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Relieve Stress and Anxiety By Way of Acupressure Points

The modern, as well as urban lifestyle of a person, is a blessing. At the same time, this lifestyle is also a curse as it has started giving rise to various health issues. A majority of people today suffer from various health issues like bodily pains, digestive problems, insomnia, etc. The reason is simple. The life of man has become very mechanical.  People pass more than half of their day in their offices, working hard in front of the computers. They don’t even get enough time to take a break. These long sitting hours without breaks give rise to many health issues. Physical discomfort is the major problem caused as a result of today’s lifestyle. Besides, issues like work pressure, busy schedule, and other problems also make way for stress, tension, and insomnia. People in this situation often look forward to taking medication in order to relieve stress and anxiety.


Medication and pills have become the most common way to get healed from various mental as well as physical problems. Medication, however, is not a permanent treatment. Of course, nobody would want to stick to consuming pills and tablets all their lives. Also, these pills and tablets contain various steroids which become injurious to the health in the long run. Thus, the situation becomes very critical and hard to tackle. Acupressure and reflexology come as a ray of hope in order to treat the health issues of a person. You can easily seek remedy for stress and anxiety by way of acupressure and reflexology. The science of acupressure has always helped to solve the problem of a person in the long run.

Today, acupressure and reflexology are used to heal various health problems in people. The bodily aches and fevers like a backache, shoulder pain, neck pain, various digestive problems and other health issues are easily treated by this ancient method of healing. The best part of it is that acupressure and reflexology are very organic in nature. You are not required to eat pills or adjust your dietary habits. Merely taking part in the acupressure sessions is enough to save you from various health issues.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety and Get Rid of its Causes


Stress and anxiety is a very bad state of health where the mental health of a person is hindered. There are many causes of stress and anxiety. The major cause however according to the present lifestyle is the long working hours of a person which hinders the mental health of a person. Like our body, our brain to needs rest. Working for long hours without welcoming breaks directly affects the mental health of a person. Also, there are many other causes of stress and anxiety. The kind of food that we eat also affects the health of a person somewhere. The majority of people today serve on the oily junk food. The junk food may be a treat to the mouth, but it is certainly a curse to the physical and mental health of a person. The toxic and adulterated substances used in the junk food directly affect the mental health of a person, thereby leading to various mental illnesses like stress and anxiety.

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Related Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Stress is nothing but a general physical response made to the emergency situations. In various normal situations, stress aids in increasing the productivity of a person and helps him keeping focused and alert. This stress, however, becomes a big threat when the situation goes out of control of a person. This soon takes a toll on the quality of life as well as the personal relationship with a person. There are many related symptoms of anxiety and stress that warn us against this deadly mental illness. These symptoms include chest pains, depression, nausea, irritability, various sleeping disorders such as insomnia, the inability of the brain to concentrate, eating disorders and various deadly habits of a person such as consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. This major problem, of course, needs a quick treatment. Applying acupressure points on all the concerned areas help to relieve stress and anxiety without taking a lot of time.

Acupressure points to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Acupuncture for anxiety is considered as one great remedy. The advantage of using this method to heal stress and anxiety in person is that this healing method helps to keep the pain at bay for a longer period. If you regularly attend the acupressure and reflexology sessions for stress and anxiety, you will get rid of it permanently to an extent. Also, acupressure and reflexology don’t entertain any medication. Thus, you stay away from a regular medication and also get rid of the problem of stress and anxiety within a due time. Applying acupressure and acupuncture on the following points will help you get rid of stress and anxiety at the earliest.

Three Mile Point


The Three Mile Point is considered as one of the best acupressure points to relieve stress and anxiety. The three-mile point is situated at a distance of two fingers below the cap of the knee as well as at a distance of four fingers from the outside region of the leg. If you apply pressure to the three-mile point, it will increase as well as regulate the flow of energy in the body. Applying pressure on this point also helps in healing fatigue, headache and migraine along with increasing the power of concentration. You are required to keep applying the pressure for a minute before you move to the next point.

Great Rushing


Great Rushing is also considered as another superior point for acupuncture for anxiety. The great rushing is situated right in the webbing found in between the second and the big toe of your foot. Applying acupressure or acupuncture on the great rushing will help in unblocking all the choked meridians of your body. It would further help in maintaining and balancing the smooth flow of energy through the meridians required for a healthy body.



