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10 Best Workouts to Lose Arm Fat – Best Arm Toning Exercises at Home

Toned arms are something that every single person on Earth urges for. Everyone wants toned arms; flabby arms are the last thing that one would want. Here are 10 best workouts to lose arm fat quickly.

Sedentary lifestyle has made it very difficult to achieve and maintain well-toned arms. Eating habits that are a hundred percent unhealthy and lack of physical work due to increased dependency on technology act as fuel to the condition. Men and women both are combating this issue but, could see no way out. This is when fat burning and arm toning exercises come to rescue.

arm toning exercises to lose fat

Many times a thing happens that the whole body is apt but, arms get flabby. Every single cut and curve of the body look fabulous but, arms destroy the look. This disproportion looks quite unsightly. The flabby arms are enough to kill a pleasing personality.

This is the time when people wake up and search how to reduce arm fat. A few get positive results while a few see no single change.

Do Arm Toning Exercises Really Work?

Yes, arm toning workout really works. There are certain exercises to lose fat and some specific toning exercises for arms. These exercises target arm fat and help in burning the fat at a fast pace. The one condition that applies here is that you need to follow religiously the arm toning workouts, and you will get quick positive results.

In this article, we have shared best exercises for fat loss from arms. But, before we move to that let us find out what is it that causes deposition of fat in arms? What accelerates the fat deposition?

Causes of Fat Deposition in Arms

The Flabby Arm is a major problem which needs proper attention. Fat tends to deposit in all other body parts but, is also easy to shed. Arms are the body parts from where shedding fat is a hard nut to crack. The fat burning process is quite slow in arms and further deposition cause flabby arms.

One major cause of flabby arms is a reduced the rate of metabolism. As the age grows the rate of metabolism decreases and hence, the result is flabby arms. Better you take up healthy detoxifying food intake regularly so that metabolism will be boosted.

One more reason to add to the list is growing age. When we cross our 20s, our body starts storing more amount of fat in different body parts and starts deteriorating lean muscles. Thus, the amount of fat surpasses the magnitude of lean muscles. This is also a reason for flabby arms.

Some more common causes of fat deposition in arms are lack of physical activity, no regular exercises, unhealthy dietary habits, etc. All these habits cause rapid weight gain and this makes up for another reason of flabby arms.

How Long Would It Take To Get Toned Arms After Religiously Following Arm Toning Exercises?

The only way to get slimmer arms in less time is to do exercises to lose fat and a healthy diet. If you create a slippage of 500 to 100 calories per day, you would be able to get quick results. With this deficit, you lose 1- 2 pounds all over. If you follow this rate regularly, you would be able to get toned and slim arms in just 2.5 to 5 weeks.

10 Best Exercises for Toning Arms

Many times it happens that men and women go on doing tone arms workout but, fail to lose any amount of fat. So, here is the solution to this problem. We present to you 10 best arm toning exercises. These exercises work effectively at the target area, i.e., arms. After doing these best exercises to tone arms, you would notice your arms will go slimmer and sculpted.

1. One Arm Triceps

The area is a lot vulnerable to fat accumulation. One-arm triceps is an apt exercise for burning the accumulated from the triceps, the rear part of the arms. This exercise is powerful and effective. The best part is that you need not any equipment to perform this exercise. All you need is to get down on the floor to do this tone arms workout. You can easily do this at home.

One Arm Triceps

  • Sit down straight on the floor. Join the legs and feet together.
  • Keep both the hands on the floor at a distance of shoulder width. Keep a foot on your hips. The fingers should point towards the hip.
  • Now, bend the knees. The feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Now, straighten the arms and try raising your hip. All the weight should come on the arms.
  • Bend the left elbow. Using right arm which is already straight, try to lower the hips towards the floor. Do not touch the floor.
  • Repeat this arm toning workout with the other arm.
2. Lateral Plank Walk

This exercise is considered as one of the best arm toning exercises. Like one arm triceps workout, this workout will also help in cutting off the excess fat deposited at the back of your arm, i.e., triceps. To perform this exercise:

Lateral Plank Walk

  • Lie straight on the floor on the stomach. Take the same position that you take in plank keeping the hands at the distance of shoulder width.
  • Your legs and feet should be joined together.
  • The fingers should point outwards.
  • Keep your body in a straight line.
  • Keep the right hand on your left and move the left foot towards left.
  • Now, perform the same move with the left hand and the right foot.
  • Now, get back to the starting position.
  • Pull the abs towards the spine and pelvis.
  • Now reverse your direction and take three steps to your right.
3. Triceps Dips

As the name says, triceps dips also work to tone and sculpt triceps. In a way, this style of workout is effective if we indulge the movements in other arm toning exercises also. Moving the area of hips and back will be of great use and if we select those exercises which involve this job, our requirements of fat loss, high blood pressure, and any other will be fulfilled with best effect. For this exercise, all you need is a desk or chair of 2 feet height. The whole body weight will help to tone down the triceps. To do this exercise:

Triceps Dips

  • Take a desk or a chair and place it in a stable position.
  • At a distance of about three feet, stand in front of the desk or chair.
  • Turn your back towards the desk or chair.
  • Place the hands on the desk or chair.
  • Take 3 to 4 steps away from the desk or chair.
  • Keep the upper body straight and bend your knees. The knees should be in line with the desk or chair.
  • Bend your elbows and lower down your body until to reach near the floor. Do not touch the floor.
  • Return to the normal position.
  • Do three sets of twenty reps regularly.
4. Push-ups

The target muscles of push-ups are pectoral and triceps branch. Push-ups help to tone the upper arm. For this, you need no equipment. You can perform it anywhere.


