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16 Best Foods for Gastritis Treatment – Natural Remedies

Many people are suffering from the gastric trouble owing to various unhealthy practices. Though gastric formation is common during digestion time, it has crossed its level, and people of all the ages are suffering from the gastric problem. I know it’s not as dangerous as that of cancer and heart attacks and it can be cured easily with some home remedies.

15 Best Foods for Gastritis Treatment - Natural Remedies

This may not create much discomfort and pain but creates a lot of embarrassment. The gases do not produce any smell, but sometimes it produces even odor adding up to the embarrassment.

But gastritis treatment is much more serious than all these embarrassments. The people won’t be able to have a proper daily meal. The gas just makes you uneasy in every aspect.

Table of Contents:
Types of Gastritis
Causes of Gastritis
Gastritis Symptoms
Home Remedies for Gastritis Treatment

Types of Gastritis

Excessive Gas: The excessive gas is just a small gas problem caused due to some occasional digestive problems.

Indigestion: Improper digestion is the common cause of gastritis. It is caused by the improper diet habits and having foods more than required including all the junk foods. The normal antacids from medical stores are commonly used for this purpose.

Heat Burn: This is caused by stomach acid. The esophagus mainly gets affected due to this. The throat area gets a burning sensation, and sometimes it even becomes harder to swallow the food. It recommended consulting a doctor in this case.

Bloating: This is generally the point of feeling more pressure in the abdomen. It is mostly seen in people suffering from constipation.

Distension: This is different from all the above cases. It causes the stomach to blow up. The size of the stomach almost doubles after the meal and worsens time by time.

Observing all these conditions we can come to the conclusion of the severity of the gastric. People are recommended to consult a doctor according to their requirement.

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Causes of Gastritis

The causes of gastritis are simple those are just caused by the general food habits which we ignore. Eating spicy food, excessive drinking, gas-forming foods, too much stress, bacterial infections, digestive problems and not chewing the food properly directly cause gastritis.

These causes lead to gastritis which causes lots of discomfort and uneasiness. This doesn’t need any serious medication. There is some simple kind of remedies for gastritis treatment.

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Gastritis Symptoms

These causes lead to gastritis. Following are some of the symptoms that denote the gastritis effect on the body.

  1. Bad breathe
  2. Coating on Tongue
  3. Stomach pain
  4. Bloating in abdomen
  5. Blenching

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Home Remedies for Gastritis Treatment

Here are some homemade natural remedies to try which gives rapid effect on gastritis. These remedies are apt for gastritis treatment.

1. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds which are commonly available in every kitchen is a quick remedy for gastritis treatment. Just casual chewing of fennel seeds also leads to the relief from gastritis cure. This is the reason why we see fennel seeds in every restaurant after the meal.

Fennel seeds

We can also have it in the form of drink just by adding fennel seed to the boiling water and sipping it. Gastritis will be relieved in about 5-10 minutes.

2. Ginger

Regular use of ginger in your diet can totally prevent gastritis problem from our body. Ginger can be used in direct form just by taking it with some honey in the early morning on an empty stomach gives the best result.


Ginger usage in the tea is the best way to include ginger in our diet. Have ginger tea 2-3 times a day for best results.

3. Garlic


The strong flavors present in garlic help in stimulating gastric gases which result in the relief. Having garlic in the direct form is the best way. It can also be taken in the boiled form by adding up into the rice we eat. Try some garlic soup which helps in direct digestion.

4. Asafetida

Another daily using kitchen preservative Indian spice. Usage of asafetida in the daily diet just by adding it up in the food we eat. It has some strong flavors and pungent smell which is not that easy to bear.


Take some paste of asafetida by adding up some water to it and apply it on the stomach and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Clean it up with a wet cloth, and you can get gastritis cure.

5. Cinnamon

One of the Indian spices we use is cinnamon. Adding cinnamon to the tea makes the best gastritis home remedy. You can also drink by boiling cinnamon with some water and drinking it results in gastritis treatment.


