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8 Reasons for Quinoa to be in your Diet – Quinoa Benefits for Health

Quinoa is growing in popularity amongst the masses these days owing to its rich nutritional profile. As people are becoming more and more health-conscious, they prefer healthy foods which will provide the body with ample nutrients for optimal growth. The innumerable quinoa benefits make it a popular super-food today!

Quinoa Benefits

As people are getting more conscious about their health, they are taking to natural and organic products than unhealthy substitutes. The innumerable quinoa benefits for skin, for weight loss, and for the maintenance of healthy weight are just a few benefits.

Quinoa-Grain Or Pseudo Grain?

Quinoa isn’t a grain but is similar in nutrients and therefore, people consider it to be a “pseudo-grain.” Quinoa is consumed by people the same way as cereals are and hence, the classification. The innumerable quinoa health benefits can be endowed to its rich nutritional profile.

Quinoa is free from gluten, which means it is safe for consumption by people who are allergic to wheat, suffer from Celiac disease, etc. People who suffer from allergies or those who can’t tolerate gluten can safely consume Quinoa. The quinoa benefits are responsible for its growing popularity amongst the masses.

If you wonder what is quinoa then it’s a grain crop. Quinoa has seeds which are edible. Although quinoa is related to spinach botanically, it isn’t a grass. The seeds are processed in such as way that the bitter-tasting seed coat can be removed without disturbing its nutritional component.

Types Of Quinoa:

There are more than 3,000 different varieties of Quinoa with the most widely grown types being black, white, and red. Amongst the different types of Quinoa, the white variety is the most consumed one. The quinoa nutrition will vary depending upon the different types of quinoa.

Quinoa can be used in the ground form as flour and can also be used as flakes, both for cooking and baking. It has been found that black quinoa has the lowest content of fat with the highest content of omega 3 fatty acids. The Quinoa benefits can be endowed with the fact that the darker the color, the antioxidant capacity will be higher.

Quinoa Nutritional Value

The rich quinoa nutritional value makes it one of the most preferred grains these days. The following table shows the nutritional profile of raw and uncooked quinoa:

Water 13 %
Carbohydrates 57%
Protein 15%
Fat 7%

The nutritional profile of cooked quinoa can be enlisted as follows:

Water 72%
Carbohydrates 21%
Protein 5%
Fat 2%
Manganese 58%
Magnesium 30%
Phosphorous 28%
Folate 19%
Copper 18%
Iron 15%
Zinc 13%
Thiamin 13%
Riboflavin 12%
Vitamin B 11%

Is Quinoa Healthy?

If you wonder is quinoa healthy, then the rich nutrient profile makes it very healthy. Quinoa is free from Gluten which makes it very easy to digest. The grain is growing in popularity because it is very nutritious.

The quinoa protein content is high with the presence of all the nine essential amino acids in it. It is rich in fiber, Vitamin B and E, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, healthy fats, etc.

Augment The Nutrient Intake-Add Quinoa To The Diet:

By adding quinoa to the daily diet plan, you can augment the intake of vital Vitamins, Minerals, and fiber. You can find the maximum amount of proteins and fiber in quinoa than any other grains. The quinoa carbs are sufficient to maintain the energy levels.

Quinoa is a rich source of Saponins, Flavonoids, Phenolic acids, and Betacyanins. The presence of antioxidants in the body will neutralize the harmful free radicals and thus help the body. This can be held responsible for the innumerable quinoa benefits.

Quinoa-Good For Diabetics:

One question that rings a bell in the minds of most people, is quinoa good for Diabetics? Quinoa can be categorized as a whole grain. Whole grains are found to be beneficial for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. The blood sugar control can be improved through the regular intake of quinoa.

People who consume quinoa will have a lower risk of developing Diabetes. Being a rich source of fiber and protein, quinoa has positive effects on the blood sugar maintenance. Thus, quinoa must be especially consumed by people who suffer from Diabetes.

Quinoa Health Benefits:

As people are getting more and more conscious about their diet, exercise regime, and maintenance of lifestyles, people wish to eat healthy foods. People are avoiding unhealthy foods and substituting natural foods with unhealthy products.

There are innumerable quinoa health benefits owing to its rich nutrient profile. The numerous benefits can be enlisted as follows:

Quinoa Is Very Nutritious:

What is quinoa? Quinoa is the grain grown for the edible seeds. Being free from Gluten, quinoa is widely preferred by most people. Quinoa is loaded with vital nutrients and amino acids. Most health-conscious people prefer quinoa over other grains and cereals.

Quinoa-Rich Source Of Plant Compounds:

There are innumerable nutrients loaded with quinoa which have positive effects on the health of an individual. The plant compounds such as Quercetin and Kaempferol are very important to maintain the health. The quinoa nutritional value makes it very healthy. Quinoa has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-depressant properties.

