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No Time for Exercise in Life? Exercises at Work for You Are Here!

We need exercises at work because not everyone has time to go to gyms to maintain their fitness or fight for lives to earn living, they are in the middle of that. So let us discuss the smart ways in which you can exercise at work. This will actually help in providing relaxation to your body and will act like a stress buster also to you. So maybe if you are in search of this type of stuff so you are at the right place my friend, let us discuss the office desk exercises in this article clearly in the following.

You Can Do These Exercises at Work On your Desk Itself


Exercises at Work- Hit List for Which You have to Say “Yes” to them in Your Life.

Let us discuss all the exercises at work which you can perform in the following bullets stated below and start following them to acquire the benefits.

Use Bicycle, If Destination is Closer.


This tip is one of the best for people who have no time for fitness exercises. If your work place is close to you, start the habit of using the bicycle to go to your respective workplace. It will help you in increasing your stamina and also will detox the toxins in your body out in the form of sweat. So maybe you have to strictly follow this because it will help for your own benefit and also towards saving the environment by reducing the pollution from your side at least.

Take Stairs, Say No to Elevators.

Take Stairs

This is one of the important exercises at work, strictly stop using elevators and start taking stairs in order to make your body active and prevent yourself from becoming inactive and lazy. It will also help you in increasing your stamina and will regulate your adrenaline rush, you will actually feel good about it later even if you feel tired after taking the stairs.

Head Rotations

Rotating your head round slowly from left to right and vice versa by taking small breaths will help you in providing relaxation to your body and also will act as a stress buster for you at work and is the best exercise at work providing you relief from stress. This has to be done slowly and don’t go deep because maybe you will end up sleeping like that and get fired from the job, that was a joke but actually, you will feel relaxed which will make you sleep.

Have a Walk After Meal

A Walk after lunch

After having your lunch at work, go have a walk with your friends around the office. This will help in easy digestion of the food in your digestive system and will increase the functioning rate of the digestive system. This is also one of the best exercises at work and maybe you will find it useless but it actually works at its best by providing the health benefits.

Chest Exercise

You needn’t lift weights there at your work, all you have to do is put your both hands in the same way and move your hands back and front that chest area expands and you get that good feeling of stretching the chest. Doing this 15 a set and 3 sets a day will help you in enhancing the chest growth in your body. This is the best chest exercise at work which will help you a lot and you can exercise at office desk itself.

Fist Rotation

Slowly start rotating your fist and then will help you in enhancing the functions of the nervous system and prevent the weakening of the nerves. This will also help you in increasing your fore arms and strengthening them. This is the best among office chair exercises, that is you needn’t actually move to do it.

Ankle Rotation

Ankle Rotation


Start rotating your ankles from right to left in a circular angle and then do it in the opposite direction that is left to right. Doing this exercise at work for five to six minutes will help your blood flow to legs and then also will give you relief from leg pains. This is also an exercise at a desk only, you needn’t move.

Breathing Exercise, Yoga.

Breathing Exercise

Start doing breathing exercise, this is the best office chair exercise which will help you in providing relaxation to your body and mind also which will help you remain peaceful and away from stress. All you have to do is Pranayama for a couple of minutes, but those two minutes have to be done properly. Inculcate the habit of exercises at work to stay away from stress and remain energetic.

Up and Down Your Shoulder

Up and Down Your Shoulder

This will help you in providing relief to your shoulder and make it free. All you have to do is up and down your shoulders in the circular motion. This will help you in broadening your shoulders.

Bend Forward and Come Back

This will help you in reducing the fat on your belly that helps you in the formation of abs. All you have to do is bend forward and come back, keep doing this for five to six minutes which will help you reduce the fat content on your belly. This is also one of the best office chair exercises you can do at your desk.


When you get little time away from people, inculcate the habit of doing squats that are sit-ups. Doing ten to fifteen squats in a set will help you in gaining best muscle strength and these exercises at work will help you in maintaining your leg fitness.

Hip Rotation

You can do this exercise at work when you get a little bit of privacy, all you have to do is stand straight and then start rotating your hip in the clockwise direction first slowly and then in the anticlockwise direction after that. Doing this for a couple of minutes will help you in proper blood flow to your private parts and then also will increase your fertility.

Leg Exercise at Work

Leg Exercise at Work

This is also an office chair exercise where all you to do is sit straight and then bring your one leg up and then put it down and simultaneously this time you have to bring the left up and vice versa. Doing this exercise for fifteen times a set and three sets will help you in leg workout and maintain your legs’ strength high.

Maybe Use a Fidget Spinner Sometimes

Fidget Spinner

This is basically not an exercise but will help you like a stress buster in your office. Just by rotating it on your fingers will help you have the bit of excitement towards it which will help in stimulating your mood and remain stress-free. So sometimes toys are really useful.

Playing Sports

Playing sports

If you are working for a software company then surely you can go have some break in the recess time. Indulge yourself in some sport which will help you to remain fit and will act as a hobby too. This will become the exercise at work for you where you can concentrate on your work also and simultaneously have a break, energetic break.

With this, we have clearly discussed the exercises at work and by following these office chair exercises you will be able to remain fit and reduce the risk of becoming inactive. This will help you in staying fit and remaining healthy. These exercises at work will also help you in increasing your fertility and are the few remedies to increase fertility naturally.


By following these exercises at work in your daily life you will be able to obtain various benefits towards your health. This will also play an important role in increasing your fertility naturally. So start implementing these exercises at work in your life to acquire all the benefits and remain healthy, staying a step ahead towards health is always a good sign to lead a happy and stress-free life. So all in your hands, know it and act on it.

What Did We Learn from The Article?

After reading this article we have clearly understood about all the exercises at home. After reading this you might be clear about the office desk exercises also. With this, we can easily maintain our fitness and then stay on the safe side of being active. It will basically help you in becoming active and reduces the risk of becoming lazy and inactive. So make sure you do these exercises at work to obtain all the benefits and remain healthy and fit. You can do these exercises while sitting on your office chair itself so it will surely be helpful to you.