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Best Natural Treatment With The Sandalwood oil – Sandalwood Oil Benefits For Skin and Health

Sandalwood plant is the oldest known organic aromatic essential on the planet. The perfumery, sacred, cosmetic applications of the sandalwood make it the most popular substance of the world. Today’s topic is on the sandalwood oil benefits and its treatment for skin disorders and health problems, which takes the major part in the list of sandalwood benefits on the whole. We also discuss the brief things on sandalwood about its details and other applications.

Best Natural Treatment With The Sandalwood oil

Topics Covered In The Article:

What Is It All?
Sandalwood Oil for Skin
Sandalwood Oil for Health
Sandalwood Oil for Neural Tension Relief
Making of sandalwood oil
Uses of Sandalwood Oil
Side Effects with Sandalwood Oil

What Is It All?

Sandalwood is found in three regions of the globe, India, Australia, and Hawaii. Out of the three, Indian sandalwood tree is in the reach of most people because of its availability and cost. It used to be abundant, but due to adverse human activities, it is now placed into the extinct zone. Australian sandalwood is highly expensive, and the Hawaiian oil is the rarest of all. So, the Indian sandalwood tree is high on demand, thus became a most looted natural resource of all of them.

Uses of Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is prepared from the heartwood, which is an evergreen part that grows on sandalwood plant. Wood chunks are made into pieces and billets and then thoroughly powdered. This powder is steam distilled to produce the oil. Sandalwood oil benefits make a difference from the sandalwood due to its wider range of applications.

For finding the benefits of sandalwood oil, we shall go through the contents and technical information of it to some extent of knowledge.

Sandalwood is highly famous for its fragrance. Its sweet smell is the primary reason for each application of sandalwood herb and its oil. This is due to its three chemical contents, viz. santalol, santyl acetate, santalene. Out of these, the alcohols alpha-santalol, beta-santalol share 90 percent of the composition.

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Sandalwood Oil Benefits

Pieces and billets of sandalwood are distilled through the steam for its oil. Oil has enormous applications with it for the benefit of our health. Uses of sandalwood oil are not limited to any single aspect of skin or face alone. There are many various advantages with this oil as acupuncture can benefit us. Here is the long list of what it can do for us.

Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Skin:

Every essential oil helps in promoting the skin’s health for sure, so are the benefits of sandalwood oil. It covers almost every aspect of skin starting from the basic requirements such as brightening of the skin to the severe effects like cancer.

Healthy Skin

1. Bright Skin and Anti-Aging        

Sandalwood oil soothes skin upon gentle application. Also, with the massage, it cures facial disturbances like rashes, unwanted fine lines on the skin. Clean skin can be achieved by the regular use.

Any scars, blemishes, dark brown spots on the skin get cleared by sandalwood oil thoroughly.

2. Astringent

Regular application of the sandalwood oil benefits the skin by contracting it to the minimal area, thus maintaining the stiffness and strength. This typical property makes it an astringent, also puts at a different place from the regular healthy oils for skin.

Both the above benefits of sandalwood oil on face give the skin an anti-aging effect. By strengthening of the skin and clearing off the skin disorders, we look younger than ever with this oil.

3. Emollient

Uses of Sandalwood oil are vast in the field of skin. Including the technical aspects of skin health, we can also have a soothing and calming treatment. It relieves the skin from irritation and inflammation very effectively. This causes our skin to be fresh and glowing.

4. For germs and as a Deodorant

Both the uses of sandalwood oil seem to be odd to read in a line. But the same action takes place for both the applications. Oil can keep the microbes and germs away with its aroma. It acts as a disinfectant also. Mix this oil with bathing water or use it as a body lotion. It helps in avoiding the germs attack on the skin. Also, sandalwood oil benefits us by keeping the surroundings fresh of its presence with its beautiful smell.

5. Acne

Facial benefits will be incomplete for any ingredient if it doesn’t cure pimples on the face. Sandalwood oil, after knowing its tremendous uses, will never be doubted for this benefit. Inflammation is commonly cured with the application of salicylic acid with sandalwood oil.

6. Itching and Infections

All these treatments directly conclude that sandalwood oil can cure itching sensation on the skin. Irritation is also cured well with it. Infections on the skin are however cured, as it is discussed earlier.

7. Antiseptic

The antiseptic applications of the sandalwood oil are much special. Not only the external health, but the oil also brings an internal wellbeing with its ingestion. At the same spot of internal effects, we can cure pimples, sores on the top of the skin, if any. Ulcers, infections are cured by sandalwood oil. With this note, health benefits if sandalwood oil appear to be working on all sides of the health disorders.

