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It’s time for you too, to share your valuable tips and things about health on our platform! We welcome quality writings on Natural Treatments and Healthcare if one comes up with passionate, solid content with an ambition of educating the world in any aspect of organic health care, treatments with yoga and Ayurveda, and attaining health by using herbal products.

You can write for us regarding the same at [email protected] if you have such an enthusiastic stuff in your brain!

These are the guidelines to see to before you send your post to us.

  1. An article can be only published if it is more than 1400 words.
  2. Content should be relevant to the niche of the site, i.e., only under the categories of articles that website publishes.
  3. Content should never match with any of the contents on the Internet, 100% genuine, original content is what only we publish.
  4. Keep grammatical errors, language errors close to zero.
  5. The draft of the article should also contain a Meta Title, a Meta Description.
  6. Promotion of any brand, or any product is not allowed in the blog content.

Cheers to your inner writer!


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