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7 Secret Tips No One Tells You While Following A Weight Loss Regime

Have you ever felt like you can’t make it past a few pounds on your weight loss journey? The entire ordeal seems long and painful, and yet the results seem zero. Losing weight is a long-term process that can be frustrating, defeating, and can seem downright useless to the impatient. Whether you’ve just started on the diet and exercise regimen, or have prescribed to one for years, we all hit a weight loss plateau, and the results stop dead in their tracks.

7 Effective Tips to Speed Up Your Weight Loss Program

There are many conflicting theories about why this happens and how to get over the plateau and continue the journey to a healthier, fitter, slimmer you. But before that happens, you will be so inundated by the conflicting advice available online and with your friends, that you’ll be diving headfirst into that chocolate mousse cake! Don’t let the confusing information overwhelm you into losing your way. We bring you expert advice to set the record straight once and for all.

For starters make peace with the fact that weight loss isn’t going to happen in a week, and barely, if ever, in a month. It is a long-term affair that requires constant effort and dedication. It took more than a month to gain all that fat, didn’t it? It’s going to take longer to get rid of it and build that hourglass figure.

Now having said that, there are expert-recommended methods that can help jumpstart the weight loss and speed up the process quite a bit. When it comes to losing weight, merely cutting back on your meal portion is the best possible, and the most underrated way of doing it fast. It is also the most painful way if you eat for comfort instead of just sustenance.

Here are seven more, very useful, ways of speeding up the weight loss process.

1. Increase the Intensity of Your Workouts

Your body is amazing in its ability to adjust and adapt. It can quickly get used to the harshest of workouts and diets and change its own calorie needs accordingly. Don’t let yourself become too comfortable. Mix up your workouts and vary their intensity to keep your body responsive and more susceptible to weight loss. Mixing up your workouts will also rev up the metabolism, helping your body lose weight faster. As long as you are pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, there is no reason why your body won’t continue to drop the weight.

2. Cut Out Processed Foods

Cut Out Processed Foods

There is processed food to distract you from your goals. It’s convenient, filling and that’s when you need it to drown your stress and sorrows after a long day at work.

Stop. And step away.

Your body becomes slow and sluggish when it is fed processed foods, and this laziness seeps into the way you lose weight. When you make the change and eliminate it entirely from your everyday diet, you will be rewarded immensely. In addition to losing weight faster, you will also feel more alive and alert, ready to live life at its fullest.

Make sure that even your snacking choices are smart. And even the ‘healthier’ processed foods like protein bars and powders are kept to a very minimum. There are natural sources of protein and other nutrients that you could consume instead. Yes, your food will require more prep time this way but it’ll all be for the better in the end. Apple and almond butter, peanut butter and whole-wheat crackers, yogurt and plain berries, these are all viable options and great alternatives to processed snacks.

3. Increase Non-Gym Activity

Increase Non Gym Activity

Get creative with how you get active. Exercise isn’t just for the gym; you can burn calories anywhere. And those small steps…. Well, they can add up to BIG calories. Park a few spaces away from the door to your office, take the stairs instead of the elevators, walk to the neighborhood store instead of taking the car. Or…. Your pooch will love you for this one, take a long walk with the dog. You’ll both benefit from the exercise.

Your everyday schedule should include some exercise that isn’t in the gym. Even if it’s just stretching every couple of hours at the desk!

4. Manipulate Your Macros

If you aren’t maintaining a food journal, start with that. Once you have a bird’s-eye view of all that goes into your mouth, you will see a pattern emerging. Maybe you are loading up on too many carbs, or your protein intake is a little too high. Either way, it’s time to emerge from the pattern and mix it up.

Now, don’t go thinking that cutting out all carbs from your diet will lead to faster weight loss. Doing so could backfire massively and stall your weight on a plateau. That’s because carbs are essential for the absorption of proteins and other nutrients. So, do include them in your diet, though not so much.

Some diet experts suggest flipping your food entirely. So, if you’ve been eating a few berries in a bowl of yogurt-cream, try to add a few tablespoons of yogurt to a bowl full of berries. You get the idea!

5. Drink Tea every day… all day!

Drink Tea every day all day

Water is good, no denying that. But there is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of English tea to kick start that metabolism. And it’s also great for heart health.  Research at the Boston University School of Medicine brought to light the advantages of flavonoids(1) commonly found in black tea. This opens up arteries by stopping the formation of plaque along the walls.

Then there is green tea. It isn’t just an indulgence at a leisurely time. It boosts immunity, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and revs up metabolism…. all for zero calories.

6. Lift Heavier Weights

Lift Heavier Weights

Cardio is great. But it alone won’t help you reduce weight quickly. You need to build muscle to lose weight and look even lighter.

Start with light weights if you’ve never lifted before. And take your time to build up the stamina. You’ll see the difference in your physique, posture, and stature almost immediately.

If you’ve already been exercising with weights, challenge yourself with heavier weights. As long as you maintain an appropriate posture and take all safety precautions, there is no need for you to worry at all.

Do not try weights that make you feel uncomfortable though. If you feel like you are compromising on your form or it is too difficult for you to handle alone, stop immediately. Find help at the gym. Once you are feeling confident in your skills as a weightlifter, go hard!

The most amazing thing about strength training is that it tones and sculpts your body faster than diets or any other exercise can. It speeds up your metabolism, and that means more calories burned and faster weight loss overall.

7. Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

If you are not getting the recommended amount of sleep, you aren’t losing weight. It’s as simple as that.

Sleep is often overlooked for its immense benefits for a healthier you. Sleeping on time can regulate your hormones, increase energy and help your body heal itself and regenerate after a long day at work. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Trust us; it’s the right amount. Your body needs this sleep to rest appropriately and prepare for the next day like a champ.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of all Americans never get the sleep they need to succeed. Their sleep problems can lead to other health complications, and weight loss becomes an almost impossible, monumental task. Studies show that people who continue to sleep at odd hours, don’t have a set sleep schedule and sleep fewer hours than the recommended amount, feel hungrier as they wake up and make bad food choices throughout the rest of the day. So, make sure you get enough of those Zzz’s and lose weight fast!

The Last Word – Don’t Starve, Play it Smart!

While there is no ‘Fast Forward’ button on the weight loss journey, the tips mentioned above so seem to help. Fast weight loss isn’t sustainable, so don’t even think about trying a crash diet. Stay patient, be consistent and do it the smart way. That’s how you’ll see lasting results instead of Yo-Yo-ing all over the weighing machine.  You can also look at non-invasive procedures such as Cool Sculpting for upper arms, legs, tummy and other areas, to help reduce these trouble spots.

As always, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s best to take it slow and consult your healthcare professional every step of the way. Reducing carbs from your diet may affect the insulin levels and have an impact on the hormones as well.

And finally, as with all advice, take what speaks to you the best and leave the rest. No weight loss strategy is perfect. And everyone can find something that works uniquely for them. So, go ahead, look for things that motivate you and inspire you to look, feel and be your best. Good luck!