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Important Heart Attack Symptoms – 7 Signs that Indicate your Heart’s Risk

Heart Attack. A threatening subject to think of. There has been an increasing death percentage around the world due to heart attacks. A heart attack is nothing but blockage of blood to heart arteries. When the heart muscles do not get good blood, the part of the heart which is linked to the particular muscle start dying which is the primary mechanism in a heart attack. We made an attempt to get an understanding of the technical phenomena behind heart attacks and significant signs of a heart attack.

Sympton of Heart Attack

A heart attack has many internal causes, for most of which ‘coronary artery blockage’ is the main factor that pivot them. A clear understanding of every aspect of heart health concerned to heart attack symptoms is given in this presentation. It will help us know how it works and become cautious about heart’s health condition.

Heart attacks and heart-related problems are the leading causes of death around the world. It indicates how commonly we eat and live. Heart failure being the most commonly expected problem in old-age people, it shows our poor lifestyles and our mediocre understanding towards our existence.

The fallacy of Upgradation:

As a greatly advanced generation, we still succumb to such “unexpected and inevitable” pathos in our biological terms. It gives us a path to understand our scenario more clearly. We have been thinking the generation has upgraded and we are winning everything against time and uncertainty. But the facts of life do not change. Healthcare, emotional balance, interest towards the priorities of our life(health, time, and money), and most importantly the indigeneity of life, these must be taken care of by us irrespective of the life we are living.

Have Diseases Really Became Huge?

“We never thought that life would be without diseases.” This idea made us take these unwanted health problems for granted. Being very close to diseases in the elderly times made humans habituated with any disease from the pre-industrial times.

Congestive heart failure may be a general health disorder unlike the suddenly prevailing plague, swine flu, sars, etc. So heart problem and its related early stage chronic ailments, viz. Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, etc. didn’t alarm us in their early stages of occurrence. All these problems are consistently ignored by us as they do not disrupt our lives suddenly. But the impact of these diseases has been severe and immense. They finally took us to an irreversible space to accept them as a normal happening for any middle-aged person.

Of course, diseases have been growing by the day, but the advent of technology and understanding towards the life is not helping mankind to move to a better place. It is due to the fact that we are not growing as a generation but only a few of us are evolving. The world is not upgrading itself as one but there are thorough variations and disparities throughout everywhere.

What is a Heart Attack?

Scientific approach majorly observes heart attack as two major happenings. One is myocardial infarction and the other is coronary artery disease. There are few other types which show many similar signs of heart attack.

Coronary artery disease is the primarily addressed phenomenon in almost every case of heart attack. Myocardial infarction is the actual occurrence of a heart attack. It is the blockage of blood in the muscle which leads to sudden stopping of heartbeat.

What Causes a Heart Attack?

There could be a hundred causes of heart attack. A heart attack involves many causes few of which even seem irrelevant to heart functioning in a normal point of view. Some of them are heartburn signs, stiffness in the neck and jaw. Every minor problem can have a link to heart functioning. Any problem in the heart may be caused due to an unexpected dysfunction in the body.

We shall move on to few important signs of a heart attack after knowing all possible causes of heart attack.

This complete list of reasons will directly explain most of the symptoms.

    • High Blood Pressure
    • Obesity/Cholesterol
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Addiction to Smoking and Drugs
    • Heredity and Age Progression
    • Long-run Snoring/Sleep disorders
  • Stress, Depression, & Frequent Exhaustion

Heart Attack Symptoms:

The possible symptoms of heart attack are listed here. Most of the people who have above conditions/causes may not face the symptoms that are going to be discussed. It is because heart attack often occurs with no symptoms which is the biggest threatening feature of the problem. Apart from that, every single symptom would have been seen at least once in the history.

General Symptoms

  • Chest PainChest Pain

Chest pain is an obvious symptom of heart attack. When you have pain in the middle of your chest and if it shifts towards gradually to your heart, it is mostly the sign of heart attack. Due to blockage of arteries in that region, blood gets stopped to flow. This causes the heart to stop beating. Pain in the chest should never be ignored for the heart’s sake. People cannot bear these intense pains twice or thrice in the life.

Sometimes, this pain is not observed as one of the heart attack symptoms but any spasm may lead to pain in the chest. But as the heart is such organ that never stops working, ignoring which may demand our life instantly.

