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How To Find The Causes Of Hyperpigmentation And The Best Treatments

In today’s modern era of inhaling the polluted air and having the foods grown using pesticides, no wonder why people are prone to many health problems. Amongst all the health issues, problems related to skin tops the list as beauty is the first and foremost thing you observe in the people around you. These skin problems are most common in teens as their surface membranes are in development stage and can be easily affected by the environment. Though this statement causes bit tension, there is always the best solution for any problem when analyzed and treated accordingly.

How To Find The Causes Of Hyperpigmentation And The Best Treatments

Among the top 5 severe skin problems we face, hyperpigmentation or sunburn (Darkening of skin i.e. different from usual) can be awarded its best rank. The accumulation of similar substances called “melanin” under the crust determines the color of skin. This process is natural and its technical version is skin pigmentation. The problem arises when this melanin increases in the body causing the skin disorder called “hyperpigmentation” There are many causes of hyperpigmentation and here are some important ones listed out in our article.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation:

Exposure to the Sun:

The prime factor for sunburn is excessive exposure to heat. Typically the body parts exposed to sun i.e. face, hands gets affected and the medics term it as “Solar lentigines.” The UV rays directly penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and may cause the damage to DNA, due to its narrow bandwidth and heat, it evaporates Vitamin-A causing skin disorders. This is the only factor which is in our hands to reduce the effect and become a primary cure for hyperpigmentation.

Hormonal Disorders:

This hormonal disorders which are another major causes of hyperpigmentation are generally observed in women. The excessive secretion of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone increases the level of melanin in the body that in turn results in discoloration. This discoloration can be mild and at times may be darker depending on the secretion levels.

Also, these imbalances in hormonal secretion lead to ovarian problems in women, in an adverse case.



Lot many changes occur in women’s metabolism during the pregnancy. It is the period when melanin levels raise and is called “Mask of pregnancy” and causes melisma and the body parts generally gets effected from this way is face and abdomen. These symptoms are very common in women during pregnancy and hyperpigmentation remedies for this type is just taking pills and skin lightening creams.


It’s all the genes that decide the posture and tone of the human. So whatever the color we are now we inherit from the generations. This inheritance can be unusual as the biological transformations can never be prophesied. The adverse effects of this transformations can be categorized to trauma. Freckles, the mild brown spots are one of the hereditary disorder. hyperpigmentation removal, in this case, is very hard as it is not the temporary disorder but caused by inheritance.


The fuzzy and cloggy network of hair follicles with dead skin cells and a proportionate composition of secreted oil from sebaceous glands is called Acne. This patched dark portions of skin can further rotten up to the disease, which is what causes hyperpigmentation.

Treating Acne And Pimples

Though the above are the prime reasons which are the causes of hyperpigmentation, the adverse effects of many other skin problems may also lead to hyperpigmentation. So I suggest not to ignore any skin related issue as in the initial stages it may seem typical scar but might land you in a place where you wouldn’t be willing to show up yourself. The sunburn effects caused by exposure to sun and acne can definitely be reducible, and if one is determinant, it can be achievable completely.

Symptoms Of Hyperpigmentation

The symptoms do not seem that tough to identify as the affected part of skin appears as the patches of dark and light alternatively colored surfaces compared to the normal skin. This Melisma can affect both protective layer (Epidermis) and the underlying layer (Dermis).

The effect can be determined as the top layer is characterized by the dark brown spots whereas the inner layer is differentiated from former with slightly light brown spots. The affected area on the epidermis is confined to the specific region along with the boundaries and can be treated well as the skin cells often get replaced with the new ones. The effect on the Dermis layer can be eliminated by proper diagnose and treatment. The portions affected by this adverse conditions may vary in sizes and different shapes like folium, ring, Scars shaped, etc., but essentially with the darker color skin tone which separates it from normal skin.

One cannot neglect the fact that these symptoms may also vary from person to person, climate under they live, and the hidden reason behind many other causes of hyperpigmentation. The cure for hyperpigmentation or else any related issues can be achieved by proper diagnose.

Hyperpigmentation Natural Treatment:

Most of the times until it is affected too deeply hyperpigmentation treatment includes very few days of mild medication and most commonly can be washed off using creams and lotions.


