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Amazing Turmeric Tea Benefits For Skin And Overall Health

Is snack time your favourite time? Do you wait for tea time to get your taste buds flavoured with the essence of your favourite kind of tea? These turmeric tea benefits will definitely make you prioritize turmeric tea hereafter, once you learn how this elixir has a special significance when compared to your regular tea.

Turmeric Tea Benefits For Skin

Something different from routine! This is all we look out for in our daily life. Trying out a new outfit, trying a new hairstyle, checking into a new restaurant. Some little changes can instantly add a spark to your life. Now is the time to change your tea preferences!

Here is all about the new kind of beverage that should be added to your foods list because it has one healthy ingredient in it – turmeric! Seriously, how can any food comprising of turmeric do any less to your health? Read on to know the health benefits of turmeric tea.

Turmeric Tea Benefits Skin In Numerous Amazing Ways!

If your skin is not as perfect and flawless as the ones whom you see onscreen, it’s perfectly okay! You are not alone! Skin problems are the most common woes of many and they occur because of hormonal changes or exposure to chemicals, all of which can be corrected with one refreshing drink, turmeric tea.

Turmeric Tea For Skin

Whether it is Itchiness, blemishes or acne! Turmeric tea for skin has an amazing impact. Here is how it works.

1. Turmeric Tea For Inflammation

Suffering from a dry skin type? It can make you go nuts because no matter how much you try to moisturize your skin, the emergence of red scaly flakes will bring a constant itchiness making your problem worse!

All this while, you have been trying to cure your problem by applying moisturizing agents and face packs. Turmeric tea has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce your itchiness and inflammation which is why we highly recommend turmeric tea for inflammation.

Turmeric Tea For Inflammation

Turmeric Tea Recipe For Inflammation

I was under a false perception that a turmeric tea is something like a very regular tea that is simply prepared by adding turmeric. Did you also think the same? Well, to my surprise, I realized that it is far more than just turmeric. Wondering about the ingredients? Here is the best simple way to prepare this medicinal tea.

    Boil a few cups of water in a clean bowl. (quantity of water according to the tea that is to be prepared)

    Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and freshly grated ginger to the water.

    Separate the turmeric and ginger flavoured into a mug tea using the sieve

    Add one teaspoon of lemon and one tablespoon of honey to add a sweet flavour.

    You can also add a pinch of black pepper to spice up the tea.

2. Fresh Turmeric Tea For Spotless Skin

Have you ever tried turmeric milk or a turmeric face pack for skin? If yes, you would definitely know the how beneficial this ingredient is. But you cannot, of course, consume turmeric milk on a daily basis because, to be honest, the taste of milk mixed with turmeric really sucks!

Fresh Turmeric Tea For Spotless Skin

So what could be the best possible way to include this ingredient in your diet? A lemon and honey flavoured tea spiced up with little quantities of turmeric and black pepper? Well, this definitely appeases your taste buds and also serves the major purpose of clearing your skin off all the scars and blemishes which is the best way to make the most of turmeric tea benefits

3. Turmeric Tea As An Anti-Aging Potion

Do you know what causes wrinkles and skin damage? Free radicles present in your skin! They can make you look dull and rob away all the liveliness thereby making you appear older than you usually are.

Turmeric Tea As An Anti-Aging Potion

Turmeric tea contains antioxidants that help in fighting these free radicals. The lesser the free radicals, the livelier is the skin. This is the best possible way to retain your skin’s elasticity. All you need is a cup of turmeric tea to rejuvenate your skin and look forever young.

4. Turmeric Tea For Acne Cure

Which of the following reasons can cause you acne? Immense stress that has triggered a hormonal imbalance which led to the eruption of tiny bumps? Or an oily skin that has led to clogged pores?

Grapeseed Oil For Acne

Don’t worry! Turmeric has antioxidant properties and an important substance called curcumin that regulates the hormonal imbalance and maintains the pH of your skin by solving any kind of a skin problem. Drinking turmeric tea twice in a day is the best possible remedy for acne cure.

Turmeric Tea Benefits For Health

Making a daily habit of consuming two cups of turmeric tea can do wonders! Turmeric tea is such a medicinal potion; it helps in keeping you away from the most common health problems that we as common people face. Read on to know some of the surprising health benefits of turmeric tea.

5. Turmeric Tea For Weight Loss

The secret for weight loss not only lies in practicing some hardcore exercises and maintaining a perfect diet but following certain tips can make the weight loss process easy for you. One of the best and effortless tips I found is consuming turmeric tea twice in a day.

Turmeric Tea For Weight Loss

Did you ever wonder why eating sweets can make you fat? The easiest way to get all the unhealthy fats stored in your body is to consume lots of sweets because, when you eat a lot of sweets, your liver works the best for converting the sugars into glucose. But, what about the excess sugars?

