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18 Top Suggestions for a Self-Made Weight Gain Diet Chart

Who doesn’t want to look good? Everyone wants to look slim, yet people don’t prefer a very skinny body frame. There are many ways to gain potential weight by following a healthy diet.

Usual weight gain due to fats, junk may be a regular thing. But to gain your body weight under safety guidelines of fat control, metabolic health, and blood health isn’t so simple. But when you switch to a weight gain diet plan, it is quite helpful for an average person to grow body weight positively.

18 Best Diet Tips For A Healthy Weight Gain

The market is overflowing with many products which claim to help in gaining weight. It is very important to keep in mind that there will be many side effects with the practice of artificially made products in the market. It is safest to stick to a diet chart and follow a diet plan to gain weight than use any synthetic product.

Weight Gain Diet Tips:

Weight gain is a time-consuming process and therefore requires you to be patient. The main intention is to gain weight the healthy way, not just add extra calories that could make you sick. So always aim at including healthy food items and take them at the appropriate time. Following a diet chart for weight gain will keep you healthy yet good to look.

Add Calories To Your Diet:

Eating food rich in calories will help in gaining weight. The body needs about 250 calories in a day for effective weight gain. The aim is to eat healthy food and not go snack upon calorie bars available in the market. Following a weight gain diet plan will be very crucial to keep you healthy with the right amount of nutrients needed.

  • Vegetables like beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach
  • Red meat
  • Olive oil in salads
  • Dairy products like cheese, curd
  • Pulses
  • Cereals
  • Rice
  • Dry fruits and nuts
Increase The Number Of Meals:

It is important to keep in mind to increase the number of meals in a day and not the quantity of a meal. Having about six meals in a day is what you need to aim at for healthy weight gain. The diet to gain weight needs to be throughout the day rather than one heavy meal.

  • Have 3 big meals and 3 small meals every day.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be heavy and rich in calories.
  • Breakfast can include bowl full of cereal, bread butter, cheese, peanut butter, etc.
  • Snacks can include dry fruits, boiled vegetables, cheese sandwiches, etc.
  • Small meals will help you stay healthy by not adding the fat content.
  • Consistent meals will help in keeping the energy levels up in the body.
High Protein With Calories:

High Protein With Calories

In addition to calories, the body needs proteins as well for a healthy weight gain. Building up the muscles and not the flab is important when thinking about weight gain. Proteins are the basic building blocks of muscles so nourish your body and tone the muscles by including sufficient proteins. Understanding the appropriate weight gain diet is the first step to gaining weight.

  • Eggs
  • Lean Meat
  • Fish
  • Pulses
  • Chicken
  • Sprouts
  • Dairy products
Include Healthy Fats In Diet:

Include Healthy Fats In Diet

Healthy fats are important for a healthy weight gain as they are essential for the growth and strengthening of the body muscles. Most of the vital body functions depend upon the fat content in the body. Following a weight gain diet will turn out to be beneficial for you.

  • Nuts
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Salmon
  • Flax seeds oil
  • Avocadoes
Indulge In Yoga:

Indulge In Yoga

Yoga is known to be the cure for many problems. There are many advantages of yoga.

Exercise Well:

Daily Exercises

Just as exercising helps in reducing weight, it helps in building muscles as well. It is always better to follow a healthy weight gain diet where you can avoid the chaos of eating choices out of hundreds of random suggestions. Prefer a particular diet routine that keeps the body hydrated along with regular exercising. It is important to have a good energy drink during the workouts. A major point of concern before hitting the gym is to consult a good instructor.

  • Crunches
  • Leg pressing
  • Leg extensions
  • Shrugging the shoulders
  • Leg and arm curls
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
Eliminate Stress from the Life:

Relieve Stress and Anxiety By Way of Acupressure Points

Stress plays a major role in the overall health of an individual. A stressed-out person will either gain weight or start to lose weight. A relaxed mind will lead to a relaxed body and soul. A good weight gain diet chart along with ample rest and meditation will help in eliminating stress.

Weight Gain Diet Chart:

Now that you have understood the various tips for proper weight gain, concentrate on a healthy diet. Following a proper weight gain diet will be beneficial in gaining weight the right way.

Before Breakfast A cup 8 am tea or cappuccino
Breakfast 8 am to 9 am · Multi-grain bread with egg omelet.

· A bowl of cornflakes or oats.

· Vegetable Khichdi

· 2 chapattis with a bowl of vegetables.