8. Skin cancer

Researches are going on to derive the use of sandalwood oil in stopping cancer. There are a lot of positive responses proved by scientific observations which show the application of sandalwood oil preventing cancer.

Some of the researches directly showed that the alpha-santalol delays the growth of tumors on the skin. Other cancers viz. melanoma, breast, prostate, and non-melanoma saw the effective cure through the experiments with sandalwood oil.

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Sandalwood Oil Health Benefits

sandalwood oil. Sandalwood oil health benefits

9. Anti-inflammatory

Sandalwood oil benefits primarily start from the cure for inflammation. Almost every part of the brain gets affected by it, and there are remedies for them with sandalwood oil.

Casual illness due to any infection in the digestive, nervous, circulatory systems is relieved by inflammation with the cooling and soothing action of the oil.

Side effects caused by unsuitable antibiotics or painkillers can also be reduced with sandalwood oil. This is one of the top sandalwood oil benefits which has a large cover over many aspects of health.

10. Disinfectant to viruses

Illness caused by viral infections is easily cured by the oil than many medicines. Whether changes may cause throat infections. This is due to the viral action. You can get a cure from sandalwood oil in such cases. Just have the diluted oil applied on your throat or consume it with water. It can cure it for you within a day.

This action of curing the infections like cold, flu, coughs make it an expectorant.

11. Antispasmodic

Muscle contractions, nerve contractions are relieved by the firm massage on the affected parts with the sandalwood oil. Sandalwood oil skin benefits include the by-products of stress relieving on the body parts.

Spasms caused due to hectic activity by the body are cured effectively. Also, the internal spasms like nasal walls, channels’ contraction are relieved by regular usage. This makes sandalwood oil health benefits vast so that we can think about it for any other remedy.

12. Kids

For the children over 7 years of age can happily use sandalwood oil for the corresponding advantages. The impact of the oil on the internal organs and health benefits of sandalwood oil are astounding, which when used for the children, will make an enormous positive impact on their health.

Children below five years of age should be restrained from the usage.

13. Diuretic

Urination should frequently be done as we need to flush the toxins off the body as much as possible. The anti-inflammatory property of sandalwood oil benefits us in this regard. It soothes and relieves the urinary stress and makes it easier to flush out the toxins. The quantity of the urination is also maximized by it, which is also desirable.

14. Blood pressure

Blood pressure

Consume the oil diluted with milk or water to reduce blood pressure. Other physical parts also experience the same relaxation upon massage or gentle application. Its consumption relieves the pressure in the blood cells. Thus, relaxation and lowering of blood pressure are achieved.

15. Pain

The alpha-santalol in the sandalwood is responsible for pain relief as a benefit of sandalwood oil. It shows anti-depressant effects causing relief from the neural aspect of the pain.

Sandalwood oil is a remedy for continuous hiccups. It controls nausea and vomiting when the brain becomes hyperactive.

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Sandalwood Oil for Neural Tension Relief

There is almost a half of the treatment done in the neural aspect in sandalwood oil application. Every disorder in the body that is cured by sandalwood oil has a background therapy in the brain. Let us find some key points out there.

16. Soothing and calming

The readily known fact from the sandalwood oil benefits for skin and health is ‘it’s soothing.’ The oil is heavenly effective in this action. Surprisingly, at the same time, it also restrains us from drowsiness.

17. Stress and anxiety

Avoid Stress

Stress and Anxiety have a direct cure as sandalwood oil benefits. The relieving action from the restlessness and depression indirectly promotes acceptance in the brain, which takes us to the peace of mind. The aromatic fragrance is another major reason for this tremendous benefit of relieving stress and anxiety.

Apply it with coconut oil overnight to get relief from the stress.

18. Sedative

The stress relieving activity is possible by a little sedation. This sedative nature of sandalwood oil relaxes the nerves. Also, it reduces the fear of an insecure person, which improves the calmness in mind. Psychologically, there is soothe in brain taking place with this sedation. By following some precise methods, we can even get rid of smoking with this encouragement given by the sandalwood oil.

Sedative action of sandalwood oil benefits in increasing our concentration levels.

19. Memory Booster

Memory Booster

The increased concentration can improve memory power of the brain. Continuous activity of sedation and stress relieving activity keep the mind fresh, which enacts it to respond faster and more positive.

