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Remedies for Hair Fall and Diet Plan for Healthy Hair Growth

Be it any gender or any age, healthy luscious hair is that everyone desires to have. Hair plays a major part in our looks. The styling of hair is that everyone wants. And it is being made compulsory these days.Dandruff, split ends, a dry hair or a rough hair, and hair fall are daily hectic problems by everyone. I know the pain to see strands and strands almost a bunch of hair while combing. No one wants to go through that.

Remedies for Hair Fall and Diet Plan for Healthy Hair Growth

Below are some remedies which help us control and prevent hair fall and other hair problems. You what is the best part these hair fall remedies that it is inexpensive. I don’t mean totally free, but it isn’t as expensive as those medical treatments. And a cherry on the top we don’t even get any side effects with these.

Symptoms for Hair Fall

Hair fall starts happening very gradually which we won’t observe until the severe loss. This should be taken very sensitive care to get rid of consistent hair fall.

  1. Bunches of hair fall out
  2. Severe loss of hair on a daily basis is significant than usual
  3. The thinning of the hairline
  4. Large gaps between hair follicles

It is very important to know the hair fall causes and treat it before it is too late that it cannot be cured. Remedies for hair fall are mentioned below.

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Causes of Hair Fall

Hair fall has become very common to many people these days. Common causes of hair fall which we all know is the present day pollution effects.

The diseases such as thyroid, anemia and certain illnesses and infections result in the hair loss. Even the medication for few treatments gives side effects that cause hair fall.

The present day food we eat is filled up with chemicals, and the veggies we eat are hybrid. These automatically results in poor nutrients that reach our body. This lack of diet results in hair loss.

The regular medication to some diseases results in its curing, but the side effects caused due to that high dosage shows up drastic changes in the body. These are the causes of hair fall.

Remedies for Hair Fall

Below are the 20 useful and potent remedies for hair fall that bring you to open this page once again in case you forget them.

Onion juice

As a famous quote says ‘old is gold,’ it could be said perfectly suitable for onions. Onion acts as a best among all the remedies for hair fall. The usage of onion juice for hair growth is the most oldest and effective process.

Onion Juice

The application of onion juice on hair and washing it after it dries acts as natural remedies for hair fall. The sulfur content in onion helps in generating collagen production in the tissues resulting in hair growth.

Apple cider vinegar

How to stop hair fall???. This is a major question arising these days. The vinegar helps in cleaning up of the scalp maintaining ph balance.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The dilution of the solution with 3 times the rate of its water and applying it to hair. Washing away of this after a while results in hair growth and also boosts up the shine and attraction of hair.

Egg mask

It is very well-known that egg contains a lot of that can act as one among the remedies of hair fall. Applying it as a hair mask once a week results in shiny and thick hair growth.

Egg contains protein, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus and iodine which directly results in the healthy hair growth. The egg white with a mixture of olive oil makes up a healthy egg mask.


Fenugreek majorly serves two purposes firstly, increases hair growth and secondly promotes the naturality of the hair color.


The smooth paste of fenugreek, water, and some coconut oil or milk makes one of the most versatile remedies for hair fall. Apply this paste to hair and washing after half an hour results in all the perks.

Potato juice

Potato is favorite veggie for most of us. This versatile yummy veggie is not only delicious food but also acts one among the remedies of hair fall.

Potato Juice

Most of us are unaware of the hair growth properties and nutritional values of potato. The vitamins A, B, and C results in the hair fall remedies.

Henna pack

Henna!! How many of you use henna for hair color because I do the same thing. The henna is not only a natural hair color ingredient, but it is one of the best hair fall remedies.

It strengths the hair, acts as a conditioner, brings shine to the hair these all resulting in a healthy hair growth.

Cayenne pepper

The capsaicin present in cayenne pepper promotes hair growth. Application of this ingredient on the scalp stimulates the nerves and increases the blood flow to the scalp.

Cayenne pepper

This results in the proper absorption of nutrient supplements pointing to the hair growth. The remedies of hair fall mainly include the reduction of hair fall and proper hair growth.

Cayenne pepper mainly works for the healthy hair growth and reducing the thinning of hair and hair line.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk, seems new to you? Many of us may not know the difference between coconut oil and coconut milk. The milk is extracted from the mature coconut.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk contains niacin and folate that improves the blood circulation. Coconut is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B supplements, selenium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. All these nutrients work as the vital nutritional remedies for hair fall.

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Apply the coconut milk to hair scalp, tips and massage it well. Let it be for about 4-5 hours and then wash it away with some mild shampoo and apply conditioner.

Green tea

Do you take green tea on a regular basis? If you don’t, do try it. People have it for freshness and healthy digestion. These are the most important uses of green tea, and there are a huge number of other benefits for a healthy metabolism.

Green tea

Apart from all these green tea also helps in stimulating hair growth. This also acts one among the remedies of hair fall. The green tea contains antioxidants prevents hair fall and strengthens hair growth.

