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Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight – How To Cut Down The Unwanted Calories Immediately!

French fries, candies, and what more? Here is the list of 15 foods to avoid to lose weight as quick as possible. All you need to do is stop letting the unwanted calories pile up in your body that will only make you look fat and flabby!

10 Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight Fast

What could be the best way to lose weight fast? Diet plan and exercises, of course, play a major role in helping you achieve your dream of looking slim, fit and dashing! But, do you perhaps realize how wise it is to stop inviting the extra calories into your body in the first place?

Best Way To Lose Weight Fast?

The most common mistake made by people who are aiming for weight loss is following a diet that is not so particular about calories!

If you think practically, calories are what make you fat and unless you stop the intake of calories, there is no way you can achieve a successful weight loss!

A daily hardcore workout and following a restricted low-calorie diet (implemented without cheating on the plan) is the best way to lose weight fast.

Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight & What To Eat Instead?

I bet this simple trick works wonders in making you look slim and appealing because you are simply replacing the unhealthy foods with the foods that reduce your food cravings.

Replace the unhealthy foods with healthy foods that instantly fill your tummy! Here is what to eat to lose weight fast within 2 months!

1. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

If you are a party animal, here is what is happening to your body each time you gulp down the alcohol. The alcohol that you consume splits down into two major components as soon as it enters your body.

Acetate and fats. The fats get easily deposited in your body whereas your body utilizes acetate as the primary source of energy, but you should actually be gaining the energy through the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Since the fats remain the same and you are gaining the energy through acetate, it results in the unnecessary deposition of fat in your body.

Out of all the alcoholic beverages, beer is the most popular drink that makes you fat because of its high-calorie content.

Drink Water Instead

The best and natural weight loss solvent anyone looking for weight loss would prefer is water. Start your day by drinking two glasses of hot water and see how quickly you can lose weight.

You can also squeeze a fresh lime into this water and add a tablespoon of honey which increases our metabolism rate making the weight loss process much easy.

2. Sugary Overloaded Foods

Sugary Overloaded Foods

Ketchup, chocolate milkshakes, granola, cake frostings, syrups, candies and gelatin are overloaded with sugar which enhances your mood because of the release of dopamine.

This increases your desire for them leaving you dissatisfied. So, how do you reduce your sugar cravings and find a smart way to get rid of your sweet tooth?

Consume More Fresh Fruits Instead

If you are looking for the list of foods to avoid to lose weight, cutting down on sugary foods is the primary step that makes your weight loss process very easy(1) but here is the best strategy to reduce your temptations.

Try consuming the best weight loss fruits before your meals and see how quick your taste preferences can change.

That is quite a big list for you to choose one particular variety of fruit each day.

3. Ice Creams

Ice Creams

The quickest way to gain calories is to consume lots and lots of ice creams because just a 100 grams of ice creams contains 207 calories which is why people looking for weight gain are advised to include calories in their regular diet.

The added frostings and sweetening agents are the most important reason why ice creams stand in the topmost list of foods to avoid to lose weight.

Munch On Some Dry Fruits Instead.

Munch On Some Dry Fruits Instead

Most of the foods that are included in the foods to avoid to lose weight are sweet-flavoured because of added sugars. The healthiest way(2) to gratify your sweet tooth is to replace your ice creams with dry fruits.

  • Plums
  • Raisins
  • Apricots
  • Prunes
  • Dates
  • Cranberries
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds

Dry fruits work best in curbing your longings for ice creams and assist in a healthy weight loss.

4. Energy Bars

Energy Bars

The most common mistake anyone who is looking for weight loss can make is grabbing on the energy bars whenever they feel hungry.

100 grams of energy bars contain 350 calories which is why energy bars make the great foods for people who perform intense workouts.

They can boost your stamina instantly but you will only end up accumulating more calories and more sugars. Energy bars are the primary food to avoid to lose weight very quickly.

Choose Low-Fat Yoghurt Instead

Yoghurt is one healthy food that helps in weight loss as well as weight gain. But the result depends on the type of yoghurt that you choose.

Full fat yoghurt can help you acquire those extra pounds whereas low-fat yoghurt is the best source of foods that helps in a healthy weight loss.

The fact that low-fat yoghurt contains probiotics which are the good bacteria helps in making your immune system much stronger and healthier.

5. Cookies, Cakes And Cupcakes

Cookies, Cakes And Cupcakes

Fats are usually classified into two types. Saturated and unsaturated fats, the former being the healthy fats and the latter being harmful.

Consuming unsaturated fats can lead to excess weight gain and make you susceptible to heart diseases.

All the bakery products are loaded with the unhealthiest types of fats which are unsaturated fats that serve no other purpose other than pleasing your sweet tooth and making you put on some extra weight.

Relish Some Healthy Oatmeal Cookies Instead

Oatmeal cookies are the best, healthy, and flavoursome replacement for cookies and cakes you can choose whenever you feel a need to grab on a piece of delicious cake.

Consuming too many cookies can make you fat but you can choose to savour some tasty and healthy oatmeal cookies every once in a while.

6. Avoid Drinking Fruit Juices

It is always the best choice to consume some fresh and healthy fruits instead of choosing fruit juices. Fruit juices are said to contain more sugars than regular fruits.

Also, drinking fruit juice does not help in reducing your appetite as much as consumption of fruits does.

