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6 Pressure Points for Headache to Heal Your Tension in No Time

Why people get headaches? You can give obvious reasons as a modern era person. Carrying a stressful life and distressful emotions are the most usual causes of headaches. But why was it even there the term ‘headache’ for ages now? There must be something that causes a headache without artificial influences like said above. For the same reasons, our ancients found ultimate cures with natural techniques, viz. Ayurveda, Acupressure, Acupuncture, etc.

Acupressure Points for Headaches

Although these treatments are Alternative therapies, they are found to work in the best way we need. Pressure points for headaches address the pinpoint cure for many types of headaches viz. migraines, tension, normal headaches, etc. Using the technique of acupressure, we will explore quick and natural ways to get rid of headaches.

Acupressure – Headaches:

Addressing the problems of headache, stress, nervous pain, we can easily find cures in natural therapies. Relief from a nervous breakdown, nerve injuries, anxiety and depression is best attained with Ayurveda, Physical, and Mental Exercises. Treatment with pills and operations hardly seem to be successful when compared to natural methods. This presentation is purposefully designed to get you the details of treatment with acupressure for headache.

Acupressure Treatment has many unproven illustrations in the science. But practically, it works with great impact on health. Despite there is no proof that how acupressure works, there are many people that use acupressure as their major choice of therapy. There are worldwide users of acupressure and acupuncture technique with 100% faith as it is a natural medication without any side-effects.

How Does It Work?

Acupressure points for headache treatment work in a potential way. We find the treatment going naturally and with significant impact within in a very short time.

All the other treatments of acupressure for various diseases work in a similar manner but the headache relief pressure points have important points to note.

  • Pressure points for headache relieve the stiffness of muscles and nerves that cause tension in the head.
  • Applying pressure on specific points on the body release tension from the meridians, which carry life energy.
  • The energy in the meridians will be blocked in spaces, which will be released, thus relieving your headache and any other pains.
  • Acupressure points work from various locations of the body to work for various pains, which normally seem irrelative, but have practical proofs of treatment.
  • There are also few pressure points on head that work for the cure.
  • Better than any of the headache remedies that we come across, alternative therapies show an unparalleled success rate.
  • The release of tension commonly can work for many other purposes like shoulder pain, stress relief, back pain, and internal sufferings like constipation, heartburn, cold, and cough also.
  • But there is zero suspicion on the alternative impacts(side-effects) that may be caused due to alternative therapies.

Pressure Points for Headaches:

The points listed here will be of immense importance if we look into each of them. All these points mentioned have cures for many other pains of the body.

One thing to be remembered, always take deep breaths and slow breaths while performing acupressure.

Take a relaxed posture and sit in a silent place to start the treatment. Always perform acupressure treatment with a calm mind. Never go in a hurry to do it, it would cause counter impact in the worst scenario.

Here are the useful pressure points for headaches of almost every type.

1. LI 4 – Union Valley

Union Valley is the conjunctive point for many problems in the body. Apply firm pressure in the web region between thumb and forefinger. The high point of the fleshy region is its location.

LI 4 - Union Valley

Use firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger of the other hand to release energy through the meridian. Do it on both hands and apply pressure from both sides of the hand with one finger on each side.

Large Intestine 4 is the common point applied to many other health problems. We can resolve migraine headaches, tension headaches, dizziness, and diseases like diarrhea, constipation, sinus infection, etc.

2. GV 24.5 – The Third Eye

GV 24.5 is located exactly between two eyebrows. This location and region are most important in acupressure therapy. It has great significance in other treatments and brain’s condition as well.

Third eye point or Governing Vessel 24.5 is the most related point for headache relief. Out of all pressure points for headache, the third eye point works in a highly effective manner. One reason for the speciality of this point is pressure points on head work best for brain-related problems.

GV 24.5 - The Third Eye Point for headache

Place your thumb facing up on this point and rub it with slight-medium pressure. Do circular, elliptical motions with the thumb and increase pressure gradually. Within 10 minutes, there must be a relief from headache. If not, immediately go consult your physician. A headache uncured with natural remedies is a threatening one. Beware of it to avoid any future severities.

Special mention about this point, some cultures have a tradition of placing a bindi on this point to avoid any disturbances from environment and light. This point is noted as a sensitive point of the entire head. So utilizing this point has lot many considerations when it comes to curing problems like headaches and migraines.

3. Stomach 8

Stomach 8 is the supportive headache relief pressure point. Majorly, ST 8 works effectively for a tension headache.

This point is located on either side of the skull, where our forehead’s creases from the edges of eyes and hairlines meet. The image makes the location clear for you.

ST 8 Acupressure point for headache

Apply increasing pressure gently up to the point where the muscles feel it’s a massaging pressure. Do not increase the pressure more than that. Do the circular massages until you see a decline in the pain(headache).

ST 8 is useful in relieving nausea, eye pain, vomiting, etc. It can also improve your eyesight upon sensitive application.

4. LI 10

LI 10 is also one of the important points of the therapy. It is located above 3 finger widths of the elbow crease on the outer radius of either hand. The exact position in found in the image below.

LI 10 Acupressure point for headache

This is a safe location out of all pressure points for headaches. There is no need of applying sensitive pressure, we can go with firm pressure.

LI 10 also works for tennis elbow, shoulder and neck pains, and diarrhea too.

5. UB 2

Urinary Bladder 2 is an important pair of points that excellently supports other pressure points for headaches.

We found GV 24.5 as the best of all acupressure points for headache. UB 2 is located in the region of GV 24.5 and is more intimate with headache relief when it is used for the treatment.

UB 2 Acupressure Point for headache

UB 2 is a pair of points located just below the inside edge of the eyebrows. They are closely located to the third eye point which helps the treatment get quicker results.

Do not apply a steep pressure on this point as it is nearer to eyes and GV 24.5. Just a mild pressure and a smooth massage will do the job for you.

6. ST 44

ST 44 is a distinct point of all the pressure points for headaches. It is located on both feet, in the web of 2nd and 3rd toes. The location is on the foot, i.e. on the underside.

ST 44 Acupressure point

ST 44 is the most tender point of all. We can instantly feel the pain once we increase pressure at the point. But with the patient application of mild pressure on the point, we can resolve headache in 5 minutes.

With these impactful pressure points for headache treatment, we can relieve all types of headaches in a very short time. Better than any scientific medication, acupressure gives instant relief and the permanent cure, which isn’t that easy to find in natural therapies.