It is the best hyperpigmentation treatment with natural cleansing and brightening agents to cure the skin. Though it has the power to create overnight miracles, it can’t be applied directly to the skin because of its highly acidic properties which endanger the bleaching of skin making it sensitive. The usage of SPF (Sun Protective Factor) can neutralize the acidic effect.


A proportionate mixture of coconut water with lemon juice can be used as the moisturizer. The rough parts like elbows can be cleansed directly by rubbing with the slice.



It is the natural antioxidant which prevents the premature aging of the skin cells. The anti-bacterial properties reduce the danger of skin attacked by the external environmental hazardous bacteria. Its property of cleansing the blood by removal of excessive oil thereby controls the melanin content in the body. It is the best hyperpigmentation treatment.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera the natural medicinal plant helping the mankind healing their skin problems from more than 6000 years. Aloe Vera essentially breaks down the excessive melanin in the skin layer and distributes uniformly that avoids the discoloration. Aloe Vera plays a vital role in the generation of new skin cells which replenishes the old cells by eliminating the dark patches of skin. Aloe vera also makes the skin glossy and smooth.



The paste made of ingredients milk, honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice and the dried powder of orange peel works efficiently in removing the dark patches of skin. The fruits rich in vitamin C containing the citric acid whether taken directly or applied on the skin shows the results at a faster rate.

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The best Ayurvedic medicinal plant from ancient times to treat the skin problems is Sandalwood. The natural property of coolness in sandalwood reduces the tanning of the skin. The anti-ageing property of sandalwood maintains the skin complexion, even texture and prevents the skin from aging.


Being rich in vitamin E, almonds reduce the impact of major causes of hyperpigmentation. The paste made of any ingredients mentioned above along with wet almond paste can significantly improve the skin disorders. As it is an edible item, directly eating the almonds can also be the solution.


Even though the above remedies cure the particular symptoms of skin disorders, there is even a generic way to get rid of any type of skin issue. Milk and Honey which has high aesthetic values always serves as the hyperpigmentation natural treatment. The foods rich in vitamins E and vitamin C can drastically reduce the adverse effects caused by melasma or sunburn.

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation:

No matter how much ever we try to minimize the effects of skin blemishes, sometimes due to its severity these natural ways of curing the disorder doesn’t work out. There wouldn’t have been these many multispecialty hospitals if everything was under our control. So in this typical situations, one can be suggested to consult the physician to get rid of this problem. There are numerous ways for hyperpigmentation removal depending on its properties.

Facial Creams:

Medics generally suggest using the creams first so that the issue may be resolved without undergoing any laser treatments or surgeries. At this stage symptoms of hyperpigmentation, the skin brightening creams which contain kojic, glycolic acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C, lumixyl, etc., are generally suggested. As the problem itself is of high intense when we approach the doctor, the results cannot be expected overnight. It takes at least 3 to 6 months to show its effect.

Laser Resurfacing:

It can be considered as the second stage of medical hyperpigmentation treatment if creams don’t work out. It’s a bit advanced version that the skin layers are peeled off forcefully, enabling the new cells to form and generate the new layers.

In this treatment, the pulsating rays of laser light are made penetrate into blemished portions of skin to remove the mask. This way of vaporizing the skin layers using co2 beam is called “Lasabrasion.”

The laser treatment is the only way to find an effective method for hyperpigmentation removal.

Light Therapy:

A series of LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapies which are gentle kills the bacteria which gets settled on the skin. With its mild effects and the sensitive feel on the skin, this treatment seems to be less painful compared to Resurfacing. It is uniquely simpler and soothing type of hyperpigmentation treatment. The deeper version of Light Therapy is Photofacial (Intense Pulsed Light) which has a high intense beam of light projected to treat the skin.

There are many more treatments for hyperpigmentation remedies which can be prescribed by doctors that work for a particular cause. However, these problems can be eliminated by proper diet and intake of the foods rich in all the vitamins and minerals.

The causes of hyperpigmentation directly show you the best hyperpigmentation treatment at each step of the progress of the disease. Just following the skin care tips can avoid such intense problems. Once the symptoms of hyperpigmentation are seen, the steps for the cure get filtered. We can follow specific hyperpigmentation remedies which are utmost natural.

“The dearest always sees inner beauty, but the world praise on how you present yourself.” So take care!