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6 Absolute Ways to Cure your Sleep Disorders – Sleep Apnea Treatment

The problem of sleep apnea is disturbance caused to your breathing during sleeping because of which your sleep is highly disrupted. Sleep Apnea is not so popular in the world, but the severity of the problem is so high because it is connected with peculiar symptoms and the methods to treat. And it is not insomnia, dear folks! Insomnia confuses us often with any sleep disorder. We shall know the sleep apnea treatment with a definitive analysis of its symptoms and signs.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a typical disorder related to the phenomenon of sleep which can’t be controlled so easily. Neither its natural cures are found directly. Sleep apnea is a condition that disrupts your breathing and thereby your sleep in a serious way. Sleeplessness is the primary issue created in this problem, but there is one other aspect, respiratory system. Our Breathing action faces a lot of problems during the sleep. Here are the best sleep apnea treatment methods along with a sensible understanding of how it affects the human body.

Sleep Apnea causes stoppage of breathing while we are in sleep. It often causes intermittent breathing, a noisy snorting sound during the pauses of breaths. This sound is popularly known as snoring, which disturbs the other person on your bed. The pauses sometimes cause sudden waking due to insufficient intake of oxygen. Disturbed sleep also disturbs your day because of lack of relaxation. This leads to serious drowsiness in your daytime, which is another botheration for almost every victim of sleep apnea.

Also, there are a lot of other side effects along with problems in breathing which should be importantly discussed. We will go through all such factors before finding sleep apnea cures.

How Do You Confirm Sleep Apnea?

The very problem of this disease is, it creates almost every problem concerned with sleep. Snoring is ignored for many reasons, but it has quite an impact on our respiratory system. The signs of sleep apnea confuse us to get a confirmation because they are so vast in terms of the effect they have on your body parts.

There are various types of sleep apnea that show different kinds of symptoms.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Central Sleep Apnea

Mixed or Complex Sleep Apnea

These are the complete categories related to all of the sleep apnea symptoms. We face obstruction in sleep due to relaxation of throat muscles which is called obstructive sleep apnea, whereas the problem in airways causing insufficient oxygen saturation in blood is called central sleep apnea. One can also face the situation with both disorders simultaneously.

The diseases carry similar symptoms usually, and there is an equal probability of people attacked by mixed sleep apnea to that of the two types attacking separately.

Possible Sleep Apnea Symptoms:

Of course, sleep apnea treatment is highly symptomatic. But the main conflict here is, many conclusions can be made with the same list of symptoms. Even if we observe every symptom at once, we may end up concluding a different health problem, but usually, it would turn into a problem similar to sleep disorders. The importance of this statement is when the issue is not the sleep apnea.

It would be a disaster if we treat the situation with medicines when it is not the problem that we thought of. In such situation, we must thoroughly understand the condition of the body irrespective of the symptoms that are regularly stated.
It is not just an information about symptoms, we have shared the most useful insights into sleep apnea symptoms which help the situation to find the exact solution.

Loud Snoring

Loud Snoring

Snoring is often caused due to lack of oxygen for the respiration. It is the reflex of the body when there is a blockage of the airway. Sleep apnea and sleep deprivation are one of the serious reasons for snoring. Thus, snoring is considered in 90% of the cases as a sleep apnea symptom.

Dry throat

Dry throat

Due to continuous snoring, or simply due to lack of fresh air in your breaths, there is a high scope for getting the throat dried. Especially, if you wake up with a dry throat every morning, sleep apnea may find a symptom from here.

Difficulty in sleeping

Difficulty in sleeping

Any sleep disorder cannot exist without relating to insomnia. Problem with insomniac people is they could not sleep at any cost. And this can be caused due to many reasons like food habits, lifestyle, brain’s scenario, etc. But when you lose sleep because of sleep apnea, it is worth your high attention than any other reason.

Day-time Drowsiness

Drowsiness is again related to insomnia. You couldn’t fall asleep in the night, you cannot be energetic on the day because of that tiredness. It is such a severe problem that kills you without hurting. I am not talking about your regular drowsy feeling during boring days or when you’re in uninterested places. I’m strictly relating to those conditions where people can’t be easy because of sleepless nights(due to insomnia).

*Either sleeplessness or drowsiness during day-time, both account for sleep apnea symptoms. Be cautious about your ‘sleep health’ as it is the most needed factor for life after food.

Presence of mind & Emotional Imbalance

When the brain doesn’t properly react to the things, it could be because of sleep apnea. For obvious reasons, the presence of mind cannot be taken as the primary symptom of sleep apnea. But with a keen observation, mood swings, emotional sensitivity, and forgetfulness collectively can be enlisted into the sign of sleep apnea. To be safe from all around and to get a proper sleep apnea treatment, consider every minor hint into account and get treated accordingly.

Sleep Apnea Causes

Each and every aspect of this problem has a large size history and information. But with a slight knowledge of how it affects our sleep patterns and various systems of the body, we could get through the problems for sure. Few things describing the possibility of sleep apnea are:

  • Weight Gain in a short time
  • Men who are above 40 years of age
  • Heartburns and GESP
  • Enlarged Tonsils
  • Sinusitis
  • Genetic reasons
  • Improper Eating & Sleeping timings
  • Becoming active at night times will create a tendency to lose sleep
  • Poor dietary care

A confused brain is always an open room for every disorder, and sleep is the first thing that gets disturbed in weak brains.

What’s So Serious About it?

Lack of sleep isn’t the culprit here, we lose sleep because of respiratory issues. That is what makes a significant difference from insomnia.

When you face the long pause in your breath, Carbon dioxide left in your lungs enters your bloodstream. This is, however, a hazard for the entire body. But when the carbon dioxide reaches alarming levels, brain wakes you up by the signals of chemoreceptors. This is the primary cause of the loss of sleep.