They all get stored in the form of fat which makes you unhealthy. Turmeric tea helps in controlling the sugar levels which in turn prevents the storage of fats. Doesn’t it sound legitimate? Preventing the sugars from getting converted into fats! Now you know how to utilize turmeric tea for weight loss.

6. Turmeric Tea For Thyroid Problems

Before consuming turmeric tea for thyroid problems, you should ensure whether you have been suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism because turmeric tea doesn’t really work for both!

Hypothyroidism makes you drowsy and inactive. Drinking turmeric tea while suffering from these symptoms will benefit you because turmeric tea helps in elevating your moods and it instantly makes you active and alive.

Turmeric Tea For Thyroid Problems

But, hyperthyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid gland already produces an excess amount of thyroid hormone in your body. Turmeric tea might increase the symptoms of anxiety and worsen your condition. It is better to avoid turmeric tea when you suffer from hyperthyroidism.

7. How Turmeric Tea Benefits Arthritis?

If you ask your parents or grandparents for the symptoms that have been troubling them, their answer would definitely be joint pains. Turmeric tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the pain and inflammation.

How Turmeric Tea Benefits Arthritis

The best way to help them get relieved from the pain is to serve them a hot cup of turmeric tea twice in a day. Some basic exercises to reduce the joint pains and a daily dosage of turmeric tea is all they need to comfort and soothe their aching joints.

8. Turmeric Tea For Cancer Prevention

The fact that turmeric is so medicinally powerful is only because it contains a chemically active compound called curcumin. Curcumin(1) has anti-cancerous properties that prevent the increase of cell division which is the main reason for the formation of tumours.

Turmeric Tea For Cancer Prevention

Make yourself a cup of hot steamy coffee and savour it whilst you enjoy the scenic view from your balcony. A simple tip as such when practised every day can prevent the occurrence of cancer.

9. Turmeric Tea For Colds

Do you love to get yourself pampered when you are suffering from cold and cough? Here is the best way to feel all good while suffering from cold. Prepare a hot cup of ginger turmeric tea for yourself, wrap yourself with a soft and cosy blanket, and start sipping a refreshing cup of your ginger turmeric tea.

Turmeric Tea For Colds

This is undoubtedly going to make you feel that you are just a few steps away from the paradise. Needless to say, this is the best possible way to cure your cold and obtain a relief because turmeric contains antibodies that fight your cold and ease your headache.

10. Increase Your Immunity Power

Catching cold and fever too soon is undoubtedly a sign of a weaker immune system. If you are one of those persons with a poor immunity, you need not worry because you can really fix this. You just have to increase the intake of turmeric in your diet. But, you cannot really consume turmeric through your regular diet.

Increase Your Immunity Power

The best way to boost your immunity(2) is to consume turmeric tea on a regular basis. You can make a habit of drinking this tea twice a day and see the change by yourself.

11. How Turmeric Tea Benefits Heart?

Clogged arteries are one of the main reasons why you get susceptible to heart strokes. Curcumin present in the turmeric prevents the blockage of arteries and enables a free flow of blood along your blood vessels.

How Turmeric Tea Benefits Heart

It is also a well-known fact that a daily cup of warm tea reduces your stress levels and this will prevent the chances of stress from being one of the reasons for heart(3) strokes.

12. Turmeric Tea For A Healthy Digestive Tract

You have to agree with me to the fact that a healthy gut is a secret to a happy life! A constant uneasiness in your stomach can make you feel miserable. Drinking turmeric tea on a daily basis can help in making your digestive system work much efficient, thereby providing you with a healthy digestive tract.

Turmeric Tea For A Healthy Digestive Tract

In fact, turmeric tea uses for stomach are so effective, they help in treating any kind of a stomach disorder like constipation, diarrhoea and indigestion.

Turmeric Tea Side Effects – Are There Any?

There has been no such instance where anyone has experienced some serious side effects because of turmeric tea. Yet, there have been people who have experienced nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness because of turmeric tea! Seems paradoxical? Let me make it clear!

It is just a matter of common sense that exceeding the permissible limits of 1500 mg per day can land you in a serious trouble. Making the most out of turmeric tea benefits just depends on the quantity that you have been consuming on a regular basis, provided you do not exceed the limited amount.

Turmeric tea is not usually recommended for the people suffering from heartburns as this may aggravate the symptoms, Nevertheless, there are no serious turmeric tea side effects.

Bottom Line

To be honest, I am super excited to make this herbal tea, a daily part of my routine because, I feel that a simple act of including two cups of turmeric tea in my routine is going to relieve me from skin problems, boost my immunity, prevent me from being prone to cancer and serve the best purpose for weight loss.

It’s high time for you to realize that a simple habit of replacing your regular cup of tea with turmeric tea can have a huge impact on your health. Hope this article has been helpful in making you realize the importance of turmeric tea benefits and persuaded to make a new change in your foods list.