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Hurt By Nerve Compression? Get the Easy Tennis Elbow Treatment at Home!

Tennis elbow is a very painful condition associated with the inflammation of the tendons. It is also called as Lateral Epicondylitis. The motion of the arm and the wrist will strain the tendons in the elbow leading to the condition. Since certain activities will put you at a greater risk of developing the condition, you can try the best tennis elbow treatment for pain management.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

The pain will worsen as time passes by from weeks to months and become chronic if left untreated. Most people in the early stages of learning a sport tend to suffer from the condition due to incorrect handling of the sports equipment.

The most common reasons for developing a tennis elbow is playing tennis and other racket related sports. Many occupations put you at a higher risk of developing the condition. There are various tennis elbow treatment options available today!

Amateur professionals tend to suffer from tennis elbow owing to the poor posture and incorrect handling of tools. The best way to deal with the condition is to try the various home remedies for tennis elbow.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

If you wonder what is tennis elbow, then the tendons which join the muscles of the forearm to the outer side of the elbow are inflamed. The damage to the tendons due to overuse or strain will cause the pain and swelling. The pain can spread across the forearm and the wrist.

Since nerve compression will also cause pain in the arm and the fingers, many people misinterpret the condition. If you wonder how to cure tennis elbow, you must check with the doctor if you can’t manage the pain with self-care.

Anatomy Of The Elbow:

The elbow joint is composed of three bones namely, Humerus, Radius, and Ulna. The muscles, tendons, and the ligaments will hold the elbow joint in its place. During the painful condition of tennis elbow, the forearm tendons will be swollen.

Anatomy Of The Elbow

Since the forearm muscles extend through the wrist and the fingers, the pain can spread throughout the hand. You can try the different home remedies for tennis elbow and the best tennis elbow treatment for effective pain relief!

Do You Have To Be An Athlete To Suffer From Tennis Elbow?

As the name suggests, people assume only athletes can suffer from tennis elbow. However, it is a myth that only athletes develop the condition! There are various tennis elbow treatment options available for dealing with the pain and also various home remedies for tennis elbow.

It is the people who use their arms for repetitive motions who can develop the condition of tennis elbow. People who have jobs involving constant strain such as, painters, plumbers, butchers, carpenters, etc. are prone to develop tennis elbow. Understanding the tennis elbow symptoms will help in getting quicker cure and pain relief!

Tennis Elbow Symptoms:

There are various symptoms of tennis elbow, which can worsen on activities involving the forearm. The most common tennis elbow symptoms can be enlisted as follows:

  • Pain radiating out from the elbow towards the wrist.
  • Inadequate grip to hold objects.
  • Pain while shaking hands.
  • Incapability to rotate the doorknob.
  • Difficulty in holding the coffee cup.
  • Burning sensation in the outer portion of the elbow.
  • Pain while holding a racket or wrench.

It is of paramount importance to understand the initial signs and symptoms to be able to get the timely tennis elbow treatment.

When To See A Physician?

If you wonder what to do for tennis elbow, you can first get some rest! Many people use ice-pack for instant relief from the pain. You can also try the over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce the pain and swelling associated with tennis elbow.

However, if you are unable to get tennis elbow cure, and relief from the pain and tenderness in the elbow, it is time for you to see the Physician for a complete examination. The doctor will check your elbow and consider other aspects before suggesting the best treatment options.

Causes Of Tennis Elbow:

The main cause of tennis elbow is muscle strain or overuse of the elbow. On the repeated spasms of the muscles of the forearm on raising and straightening the arm, the tendons can get strained causing pain. You can try the home remedies to get tennis elbow relief and cure!

The constant stress on the tissue can lead to tiny tears in the tendons. Thus, the tendons will get inflamed and lead to excruciating pain.  To get instant relief from the pain you can try the different tennis elbow treatment options. There are various risk factors which increase your chances of developing a tennis elbow, as follows:

  • Age- People in the age group of 30 to 50 years are more susceptible to develop tennis elbow.
  • Occupation- If the job requires a lot of strain on the tendons through repetitive movements, you will be at a higher risk of developing tennis elbow.
  • Sports- Mostly, people who are into racket sports can develop the condition through poor techniques of the stroke.

While you can’t have control over your age group and the occupation you are into, you can correct the technique in which you hold the work equipment as the best tennis elbow remedies.

How To Heal Tennis Elbow?

