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Yoga for Fertility – Find Yoga’s Importance in Every Aspect of Life

The quality of being fertile is productiveness. The ability to conceive children is defined as fertility. The infertility problem is a very commonly observed problem in many of the individuals who are not getting pregnant even after having tried for over one year. It is usually self-diagnosable but it is better to consult a doctor for a quick recovery. Few lab tests will be done on you to confirm the problem after which you have to proceed with the fertility treatments. Generally, women in their twenties are most fertile and when the age count increases from thirty the fertility also decreases. So you can follow some natural practices or the yoga for fertility treatment at home to increase your fertility. Yoga is our recommendation for today. Yoga fertility poses will help you in increasing fertility by providing relaxation to various body parts and mind.

Yoga for Fertility Exercises at Home to Gain Fertility

It is Important to Recognise the Problem Before Finding Solution.

It is equally important to first identify the problem in you. The individuals who have not been getting pregnant even despite having tried for it over a year, both have to go get a physical check-up done before thinking about the fertility treatment. Once the problem is identified you can generally cure yourself by following some natural fertility treatment at home. The doctor will also check your semen quality and the hormone levels in your blood which will help them in knowing the problem in depth. He will also ask you about your daily habits which contribute towards health. The persons who have been into drugs and drinks have the higher risk of suffering from fertility. The natural fertility treatments include the best yoga for fertility increase. Let us briefly discuss them in the following.

The First step in the Fertility Treatment:

When you consult a doctor, he will generally give you medication which will help women ovulate. This will help in increasing the fertility in women. Women generally face the problem of fertility after their thirties. So it is advised for them to follow some natural treatments for fertility by just following few tips which will be explained below.

There is also a process in which the sperm is directly put into the women, this process is called insemination. But however, this is not necessary because you can have a fertility treatment and increase your productiveness.

In men, the doctor asks you to have a hygienic diet to have an increase in the sperm count. It will surely help you even if it’s a slow process.

The fertility treatments are very costly and also stressful, so it is generally advised to follow the natural fertility treatments at home. There is yoga poses to increase fertility, they will make you fertile by providing blood circulation to all the private parts of the body.

Then comes the step-2 in the fertility treatment with which you can cure yourself at home;

Home Remedies- Natural Fertility Treatments for you at Home


Increase Water Intake

Water helps you in remaining hydrated always which will help you in the semen production. Consuming a good amount of water per day will help you in remaining fertile. So make sure you don’t get dehydrated, always remain hydrated.

Concentrate on your Diet:

Always the food intake plays an important role in maintaining the health of an individual. Having a good source of nutrition in our diet will help us to remain fertile and also increase the fertility. High fiber food is always advised which will help in remaining healthy and fertile. So if you’re a junkie, it’s time for you to focus on your diet.

Green leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli will help you to increase your fertility and reduce the risks of infertility. They will also help you to boost up your immune system and remain healthy by maintaining the hormone levels in the body.

Yoga for Fertility

Let us discuss the best yoga poses for fertility, which will increase your fertility and avoid you from getting the infertility problem. We will also discuss the yoga fertility poses which will help in blood circulation to private parts in your body and also give relief from stress on the nervous system which will help you in increasing your fertility.

Take Plenty of Rest

Always take plenty of rest, because the lack of sleep is also one main cause of infertility. You need to take the proper amount of sleep in a day, lack of sleep will lead to many problems because the body organs or functions don’t get rest, they keep on functioning and stress out and this will lead to many health problems creating a disturbance in your body.

By following these natural fertility treatments at home you can increase your fertility without undergoing any fertility treatment. This is the second step to your fertility treatment at home for treating yourself.

The step-3 for your fertility treatment at home is by doing yoga. Yoga for fertility increase is the one best health benefit of yoga making it precious.

Best Poses of Yoga for Fertility

Let us briefly discuss the yoga poses to increase fertility. This is considered to be one of the best fertility treatment. Yoga plays an important role in infertility treatments, it will help you in curing of infertility easily and will strengthen your sexual health. It will help you in becoming most fertile, all you have to do is yoga asanas for fertility increase. This is the final step you have to follow to finish your fertility treatment. You have to follow these yoga exercises every day. But it is advised to ask a doctor whether you are actually healthy enough to do some yoga or not, or else it will create disturbances in your body which will lead to further complications. So before starting this final step, it is strictly recommended to seek a doctor for better advice. Performing this yoga asana for thirty to forty minutes a day is advised because it will help your body. Don’t start heavily doing it in the begin itself, start slowly and perform it better with practice. They will help you in increasing circulation to reproductive parts and act like a stress buster to break out the stress from you. So let us now briefly discuss the yoga asana for fertility.

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)


You have to sit on your legs straight and then bend forward, touch your toes with hands. This asana is important yoga poses to increase fertility. It stimulates and strengthens ovaries. Doing this properly for two to three minutes would help you with the health benefit.

Standing Forward Bend (Hastapadasana)


This yoga asana for fertility involves standing straight and then bending forward to touch your legs. It is the same previous exercise but you’ll be doing it standing now. This will help in improving the blood supply to the pelvic region and also the nervous system.

Butterfly Yoga Poses to Increase Fertility.

This yoga fertility poses to increase fertility includes sitting straight and stretching your legs wide and then touching your toes. This will improve the flexibility in the body and also the private parts, will help you in remaining healthy sexually. This yoga fertility pose is called

Pranayama, Heavy Breathing.


By doing pranayama for five minutes a day will help you in remaining strong from outside as well as the inside of the body. It improves the energy levels in the body and makes you most fertile. This is the best yoga for fertility. By doing the pranayama with one nostril closed is the second level in pranayama it will slowly strengthen up your body and makes you most fertile.

Shavasana, Sleep.

corpse posture or Shavasana

This is my favourite yoga asana because it is just sleeping on the floor and taking constant breathes. It will help you in supplying oxygen to all the body parts and also with constant breathing it will improve the blood supply which will help you in increasing your fertility.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)


You have to go next to the wall, and then push your legs up and balance your body on your shoulders this asana will help you increase fertility, by increasing the blood circulation to the reproductive parts. However, it may not be possible for people with more weights, but with practice anything is possible. If you are too heavy its better, you skip this exercise and work a couple of minutes more on pranayama only.


Sethu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

This yoga asana for fertility will help you to release anti-toxins in your body, it involves a position in which you actually have to get into the position in the way which you do push-ups on the ground. But you needn’t actually do push ups just take the position and stop, let all the body weight fall on your legs and hands. By performing these poses for fertility it will help you in increasing the chance of conceiving children.

But before following this asana in yoga for fertility, first, consult a doctor and ask him if you can start doing the yoga fertility poses. He will tell you if you are really fit enough to do some yoga and makes sure there will be no rise of other complications which will pull your health down again. So play safe, work hard and play hard but importantly stay healthy.

What did we learn about Yoga for Fertility, Finally?

With this article about fertility, you must be clear about all the best poses of yoga for fertility and then the natural fertility treatments. This is the one best fertility treatment and is the natural fertility treatment. By following that yoga asana for fertility, you can easily become more fertile. So don’t walk into the depressions if you are infertile, it’s just that you need time, you’ll come back and pay for your wait. So by following yoga practices, you will surely be at the benefit able side and yes don’t forget to thank me for all the stuff I have shared because I’ve been working lot for this one. Thanks for reading and I’m sure it will be useful.


Always make sure you meet your doctor and seek an advice from him before you start following this yoga for fertility. If you are incapable of doing it, maybe it will lead to various complications which will pull down your health. So make sure you meet your doctor before you start.