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South Beach Diet Phase 3 – All Hails To You For Reaching Final Stage! Get To Know The Final Step

Kudos! You have successfully reached your goal weight after following phase 1 and phase 2 of the very popular south beach diet. Reaching the final stage of south beach diet plan means you are very well aware of what and what not to include in your diet.

It means that you have become mindful of what you are eating and how much should you eat. You now know the dos and don’ts of a healthy eating.

South Beach Diet Phase 3

But how wise you are in terms of eating is determined by how well you carry this regime forward and this is what a south beach diet phase 3 helps you in accomplishing.

Let’s give it a final touch so that you are all done to enjoy a brand, new, healthy lifestyle! Below is the detailed description of foods and workouts and how to follow it to make your diet plan successful.

What To Do In Phase 3 Of A South Beach Diet?

Getting to the final stage definitely means that you are almost done because you have set a target for yourself and you have worked with a great zeal and commitment to reach your goal weight.

But, what is south beach diet phase 3 meant for, when you have successfully shed the calories? Not implementing the south beach diet phase 3 after following phase 1 and phase 2 can be the biggest blunder and here’s why!

While most of the diet plans end after a successful weight loss, south beach diet motivates you to continue the journey and not just give up after reaching your goal weight.

All you need to do in the final stage is to understand your journey right from phase 1, all through phase 2 and be strategic about what should be added to your diet.

In short, continue having your foods in moderation (knowing the limitations from phase 1 & phase 2) and make your work out regime much precise to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.

So, let us have a short and crispy note on what all should be learnt from phase 1 and 2 of the diet plan so as to make the phase 3 much easier.

Takeaway From South Beach Diet Phase 1

Takeaway From South Beach Diet Phase 1

Phase 1 taught you a lot of self-discipline and commitment because you were required to lose 4-6 kilograms in just two weeks.

All the foods that you have included in south beach diet phase 1 included only those from monounsaturated fats (2 sources per day) lean proteins (3-4 servings per day) and non-starchy vegetables (5 per day).

You were allowed to have 3 meals and 2 snacks per day (in moderation) so that you do not grab larger quantities to curb your hunger pangs.

You might have been striving hard to lose weight keeping the goal weight in mind, but you might have not noticed that phase 1 has taught you to let go of all your sweet cravings and unhealthy junk.

What Should You Carry Forward From Phase 1 Into Phase 3?

What Should You Carry Forward From south beach diet Phase 1 Into Phase 3

Continue to limit down the sugary foods. Remember that you are now a successful member of a healthy living and that you now know the limits of a healthy eating. You know when to include sugary foods and when to cut down on them.

You now know the list of healthy fat sources such as nuts and seeds, oils used for salad dressing which are monounsaturated fats (healthy fat sources) and that these should be the most prominent ones in your fatty foods list.

You can continue having the servings as per the recommendations mentioned in south beach diet phase 1, but you can give yourself a certain amount of leniency in increasing the number of servings by 1 or 2 and not more than that.

The trick lies in how well you are in balancing your limitations.

Takeaway From South Beach Diet Phase 2

Takeaway From South Beach Diet Phase2

Phase 2 required you to set a goal weight and follow the diet in such a way that you lose 1 kilogram in one week until you reach your goal weight.

However, you were allowed to have a few starchy vegetables and there was an addition of fruits list into the diet. (excluding the fruits that contained sugary sweets and fruits that were added with other artificial sweetening agents).

Alcohol was added to the diet plan (limitations mentioned in phase 2 of the south beach diet plan). During the phase, you have learnt how to balance the food additions (fruits and good carbs) while following the rules of losing 1 kilogram per week.

What Should You Carry Forward From Phase 2 Into Phase 3?

What Should You Carry Forward From Phase 2 Into Phase 3

The most important thing from phase 2 that you should continue to follow to phase 3(1) is to know the list of healthy fruits and starchy vegetables and assure that they are included in the diet more often.

You can be a little bit lenient by including other fruits and vegetables in your diet, but again the trick lies in knowing the limitation. It would be a wise option to include more foods from the list of foods that I have mentioned in phase 1 and phase 2 diet plans.

Know the limit of alcohol consumption and be self-disciplined enough to never exceed the limits.

Smart Tips That Will Help You To Continue Your Weight Loss Journey

Phase 3 is all about balancing the food intake and knowing when to cut down. You could be a perfectly self-disciplined person which is the main reason you have made it so far, but there are some simple tips(2) that can make you much smart when it comes to your dining habits.

1. Be Wise In Choosing The Restaurant

Be Wise In Choosing The Restaurant

Most of the times, it so happens that we step into any random restaurant and make an order according to the list of items that are available on the menu. But this is only going to result in a limitless eating.