Quinoa-High In Fiber:

The numerous quinoa benefits can be endowed with its high fiber content. Being rich in fiber makes it easy to digest and keeps you satisfied for long durations of time. On boiling, the fiber in quinoa will be decreased because water will be absorbed.

Is quinoa good for weight loss? Yes, it is very good. Owing to the presence of fiber in it, it will help in keeping you full for longer and will prevent hunger pangs. Fiber will also help in managing the levels of blood sugar and lower the levels of Cholesterol in blood.

Quinoa-Good For Gluten Intolerant People:

Gluten intolerance is a very common problem these days. Apart from people suffering from gluten allergies, many people avoid or at least minimize the intake of gluten. Naturally, gluten-free foods will be very healthy for human consumption. Quinoa proteins and carbs make it a healthy option.

Refined starches are mostly substituted by gluten-free foods. However, refined starches can be considered to be junk foods. It will be very unhealthy for consumption and lead to innumerable health issues such as cardiac problems, uncontrollable blood sugar levels, etc.

Quinoa-9 Essential Amino Acids:

Proteins are naturally composed of amino acids. The essential amino acids can’t be produced in the body. Since the essential amino acids can’t be produced in the body, you will need to get them from external sources. The answer for ‘Is quinoa healthy?’ is an absolute yes. It is because it contains all the 9 essential amino acids

Foods which are rich sources of amino acids will be complete proteins. Most plant food sources will be deficient in few amino acids. However, quinoa benefits can be endowed with the presence of all the nine essential amino acids.

Quinoa-Healthy Maintenance Of Metabolic Rate:

Quinoa nutrition makes it very healthy. The rich nutritional value makes it crucial for healthy maintenance of metabolic rates. Once the body metabolism is maintained, the overall health will be well maintained.

Quinoa Benefits For Skin:

Quinoa benefits for skin are innumerably owing to the presence of rich antioxidants. Antioxidants will neutralize the effect on the free radicals in the body which makes the skin healthy.

Apart from the health benefits on the skin, quinoa benefits in fighting many deadly diseases such as cancer. If the quinoa seeds are allowed to sprout, then the antioxidant content will be further augmented.

Is Quinoa Good For Weight Loss:

If you wonder is quinoa good for weight loss, then it is very beneficial in losing weight. Since it is rich in fiber, it will keep your stomach full for longer time durations. Reducing the appetite is a great way to avoid overeating and increasing the extra weights.

To be able to lose weight, you will have to take up few calories and burn most of them. Boosting the metabolism will help in keeping you healthy. Through the intake of quinoa, you will be decreasing the overall calories intake. Thus, weight loss is one of the best quinoa benefits.

While you add fresh fruits and raw vegetables in the daily diet plan, adding quinoa will be a great way to lose weight. Weight loss also requires you to exercise well apart from keeping a check on the diet.

Healthy Cooking With Quinoa:

Quinoa can be easily incorporated into the daily diet plan. Quinoa is tasty and can be used as the main dish, side dish or in other forms. Quinoa is available in both powdered as well as the flakes form.

Since quinoa goes well with most dishes, it can be easily incorporated into the daily diet plan. However, it is paramount to rinse it well with water to get rid of external additives. The outer layer can have a bitter flavor and hence, washing is mandatory. Quinoa carbs and proteins are healthy.

Healthy quinoa seeds can be bought from most supermarkets, grocery stores, and food stores. Cooking quinoa doesn’t take much time in contrast to other organic grains and cereals. It takes as less as 15-20 minutes for getting cooked.

Add quinoa powder in 2 cups of boiling water with a dash of salt is the basic process. It can be eaten once it gets boiled and the water gets evaporated. You can add your choice of vegetables to the quinoa.

A slightly crunchy flavor makes it one of the most favorite dishes. If you wonder is quinoa good for weight loss then, you are on the right page indeed! Many people use quinoa as a healthy option in the daily diet plan.

How To eat Quinoa-Versatile Ways:

While boiling quinoa powder, you can use water or substitute the water with any broth. Through the addition of different seasonings, the flavor of the dish can be enhanced. Quinoa flour finds extensive usage in baking, while the flaked quinoa can be used in multiple recipes.

The versatile ways to enjoy quinoa can be enlisted as follows:

  • Mix quinoa with chopped and diced vegetables.
  • Serve quinoa warm as a side dish.
  • Cook quinoa along with breakfast cereal.
  • Add quinoa to bananas, blueberries, raspberries, etc.
  • Quinoa stuffed in bell peppers.
  • Toss quinoa in spinach or lettuce.
  • Quinoa baked cookies along with choco chips.
  • Quinoa cakes and muffins.

The striking nutritional value of quinoa and quinoa benefits make it an excellent addition to the daily diet plan. So, experiment with the recipes as per your preference for you today!