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Tune the Body Before It Lacks in Vitamin D with Vitamin D Rich Foods

Sitting in front of a digital screen, not knowing which link to click, clicked on many other links and you may get bored; and now you got some spark in your mind to click this link to know what the article is all about while placing your right or left-hand fingers smoothly moving on your forehead, right? OK, then fine, by the title you have expected something but it will be beyond something. You may have heard about vitamin D rich foods and their quantities to consume. But here you will find a crisp to your searching or research. Wait, I have got another question, first of all, when they say life is so short, then why do we have these many foods and health problems in our life?

Tune the Body Before It Lacks in Vitamin D with Vitamin D Rich Foods

Literally, so many live complications in life. We have what not! Though we’re advancing scientifically and technologically, we’re lacking in the most glossary, health. One of them is vitamin D deficiency. Your study till now on vitamin D was much more but I hope the content of this article will widen your eyes. “Oh God, what’s the nuisance this article is talking about,” you may think now but just go on you will understand and learn the lines in the research-oriented article.

If I start by saying vitamin D is vital to your body and you will receive it from the sun and there are few foods through which its concentration is increased, it sounds as boring as you’re watching a 3D movie in black and white 2D. The discussion will roll about on what exactly happens within your body and how exactly vitamin D treats your body. As you find a proper education school from pre-primary to 12th standard, you will find vitamin D benefits and much more microscopic level of its functioning here.

Circulated Arcs of vitamin D

  • Fat-soluble
  • Vitamin D generates hormone called, “Activated vitamin D,” also called as Calcitriol
  • Absorbs Calcium and Phosphorous into body

History of Scientific Study on Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D2 and D3 are relevant forms
  • Short lives in blood circulation
  • Chemical name – Cholecalciferol and Chemical formula – C27H44O
  • The liver converts Vitamin D into 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Kidneys convert 25-Hydroxyvitamin into 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D.

So have you now got a little interest to read the next lines? Wait let me guess, not much I think! Still, you need more. Don’t worry! I will match your interest with an introduction to

  • Research View: Functionality of Vitamin D
    • Brain
    • Respiratory Influence of Vitamin D
    • Digestive Influence of Vitamin D
    • Influence of Vitamin D in Skeletal System
      • Bone Materialization
      • Calcium Homeostasis
      • Phosphorous Modulation
    • Be a Rich Kid of Vitamin D Before it Lacks

A standalone project to be stardom of health to all the functions of internal organs is Vitamin D. So let’s travel into the deep space and explore the unseen organs’ percent of absorption of Vitamin D and vitamin D rich foods (later).

Research View: Functionality of Vitamin D

Research, the sound itself makes you skip. But it’s an easy way to convey the vitamin D function. You will now explore the concentrations and influence of Vitamin D by the organs of your body.


We all know the brain’s extended version and even VR experience, as well as psychological significance, is associated with the brain. Brain impair arises when your brain is drained with lack of vitamin D. Brain is said as more oxygen absorption, so if you have vitamin D rich foods then there is a no chance brain will get impaired!

Sometimes when your brain hits with rays of the sun, a sudden relief and calmness are experienced. The philosophy here is brain triggers the neuron cells as vitamin D through sun rays enter your brain. Through this, energy flows into the brain and makes you active all the day.

Neurotransmitters – now what do you got in mind? Transmit energy and sends signals to the brain when you experience a sense flavor to the five sense organs or may carry a message within brain organs. But the title of Vitamin D here is the source of involvement for neurotransmitters are Nerves and Cerebrospinal.

Do you know how your emotions are carried out? Cerebrospinal dips into a fluid(cerebrospinal fluid) associated with it and are a playback of your emotions.

At the time of pregnancy, the offspring brain illuminates with growth after birth. Majority contribution for brain growth in offspring will be through vitamin D supplement. The brain also establishes connections with other parts of the body and can be called as bone morphogenetic properties.

These properties function in an effective way with sources of Vitamin D. So everyday brain consciously or subconsciously will undergo many tasks and if you are not in a mood to supply the demanded vitamins then the brain will not show any mood to function in its own way.

Improve brain standards to some extent with vitamin D rich foods.

Respiratory Influence of Vitamin D

The ups and downs in breathing, thyroid problems, and asthma have a good correlation with vitamin D. As bulleted above, the oxygen levels in the body are elevated through the breakdown of vitamin D hence making you standard – in terms of air you breathe. So this can be done with vitamin D rich foods.

Bacteria and viruses will impact on the respiratory systems by settling down in the lungs. It comes as cold and you feel pain while swallowing. Here the only treatment is through hydroxyl nature of vitamin D.