20. Hypotensive

The cure of sandalwood oil as blood pressure reducer has some work in the brain. The relaxed nerves cause the veins and blood cells to get relieved from stress. This causes a reduction in hypertension.

21. Healthy sleeping

Get Adequate Rest

Insomnia, a nightmare of anybody’s life if it attacks. But it has a cure, for our bliss. Alpha and beta-santalol are responsible for the healing of sickness in sleeping order. They work on a central nervous system with the action of sedation and also improve the health of the circulatory system. This is again an important one of the sandalwood oil benefits.

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How to Make Sandalwood Oil

Among the various forms of sandalwood trees, older trees and light-colored ones produce more oil. This is due to high santalol content in the light-colored trees than the brown sandalwood. Older trees make intensive oil than the younger ones. The quantity of the oil is also lesser in the brown trees. Sandalwood oil is produced by steam distillation of the billets of sandalwood. It is quite a long process as the melting point of sandalwood is high.

We use the best category of the tree according to our requirement to make sandalwood oil. Here are the short steps of the sandalwood oil preparation.

Making process

  • Take a cup of carrier oil in a saucepan, stir in sandalwood powder in it. With a lid over it, keep it in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • For every 2-3 minutes, check if the mixture burns. Do not let it burn, also stir it when needed.
  • Strain the oil into a jar. Keep it in a dry, cool place after attaining room temperature.
  • Oil made by this process can last for 6 So, preserve it safely and utilize within the due date.

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Uses of Sandalwood Oil:

  • Medical applications of sandalwood oil are hidden by its perfumery applications. Aromatherapy is the major utility of this product which makes the sandalwood oil benefits for health wider and vital.
  • Soaps industry is highly benefitted with this natural aromatic ingredient. There is an immense popularity for the sandalwood soaps in the Indian Subcontinent.
  • The oil is also used in UV microscopy and fluorescence microscopy as an immersion oil. This is possible because of its low fluorescence and suitable refractive index.
  • Sandalwood oil itself is the biggest utility of sandalwood. Benefits of sandalwood oil are enormous and highly effective than the raw sandalwood. It is prepared in four steps viz. boiling, steaming, condensation, and separation.
  • Sandalwood that is grown in the Australian region was used in cooking applications. Nuts and fruits from the Australian sandalwood were directly consumed by Australoids. Europeans also used the sandalwood in the making of jams, chutneys from its fruits. Nowadays, it is nowhere in the food industry popular this oil and wood. But recent experiments are going on if we can replace some of the expensive macadamia and almond by sandalwood fruits.

The sandalwood oil health benefits are listed in a systematic manner. The description is about the advantages of sandalwood oil for skin, brain strength, health, etc. But, with a few treatments, we can make use of sandalwood oil in multiple ways.

Vapor therapy:

It is a widely applied treatment in Asian countries for cold, cough, throat and chest infections, etc. It also works for asthma, insomnia, stress, and well-being of the nervous system. By this treatment, oil also works as an aphrodisiac, which makes a person’s sexual arousal active.


As a massage oil or by mixing in bathing water, we can cure bladder infections, chest infections. Relaxation is attained by the sandalwood oil massage.


We can use the sandalwood oil as a cream or lotion for the dry skin treatment. Moisturizing action of the oil clears the inflammation on the skin and hydrates it well.

For Throat:

Upon dilution, we can simply gargle the oil for the cure of throat infection. Also, any sore in the throat is healed.

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Side Effects With Sandalwood Oil

  • Sandalwood oil, in general, is safe for everybody. But if you are a person with severe health problems of liver functioning and cancer, you need to consult a doctor for the assurance of its working.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions with the sandalwood oil’s application. Try on samples initially before proceeding for regular usage.
  • While using the sandalwood oil for skin, dilute it with some carrier oils, lotions, or any soluble liquid.
  • Breastfeeding woman should not be using sandalwood oil for health benefits. It is also not suitable for young children.
  • Even for the pets and animals, doctor’s check should be the prior thing to direct application. Some pets might be sensitive and also allergic to sandalwood.
  • Few cases are reporting that sandalwood causes photoallergic dermatitis. But the cases are very little about 1 in a 100. To get rid of this ambiguity, check out with the physician for its application whether it suits your body or not.

As we have encountered the sandalwood oil benefits in various aspects of health viz. skin, nervous system, and overall body, we conclude the presentation here expecting reviews from your side!

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