full in our stomach. It is also called food satiety for good reasons but excessive satiety will not do any good in such above cases.

Loss of appetite is a major disadvantage for women as they can’t eat well whenever their body goes against them, which happens very often in most of them.

Minor Abdominal Disorders

Minor Abdominal Disorders

Issues like cramping in your lower stomach is a sure shot symptom of abdominal disorder. They are caused due to hormone imbalance or excessive storage of inflamed mass/free radicals which could be a huge lead for the ovarian cancer risk factors.

If your abdomen has swollen without any prior notice like pain or cramp, you must consult with your doctor.

Abnormal Urination and Urinating Tendency

Your tendency to urinate will increase when you are at the early stages of ovarian cancer. Excessive urination is also a major indication that there is going to be a cancer growing in your abdomen.

Weight Loss Suspicion

Weight Loss Suspicion

Weight loss has several issues. But when it comes along with the company of menstrual disorders, they are severe ovarian cancer symptoms. Immediate fat loss can be a symptom which might be due to the menstrual abnormalities.

Losing weight due to sudden change in hormones, digestive impacts can be a cause of ovarian cancer.


Pains caused during the development of ovarian cancer are vast in number.

Pelvic Pain is a major symptom of ovarian cancer. The fat accumulation until the monthly cycle happens will suddenly get broken down during the period time. This may abruptly cause a severe pain in pelvis.

Apart from this, nervous stress, stiffness in abdominal muscles will also cause unconventional pain which could be ovarian cancer causes.

Backache is a parallel sign in ovarian cancer symptoms which comes along with the strain happening due to other signs.

Stomach pain, as discussed, is an indirect indication for ovarian cancer.


Last, but the top of all, Stressfulness. Every health problem is addressed along with stress and depression in women. It doesn’t state that depression is a meantime disease in women, i.e. a regular disease.

Depression occurs due to excessive impact of hormones and ovulation, that too, in sensitive bodies. So, ovarian cancer symptoms include depression and anxiety in the ‘major effects’ tab.

So to maintain the strength and defend the disease, we must avoid every possibility that pushes us into mental discomfort.

Stressful life, unusual eating habits must be avoided if you’re a woman, in particular. And if you’re drinking regularly, please leave it. Alcohol consumption is the top reason for menstrual disorders and mood swings in women.

Be aware of the frequency and how the symptoms are acting on your body and react to it in a proper way that you will understand the progression of the disease to combat it in early stages.