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Real Role of Sources of Vitamin D to Four Systems of Human Body

I give a damn that, your skin exposure to sunlight triggers your whole body – internal and external with vitamin D through morning rays of sunlight. When the sun is throughout the day, why do we say only “initial rays”? Have you ever thought why they say Sun rays are one of the good sources of vitamin D?  You are now wondering on the unknown question or maybe thinking what I will say about it! Sun rays reach our third planet travelling through all along the layers of space and atmosphere to inject Vitamin D into your body and it’s sorrowful that you don’t know what they do!

Real Role of Sources of Vitamin D to Four Systems of Human Body

It’s not just the rays of Sun those power your body with vitamin D. Body needs to be supplemented with other sources of vitamin D i.e. foods. If you have read my previous article of vitamin D, then your next exploration is here. I am just redirecting so that you will be on pace with the context.

Vitamin D rich foods are the most authoritative to configure in perfect proportions to the body. Vitamin D respects calcium and phosphorous by depositing those at the required locations in the body and the rival discussion will head on to
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Sun rays, as well as foods together, pair up to carry out the functioning of skeletal, digestion, brain and respiratory system.

Shine Yourself with Sun’s Brightness

Wow! We enjoy every season with the presence of sunlight and we feel dullness if Sun doesn’t come out of the clouds. Summer, we play, exercise, and feel more energetic; spring – A warmer weather, little-chilled climate brings unknown spirit to your body; autumn – the fall of dried leaves from the trees; winter – breezes shiver you. All the four seasons out of six will boost your body metabolism and processes with Sun’s rays.
As Sun wakes up waking the universe, the sun rays blooms, blossoms and cheers up everyone voices to begin their day. You will just hold a cup of coffee or maybe as ‘Get Set Go for exercise’ as Sun begin your day. You will feel a sense of pleasure as your body gets an exposure to sunlight. Have you ever thought what body undergoes when this happens?
Let me explain you the story behind this boosting mechanism.
As you stand in the Sun rays, your body starts absorbing the vitamin D concentration. Sun has two elements – Helium and Hydrogen. The hydrogenated rays mix oxygen that’s present in the atmosphere and enter into your body with hydroxyl-nature. This is nothing but Vitamin D. The study is still going on, on the complete structure of vitamin D role in Sun rays.
So when you show up yourself to Sun, due to hydroxyl phenomenon, your four systems of body trigger cells and nerves to carry out the processes within the body.

The liveliness of Sunrays in your Blood:

Then why do we need to run or do yoga in the sun rays when we are retrieving it just by standing in rays? If you have read my prior article, then you will get one point. Our blood will not maintain vitamin D to a maximum number of days. It may be for two or three days.
So due to pressurized blood flow and increased heart rate, vitamin D dissolves so quickly. If this is avoided then you will be more prone to vitamin D deficiency. In order to balance each and every inch of your bloodstream as well as bones, exposure to naked sun rays is a must.

Nerves Transmission through Sun Rays

The sweat pores absorb the sun rays to be dilated within the body. It suddenly activates all the nerves and neurotransmitters in the brain to increase the rate of reception. The titillate moment of activating these nerves and transmitters zigzags your body to the next level of the terrifying active stage. The power you receive through sun rays is ultimate and natural vitamin D deficiency treatment.

Role of Sunlight in Yoga:

Role of Sunlight in Yoga

Meditation, pranayama and salutations to the Sun God, bring your body to a rhythm of removing excess water in the form of sweat while re-vibrating them with Sun rays. You have no idea on how the vitamin D functions inside your body through this practice.
Breathing exercises will help in absorbing the flavor of sunlight. This elevates vitamin D entrance into your body like a laser light with optimal focus.

Sunlight’s Influence on Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms:

Aches and Pains in the Body: Waking up with the sunrise will elevate body’s enthusiasm and inspiration and you feel to have a blessed day. The morning rays hit you and the pains will burn out in the morning rays.
Slow Process of Healing: The time you make for an exercise in the morning sun will make an exponential rise in immunity power. Immunity will heal you quickly if there are any wounds or body is affected by illnesses.
Fatigue: Your laziness and a feel that you’re week will be no more. Sunlight just eliminates fatigue flavor out of your body.

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Climatic Processors are Best Sources of Vitamin D:

Climatic Processors are Best Sources of Vitamin D

You may get little complexity in catching climatic processors. The climatic conditions may vary and it may affect you with illnesses. If bad luck dances on your head you may have vitamin D deficiency. The change in climate has one consistency and constant flow. Still, you did not get it? These are vitamin D rich foods. Vitamin D foods root up irrespective of climatic changes. Markets are full of foods and you can just buy them to stabilize your body.
Climatic processors are the best sources of vitamin D and are most productive in nature. Climatic processors are the revolution to the evolution of your health to the disruptive deficiency symptoms. The art of acquiring alluring health flows by the intake of these foods. Just a minute, before jumping into the foods, let me give you the vitamin D need to the different age groups.
Are you a woman who is breastfeeding your child or maybe with pregnancy? Then for you, vitamin D should be about 600 IU (International Unit). So this is enough for you for better health. Adults, 71 years or older, I know how well you be! You will either lie on the bed if any illness affected you or you may go for a daily walk. So for you, vitamin D is specified with 800 IU.
Vitamin D supplement is much to you as your bones get weaker and body’s capability will go down. So to actively activate all the organs to meet their threshold level of functioning, then to you, this concentration is a must.
19-70 years old are prescribed to have 600 IU; Teens, 14-18 and, children, 1-13 have same intake concentrations – 600 IU. Birth to 12 months is lessened 200 IU than teens.

Food Sources of Vitamin D:

The primary source of vitamin D is derived from seafood. As salt water has much absorption of vitamin D from sun and water is itself is hydroxyl, eating fish will serve the body with vitamin D.

  • Fatty Fish: Salmon, mackerel and tuna are wonderful sources of vitamin D
  • Beef Liver, cheese and Egg yolks have considerable amounts of vitamin D
  • Mushrooms: As they are exposed to sunlight, they have huge concentrations of vitamin D in the body.
  • Cheese: Cheese lovers, now you have got a reason to eat it!
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Milk and Oatmeals

These are the topmost six food sources of vitamin D. Eat until your tummy becomes full and enrich your body with vitamin D diet.

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Nothing Must Be Overtaken!

You may love few foods very much that you don’t enjoy your eating without your lovely dish. But if it is too much heavy with vitamin D and the daily dumping into your body could result in excess supplements.
Toxicity is everywhere including vitamins. Doctors will give you tablets to supply your body with vitamin D and if it overdoses, then toxicity arises.

  • Hypercalcemia is one of them that will encourage in building up more calcium. This will equate to nausea, poor appetite, fatigue and problems associated with kidney.
  • Rise in blood levels
  • Constipation and diarrhoea
  • Loss of Bones

You may just move to play during summers or to have a family time. But a point of consideration is more exposure to UV rays or sunlight during summers may burn your skin making you more prone to skin cancers. It’s recommended to move out into the sun by applying SPF lotion to your body.
Here is another danger you can expect. If it’s not too hot then you can avoid the lotions because routine lotion application on the skin will reduce the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D thus making you deficit with vitamin D.
The furious way to optimize your health condition with vitamin D is through vitamin D rich foods. So if you think I’m confusing you or if I just rolled your eyes 360 degrees, I’m thankful.  Be a daredevil of Wealthy health with vitamin D richness. We don’t know how many breaths we take, we don’t know how many steps we walk and we don’t know how many vehicles we travel but everything can be done if you supplement your body with considerable amounts of vitamin D.

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