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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Along with Precautionary Side Effects

Dark chocolate is a notorious snack which attracts every food lover. It is impeccably rich with many minerals and nutrients beneficial for health, involving almost every organ of the body. Dark chocolate nutrition also serves several beauty purposes. Despite there are numerous products formed using cacao, dark chocolate shows up with powerful antioxidant properties. The peculiarity of benefits of dark chocolate is exposed here with minute details.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Along with Precautionary Side Effects

Dark Chocolate Nutritional Values:

To discuss the health benefits of dark chocolate, it would make a long list. But knowing the nutritional side of it makes it simpler to understand all the uses.

An important mention about dark chocolate is that it is the healthiest form of chocolate out of all. This is due to the least amount of sugar and higher amounts of cacao, which has immense nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Dark chocolate benefits are mainly due to its powerful antioxidant strength which has a versatile use for health as from eye health to cardiovascular health.
  • Minerals in Cacao are highly valuable, which promote dark chocolate benefits for skin and health.
  • Fats, calories, and sugars take a large share in dark chocolate nutrition. They also aid in positive effects on our body which are more than any other cacao product. But if you are on a weight loss diet or a diabetes patient, you must restrict yourself from eating too much of dark chocolate.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates:

The uses of dark chocolate for health are vast and versatile. We shall understand each of them in detail.

Protection from Cancer

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Cancer cells are nothing but severely grown free radicals at various locations of the body. Free radicals are best controlled by antioxidant cells that we receive from foods. As we found the best benefits of dark chocolate are because of powerful antioxidants, there is a clear possibility that it can control cancer at the very preliminary stage.

As food makes our body, there is no special part that gets ignored by food. That way, every organ of our body is protected from all cancers in the name of dark chocolate health benefits.

Entire Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular Benefits

Heart health is interlinked to many organs of the body as it is connected to every part of the body in some way. The flavonoids of dark chocolate help heart regulate the blood circulation and blood pressure. Dark chocolate benefits the health of blood platelets by relieving their sticky nature and aid in healthy clotting whenever needed. This also helps in preventing heart strokes by promoting healthy blood circulation and clotting.

Also, antioxidants in dark chocolate fight free radicals and reduce their inflammatory effects on the body. This further protects the heart by keeping blood cells healthy.

Flavonol, major flavonoid of dark chocolate is responsible for all the benefits for heart health. It is also useful to protect brain potentiality.

Body Mass Index is Controlled

BMI levels are found to be decreasing in many of the people subjected to experiment on the diet patterns and body conditions. Though the research carried out over masses may not be accurate, the uses of dark chocolate for health in other regards make us believe that it can control the body mass index as a by-product.

Controls Diabetes


Please be cautious, diabetes regulation is into the benefits of dark chocolate, but not every chocolate you come across in the store. Other chocolates have high sugars, additives, sweetening agents which outright increase the glucose content or the insulin resistance in blood veins. The cacao in dark chocolate benefits us in regulating endothelial functioning and keeping sugar levels in moderate levels. It is helpful in checking for diabetic symptoms in advance.

Blood Health

Here is the pre-diabetic benefit from the dark chocolate. Proper endothelial activity can enhance blood circulation and blood health to its best level. Endothelium generates nitric oxide, which improves blood flow, reduces blood pressure, and relaxes the arteries. Minerals like iron, magnesium in dark chocolate can bring down the blood pressure levels. All in all, blood health is best supported by dark chocolate with no negative comprehension.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Lowers cholesterol

Potent antioxidant strength is the major reason for cholesterol reduction in the body. LDL cholesterol should be prevented from oxidation, which is harmer than usual cholesterol. Increases oxidized lipids may lead to severe free radical activity, which is effectively cured by flavonoids in dark chocolate.

Polyphenol in dark chocolate benefits health by increasing HDL cholesterol, i.e. healthy fat. Reduced insulin resistance can also get the cholesterol vanished by clearing the fats in stores to a maximum level.

Dark Chocolate for Skin

More than half of the skin disorders are caused due to inflammations and burns. Exposure to the sun is another major cause of skin problems. Overexposure leads to UV radiation and tanning.

Dark Chocolate for Skin

We have ample of antioxidants in dark chocolate which can combat all these issues with least difficulty. Suntan treatment is done from the nutritional side, with which skin gets the healthiest nourishment rather than physical treatment.

Eating dark chocolate, or raw cacao beans can help protect from UV radiation. There is no need of any fairness product when you start using cocoa for skin health. Home remedies for skin protection may work to better the situation, but foods always have the upper hand in nourishment and treatments.

Carbs are Abundant

With a high content of carbohydrates, nutrition becomes flawless with dark chocolate. Health benefits of dark chocolate, rather that of any product are incomplete without fruitful nourishment. Have chocolates as a primary ingredient in your diet if you are getting into a meal plan to get fit and energized.

Good for Brain and Mood


The best out of all is here! Chocolate helps in improving our mood and the cognitive ease with the best impact. Improved blood flow in blood enables the brain tissues to react faster. In severe cases of mental impairment, neural weakness, antioxidant health benefits of dark chocolate come into the picture. Flavonol in cocoa can avoid risks of such brain diseases.

Mood enhancement finds another advantage here with dark chocolate consumption. Phenylethylamine(PEA), a chemical released when you feel ecstatic and lovable. When you eat chocolate, the endorphins released by PEA’s activity make you feel better and happy. Also, various parts of the brain get benefited by dark chocolate nutrition. Along with cognitive abilities, abstract reasoning, working-time memory, random memory, visual-spatial awareness get admirably benefited with a bite of dark chocolate each day.

Healthy Hair and Scalp

Healthy Hair

Benefits of dark chocolate have this peculiar feature of involving too many advantages along with one use. Improved blood circulation in the skin causes a healthy scalp. Infections, dandruff in the scalp get reduced to a great extent with the potential treatment given by dark chocolate.

Also, the anti-inflammatory effect leads to an infection-free and stronger hair.

The risk with Dark Chocolates

Benefits of dark chocolate are potential just on the verge of moderate dosage, but it is unsure whether the advantages predominate some health risks as we expect. There are few observed side effects with dark chocolate because of its peculiar composition.

Each of these points requires high attention. These are the reasons why all the chocolates are avoided despite the healthiest benefits of dark chocolate type.

  • Kidney stones may form with excess consumption of dark chocolate. Benefits of dark chocolate for health go worthless if oxalate in dark chocolate has more impact on you.
  • Increases caffeine may sometimes lead to diarrhea, heart rate increment, anxiety, etc. This proves entire dark chocolate benefits for brain health should be sought carefully as to avoid such adverse symptoms.
  • Carbohydrates in dark chocolate are now with a parallel threat, i.e. calories. There are 550 calories in 100 grams of chocolate. We must be running on a hectic daily exercise plan, or we should choose a profession which melts huge calories in a day if you are a chocolate lover. Thus, keeping their consumption to a minimum level is a wise thought than all this mess.

As the above mentioned health benefits of dark chocolate prove how useful and enjoyable it is, there is no need of ambiguity in trying it as a snack. But be cautious while eating too much of it. Moderate of anything can lead to modest results.