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These Spirulina Health Benefits Will Give You All that is Needed for Human Health

Spirulina, an extremely healthy food which is most often overlooked by most people! It can be found in the exotic locations such as Hawaii, Mexico, Africa, etc. It is a plant which grows in fresh water, similar to Chlorella. The innumerable spirulina health benefits make it a very popular food these days.

Benefits Of Spirulina

Spirulina has a rich nutritional profile and strong flavor. The diverse range of spirulina benefits will help in revitalizing you when consumed on a regular basis. It can be found in various energy bars, health drinks, food supplements, etc.

What Is Spirulina?

If you wonder what is spirulina, it is a biomass of the blue-green algae, namely Cyanobacteria. The plant is safe for human consumption and also eaten by many animals. There are two main species of the blue-green algae, Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.

Both the species are cultivated all over the world. If you wonder what is spirulina good for, it acts as an excellent dietary supplement for humans. It is used in the form of tablets, powders, flakes, etc. It also acts as an excellent fish feed and livestock.

Spirulina Nutrition:

Spirulina can be considered to be one of the most nutritious foods on earth. The spirulina nutrition shows that about an ounce of it will contain the following:

Nutrients in SpirulinaAmount
Protein39 gm
Fiber1 gm
Sugar0.9 gm
Fat3% DV
Omega 3 fatty acids230 mg
Omega 6 fatty acids351 mg
Copper85% DV
Iron44% DV
Manganese27% DV
Magnesium 14% DV
Sodium 12% DV
Potassium11% DV
Zinc 4% DV
Phosphorous3% DV
Calcium 3% DV
Selenium 3% DV
Riboflavin60% DV
Thiamin 44% DV
Niacin 18% DV
Pantothenic acid10% DV
Vitamin K9% DV
Vitamin E7% DV
Vitamin C 5% DV
Vitamin A 3% DV
Vitamin B65% DV
Folate7% DV

Spirulina Health Benefits:

There are innumerable spirulina health benefits for people who consume them on a frequent basis, which can be enlisted as follows:

Spirulina To Detox The Heavy Metals:

Arsenic toxicity is a growing problem in most countries these days. Arsenic can enter into the body through contaminated drinking water. Many people are suffering from chronic arsenic poisoning in China, India, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

Since there is no particular treatment of arsenic poisoning, spirulina consumption is the best way to rectify the problem. On administration of about 250 milligrams of spirulina extract and 2 milligrams of zinc, twice in a day, the levels of arsenic in the body can be considerably reduced. Thus, detoxifying the body is one of the best spirulina health benefits.

Spirulina For The Elimination Of Candida Infections:

Candida belongs to the normal microflora of the human body. It can be found in the vagina, gastrointestinal tract, and the oral cavity. However, an imbalance in the number of the microbes can make you sick.

One of the best spirulina uses is the promotion of the growth of healthy microflora in the body. Spirulina acts as an excellent anti-microbial agent. It will prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases which are caused due to insufficient nutrients in the diet, lifestyle habits, resistance to drugs, etc.

The most common diseases caused due to the imbalance in the number of healthy microbes in the body are Mycosis, Leaky Gut syndrome, improper digestion, etc.

One of the best spirulina health benefits is the inhibition of the candida cells in the body and strengthen the natural microflora. Thus, you can incorporate more spirulina in the diet and reap the best health benefits today!

Improve AIDS-Use Spirulina:

The natural treatment of HIV AIDS can be promoted through a regular diet involving the Blue-Green Algae. Various studies and research has been carried out which has proved that spirulina benefits the patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Spirulina To Prevent Cancer:

Spirulina To Prevent Cancer

The frequent consumption of the nutrient-dense spirulina is found to increase the production of antibodies and the proteins which fight against infection. Thus, the cells in the body, which improve the immunity of the individual and ward off illnesses such as Cancer, can be augmented through the spirulina intake.

One of the best spirulina health benefits can be endowed to the fact that it is a rich antioxidant and anti-proliferative agent. Thus, you can use spirulina as a natural treatment of cancer.

Relationship Between Spirulina And Blood Pressure:

One of the best spirulina uses is the lowering of the blood pressure. The pigment Phycocyanin has natural antihypertensive effects and thus, very beneficial for human consumption.

Spirulina And Blood Pressure

The frequent consumption of the Blue-green algae will aid in reversing the endothelial dysfunction that occurs in the Metabolic syndrome. People who suffer from the Metabolic syndrome will be at a higher risk of developing Cardiac problems, Diabetes, Stroke, etc.

Reduce The Cholesterol Levels-Have Spirulina:

One of the best spirulina health benefits is the natural capability to reduce the Cholesterol levels. People who consume spirulina will have a reduced risk of suffering from Atherosclerosis.