How To Heal Tennis Elbow

The doctor will exert some pressure on the elbow while asking you to move it in certain directions for diagnosis. The background of the job profile and medical history will be sufficient to identify the condition and thus, help in quick tennis elbow cure!

If you are unable to get relief after trying the tennis elbow remedies, you must follow the advice of your doctor. You might be prescribed certain tests to identify the underlying cause of the pain such as:

  • X-rays of the elbow to check the bone and the joints.
  • MRI scanning to rule out any neck problem, herniated disc, arthritis, etc.
  • EMG to check for nerve compression.

Treat Tennis Elbow-Non-Surgical Procedures:

If you wonder how to treat tennis elbow, it is paramount to understand that the pain will subside considerably through proper rest. Once you allow the strained muscle to get sufficient rest, it will heal over time.

You can try the painkillers and medications to manage the pain when the pain isn’t tolerable. Surgery is the mostly the last resort as more than 80% of the people will get relief through the non-surgical procedures. The various non-surgical procedures to help tennis elbow cure it fast can be enlisted as follows:


Stopping the activity that leads to strain is the best way to alleviate the pain. Giving rest to the arm which is strained will go a long way in reducing the pain!

Physical Therapy:

Mild muscle strengthening exercises, ice massage, muscle stimulating techniques, etc. will help in dealing with the pain as the best tennis elbow treatment.


You can use a brace to help in reducing the inflammation and supporting the strained muscles on a temporary basis. You can stop using the brace once the pain reduces and re-use the brace when the pain shoots up again.

Steroid Shots:

The steroid Cortisone can be injected into the inflamed muscle to alleviate the pain of tennis elbow. It is considered to be one of the best tennis elbow remedies for a specific duration of time.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy:

Natural healing can be promoted through the therapy by the use of sound waves.

Correct Equipment:

If you wonder how to treat tennis elbow, you must aim at using the correct equipment. Using the correct equipment such as the size of the racket, the weight of the tool, etc. will help in alleviating the pain to a considerable extent by reducing the strain on the tendons.

Treat Tennis Elbow- Surgical Procedure:

If the non-surgical procedures and home remedies for tennis elbow don’t help in alleviating the pain, you can try the surgical procedures. The other procedures for reducing pain can be enlisted as follows:


The dry needling technique is one of the best tennis elbow treatment In the procedure, the needle will pierce the tendon which has been damaged and help in repairing it. Alternatively, the doctor might advise the injection of Platelet-rich plasma or Botox into the tendons.


A special needle will be inserted into the skin under the guidance of an ultrasound to liquefy the damaged tendon and suction it out.

Surgical Procedure:

If you wonder how to get rid of tennis elbow despite following the non-surgical procedures, for over a period of more than 12 months, you will require undergoing the surgical procedure.

The damaged tendon will need surgical removal through a large incision, or several smaller incisions. Surgery must be considered to be the last resort as it is safest to try the home remedies for tennis elbow.

If you consider surgery as the best tennis elbow treatment option, understand the side-effects. The surgery can pose several issues such as a risk of infections, nerve damage, damage to the blood vessels, longer rehabilitation time, loss of grip and muscle strength, decreased flexibility, restricted movement, etc.

The surgical procedure is the most effective tennis elbow cure it fast ways. However, you must consider all the pros and cons of a surgery before you take the final call.

Tennis Elbow-Heal It Fast:

If you wonder how to heal tennis elbow fast, you will need to bring about few lifestyle changes. Following few self-care techniques will go a long way in alleviating the pain and reduce the recovery time.

It is of paramount importance to follow the tennis elbow treatment along with the medications and therapy as prescribed by the doctor. Once you avoid the activities that augment the pain, on a temporary basis, you will be able to heal the muscles from within!

Avoiding the activities that involve a continuous wrist movement will help in giving tennis elbow relief. Apart from taking the pain relievers, you can use an ice-pack to reduce the pain. The cooling effect of the ice will temporarily numb the area and alleviate the intolerable pain.

The Take Away:

Tennis elbow is a growing problem with people these days. The injury can heal with minor treatments in most cases. The pain will worsen with time ranging from few weeks to months depending on the nature of work and lifestyle.

You can try the various tennis elbow treatment options as the best way to alleviate the pain. Mild strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and the use of orthodontic devices such as a brace will turn out to be effective in reducing the pain.