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3 Amazing Features that Prove the Immensity of Health Benefits of Watermelon

How well are you into food and nutrition? Can you keep listening for hours about foods and their benefits? It is pretty boring question by itself. But melon fruits are such sweeter that they will attract us to the immense levels and we can never get fed up how much ever they are fed to us. Obviously, the health benefits of watermelon are what we are going to know in this post.

Benefits of Watermelon

If you’re a North Indian adult, you must have your mother feeding you yogurt with sugar every morning while going out of your house for years, never giving up. There, it has been a notion that it will all do good if we take that mix while moving out, but the essence of this chore-looking act is ‘glucose and the water.’

The one who moves out under the sun needs to be very well-hydrated and have some starch for instant usage. So the yogurt and sugar mix does the instant job for you to be guarded against the factors of dehydration and metabolism. All this stuff gives us best interpretation on how healthy watermelon for our body is. There is a subtle connection between the two products and they prove watermelon nutrition and its health benefits to stand out.

Watermelon Nutrition:

This entire post revolves around the nutritional strength of watermelon. Dominated by water content though, Cucurbitaceae family vegetables and fruits also give most essential nutrients required by the body.

The contents of watermelon fruit are listed here:

Nutrient Portion(Per 100 grams of weight)
Calories 30
Fat 0.2 grams
Cholesterol 0 grams
Protein 0.6 grams
Carbohydrates 8 grams
Fiber 0.4 grams
Sugars 6 grams(Out of carbs)
Vitamin A 11%
Vitamin C 13%
Sodium 1mg(1%)
Potassium 112mg(3%)
Iron 1%
Magnesium 2%
Calcium 1%

The percentage(%) indicates the Daily Recommended Value of respective nutrients.

The nutritional immensity of the fruit is highly sufficient for a person with the illness. And the one who is alright at his/her health can have this any time to improve the metabolism and maintain the skin and health well.

Zero Fat – High Energy:

One special mention before we can study the benefits is the ‘zero-fat’ content of the fruit. The calories in watermelon are minimum, which is another supporting factor that elevates the weight controlling element from this fruit.

Zero fat content and great mineral and water contents help us retain the perfect shape of the body. This also enhances our circulatory health along with fat control.

To look into the health benefits of watermelon keenly, we shall rely on watermelon nutrition and clearly understand the advantages of eating it.

These major 3 contents of watermelon fruit give us perfect answers for what is watermelon good for.

I.   The Water Content

The first and major thing that strikes when we remind watermelon is its 92% water content. The importance of water for the life on Earth doesn’t need an explanation. And the use of watermelon’s water content is quite immense.

Water for Hydration is the primary benefit. We can keep our bodies cleansed and detoxified with the healthy content of water.

Additionally, health benefits of watermelon enter into the frame by aiding us in gaining immunity. Immunity and water have an intimate relationship. We can form greater resistive power to bacteria, viruses with good water content in the body.

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How is Water in Watermelon Special?

We keep on taking water for litres and litres and feel hydrated and feel the fullness of the stomach irrespective of our hunger. It is not a negative way of maintaining the biology of the water well.

But when this is replaced with water-rich foods, the results get multiplied by tens of times. The nutritional strength and health benefits of watermelon are proved to be highly effective due to its other minerals where in addition, the water is consumed along with them.

This type of intake will regularize the blood health and bone, muscle strength in parallel relation with regular aspects viz. digestion, inflammation, skin health, etc.

‘Water’melon for Skin:

Water in watermelon keeps our skin hygienic. The skin’s elasticity, moisture content, oiliness, et al. can be improved by healthy intake of water.

Water and the vitamins in watermelon collectively enhance the skin health to a great extent. When we get good nourishment for the skin, collagen production will be improved in the skin’s favour. Thereby, we can enhance the resistive capacity of skin towards the exposure of UV rays of the sun. Collagen also helps reducing skin wrinkles on the face.

Every benefit of water for skin works well for everybody with watermelon’s intake. We shall see all those important uses of watermelon indirectly caused by water in coming paragraphs.

II.    The Nutrient Content

Basically, the health benefits of watermelon revolve around its rich water content. But the interesting features of nutrients and vitamins in watermelon go beyond what a normal fruit can provide us. And this is possible in-coordination with water’s impact towards the health.

The Vitamin Content is preferably the best place to explore watermelon benefits for skin and health.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A helps in reducing macular degeneration, i.e. protecting the vision. Watermelon is rich in carotenoids which help in converting vitamin A to Protein. This activity helps in improving the overall health of the body which includes heart functioning, brain condition, and skin health.

