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Practice These Upper Back Pain Exercises Along With Some Hot Oil Massages To Ease Your Back Pain

If you are looking for some upper back pain exercises, these simple stretches which can be easily included in your daily routine will give you a major permanent relief from all the strain that has been troubling you. You just have to take some time off your busy schedule and get into your lose outfits meant for a workout to give yourself an upper back pain relief.

Upper Back Pain Exercises

This article gives you various upper back pain causes along with some natural remedies for upper back pain like the application of certain pain relief massages to instantly provide you with an upper back pain relief.

Is Your Work A Desk Job? This Could Most Probably Be One Of The Upper Back Pain Reasons!

A desk job that requires you to sit for prolonged hours, or a sudden sprain caused because of an unexpected rapid move, or a habit of sleeping in an abnormal posture may be some of your most common upper back pain reasons.

If The Pain Worsens With Growing Days, You Might As Well Consult Your Doctor!

If you are supposed to make long journeys every now and then, you must be vigilant about the position of your spinal cord, because a problem that might start off with a mild pain may eventually land you in some serious complications related to your spinal cord.

If the pain continues to persist for much longer periods of time, like months together, you may have to consult your doctor for upper back pain treatment instead of straining your upper back muscles by subjecting them to various forms of exercises or natural remedies for upper back pain.

Upper Back Pain Symptoms – Symptoms That Are Not So Serious

Your upper back pain is in no way related to sciatica because sciatic nerve starts from your lower back and runs down your buttocks till your toes. A general back pain is not at all a serious complication and it generally goes away by following some upper back pain exercises and applying some natural remedies for upper back pain relief.

Check With The Following Upper Back Pain Symptoms

1)    A mild pain that persists in one single region

2)    A radiating pain that is a pain that you may feel travels all around your nerve length of arm or leg.

3)    A sharp pain like that of a knife stabbing your back

4)    A tingling sensation or numbness in the back

5)    A feeling of stiffness and tightness in your upper back

6)    Muscle spasms

Upper Back Pain Symptoms – Alarming Symptoms

1)    A severe inflammation or swelling on the back

2)    Severe weakness

3)    High fever

4)    A sudden weight loss

5)    Numbness

6)    A back pain that worsens with time

7)    Inability to sit and stand immediately

8)    Inability to walk

9)    Nausea and vomiting

10)    Inability to change position quickly

Upper Back Pain Symptoms

However, if your upper back pain symptoms have been troubling you, by refraining you from doing your work, you can opt for some of the upper back pain exercises mentioned in this article that will relax and comfort you.

But before plunging into the action and working on some upper back pain exercises, we bring you forth a clear idea on all the possible upper back pain causes that have accidentally left a pain in your back.

Upper Back Pain Causes – Most Common Causes That Can Be Treated With Upper Back Pain Exercises

Sedentary Lifestyle

The world has become very well versed and technologically advanced, and we are getting our things done at a much faster rate, but this lifestyle is leaving behind many serious health complications one of the considerable problem being an upper back pain.

Sedentary Lifestyle

While you are dedicatedly involved in meeting your tasks and deadlines assigned for that day, you may be unconsciously putting some strain on your back and spinal cord which in turn results in severe discomfort for the rest of the day.

Long Journeys

A perfect journey that involves you plugging your earphones in and listening to your favourite tracks or reading your favourite books while you silently watch the ongoing busy world from your window sounds interesting, but this type of long journeys are perfect only occasionally.

These type of journeys made every day, will undoubtedly lead to upper back pain.

A Sudden And Improper Lifting Of Weights

A Sudden And Improper Lifting Of Weights

You need to be cautious while lifting weights at the gym, follow the suggestions of your gym instructor, and follow a certain pattern while lifting weights because sudden and improper weight lifting can definitely be one of the upper back pain reasons.

A Sudden Injury

A Sudden Injury

If you have had any injuries or accidents that have affected your spinal cord or upper back, they could continue to cause upper back pain even after medication. You can obtain a relief if you practice certain back pain exercises, but you must consult your doctor if a severe pain continues to persist.

It Could Also Be A Herniated Disc Or A Slipped Disc

A slipped disc which is scientifically known as herniated disc occurs when the gelatinous portion of your spinal discs protrudes out and causes pressure on the nearby nerves which lead to back pain.

This is usually a rare phenomenon and can occur because of a sudden rapid movement or sudden lifting of certain objects or this may be seen as you get older.

A herniated disc may occur in your lower back, upper back or your neck

A herniated disc is identified by the symptoms of severe pain or numbness in one of these areas – Arm, legs, back or foot.



As the body weight changes and pressure increases in the spinal regions and muscles, pregnancy can be one of the upper back pain reasons.

If your upper back pain has been causing you some serious troubles, prohibiting you from accomplishing your daily tasks, you can practice the following upper back pain exercises to free yourself from all the annoyance and agitation(except for when you are pregnant).