·  A glass of fresh fruit juice

·  A bowl of fruit

After breakfast 10 am to 11 am A glass of full-fat milk
Lunch 12:30 pm to 1 pm · A bowl of rice with 2 chapattis.

·  A bowl of pulses.

· A bowl of vegetable curry.

·  A bowl of chicken curry/ paneer curry/ meat curry

·  A bowl of vegetable salad

· A bowl of fresh curd

Evening snack 5:30 pm to 7 pm · Vegetable or chicken soup with butter

· Vegetable sandwich with cheese or paneer

Dinner 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Similar to lunch without any rice
Before bedtime 10:30 pm to 11 pm A glass of full-fat milk

Reasons for Being Underweight?

There are many reasons for a person to be underweight. It could be any underlying disease or could also be a heredity factor.

  • Heredity factors
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney ailments
  • Eating disorders
  • Enzyme deficiency
  • Hereditary factors
  • Depression

Problems Caused due to Being Underweight?

Weakened Immune System:

The immune system of a person is responsible for guarding the person against infections. An underweight person will have a weak immune system. A weak immune system will make the person easily susceptible to infections and diseases.

People who are underweight tend to be more prone to cold and flu infections. Follow a healthy diet to gain weight and increase your body stamina. If the body is well hydrated and active, the defense system of the body will be strong.


People who are underweight tend to feel weak and tired often. Lack of iron and folic acid in the body will lead to anemia. Nutritional deficiencies affect the circulation of blood in the body and make the person fatigued often.

Following a healthy diet chart to gain weight will help you to avoid getting anemic. Severe anemia can lead to many health issues and hence a proper diet with medication is important.

Fertility Problems:

Underweight people tend to suffer from many health problems. Both men and women suffer from many problems by being underweight. Following a healthy diet for weight gain will guard you against many health ailments.

  • Most women suffer from fertility problems due to low weight.
  • Being underweight, many young girls and women suffer from irregular menstrual cycles.
  • It is also found to be difficult to conceive and sustain the pregnancy. The chances of miscarriage are more by being underweight.
  • Men who are underweight tend to suffer from sexual problems, low sperm production, etc.
Increased Bone Damage:

People who are underweight tend to be more prone to bone ailments such as Osteoporosis. Inadequate Vitamin D and calcium content in the body due to hormonal imbalance will lead to the easy fracturing of bones.

Many dental problems such as cavities, weak teeth, etc. are mainly because of insufficient nutrition. So follow the best diet for weight gain and protect your bones.

Stay Fit And Healthy With Few Guidelines:

Homemade Smoothies

Rather than buying ready-made energy drinks or sports drinks, you can make your smoothies at home. We can prepare homemade smoothies with nut butter and avocado.

Juices and Shakes

Vitamin C boosters such as citrus fruit juices work better to improve your weight. Full-fat milkshakes with strawberries, cherries, banana can be taken for quick weight gain. Full-fat curd or lassi is an alternative to fruit juices.

Never skip a Meal

The body needs nourishment at regular intervals of time. The vital organs of the body function continuously and skipping meals will deplete the energy content. Make sure you don’t skip your 3 main meals.

In addition to the main meals, it is crucial to eat small meals throughout the day. Hence, a weight gain diet chart will help you figure out the best possible foods for your weight gain.

Know What You are Eating

Make sure you have variety in your meals. Changing the taste will increase the appetite and make the regular meals interesting. You can alternate between lean meats and proteins. There is no particular best diet for weight gain. You need to keep a track on your preferences and decide the best meals for you.

Know that ‘Rest’ is also Important

Rest well and exercise well. Regular exercise helps the body to stay healthy by keeping you active. Despite the fact that you might be on your toes the entire day, moderate exercise will pump in energy. Hence, diet to gain weight, and regular exercise go hand in hand in making a healthy body.

What to Avoid?

Avoid indulging in junk food items such as pizza, burger, pastries, etc. You can always snack on fresh fruits, nuts, dry fruits, oats, vegetable salads, etc.

Avoid eating chocolate as much as possible. You will be unsuccessful in gaining weight the right way by indulging in chocolates. Chocolates will tend to make you lethargic and moody.

A junk-food filled diet that lacks in nutrients won’t work well in keeping you healthy. It is very important to understand that weight gain is a slow and steady process. The market is overflowing with products that claim to help in weight gain in a very short time span. Never fall prey to such attractive supplements as they do harm than any good to you and your body.

So follow a healthy weight gain diet and improve your body metabolisms. You will observe a great difference in your body’s defense mechanism by snacking on healthy food items. Once you protect yourself from regular viral infections, you will tend to remain strong and healthy.