But, you know a smart way to keep your mind and body in control? Know what you are going to eat beforehand. Choose a good restaurant that matches your diet needs and have a glance at the menu.

If the menu does not offer the food that you have already planned to eat, do not hesitate to change the restaurant preference.

2. Soups And Salads Should Be Your First Priority

South Beach Diet Phase 3

Having starters in your food list is the best and smart way to keep your weight in control. You can order for some spicy and healthy vegetable soups such as carrot, beetroot or coriander soup as an appetite reducer.

This way, you will keep your stomach full and consume the main courses in relatively fewer quantities.

Having a plate of vegetable salad filled with carrots, beets and onions can also curb your hunger levels so that you do not grab a heavy meal later on.

3. If You Love Meat, Go For Seafood

If You Love Meat, Go For Seafood

Meat that includes beef, pork or chicken are of course a good source of protein, but they may provide your body with all the unwanted calories.

Choosing fish may help in satisfying your cravings and also help in controlling your weight as they are particularly low in cholesterol and fat.

Also, fish are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which no other meat source can provide.

4. Eat Slowly Because That Way, You Eat Less

Chew your food slowly - how to improve gut health

This is one trick that often goes unnoticed. Eating fast makes you overeat which is a known fact. Make a habit of putting your fork down amidst your lunch so as to control the habit of overeating.

Next time you are in the restaurant, sitting in front of your favourite food, try taking small breaks and see how you will start consuming fewer quantities.

5. Choose Recipes That Contain Non-Starchy Veggies

Choose Recipes That Contain Non-Starchy Veggies

Starchy foods make you gain weight easily which is why they have been excluded from the diet list of your phase 1 and phase 2.

However, you can include a few starchy veggies in limits but it would be the best option to choose non-starchy vegetables from the menu.

You can take a look at the list of non-starchy vegetables that I have mentioned in phase 1 and phase 2 of the diet plan for a better understanding.

6. Never Drink Alcohol On An Empty Stomach

Never Drink Alcohol On An Empty Stomach

Drinking alcohol on empty stomach can have some adverse side effects including intoxication which is why a good alcohol consumption usually means consuming alcohol post dinner.

Also, ensure that you do not exceed more than 2 servings of alcohol per week.

Know More: How Much Alcohol Is Safe To Drink Per Day

7. Pop A Mint To Put An End To Your Meal

Pop A Mint To Put An End To Your Meal

This is the best strategy to end your longings of having more. Popping mint changes the flavour which may otherwise compel you to have more than the required.

Since you have already decided on the quantity of consumption, be smart enough to cut down when you have reached your limit and pop a mint to put an end to your meal.

Workouts For South Beach Diet Phase 3

Working out is very much essential no matter which phase you are currently enjoying. Putting your body to a certain extent of physical movements can burn your calories and improve your waistline, making you look fit and slim.

You are not required to follow the exact workout regime anyway. You can mix it up with other workout regimes like walking, jogging or any type of physical activity that you think can make you sweat.

Here are some simple workouts to make your workout time interesting

1. Start With A Warm-Up Exercise (Walking Knee Hug)

Start With A Warm-Up Exercise (Walking Knee Hug)

  • Stand straight with arms placed at your sides.
  • Raise your right knee to your chest level and hold it with both your hands.
  • Place it down and take a step forward while doing so.
  • Now, raise your left knee to chest level and grab it with both your hands.
  • Place it down and take a step forward while doing so.
  • Continue doing without giving a break and you will be walking forward with each step.
  • Continue doing this for 1 minute as a warm-up exercise.
2. Perform Reverse Lunges

Perform Reverse Lunges

  • Stand straight with two dumbbells, holding one in each hand.
  • Step back slowly with your right leg and bend down on your right knee, punching both your hands forward.
  • Come back to your normal position and give a front kick with your right leg while getting back.
  • Continue doing this while resting on your left foot (20 times at a stretch)
  • Repeat the same with your left leg another 20 times.
3. Seated Resistance Band Row

Seated Resistance Band Row

  • You will need an exercise band to perform the exercise. Buy an exercise band and keep it in store for further use.
  • Sit down the floor and extend your legs forward
  • Hold the handles of the band with both your hands and wrap the bottom side of the band around your feet.
  • Sit with an erect spine. Pull the bands close to your chest (your elbows are bent while doing so).
  • Get back to normal position and repeat doing the same 10-15 times.
4. Squats


  • Stand erect with your legs placed at hip width apart
  • Extend your hands forward.
  • Lower your hip (such as you are sitting on an imaginary chair)
  • Stay in the position for 2 seconds and get back to your normal position.
  • Continue doing this 10 at least 10 times without giving a break.