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About Us

Team of TheFitGlobal always strives to get you the best from the world. Bringing Health and Wellness to every home is what our First and the Final Aim. Our team of researchers and bloggers produce the most useful suggestions and tips along with great nutritional treatments that you can use yourself at home and attain best natural living.

The Beginning and the Journey:

It all started from the facts that show the real scene in today’s medical and health industry. Our team consistently inspires readers to bring about revolutionary changes in their lives in the easiest ways possible to get the dreamy thoughts of ‘Perfect Health’ into reality.

When the starters of the blog, the Health and Psychology experts have found that there’s a lot to revolutionise about the way world’s population (as kids) is approaching to its adulthood, and the way adults of the world attaining their old age, and also the way people are ending their lives by giving up for an unwanted disease and unplanned retirement from being active just in 50s.. they had a serious thought to influence the world in this regard and they have concluded that a world-standard blog would do the best for this cause.

Coming to the purpose’s implementation, the authors and editors rigorously strive to produce the best content to teach the global population simplest ways to lead a greatly healthy, enthusiastic, and energizing life.

It has been 3 years for now we are bringing out the best of our nutritionists and researchers to empower the world about Natural Well-being and thereby Healthy Living.

What All We Have Covered for You?

Minimalizing the diseases of your life, bringing strong immune strength in children, women’s best health care advice, and every corner of health care is touched by TheFitGlobal researchers. For everything about health, you will find a simple and better way with us.

To begin with, ‘the 100% food-literacy on the Earth’ has been our giant goal. To get everyone under the roof of knowledge about what help every food in your reach can do to your body is what ‘Food-Literacy’ means.

We have all aspects of health covered for you. Know nutrition, diet plans, techniques of acupressure and acupuncture, yoga, home remedies for various ailments, et al. About any speck of a thing, either to know or to solve in health world, you can drop an email to us, we are there to give you a proper reliable answer and help you out.

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Nakka Shiva Kumar

Shiva Kumar is a professional writer whose work is dedicated in Health care and Nutrition. He started his career with writing for various platforms on Internet and TV in Health Category. He is certified to write on Health care, Food Plans. He is an authorised writer at

Sai Sudha

Sai Sudha is a certified health blogger who has a special interest in life sciences, human psychology and fitness which drove her to make blogging turn passion to profession. Being an introvert, writer, empath and a nature lover, she loves Yoga and believes it to be one of the best pathways to self discovery! She loves travelling, exploring new places and wants to spread help through words. She finds happiness in little things which makes her live life to the fullest.

Kranthi Kumar Maska

Kranthi Kumar Maska is a profound blogger, entrepreneur who predominately writes on Health, Travel, Lifestyle. He is a certified writer in Nutrition, Health care, and Diet. "The best in you comes out when you have nothing in your favour" is what Kranthi believes in. He has a lot of interests, out of which writing is his love, and "Digital Marketing" is his passion.

Judy Robinson

Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Currently, she is associated with Indiana based Coolsculpting Treatment Provider named 'Coolsculpting at Body By'.