Fruit juice undoubtedly provides you with some important minerals and vitamins but why choose the added sugars when you have the option of choosing some weight loss fruits that will curb your hunger.

Avoid Drinking Fruit Juices

Drink Green Tea Instead

As you make up your mind to stay away from the foods that help you lose weight, you can choose this simple technique of drinking at least 2-3 cups of green tea in a day.

Green tea is a great fat burner that helps in reducing your belly fat and brings a perfect shape to your waistline.

If you cannot really enjoy the sour and bitter taste of green tea, you can add some grounded ginger and a few teaspoons of lime juice to make your green tea appetizing and easy to drink.

7. Pizzas And Burgers

Refined sugars are the worst types of sugars to be consumed as they are processed due to which the nutritious properties of the sugar are lost. Natural sugars (unprocessed) on the other hand help in providing the required nutrients preventing the occurrence of diseases.

Unfortunately, most of the heart diseases and chronic diseases occur due to the harmful activity of refined sugars that are used in pizzas and burgers that deplete your body of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Out of all the foods to avoid to lose weight, pizzas and burgers stand in the topmost position because of their unhealthy composition (carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium and fats) that leads to an immediate weight gain.

Pizzas And Burgers

Choose Leafy Greens Instead

There is no other food that is healthier than green leafy veggies to help you lose weight because these are a rich source of Iron which will keep your energy levels up and control your longings to have more foods.

These are the best replacement for unhealthy junks like pizzas and burgers because they provide the same amounts of energy in addition to essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Iron, Magnesium and calcium.

8. Diet Sodas

The worst source of unhealthy sugars after fast foods are diet sodas which are as equally harmful as processed sugars.

Most of the Americans have a regular habit of drinking diet sodas in an attempt to satisfy their longings to consume sugars not realizing that this beverage contains a harmful ingredient called HFCS which stands for high fructose corn syrup.

Diet Sodas
Drink Herbal Teas Instead

If you have been really drinking diet sodas so as to achieve a successful weight loss, it’s time to realize the negative impact of these drinks on your weight, cut down on them as soon as possible and choose a better and healthy option.

You can prefer herbal teas instead, which are the healthiest beverages that assist in a weight loss. These are also easy to prepare and make an overall impact on your health other than just helping with weight loss.

Here Is The Best And Healthy Replacement For Diet Sodas

  • Peppermint tea
  • Turmeric tea
  • Lemon tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Sage tea
  • Cardamom tea
9. Foods Made With White Flour

Most of the foods made of white flour taste so good, you cannot resist yourself from eating after having a single bite and this is because the foods are added with refined sugars and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).

Foods that are prepared using white flour as the main ingredient are the primary foods to avoid to lose weight as they lack the essential fibres and nutrients and moreover they only contain added and processed sugars to make them taste delicious.

Most of the daily consumable like cereals bread, almost all the foods that baked, pasta, burgers and pizzas are the major foods to avoid to lose weight.

Foods Made With White Flour

Choose Healthy Whole Grain Foods Instead

Not all whole grain foods help in weight loss. Some ingredients made out of whole grains are added with kernels which makes them unhealthy due to the presence of excess unwanted calories in them.

Bagels, chips and crackers are the major foods to avoid when trying to lose weight since they are made up of processed whole grains.

You can choose some healthy whole grain foods like oats, quinoa, millets or barley that help in an easy weight loss

Foods prepared with whole grains are the healthiest foods for weight loss and they make the perfect foods anytime like breakfast, lunch or dinner.

10. Cheese And Butter

The amounts of calories present in both cheese and butter will immediately make you cut down on these common breakfast ingredients.

By simply consuming 100 grams of cheese, your body can acquire 402 calories and consuming the same amount of butter will provide you 717 calories which is the fastest way to gain weight just within few weeks.

Cheese And Butter

Replace Cheese And Butter With Hummus

You can still enjoy your breakfast food by using the best weight loss ingredient like hummus if you desire a quick weight loss. Hummus is made out of cooked and grounded chickpeas which makes it the best ingredient for weight loss and the best substitute for butter and cheese.

Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

Consuming fruits at regular intervals is the best way to lose weight because fruits help in reducing the appetite and keeping you full apart from providing you with abundant vitamins and minerals.

But, some fruits are particularly high in calories which is why you must be careful while choosing the fruits as some fruits may cause you weight gain.

Here Is The List Of Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss.

  • Bananas
  • Avocados
  • Mangoes
  • Grapes
  • Tangerines
  • While

How To Get Rid Of Unhealthy Tempting Foods?

If you are looking for the best way to lose weight, it practically works when you are strict and rigid on the consumption of calories because it is only the calories that make you fat. So, how do you cut down on calories?

  • Set the number of calories that have to be consumed per day to make sure you do not exceed the number of calories.
  • Consume more protein-rich foods to keep your stomach full
  • Distract yourself from eating too much
  • Keep in mind the consequences of eating too much.
  • Achieving a successful weight loss is quite easy if you find the best replacement for the delicious foods that make you drool out of temptation. (Refer the above-mentioned foods for the best replacement).
  • The next time you feel that you cannot resist yourself from relishing the tasty foods, note down the list of foods to avoid to lose weight and try replacing them with the other list of foods that will gratify both your taste buds as well as a hungry and growling stomach!