Oxygen, carbon and hydrogen impurities in vitamin D drive out the performance of micro bacterial infections. As you eat more vitamin D rich foods, the micro bacteria present in the foods will rule out.

Another dangerous disease or illness, whatever you call it, very few might have suffered. Tuberculosis, directly build their home in the lungs and punish your respiratory system very harshly. You can’t imagine the pain it will give you. So if you protect yourself with vitamin D rich foods then no germs or bacteria will dare to touch your internal parts.

Do you think these are the only illnesses you suffer from if you squeezed out of vitamin D? Cystic Fibrosis raises its hand to settle in your lungs. You find suffocation and inability in breathing if you got with this fibrosis.

You got a big boom in vitamin D deficiency to your respiratory system. Throw the illnesses or diseases those surround your respiratory system with the hydroxyl nature of vitamin D.

Digestive Influence of Vitamin D

“Oh My God! Still how much Vitamin D does persuade?” But it is an aspect to know as you have Vitamin D Rich foods in day-to-day life. The responsibility of vitamin D to the digestive system goes with three elements – process, absorption, and roles.


The digestive system is a storehouse to receptor cells, especially to vitamin D. Your body operations such as mouth cells, esophagus, and intestines (small and large) all come under the roof of vitamin D.  Cells those result in fat-formation and epithelial are excellent receptors of vitamin-D.


Just like a sponge absorbs water so do the vitamin D. It absorbs or takes-in the calcium content. Nerves act as transmitters for calcium; calcium will be deposited at the required places.


Your leg nerve may get a sprain or some wound may leave your skin to swelling. Receptors again stand up on their toes to synthesize proteins.

You can observe the festivity nature of digestive system just with a bite of vitamin D rich foods. The dynamism of vitamin D is an ocean and as you dig more, you will find more and more.

Influence of Vitamin D on Skeletal System:

Though the nerves and internal organs are in perfect function, few minerals must be deposited at areas. Hence, the skeletal system is what we have. Bones need calcium and phosphorous in order to boost the growth.

Bone Mineralization:

Vitamin D is will not be available in the blood for more time so it will be deposited in the fat cells and near the bones. Nerve cells carry the remained vitamin D to the bones and help them to mineralize. Bones formed with two major elements – calcium and phosphorous. An outbreak lack in sources of vitamin D could weaken your bones to a major extent.

Calcium Homeostasis:

I may not introduce to homeostasis as you are aware of it. Are you able to hit a rock or something to break your bones or to break rocks (if you’re well trained with Kung-Fu or Karate)? Maybe, Yes. The strength bones got is so concrete that it is 10 times stronger than a stone. Hence, if you can have foods high in vitamin D then the homeostasis of calcium will be maintained in normal levels. To model bones to that extent, calcium helps so. Calcium-rich diet will be absorbed by vitamin D cells and will transfer it to the bones.

Phosphorous Modulation:

Plasma undergoes the process of reproduction. So phosphorous will not involve in any of the transfer functions while reproduction is in the process. Phosphorous levels in plasma will have a genuine impact on blood and cell transmission. Vitamin D benefits the blood cells in the body restricting them to affect with cancer.

Do you know why will you see the smoke in graveyards? After the body is dead, the phosphorous and calcium content in the skeletal system evaporates. It will evaporate in the form of vapors. Mainly, the endocrine system needs the concentration of calcium and phosphorous.

Be a Rich Kid of Vitamin D Before It Lacks!

A brief, in fact, a more detailed vitamin D function is studied by you. It’s just a sample you learned because the scientific physiology of vitamin D is just like studying telephone directory.  Lack of vitamin D in infants and adults makes them prone to vitamin D Deficiency symptoms. So be aware to have vitamin D through your diet and make time for exercise if you don’t want yourself look weird.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are very fatal and few can be solvable. The fat-soluble vitamin if had in excess concentrations will lead to other disorders. So have considerable supplements. The symptoms of Vitamin D include:

–    General aches and pains in the body

–    Bone weakness is experienced

–    Frequent infections

–    Cell cancer or skin cancer

–    Hair loss

–    Slow process of healing

–    Fatigue

The main symptoms if it lacked. Be a classer, be a richer of vitamin D and don’t be a borer of it. Well, you may now look at the Vitamin D rich foods but I’m sure that you will be finding it for my next article. I hope your mind is now got into the concept of vitamin D. Now have a cup coffee it if it’s morning; have your food if you’re waiting to dine and have a nice sleep if you’re about to sleep.

Health is, after all, an embodiment of love in your life. So have a perfect health to have a lovely life. Be an all-time energizer. This is me, signing off…