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Each Breath Counts – Find Best Ways To Quit Smoking Naturally

Welcome aspirant! You are on the track of success as you have searched the word ‘how to quit smoking’. But it seems as a helpless situation that ‘to be obsessed with a habit and trying to get out of that weakness.’ It is no way an impossible thing to avoid smoking, which you would appreciate in the following lines.

10 Best Suggestions to Quit Smoking - How to Quit Smoking Naturally

Quitting smoking has not always been easy for everyone who tries. But it is also clear that the success rate is not zero. There are successful people who tried to stop smoking and have got succeeded.

This article helps you with the most comfortable steps in the process. There are answers for how to quit smoking naturally. The immediate effect when you quit smoking will never affect you in any other regards. The solutions and the processes listed down in the page can defend those problems too.

How to Quit Smoking?

Avoid Smoking

As it is the toughest resolution anybody could take, it might not be possible in one go. But, there are people who have stopped even after a thorough addiction. The recommended best ways to quit smoking are here which lead to your success in an easier manner.

Here you go, the best way to quit smoking is with you. The Quit Plan. The most reputed and powerful, yet friendly process even for the ones who are weak in execution

Quit Plan:

Quit Smoking Plan is soothing and sensitive. The first thing to do in the plan is ‘fixing a date.’ Initially, start the program by one day in a week/month. On that one day of the week or month, be at a distance from smoking. This initiates the body slowly to grow the resisting power. On this day, so not think about it and make some different programs and make your schedule busy. This will somewhat lift you up on quit smoking timeline.

Let us elaborately discuss the plan, and some quit smoking tips for the better guidance.

1. Make Up Your Mind

Make Up Your Mind

The initial step for any other target(also other than smoking) is to believe in the thought and proceed. This is to be done with the other parts of your brain, which are far ahead of the ‘intelligence’ part. They activate our instincts in a snap. So, believing in our mind is significant support for the things which you do. This is the unique way to do the things successfully in our style.

It’s how we can make up our mind and proceed, that we are ready to face the circumstances in coherence with the intuition. Do not smoke on that day, come what may. Fix the ultimate point as to stop smoking, and stick to it. Even though the obstacles keep on troubling you, obey to the high point that you should not give it a chance. This is what making up mind involves, rather everyone does it so naturally for those things which they want immensely, but on the things they do not have interest, the pace doesn’t seem such great. For this, one needs to have that prioritized mind to select what he/she exactly needs and wants to be.

2. Make Up Your Surroundings and People

Make Up Your Surroundings and People

Start doing some other tasks which make you feel lighter, i.e. yoga, listening to music, eating your favorite food, etc. This is an indirect way of improving the atmosphere that is supportive to your wills.

Coming to the question, how to stop smoking weed or cigarettes, any other such habit has similar solutions. This attempt of making our friends and family a part of our path becomes very helpful in reaching the success.

Let your well-wishers know that you smoke, if not. Now, also tell them your thought of quitting, and seek some help and tips to quit smoking. Tell them about the quit date. Ask them for help if you are unable to fetch out the task. Family people are the ones who always support you whatever you want to do. So, they definitely will embrace your courage to execute a success on your quit date. Also, let them remind you on this to stop you smoking whenever needed. This will give a psychological support and indeed a progress with no looking back.

The support and encouragement of such closest people have a lot to do with our habits of routine, and in tougher situations, their presence is bliss. Always make sure you are going to get what you wanted, this is the only chant you are supposed to do if you wish your desire intensely.

3. Stay Busy

Stay Busy

Be never minded, only challenge you to face on the quit date is when you remember the cigarettes, see to it you do not have a single one with you on that day, initially. After few days, start avoiding public smoking, and stop buying cigarettes regularly. This could be made practical when you have more important things to do, and you forget it, thus quit smoking too.

For this, explore some things which are new to your life. Also, do the routine so perfectly that you fall into it, like chewing gums and candies, walking with friends, spending time with the other things like movies, hangouts. Try to have a non-smoking guy with you always. They may find a way for you how to stop smoking.

Enjoy deep breathing, drinking lots of water. Also be busy with some tasks like watching TV, mobile phone, or whichever way you can, make your hands also busy along with the deviating habits.

4. Exercise and Diet changes

Exercise and Diet changes

If you are a health conscious person, then there is no doubt you will be exercising every day, but a smoker isn’t said to be health conscious in any way; as it damages anybody in multiple ways knowingly and unknowingly. So, start exercising while you are on quit smoking timeline. This will improve the zeal in you, also takes you to better places as a controlled personality.

Exercising helps in releasing endorphins that are a useful or emotional balance. This consequently pulls the urge to smoke cigarettes gradually as you will always be neutral to the mind and mind welcomes what comes in its way, which in this case is, to quit smoking.

To add to this, yoga advances your present state of wellbeing and your understanding, with which, your goal of how to quit smoking naturally comes way nearer in your path.

There are many ways in yoga and Ayurveda which become hugely helpful in your path to how to stop smoking and desire to utilize them positively.