Eight Upper Back Pain Exercises To Give You An Instant Relief

Thoracic Upper Back Stretch With A Chair

You can practice this at your workplace while you give yourself a break from your tight scheduled work.

To practice this, you just have to sit back and relax in a chair. Put your hands behind your head and lean back until you feel a sense of relaxation in the area of pain. Rest in this position for half a minute and get back to your normal position.

Thoracic Upper Back Stretch With A Chair

Repeat this three to four times at a stretch.

Exercising With Your Shoulder Blades

This simple stretch requires you to lie down completely on the floor (your front facing the floor) and rest your forehead on the floor. Raise your shoulder blades parallel to the floor and slowly bring them back and rest them on the floor. Try doing this ten to fifteen times and make sure you move your hands slowly and not in a rapid manner.

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A Long Sit

This simple exercise helps you stretch your upper back as much as possible and therefore gives a sense of immediate relief while you perform this exercise. To perform this exercise, sit down on the floor, with an erect spine. Stretch and put forward both your legs. Stretch forward your hands and try to touch your toes with your hands. Do not stress you back much in an attempt to touch your toes as this may cause severe pain. Just lean forward until it eases your back pain and gets back to your normal position. A long sit is one of the most effective upper back pain exercises to relieve your back pain. Repeat this five to six times.

Quadruped Exercise Or A Bird Dog Exercise

This exercise gives you a good back pain relief and you can easily afford to stretch your arms and legs simultaneously while practising this exercise. To practice this, all you need to do is get into a dog position, and start stretching your right leg backwards and left arm forwards simultaneously.

Quadruped Exercise Or A Bird Dog Exercise

Get back to your normal position and start stretching your left leg backwards and right leg forwards simultaneously. Repeat this for six to seven times until your back pain is eased.

Cow Face Pose

Cow Face Pose

This exercise is one of the most commonly practised exercises for upper back pain. To practice this, you need to sit down cross-legged, put your left hand backwards, and raise your right hand from the top of your shoulder to hold your left hand.

Standing Wall Stretch

Standing Wall Stretch

You can randomly practice this exercise, at your home, by using the wall as the support. You just have to use your hands and place both the palms on the wall and keep stepping backwards. Stop and concentrate more on stretching your back until you feel a sense of relaxation in your upper back.

Shoulder Roles

This is one of the most effective back pain exercises because, it puts much stress on your back, in the region of your pain and gives you a major relief.

Shoulder Roles

To practice this, you need to place your hands on your shoulders and roll your shoulders in a circular motion until you obtain a relief. You can either roll your shoulders in a forward circular motion or backward circular motion.

A Child’s Pose Exercise

A Childs Pose Exercise

This exercise concentrates on stretching your back to a large extent which is why this is the best exercise for upper back pain. To perform this exercise, you need to sit down on your knees and stretch your hands forward, push yourself forward, bend your head and try to touch the floor with your forehead.

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Natural Remedies For Upper Back Pain Apart From Upper Back Pain Exercises

If you want a permanent upper back pain relief, you need to perform some upper back pain exercises, along with which you need to follow certain home remedies for upper back pain which will definitely soothe your back pain and make it easy for you to do all your household chores as well as outdoor activities.

Relieve Your Back Pain By Applying Heat To The Affected Area

Applying heat to the sprained area can instantly give you a relief, whether the pain is caused because of inflammation or due to due to sudden muscle sprain. Heat can either be applied by using salt or by using a hot water bottle or by just using a cloth. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to obtain an instant soothing relief.

1)    Take three to four tablespoons of salt in a clean cloth and wrap this cloth. Heat the cloth filled with salt and gently press the cloth over the affected area. Make sure, you do not overheat the cloth to avoid burns.

2)    You can buy a hot rubber water bag online and use this for your upper back pain treatment. You just have to put this hot water bag beneath you and lie down in such a position that your upper back is constantly absorbing the heat from this hot water bag.

3)    Take some water in a container and heat it. Use a cloth to immerse in this hot water, and squeeze the cloth until excess water is drained away. Press the cloth over the painful area to obtain back pain relief.

You can instead use some ice cubes as one of the home remedies for upper back pain. Wrap a cloth with some ice cubes and apply the cold to your area of back pain to obtain a soothing effect.

Rice Or Peas – One Of The Best Natural Remedies For Upper Back Pain

You can wrap some rice or peas in a neat cloth and store this wrap in the refrigerator until it gets intensely ice cold.

Use this wrap to rub or gently press it all over your upper back, until you obtain a soothing effect. One of the best advantages of using rice or peas in the wrap instead of using ice cubes is that ice cubes can easily melt away, while applying them, whereas, rice and peas can stay intact, making it easy for you for the application.

Oil Massages – Home Remedies For Upper Back Pain

Practising upper back pain exercises and applying either intense heat or intense cold can definitely have a positive impact for your back pain relief, but apart from these, you can also follow some hot oil massages as upper back pain remedies.

Oil Massages

You can use Coconut oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, Chamomile oil or any one of the essential oils to massage over your upper back.