Coconut oil

Most of us use coconut oil for hair, isn’t it? I do use this. From ages, coconut oil is used as a natural hair growth stimulator. It also conditions the hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains potassium, helps in the healthy scalp, increases hair growth and also repairs the damaged hair.

Coconut oil with a mixture of curry leaves acts as natural remedies for hair fall and other hair problems. It is an age-old way to use this mix for the solution of hair fall.

Cumin seeds

I know you might not believe this. The cumin seeds are actually used in our daily food. But does this work for remedies of hair fall and your answer is yes absolutely? There are black cumin seeds which become vastly useful for many health purposes including hair fall.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds contain essential nutrients for shining and healthy hair and applying this paste results in stimulation of hair growth.

Hibiscus flower

Not only the flower, but the leaves also act as a solution for hair fall. This is an age old way which works very effectively on hair fall and also stimulates the hair growth.

Hibiscus flower

Among the remedies for hair fall, this might seem like the best way. Make the paste of leaves and add it to the hot oil and allow it to cool for a mild change and then massage it into the scalp.

Allow this dry and let it be overnight and wash it away in the morning with a herbal shampoo. This acts as a natural conditioner.


The remedies of hair growth are incomplete without the mentioning of amla. Amla is a pack of antioxidants and vitamin c which help in healthy hair growth and reduces the split ends and prevents hair breakage.

Use Amla

Take two tablespoons of amla juice and two tablespoons of lemon juice mix it up and apply to the hair. Allow it to withstand for about 2-3 hours and rinse off with warm water.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E Oil

This oil can make effective age-old remedies of hair fall. The vitamin E oil contains antioxidants which help to fight back free radicals and increases the oxygen in the body. It also helps in proper blood circulation resulting in the proper hair growth.

Rosemary oil

It is generally found in the middle-eastern countries acts as perfect remedies for hair fall. It enhances the cell division and stimulates the blood circulation. It works as a protein shake for hair.

Rosemary Oil

Mix two tablespoon of oil with shampoo and wash your hair. This acts as a hair conditioner. Also, scalp massage of olive and rosemary oil is one among the best remedies for hair fall.

Olive oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its abundant antioxidants. It helps in new hair generation. Olive oil cures hair loss effectively and also acts as a natural hair conditioner. Regular usage of this oil prevents some of the DTH hormones from generating which results in the healthy hair growth.

Flip upside down

I know this might sound like seriously weird but do try it, it works. I state it with my personal experience. You know how does this work? It is a simple trick.

Flipping your head upside down results in the healthy blood circulation. The blood reaches the scalp, and the hair follicles get its nutrients which stimulate in the proper hair growth. Just flip your head upside down for about 3-5 minutes every day, and you can see the changes.

This is the easiest among remedies for hair fall mentioned so far, isn’t it?

Stress free

This modern day corporate lifestyle has given us so much praise about, but there are many things which are smaller in size but give a drastic effect on our lifestyle. Stress and anxiety become indirect causes of hair fall that show the impact gradually.


Just take a chill pill, you know the more stress you take more is its impact on your body. Not only your body supplements but also your hair. The starts shedding away so sooner than you can’t even imagine.

Aloe Vera

Many people know Aloe Vera only as a healthy drink or a healthy thing for the growth of supplements in the body. Aloe Vera is actually an awesome natural way to cure any disease in our body.

Aloe Vera

You may not be aware that aloe vera is one among the best remedies for hair fall. It removes the dead cells on the scalp. Dead skin cells are the primary culprit for hair fall and become the biggest causes of hair fall and dandruff in future. Aloe vera stimulates the hair growth and nourishes the hair.

Diet to be followed for treatment for hair fall

In the present day hectic day life most of us don’t give much attention to the diet we have. I bet that half of us just love the junk food we eat rather than having a healthy meal.

These are the main reasons for hair fall. Having a healthy diet not only keeps your body healthy wealthy and wise but also keep your hair healthy shiny and nourished.

  1. Have protein rich foods. The keratin present in protein generates the hair growth.
  2. Most of the fruits contain vitamin A. having in your daily diet helps in the hair regeneration and healthy growth.
  3. Having vitamin B stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp resulting in the healthy hair growth.
  4. As said earlier, the collagen present in vitamin C helps to fight back free radicals resulting in healthy scalp and hair.
  5. Vitamin E mostly present in the fish supplements helps in healthy hair growth.
  6. Have green diet, e., include green veggies in your diet plan which reduces the hair fall and acts as a solution for hair fall.

Solution for hair fall

If you are presently suffering from hair fall, then say no to hair styling. Applying heat to the hair for any straightening or curling then obviously it will increase the hair damage. Do not color or other things which damage the hair.

I know everyone wants that, but wait until you recover your hair loss and let it grow healthy, and you can style it in your own way.

Wash your hair for every alternate day and have an oil massage once a week for sure. This keeps your hair healthy.