Sleep disorders are always a literal nightmare. Not having one night’s sleep will mess all your day up. Such is the importance of sleep, though it is completely not known why do we get to sleep. And coming to the disease of sleep, sleep apnea is equally problematic with insomnia. Sleep apnea could be given a bias in terms of severity as it also includes most of the insomnia symptoms. It is just that insomnia has lots of victims in its bag way larger than apnea victims. Finding sleep apnea treatment isn’t so simple as it is for insomnia which makes it even more severe.

Enough with the chanting of seriousness, let us get into the important step, sleep apnea cures.

However serious is the problem, humans have found series of solutions for the issue. So no disguise needs to be entertained!

Sleep Apnea Treatment:

Sleep Apnea is popularly cured with enhanced airway pressure devices. It is the most-chosen answer by the doctors about how to treat sleep apnea. We can use oral appliances which in another similar method to treat sleep apnea. Let us understand these two options to a better extent.

“Snoring is one of the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea, Curing Snoring is not all .”

1. What Do Pressure Devices Do?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices, shortly known as CPAP is probably the only known solution for sleep apnea to many people. CPAP is worn on the nose and mouth which helps in retaining the pressure inside the airways to enable normal breathing. This stop the collapse of breathing which is generally seen in case of snorers. A flexible tube is arranged in the device to provide the passage of air through the nasal airways. Obstructive sleep apnea is treated effectively with PAPs.

2. Oral Appliances Do Equally Good

Oral appliances are as effective as pressure devices. They reposition your jaw in a way such that the airway isn’t blocked for breathing as long as you sleep. Oral appliances will enhance the sleep apnea treatment along with the cure for snoring.

Oral appliances are preferred more than PAPs because they are easy to wear and comfortable to have all along the night. They are so flexible that we can travel while wearing them.

Generally, PAPs have the negative report of discomfort due to the complexity of wearing and treatment. Better than these instruments, there are few other sleep apnea cures to explore.

3. Dentist’s Treatment

Dentist treatment

Check with your dentist before buying an oral appliance because the teeth must be suited for the device you get. The condition of your teeth, mouth, and the TMJ(a joint that connects your mouth to the skull) must be alright to have an oral appliance for your sleep apnea cure.

4. Sleeping on your Side

Sleep apnea treatment has gained a lot of use this way. People who sleep on their back may have the tongue blocking the airways which could be the only reason for snoring and sleep apnea. This may seem silly but if you could try this option and feel better by sleeping on your side that there is lesser stress in breathing and you find adequate sleep, then you got the solution for your sleep apnea to a larger extent. Any minor factor affecting you in parallel can be treated with natural treatments.

Buy the product online which is made for people who can’t sleep on their side. They will ensure your side sleep with the obstructions tied to your back so that you won’t experience any disruption in sleep.

Or a simple tennis ball can save you for this. Put a ball into your sock and tie it on your back and sleep. It will cause discomfort in sleeping for a couple of nights but after you get habituated to sleeping on your side, your throat feels much relaxed with an outright natural sleep apnea treatment.

5. Throat Exercises

Throat Exercises

Throat exercises will help you cure sleep apnea by enhancing your respiratory system. This might not cure OSA for you, but if it is mixed sleep apnea, you’d definitely see a betterment in your condition. Also, these exercises will save you from a lot of illnesses like sinusitis, asthma, tonsils, etc.

-Hold an unblown balloon in your mouth and take a deep breath intake through the nose, then exhale the air through the mouth at once without removing the balloon. This will improve your breathing capabilities and lungs functioning.

-Pull your cheeks wider with your one finger inside your mouth. Do this with one cheek at a time and repeat the same for the other. Widespread the mouth without hurting the muscle. Do one set of this exercise 10 times and the whole set three times a day.

-Press your tongue longitudinally against your upper jaw and hold it for 3 minutes.

-Gargling with warm water is a must for every human being, so is in this case.

These remedies are great natural remedies for sleep apnea than the PAP instruments. We can find many solutions with this knowledge of sleep apnea characteristics.

Now, check out few other home remedies too.

6. Weight Loss & Diet

Weight Loss & Diet

Your overweight being a reason to sleep disorders, you must try few weight control practices. There is good number of sources showing weight gain as a side-effect of sleep apnea. Finding solutions for weight control in relating ways to your lifestyle may possibly bring your sleep apnea treatment intuitively.

Do these things for the betterment of your metabolism.

-Increase the share of Magnesium in your Diet

-Use essential oils and herbs, i.e. chamomile, lavender oils in all foods.

-Vitamin D, Vitamin C content should be adequate to regulate your weight as well as sleep patterns.

-Practice Yoga for better sleep. This will also push toxins out of your body and thus, enhance your weight loss program.

Singing for Sleeping

Singing exercise is another interesting practice after throat exercises. This will further add an excitement to your treatment.
Practice singing your room daily by opening your mouth as wider as possible so that your throat muscles will relax and thus the airways will open. Try singing when you are alone if you feel inferior but do not miss this remedy as it will stay as the coolest sleep apnea treatment in the entire list.

Lifestyle changes

Changing your food habits, sleep timings will help you relieve sleep apnea.Our body should be thoroughly taken care of its metabolism and nourishment. We must be conscious of how our body reacts to changes in foods and environment all the time.

Environmental Caution

Lesser oxygen levels in your room is a hazard for snorers and apnea sufferers. We must take caution about the humidity levels of the room. Enhance your night-time breathing by rubbing any essential oil on your chest. This will help your lungs react faster and smoothen your sleep further.

With this extended information of sleep apnea treatment along with its symptoms, we have overwhelming information about the disease and proper solutions. We hope you found it useful and any corrections are happily welcomed, Thank you!