5. Diet:


Tastelessness is the gunshot side effect of heavy smoking. The moment you start the plan with quit smoking tips, the first tip is to change the diet style. If you are a foodie, the program will anyhow be a success. This is due to the reason: when you start changing your diet, your urge of smoking comes down by thinking about the food. This has a genuine impact when you wish you would stop smoking cigarettes.

Vegetarian styles are favorable for the situation. Eat sprouts, raisins, dry nuts. Try to take low-calorie food, as to control fat intake.

No need for milk, bread, coffee, tea, etc. They will increase the caffeine in the body; again the cigar-tendency will appear. They are also acidic in nature. They also slow down the metabolism in our bodies because of nicotine, which may also cause weight gain.

If you wish to follow the scheduled quit smoking timeline, there is a subconscious easiness in believing the therapy. But if not, you must go through some other tips to quit smoking, which should be elected by your choice, from the suggested ones.

6. Avoid the Triggers of Smoking

Avoid the Triggers of Smoking

Start thinking about the cause that made you start smoking. Then, after initial days, your tendency or other pressures than the original reason might have pushed you to continue. Find out these reasons by analyzing just for 5-10 minutes. Now, start working on them in a soothing way. Sudden Repulsion isn’t possible directly, even if you quit forcefully for the first couple of days, this may bring some side effects to your mind and health. So, the soothing manner is the most effective way to quit smoking.

Most commonly, people are addicted to smoke after a meal regularly, twice a day. On alternative days, try to replace the cigarettes with some fruits, nuts, rather a chewing gum. This will automatically lead you to the repulsion of the habit because of the healing that fruits and nuts cause.

Alcohol is another reason for smokers to fall for smoking. It’s the weak time for the addicted people. Try to munch some snacks instead of smoking, rather you quit the alcohol too, by the way. This would be a great day in your life regarding your health when you stay away from the alcohol and smoking, after continuous consumption for ages.

Other reasons may be your accompanying friends in smoking, your loneliness, anxiety, and other bodily reasons. These all arise unknowingly when you are easy to be broken, i.e. low times. So, see to it you are always with a healthy company and do not entertain any mental pressures because they pull you into smoking very intensely. In this scenario, a slow and smooth manner of relieving is the most effective way to quit smoking.

7. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Cold turkey means an abrupt stoppage of everything you are habituated to do. This could work out for those who are fed up with smoking and for the ones who has a strong desire to quit smoking. For them, this is the easy way to stop smoking.

Cold turkey to quit smoking is effective to those who are with a strong mind. The contrary is that a strong-minded person doesn’t easily fall for a cigarette, in most cases. So, cold turkey has lesser success rate than the normal methods. However, it is preferable when you are with firm intention.

8. Quit When you are in a Good Mood

Quit When you are in a Good Mood

When you are pleasant, you get the strength from anywhere. You do the things very easily; time also flies like anything. Every task we get to do, we should do it with a cool head. So, stop thinking about how to stop smoking and jump into the good moods, instantly you get the strength of avoiding.

We are so lucky to be humans that we can get anything we ever wanted on this planet for free, so are our habits. The same boon turns out to become a curse as we forget the fact that we can do it by our choice and wellbeing.

For this, a homemade psychological treatment is needed to quit smoking, i.e. try always to be in the common zone of comfort and happiness.

9. Reward Yourself for Doing Well

Reward Yourself for Doing Well

On a quit date, with your good performance, reward yourself shortly by small treats with food or ask your family to appreciate it by rewarding you. This will improve your ability gradually, and you find the best ways to stop smoking each day.

10. Try Your Other Interests when Smoking Pulls You

Try Your Other Interests when Smoking Pulls You

Improve your hobby list, engagements each day. Make changes in it if needed. But to be busy and distant from the bad is the most needed. That’s how we get the strength to quit smoking in a natural way.

Try sports, movies, parties at home, etc. to keep you comfortable and forget the addiction at the same time. If you have a guiding friend, try to be with him/her most of the time so that you won’t get distracted from your path.

11. Stay Easy, No Hard Work

Do not forcefully stop the cravings for cigarettes, but try some different replacements frequently. Don’t be in a punished, dead serious state of mind as if you are losing a friend. It is all cool to be alone rather than to engaged with a hazard. Motivate yourself that you are going on a right path.

Do not go on thinking what happens when you quit smoking. It results in nothing but saving your life. No side effects are there with quit smoking practice, even on cold turkey.

12. Nicotine Replacements, E-cigarettes

Nicotine Replacements, E-cigarettes

As it has been mentioned under every heading, try to deviate yourself from smoking by trying many other tasks which keep your brain calm and fresh, thus relieving the crave of smoking.

For this, eatables come very handily. Herbal leaves, spices are most healthy and needy for a quitter.

Herbal tea, tulsi(basil), cinnamon, any other snack would get you out of the crave. Turmeric, amla, tulsi are termed as herbal cigarettes; they help us a lot to condition our health.