The point grandfather-grandson is considered as one of the most effective acupressure points that help to relieve stress and anxiety in people. The grandfather-grandson point is situated at the side of the inside of your foot. It is located at the distance of three fingers just behind the base of your big toe. If you apply pressure at the grandfather-grandson at regular intervals, your body will get fine nourishment as well as a balanced circulation of energy in the body and the mind. Acupressure on this point helps in relieving all kinds of stress and worry from the mind. This point also soothes the pain caused in the ankles.

Inner Gate


The point inner gate is considered as one of the most effective of all the acupuncture points for anxietyThis point is located at a distance of three fingers above the crease of the wrist. The exact position of this point lies in between the index and the middle finger, straight through the arms. Applying pressure on the inner gate helps to relieve the problems of anxiety, stress and nausea. This point also helps in protecting the heart from an excess of stress. Inner Gate also helps in encouraging deep breathing of a person.

Outer Gate


The outer gate is one acupressure point which is located on the back side of your arm. The exact position of this point lies about three finger widths distance above the wrist. The outer gate is located in between the two tendons. Applying acupressure to the outer gate helps in improve the immune system of a person. This point also helps in increasing and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body. Outer gate is one important point that helps to relieve stress and anxiety in from the body.

Union Valley

thumb and the index finger

The Union Valley is yet another amazing point of acupressure that helps to relieve some health issues in the body of a human being. The union Valley is located right in the webbing located in between the index finger and the thumb. A regular stimulation of the union Valley will help in the reduction of the muscle tension in the body. Union Valley helps to relieve stress and anxiety from the body for a long term. The only condition is that you need to work on this acupressure session regularly and religiously.

Central Treasury


The point central treasury is situated at a distance of two finger widths right above the point where the arms of the human body meet the chest. Stimulating and applying acupressure on the central treasury helps in increasing the flow of blood throughout the body. Stimulating this point also aids in the deep breathing as well as balancing all the human emotions.

Will’s Chamber


The will’s chamber is a point that is situated in the mid-section of the waist. The exact position of this point lies about a distance of three finger widths away from the spine. The will’s chamber is considered as one of the most effective acupressure points. Applying pressure and stimulating the will’s chamber helps in the distribution of the flow of energy throughout all the meridians in the body. Applying pressure on this point also helps to strengthen the whole body. This body also heals and relieves stress and anxiety.

Shoulder Well

Shoulder Well

The shoulder well is a point which is considered as one of the most accurate points to relieve stress and anxiety, also it works very well for headache relief. This point is situated right on the ridge of the shoulder. The accurate position of this point lies half away in between the point of the shoulder and the base of the neck. Applying pressure and stimulating the shoulder well aids in relieving tension and stress out from the body. This point also helps to maintain the equal flow of energy throughout the body. The energy doesn’t choke and flows smoothly throughout the body by the help of this point.

Third Eye

Third eye point

The third eye point is considered as a very effective point to reduce the problem of anxiety. This point is located in between the eyebrows. The most accurate position of this point is at the centre point which is situated in between the two eyebrows. Applying pressure and stimulating the third eye helps to relieve stress and anxiety along with tension. This point is also considered as a very beneficial point which heals the problem of nervousness and increases the calmness of the mind and the body.

Stretching and Breathing Exercises in order to Prepare the Body for Acupressure


Acupressure helps to relieve stress and anxiety out of the body. However, in order to energize and stimulate the whole body, it is very important for the person or the receiver to stretch the body. Here are a few simple breathing as well as stretching exercises for the body that you should perform before starting with your acupressure sessions.

  • Take a position of the cross legs on the floor and sit in this position. Now, take three deep breaths slowly such that your breath originates from your navel. This exercise will help in providing energy to the body and keeping it free from all kinds of negative thoughts and worries.
  • Take a standing position and stand straight on the floor. Now, stretch your arms up topping your head. Inhale slowly while you stretch the whole body backwards. Hold this position for three seconds.
  • Exhale slowly retaining your original posture from the previous exercise. Now, bend forth and try touching the floor bringing your arms down the floor. Hold this posture for three seconds.
  • Retain the original position from the previous exercise by inhaling slowly. Keep your hands raised and try to bend towards the left side. Exhale. Hold this posture for three seconds.
  • Straighten your body after performing the previous exercise well. Now, try to lean towards the right. Exhale while you keep leaning towards the right. Hold this position for three seconds.
  • Keep your body straight. Come back to the original position from where you start performing these exercises. Repeat the whole sequence of these exercises for about three times.