  • Lie down on the floor, straight on your stomach.
  • Take the push- up position. Keep the feet together. Your hands should be more than shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep the elbows straight.
  • Bend the elbows and take your body close to the ground. Keep your stomach from touching the ground.
  • Perform three sets of ten reps regularly.
5. Counter Push-ups

This exercise is performed the same way as a regular push- up. The only difference is that it is performed either using a table or a platform.

Counter Push-ups

  • Come into the push-up position by placing the hands on the table or platform.
  • The feet should be together, and hands should be a little more than shoulder-width apart.
  • The back and shoulder should be straight to exert as much pressure possible on the arms.
  • Perform the push-ups just like the regular ones.
  • Perform three sets of twenty reps.
6. Aerolean Push-ups

This is one of the very effective arm toning exercises. It gives out quick results.

Aerolean Push-ups

  • Return to the starting position and perform the same with the right side.
  • Bend the left elbow and tilt the body towards the left.
  • Point the fingers towards the sides.
  • Take the position to do push-ups. Keep the feet together. The hands should be a little more than shoulder-width apart.
  • Lie straight on the floor on your stomach.
7. Scissors

This is a cardio exercise; often considered as the best exercise for fat loss. This is also one of the best arm toning exercises which help to cut down all the excess fat from the arms and toning to down effectively. To perform scissors:


  • Stand straight. Keep the hands straight in front of you. Keep them at shoulder height.
  • Stretch the arms towards the sides and bring them back in front such that both the arms should overlap one another imitating a pair of scissors.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this arm toning workout about 15- 20 minutes.
8. Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

This one exercise has the credit of being one of the best exercises to lose fat. It strengthens arms as well as legs and tone down the arms amazingly.


  • Raise the body using the hands and knees on the floor.
  • The knees should be below the hips, and the hands should be below your shoulder.
  • Raise your right hand, straightening it with your fingers pointing forward.
  • Straighten and raise the left leg
  • Stay in this position for a while and then come back to the normal position.
  • Repeat the exercise with the right leg and left hand.
  • Do this about 15- 20 times.
9. Wrist Rotation

This is the simplest and the best arm toning exercise. The only condition is that you must perform this tone arms workout religiously. For the exercise, you would need two half kg weight or 2 half L water bottles.

Wrist Rotation

  • Stand tall and hold the bottles in the hands.
  • Rotate the palms by holding the bottles in clockwise and after that anti- clockwise.
  • Do this for one minute for a single rotation.
10. Weight Lift

If you are looking for arm toning exercises, this is undoubtedly the best exercise to lose fat from your arms. The exercise makes the arms firm and strong. Your arms will look leaner, sculpted and toned. You would need some weight to perform this exercise.


For weights, you can also use 2.5 L water bottle. To perform this exercise:

  • Sit straight on the chair. Hold the water bottle with the hands and lift them over the head.
  • Keep the arms straight while holding the 2.5 L water bottle.
  • Lower the bottle by taking the bottle behind the back.
  • Lower down the bottle as much low as you can.
  • Now, take the bottle up slowly and steadily.
  • Take it slowly above the head.
  • Do three sets of twenty reps regularly.

You can take a minute break in between the sets. Gradually keep on increasing the weight for getting quick results in less time.

Tips to Lose Arm Fat and Promote Weight Loss

Apart from doing these arm toning exercises, you need to follow some easy tips mentioned below for effective and quick weight loss from the arms. Take a look:

  • Taking breakfast is a must. It must be the first meal of the day. Do not skip it.
  • Take a proper diet consisting of a lot of fruits and vegetables. Do not take the food that causes fat accumulation in the body. Take fiber- rich and protein-rich diet.
  • Vegetable juices help in losing weight thus reducing fat in the arms.
  • Do not eat a lot in one go. Take small meals at a regular gap.
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • Consume green tea.
  • Take stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Perform cardio exercises to burn calories.
  • Apart from following the abive-mentioned exercises to lose arm fat, make sure you lift heavy weights and move your arms more often to burn excess arm fat.
  • Practicing pull ups & push-ups frequently helps you burn the excess fat.
  • Avoid foods with refined carbohydrates since they are stripped of all the essential nutrients. Consuming refined carbs is linked with an increase in the cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

So, now perform these toning exercises for arms and follow the tips, and then pick the sexiest sleeveless dress on the shelve to flaunt the toned and sculpted arms.  And boys, do I need to tell what to do? Flaunt your newly chiseled biceps to get all the female attention.

10 best workouts to lose arm fat