Electronic cigarettes, simply e-cigarettes are another way to satisfy oral fixation problem. An e-liquid, which has variable nicotine levels, is to be filled into a heating coil, which evaporates the e-liquid upon heating. This costs 1/5th of the regular ones; we can reduce the nicotine levels as we pass through the practice.

This is the list of remedies and tips to quit smoking in a natural way, without the help o

f medication and treatments. As we observe, to quit smoking, we have to prepare our mindset more than we practice. Smoking is such a harder habit and even tougher to get rid of. With this suggestion, we hope you get succeeded in reaching the goal if you are the one who is a victim.

Need To Quit Smoking. Is it That Big Issue?

You must be a child to feel this, that how smoking is bad for health. There is no other harmful way on the planet to get affected so severely than the smoking does it to our health. Neither alcohol, pollution, nor even a radioactive place does activate as much radioactivity and pro-cancer cells in the body. This is the most alarming than all the general problems that people coin as the side effects of smoking.

How is it bad? In Other Ways

Smoking has a huge round of deliberate problems carrying with it, and it is such an astonishing thing that each day the newly smoking people are generating. Society is merely failing to gain the awareness into the teenagers, or other innocent people, though it is such a big problem.

Thinking about this habit, there is no other way to run out of the problem than finding how to stop smoking.

There is no such thing as a side effect if we quit smoking. We can do it in any way, but how to quit smoking naturally is the best question of the day, for which there are multiple ways to answer.

The Effects of Smoking

The Heart is the ‘Point ‘

Heart is the ‘point '

The heart is the only sensitive organ which gets affected by many simple bad habits. For smoking, lungs are however affected as it is a well-known fact. But the heart is at the gunshot point that blood immediately runs out of freshness and hemoglobin even with a single puff of smoke. There is no such thing as ‘nothing happens when you smoke a cigarette in entire life or once a year.’ Alcohol and the cigarette are the two permanent damages that any other disease can cause you as such. In this regard, thinking about each cell of your body will take the life out of you. Hopefully, that’s the best way to quit smoking.

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease

It is not known to be an after-effect of smoking exactly. But researches are going on what causes autoimmune disease, and smoking is first on the list of suspicions.

However, it is sure that if you are at the risk of autoimmune, smoking definitely will increase that risk. There is no other way than to stop smoking.

Premature Aging

Premature Aging

You will be horrified to read the list of facial damage due to smoking. One with least immunity and exercising gets hugely affected by smoking in hundreds of ways.

Fine lines around the eyes, lips, age spots, dry skin, and many other dark spots, around the mouth and throat, may appear. There are many best ways to quit smoking naturally rather you search for better treatments for skin problems and aging.

Cigarettes cause oxygen deficit in the body, which directly affects blood circulation, skin health. Skin, due to lack of oxygen, gets damaged by the permanent damage to elastin and collagen in it. This will cause permanent stretching of the skin, forming lines and wrinkles on the face.

Lungs are Weakened

Lungs are weakened

Lungs are the least concern of a smoker, till he/she is in the habit of smoking. Once you start searching for how to stop smoking cigarettes, you are on the way to save up the rest of your life. Otherwise, the damage that has been done is going to be increasing exponentially towards the death.

Main reason for lung damage is a lack of oxygen. Smoking takes the oxygen away from the body. You get to drink more and more water for this reason. The residue from cigarettes accumulate in lungs, and it never gets filtered off. Many and many diseases, asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis, and breathlessness are caused by this five-minute sedation called cigarette.

Many Cancers

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Throat, mouth, lung cancers are on the top. Cancer, a decade ago was only thought to be causing due to smoking. Smoking is such a dangerous habit. Even though there are many other reasons for cancer, every cause converges to the same damage as smoking does. Solely for this reason, one should quit smoking whoever is habituated to it.

Bones and Teeth

Bones and Teeth

Cigarettes cause the calcium leeching in the bones and teeth, thus lowering the bone density. This causes the weakening of bones. Particularly in women, bones are more affected because of more production of estrogen. This causes osteoporosis in women.

Joint pains, stains on teeth, loss of teeth may also occur due to excessive smoking. Smoking kills good bacteria in the mouth. Saliva gets profoundly affected causing tartar on teeth. These all are the sensitive damages, which will become permanent effects if smoking is started at an early age.

Breath and Blind

Breath and Blind

Generally, smokers have always been facing this problem of bad breath. Hygiene is lost regarding digestion, saliva. Bacteria that helps metabolism gets killed; throat infections are one extra effect.

Bad breath, additionally is caused by the cigarette residue formed on the mouth palate, this indirectly causes many health problems along with bad breath.

The dangerous note is that your cataracts, optic nerves are damaged to a great extent. This may cause loss of vision in the worst case.

Now that you learned how smoking causes harm to our health let us know the possible ways to get rid of this hard habit. The methods are not obsessive from the perspective of non-smokers. They are healing and most friendly towards a seeker. Let us know how to quit smoking naturally.