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Home Remedies For Red Eyes That Will Immediately Give You A Soothing Effect

Attending a date or an important interview with red clumsy eyes can give a false perception to your counterparts. Follow these home remedies for red eyes to obtain clean and clear eyes. Know what causes red eyes, and find out your reason for red eyes, before you treat it.

Home remedies for red eyes

If you are a non-smoker and non-alcoholic person suffering from red eyes, you must be having a difficult time, explaining to people why your eyes often look red, and people would laugh it off, for the reasons you give them, ultimately subjecting you to the invalid reasons of drinking and smoking.

But you need not worry anymore because we stand by you and understand your problem. So here we give you different factors that lead to the emergence of red eyes so that you know the cause first and some amazing home remedies for you on your major question of How to get rid of red eyes!

Following these home remedies is a superficial advantage for you if you have been hunting for how to get rid of red eyes without eye drops as they work very effectively for bloodshot eyes treatment.

What Causes Red Eyes?

The reason for origination of red eyes are numerous, but when you know the exact cause, it makes an easy task for you to understand whether you will have to visit your doctor or whether you can cure it by yourself by following some home remedies for red eyes.

Cross check the following scenarios of what causes red eyes to gain a better understanding what causes bloodshot eyes.

Allergic Reactions – Is The Allergy The Exact Reason Behind Red Eyes?

Allergy is, of course, caused because of the intolerance towards many factors, and these factors could vary in many forms, like allergy to dust, allergy to pollen, allergy towards pet animals or allergy towards certain foods.

Allergic Reactions

But the main reason why our eyes get swollen and red when you are allergic is that there is something called histamine that always wants to protect you from various foods that you are allergic to. When you consume foods that you are allergic to, histamine which is a part of immune system, gets released along with various chemicals into the bloodstream but this is only an attempt to fight off the allergic causes.

Unfortunately, this histamine causes the blood vessels in your eyes to bulge and swell, therefore you experience large, red swollen and teary eyes when you are allergic to certain things.

How To Treat Red Eyes Caused Due To Allergies

The first preventive measure that you need to follow for preventing your red eyes from worsening is not to rub your itchy eyes!

Try to spend most of your time indoors, but if it is essential for you to go out, you can buy yourself a pair of stylish sunglasses, that suits you enough, and put on these shades like a swag whenever you hang out, to protect yourself from the outside dust and air pollutants which are your worst enemies.

Turn On Some Music And Clean Up Your Messy Room Like A Pro

No matter how busy you get in your life, there is always some leisure time you have got during your weekends and you while away this time by lying on your couch and watching some unnecessary stuff on the Television.

You can utilise this time by engaging yourself in cleaning up your messy room and dusting up your shabby doors, windows and mats. Your doormats are the main carriers of dust that often go unnoticed.

Trust me! You will have a great and gala time in cleaning up your premises. You can turn on some nice hip-hop music to make your cleaning regime much interesting.

Your Contact Lenses Could Be The Main Reason For Your Red Eyes

If you have an eyesight that requires you to put on your spectacles, and if you have opted for using contact lenses instead, it is the best option for you to get back to using spectates, because, your contact lens is what has been causing you red eyes.

Contact Lenses

What Contact Lens Can Do To Your Eyes!

Irritation To Conjunctiva

Your eyes are covered and protected by a thin membrane called Conjunctiva. When you use contact lens, this membrane which is usually sensitive will be subjected to irritation and this results in the inflammation of your eyes leaving you with red and swollen eyes.

Bacterial Infection Due To Contact Lens

Your eyes can naturally accumulate some dust, debris and dead cells when you sleep during the night, that will result in sticky or dry secretions at the corner of your eyes when you wake up and this is usually called as eye gunk

It is obvious for anyone to have eye gunk produced, but If you wear contact lens that is not really tidy, the dirt present in the contact lens can reach your eyes and you could be invading some bacteria and viruses into your eyes through these contact lens

You eye gunk gets secreted in rather huge amounts and this discharge could typically contain bacteria and viruses and this could be your reason for what causes red eyes!

Change Your Contact Lens Cleaner To See The Result

Sometimes, the solution that you have been using to clean up your contact lens, could be containing some chemicals that you are allergic to. These chemicals may cause irritation and burning sensation to your eyes.

Do Not Use Contact Lens If You Have Really Dry Eyes

Your tear glands need to be functioning efficiently to always keep your eyes moist and healthy. But, if you have dry eyes, the contact lens may worsen your condition and cause major inconvenience, due to itchiness which will cause red eyes.

Conjunctivitis Or Pink Eyes– The Most Common Cause For Red Eyes

As the name itself suggests, conjunctivitis is caused because of the swelling of the conjunctiva which is a very thin mucous layer that protects our eyelids.

The reasons for the swelling of this membrane could be many like dust allergy, excessive use of certain cosmetics that can affect your eyes but conjunctivitis is mainly caused because of bacterial and viral infections which starts off with red and itchy eyes, that emits watery discharges and it results in a slight swelling of eyelids.

Pink Eyes

This usually starts with an infection in a single eye and the infection later spreads on to another eye, causing redness and irritation. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious and may spread rapidly from one person to other.