We can also add cinnamon powder to water or milk and add up some honey which acts as apt treatment resulting in the complete prevention of gastritis.

6. Buttermilk


Everyone loves to have buttermilk after a meal. Just add carom seeds and a pinch of black salt to it, and this relieves the gastritis problem. This is a solution for gastritis treatment.

7. Lemon and Soda Treatment

It is well-known to all us that soda acts perfectly for gastritis treatment, and the antioxidants of lemon also serve appropriate on this. The mixture these both gives a perfect solution for gastritis treatment.

Lemon and soda

Add some juice with water and put some baking soda to it. Stir it well and drink it by and you can see the relief. Having it in the early mornings gives best results.

8. Herbal Tea

The herbal teas are mostly known for weight loss and freshening drinks. But the mint, raspberry, chamomile and blackberry flavored herbal teas help in proper digestion which automatically results in gastritis treatment.

Protective herbal tea

Having this as a regular habit in the early mornings as a diet plan shows up good results.

9. Cardamom


The regularly used Indian spice for common kitchen things. Add up some cardamom in the daily tea you drink or make some powder and add it up to the food you eat. You can also chew some cardamom seeds twice or thrice a day which results up in gastritis treatment.

10. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Apart from giving hydration and lots of proteins, coconut water also aids in proper digestion. Taking coconut water on a regular basis in the daily diet helps in proper digestion and relieves the gas problem and results in gastritis treatment.

11. Peppermint

As mentioned earlier herbal tea is an excellent way for gastritis treatment. Peppermint leaves on adding up to the daily having tea and adding up honey for flavoring makes the best gastritis cure.


You can also use peppermint in the direct form by chewing leaves twice or thrice a day.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is generally used for bettering digestion and can also be used for gastritis treatment. To the warm water, add a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar and drink it after it becomes warm soothing.

13. Coriander

Coriander leaves

Herbs have a strong hand in curing digestion problems. The coriander adding up to any food items increases its flavors. Coriander can also be used by dry roasting it and add it to the daily diet. This improves the digestion resulting in the gastritis treatment.

14. Black Pepper

Black pepper

As known black pepper increases the flavor of the food, people use pepper in the replacement of chilies. Pepper not only enhances the flavor but also used in improving digestion. After the consumption of pepper, it increases the gastric juices during digestion resulting in gastritis treatment.

15. Cloves

Another Indian spice well known for its medicinal properties helps in improving digestion. The gastrointestinal secretion can increase by the proper usage of cloves in the diet plan.


Which directly results in proper digestion and gastritis treatment. Cloves can be consumed directly or can be taken in the form of clove oil.

16. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves

Guava leaves are the cure for many digestive disorders. Indigestion can be cured by taking some raw guava leaves or boil some water and put the leaves it in and drink. This also works as a gastritis treatment. In the case of nausea or vomiting also this can be used.

Few More Tips To Get Relief

Proper Diet

Daily have a proper diet. Include some fresh fiber rich vegetables and fruits in your diet. Do not have spicy foods frequently which is the main cause of gastritis.

Chew the food properly before swallowing it. And reduce the amount of drinking alcohol as far as possible. Have a healthy diet.

Maintain a regular timing for the food. Daily have the food on time as you have scheduled. This can cure gastritis for half its way.

Lots of Water

Increase Water Intake

Drink lots of water during food and also in the daily activities. Have about at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Water helps in proper digestion and leading to gastritis treatment.

Warm Water

Have 1-2 glasses of warm water plainly or add up any ingredient that is mentioned above daily morning on an empty stomach. This is the easiest gastritis treatment said so far. Have it frequently, and you can see the results.

Follow these tips and remedies in case you are suffering from any sort of gastritis trouble. Rather than any pharmaceutical medications these show up a clear effect and cure gastritis. The regular usage can even prevent gastritis.

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