The oxidative stress is countered by the action of vitamin A. We can combat inflammatory diseases with right consumption of Cucurbitaceae fruits in which Vitamin A plays a major role. Watermelon can reduce the activity of free radicals with its antioxidant properties.

Additionally, vitamin A cures your dry skin irrespective of your genetic condition. Many face packs are suggested with the inclusion of herbs that are rich in Vitamin A. Therefore, the health benefits of watermelon grabs one more merit in its list.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C alone can get you a ton of health benefits. When there is enough water and there are minerals like potassium and magnesium are abundant, we can forget about the deficiency-effects of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known for its potential immune-boosting strength. Lycopene, a major constituent of vitamin C in watermelon helps reduce oxidative stress.

Apart from the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, there are even more health benefits of watermelon to find out.

Blood pressure control is one major advantage of rich Vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps in provoking fat-burning activities of the body which gives an excellent relief from high blood pressure/hypertension.

The contents of L-arginine and L-citrulline work excellent on inflammatory issues. They cleanse the free radical impact on the body which is a great strength of watermelon nutrition owing to the rich Vitamin C content.

Cures Asthma:


Vitamin C is helpful in regulating our breathing practice, i.e. rectifies any difficulties in breathing like deep breathing, exhaling with the mouth, etc. This results in few unexpected problems like severe cold, swelling of tonsils, bronchitis, etc. All these ill-effects can be healed with good Vitamin C intake, which is a factor of the watermelon’s intake as it can provide better minerals that coordinate with Vitamin C in fighting the ailments.

III.   The Mineral Content

Watermelon Nutrition is incomplete without mentioning its mineral content. Let us look at the extreme health benefits of watermelon with minerals like potassium, calcium, etc.


Sodium is more good when it is taken in moderate amounts. We can regulate blood pressure and heart health with it. Heart’s functioning gets smoother with contented sodium amounts in the body.

There are studies saying we sleep because of the sodium content of the body. It is apparently related to the brain’s activity. Our brain gets enough relaxation with sodium intake, and as a result, brain tissues get relieved from the stress. It is often helpful to improve symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Whenever you feel the numbness, being tired, or vomiting sensation, have half a watermelon. You will get enough potassium to help all these issues. Water alone isn’t credible here to resolve these issues but potassium also takes care of the ailments.

The muscular conditions are largely impacted by potassium levels in the body. It resonates the way how our muscles contract and expand during physical activities.


Calcium portions of watermelon are not just bone strengthening, but they can improve your kidney functioning if you’re already facing any problem with them. Stones in kidneys can be cleared with excess water of watermelon and calcium can kill any inflammations in kidneys.

Calcium can also perform few other functions like strengthening tissues of body cells and cell functioning. Calcium can reduce the uric acid in the blood which enhances the kidney health.

Merits in the Health Benefits of Watermelon:

The nutrients of watermelon come handy in protecting our health in several regards. But watermelon can show few more medicinal impacts on the body like:

Cancer Prevention

When you consume watermelon in high amounts, you can powerfully combat the effect of cancer-causing cells in your body. As there are abundant anti-inflammatory supplements in the fruit, the initial stages of cancer can be encountered with great ease.

Erectile Dysfunction

There are researches showing watermelon working on for improving the sexual performance practically. Watermelon’s mineral content is one major reason behind this benefits. The L-arginine supplement again comes handy in enhancing the potentiality in men.

Digestive Health

Digestive problems are not new to humans, so are their solutions. But we constantly depend on therapists without recognizing the importance of nutritional medicine. If you now start with a regular diet with more fruits and vegetables, 80% of your ailments vanish within a couple of months, without any doubt.

Constipation, Bowel Syndromes, Indigestion, etc. major ailments related to digestive system are dealt well by watermelon’s supplement content. Water in the fruit also aids in cleansing the digestive tract and thus there will be an effective treatment for digestive disorders.

Muscle Soreness:

If you are a workout-freak, you got to have watermelon, it can replace your every need for your refreshment.

There’s no extra expense of energy drinks, water bottles, and even the need for expert diets! Go on with watermelon juice, it helps in relieving your muscular contractions for the next day after your intense workout.

Athletes get great relaxation with watermelon’s consumption, which also helps them recover from their typical muscle soreness.

Concluding these zig-zag health benefits of watermelon, I could not mention one single use of this powerful fruit as a final word.

Only one call I can give for is, Have watermelon every day to live up to the best of your health.