Lower The Risk Of A Stroke With Spirulina Intake:

Risk Of A Stroke

Spirulina supplements constitute to be one of the best ways to prevent the risk of stroke and paralysis. The spirulina protein will help in reversing the ill effects of a poor and unhealthy diet.

Want To Boost The Energy Levels? Try Spirulina:

Boost The Energy Levels

The spirulina nutrition shows that people who consume it will have abundant energy. Most people use a mixture of about 1 spoonful of powdered spirulina in 12 ounces of lime juice, in the frozen form, as an excellent energy boost drink!

One of the best spirulina health benefits is acting as a “wake up call” for the body and boosting the levels of energy.

Spirulina Weight loss:

Weight loss

Healthy weight loss can be promoted by the intake of foods which are rich in fiber and other nutrients. Spirulina weight loss involves curbing hunger through high protein intake and burning of fat.

The healthy intake of spirulina protein will facilitate the maintenance of lean tissues in the body. You can curb the hunger through the intake of high protein foods. Spirulina intake, especially during the day, will help in weight loss by keeping you satisfied throughout the day and prevent overeating.

Spirulina Intake For Curbing Sinusitis Problems:

Spirulina Intake For Curbing Sinusitis Problems

If you wonder what is spirulina good for, then you must see the difference in people who suffer from allergic rhinitis. The inflammation caused in the nasal passage due to sinusitis will be reduced to a considerable extent through the intake of spirulina.

One of the best spirulina health benefits is the reduction in the nasal discharges, itching sensation, congestion of the nose, sneezing, cough, etc. Thus, people who suffer from sinusitis will greatly benefit from spirulina.

Memory Boosting Through Spirulina Intake:

Memory Boosting

A diet which is rich in spirulina will help in boosting the memory and alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Most Neurodegenerative diseases can be prevented or controlled through the intake of spirulina.

Spirulina Benefits for Skin:

Spirulina has a multitude of skin benefits. It is very healthy for keeping the skin glowing, hydrated, free from spots, and blemishes. Being a storehouse of vital nutrients, spirulina benefits skin in various ways.

Spirulina Benefits for Skin

Spirulina has natural anti-aging effects because of the presence of antioxidants, which fight the free radicals in the skin. The topical application of a paste made up of spirulina and water will help in reducing the fine line and blemishes on the skin.

Spirulina acts as an excellent skin toner. By incorporating spirulina in the daily diet plan, you can make the dull and lifeless looking skin become radiant and youthful. Thus, spirulina benefits skin in striking ways.

Spirulina Benefits For Hair:

Both the intake and the topical application are found to have remarkable spirulina benefits for hair. You can get dandruff-free scalp within just one month of consuming the algae.

Spirulina Benefits For Hair

Excessive hair loss, baldness, etc. can be diminished through the intake of spirulina. The topical application of shampoos and conditioners which contain spirulina will help in combating hair loss to a considerable extent. Apart from reducing hair loss, you can promote the re-growth of hair on the scalp by the topical application of spirulina.

Spirulina To Get Healthy Nails:


If you wonder what is spirulina beneficial for, then you must consume it and see the difference in the skin, nails, hair, and the overall health! The frequent intake of spirulina will make the nails strong and healthy. You can treat finger ridges and other problems associated with nails through the intake of spirulina.

Spirulina Versus Chlorella:

The Blue-green algae, namely Spirulina and Chlorella are extremely beneficial for human consumption. People mistake the two species despite the following differences between them:


Spirulina- spiral, multi-celled without a true nucleus, blue-green in color.

Chlorella- spherical, single-celled with a nucleus, green in color.


Spirulina- grows in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. with moderate temperatures.

Chlorella- grows in freshwater occupied with various other organisms.

Preparation And Cooking:

Spirulina- Has a digestible cell wall made up of cellulose, easy to eat and digest.

Chlorella- Has a hard cellulose cell wall, which is difficult to digest by the human body.


Spirulina- Higher content of amino acids, Iron, Proteins, Vitamins E, C, D, and B.

Chlorella- Content same as spirulina but lesser.

Spirulina Side Effects:

When we talk about the innumerable spirulina health benefits, can there be any side effects of consuming it? well, it is of prime importance for any individual to understand that the spirulina you consume must be of a high quality and purity.

Ensuring the algae to be free from any contamination must be the top priority when you purchase it. The possible spirulina side effects can be enlisted as follows:

  • Damage to the liver
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • General body weakness
  • Thirst
  • Tachycardia
  • Shock
  • Death

Apart from the above-listed side effects, studies have proved the intake of spirulina dangerous for young children. Women during pregnancy must avoid it and stay protected from the detrimental spirulina side effects.

The Take Away:

There are many benefits of consuming spirulina, amongst which the spirulina weight loss is one of the best benefits. Overweight people can greatly benefit and reduce the unwanted weight through the intake of spirulina!

There are innumerable spirulina health benefits make it a super food for people. You can reap the best benefits through the addition of spirulina to the daily diet plan.