Conjunctivitis is the most contagious and most popularly known reason for what causes bloodshot eyes

If you are suffering from conjunctivitis, you could experience the following symptoms

1)    Red and itchy eyes

2)    Burning sensation and intolerance towards light

3)    Teary eyes or white discharge from eyes

4)    Blurred vision

5)    Difficulty in opening eyes after sleeping

Redness caused because of conjunctivitis can be cured by if you follow these amazing home remedies for red eyes

If the problem persists even after following the home remedies, consult your doctor for red eye treatment.

Redness Of Eyes Could Also Be Caused Because Of Uveitis

It is amazing to know that our eyes, though they look simple, are composed of many layers which protect our eyes. Uvea is one of those layers and is usually the middle layer which is mainly composed of Iris, choroid and ciliary body

This tiny layer called uvea may get subjected to inflammation due to various reasons, and this may cause redness of eyes.

Injured eye

An eye surgery

Crohn’s disease

Fungal infections

Inflammatory infections


Symptoms Of Uveitis
  • Uveitis is primarily identified if the patient observes red spots floating in his vision
  • Apart from this, he may also observe other symptoms like
  • Redness in eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Severe eye pain
  • Sensitivity towards light

Follow the home remedies for red eyes mentioned in this article to cure Uveitis caused because of inflammatory infections.

Glaucoma Can Also Cause Red Eyes – Why Glaucoma Causes Partial Or Complete Blindness!

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that occurs in people with a very sensitive optic nerve. Our brain receives the visual information from retina because of the optic nerve which helps in transferring the information from retina to brain.

When the optical nerve is being the major carrier of visual information that is being perceived by our eye, damage caused by optic nerve will never transfer this information to our brain. This results in either partial or complete blindness.


Symptoms Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is very dangerous because it does not show any symptoms during the initial stages. Therefore, you might not know that you are suffering from an optic nerve damage

A blurry vision occurs which is accompanied by a severe headache and pain

You may experience nausea and vomiting

Glaucoma results in permanent loss of vision that cannot be regained back even through surgery.

Home Remedies For Red Eyes – How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes Without Eye Drops

Red eyes, of course, cause great inconvenience and stop you from going out more often, thereby delaying your work.

If you have been searching for how to treat red eyes or for various ways to soothe your pain, you can just relax and follow these amazing tips to soothe the burning sensation caused because of red eyes.

Cucumbers To Your Comfort

The so-called phrase “As cool as cucumber” has become so popular because cucumbers are so cool, they can pacify your longings for cooling yourself whenever you feel an urge to relieve yourself from burning and itchy sensation.

Cucumbers are considered as one of the best home remedies for red eyes because the temperature inside cucumbers is much cooler than the surrounding environment which makes cucumbers great healers.

Cucumbers To Your Comfort

All you have to do is cut some fine slices of cucumber and drop them in to cool water for some time. You can also put them in your freezer so that they become cool. This will further enhance the already present cooling properties of cucumbers.

Turn on some light music and place these slices on your eyes for about twenty minutes. Due to the amazing cooling property of cucumber, your itchiness, constant burning sensation along with redness will immediately disappear.

Ice cubes or ice packs – Best Home Remedies For Red Eyes

What could give more cooling and soothing effect than the ice cube?  Fill your ice tray with water and ensure that you use mineral water to fill your trays because non-purified water can cause more irritation to your eyes.

Ice cubes

You can instantly buy some ice freeze packs available at your nearby stores, or you can book them online in retail stores. Ice packs are instant coolers which you can carry anywhere as a relief as well as a cure for red eyes.

Rose Water As A Cure For Red Eyes

Rose water has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will help in reducing the itching sensation and thereby help in reducing the redness and inflammation of your eyes.

You can buy a bottle of rose water at your nearby stores or you can prepare rosewater by yourself at home which is very effortless and simple.


For preparing a considerable amount of rose water, take two roses and detach the petals from the stem.

Take these petals into a pot or a vessel and fill this pot with water. Make sure you use less water if you want to refrain the fragrance of the petals.

Cover the pot with a lid and heat a flame of a low medium. Do not overheat it. Just wait until the water absorbs the essence of petals.

Use a mesh or a strainer to collect the rose water into a clean jar. You can dip some cotton pads into this rose water and soak them for 5-10 minutes.

Place these cotton pads on your eyes and relax until your itchy eyes absorb rose water to relieve you from red eyes.

Aloe Vera And It’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties For Red Eye Treatment

Aloe Vera is an excellent healer which is used as a remedy for any kind of infections or illness. It is one plant that has multiple medicinal properties like it can reduce the itchiness and inflammation, which is why it can be used as one of the best home remedies for red eyes.

It can work wonders for acne prone skin, and it can moisturize your scalp, and Aloe Vera is also consumed in the form of juice to help in easy digestion and to relieve heart burns.

Aloe Vera And Its Anti Inflammatory Properties For Red Eye Treatment

You can cut a stalk of Aloe plant and extract the gel from it, mix this gel with required proportions of water to prepare Aloe Vera juice.

Immerse some clean cotton pads into this juice and place these cotton pads on your eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera will help in reducing the swelling which is the best way to get rid of red eyes

Some Quick Tips On How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

1)    Stay indoors until your redness gets eradicated completely. You can use shades or sunglasses to protect your eyes while you go out in emergency situations

2)    If you are a smoker, break this habit at least for a little while, because it may cause your eye nerves to swell more, thereby enhancing the redness.

3)    Stop spending much time in front of the television and stop gazing at your smartphone screens for prolonged periods.

4)    Follow the home remedies for red eyes mentioned in this article, regularly at least twice in a day to see amazing results.