  • How is your Sweat Reflex?

This is an interesting way to identify the signs of heart attack. A congestive heart failure is hugely caused by ill healthy sweat patterns.

When you sweat more with the least stress you have taken, it is the first and the last-needed alarm for you to see a doctor. Unnecessary sweating is one of the major heart attack symptoms in men. And the header says ‘sweat reflex,’ which means how does our sweat gets released at all times.

We tend to release more sweat with least stress. Adding to that, we continuously release sweat without any physical exhaustion, which is a disastrous expression of our body to indicate that it is suffering. Everything related to our sweating patterns fall into wrong place which gives us many signs of a heart attack prior or just before the attack.

  • DIfficulty in Breathing/Heavy Breathing

As it is known that snoring is a typical circulatory problem, improper oxygen circulation and blood circulation to all the organs leads to snoring. Not just snoring but many sleep disorders are caused due to the imbalance in our metabolic activities.

Snoring is a typical breathing problem, which has a direction to make it to a heart attack. When you can’t breathe comfortably, it tells about a lot of issues in the body. But for the heart, we can never afford any ignorance.

The difficulty in breathing, in relation to the heart may be because of irregular heartbeat, rise in blood pressure, physical overstress, etc.

  • Fatigue

An elderly person should strictly be kept away from physical stress. If he/she already has fat stores, hypertension, or diabetes, with little fatiguing on a normal day can cause a heart attack. It is not just a cause but it is a symptom for those who confidently live life healthily suffer from fatigue.

Not to be confused with the complicated analyses on heart and health. A simple notion says, if you have a general ailment, it can be cured and no issues need to be addressed. But if you are fatty, obese, diabetic, or have less physical strength, you have no option to neglect those minor ailments.

Always keep a check on your body’s reflexes as how fast do you recover from a problem, how intense is your immune system, etc.

Specific Heart Attack Symptoms

The above list is formed as common heart attack symptoms which are seen in 90% of the cases. Although these below specific symptoms give us a clue of congestive heart failure, they will be understood in a complex way as they may also indicate different diseases.

  • Soreness in back, chest, neck

If it continuously pains in the chest, back and neck regions, it may lead to a mild heart attack. This pain in chest and back is caused due to blocked oxygen circulation to arteries. When an organ doesn’t receive proper nourishment and respiration, they start responding painfully. This time, the heart may be the victim and if we ignore, it leads to sudden death after too many attacks.

  • Throat and jaw discomforts

If there is a sudden pain in the organs like jaws, throat, that must be a severe indication of some rupture in your body.

Seemingly unrelated organs to heart like jaws and shoulders undergo an acute pain just a few moments before heart attack. And if a heart attack occurs right after seconds of the pain felt, immediate treatment at home must be given. We can save the person by providing proper diagnosis and emotional relief.

  • Stomach Disorders like HeartburnStomach Disorders like Heartburn

Stomach problems often do not relate to heart problems. Heartburn is often misconceived into heart attack symptoms in case of normal humans. If you have been suffering from chronic digestive disorders, it is an objectionable case. But if you face heartburn for the first time in your middle-age, you must consult the doctor immediately.

These type of symptoms of heart attack may not be identified even after a general check-up but go to that specialist who is aware of your genetic culture and well aware of the biological terms, i.e. briefly, a senior family doctor.

  • Nausea, Dizziness, and Lightheadedness

Heart attack symptoms may occur collectively also. Nausea due to indigestion is one more important sign of digestive disorders. The vomiting sensation, chronic acid reflux symptoms are observed simultaneously. We can know that it might be a heart attack a couple of days in beforehand.

Not being able to sleep well, dizziness throughout the day are few similar symptoms that we see when the heart is under threat. Sleep apnea and insomnia are severe heart attack symptoms of heart attack. We must not neglect such indications if we are continuously suffering from them.

It is not that these are the mild symptoms of heart attack. Nor is it true that they only appear during a heart attack. They indicate there are many heart attack causes in our lifestyle. They even alarm us to search for a heart attack prevention method. And finally, any minor symptom or sign of heart attack can be a threat to our lives, with absolutely NO caution on time limit. A sign observed for the cardiovascular problem can show its effect anytime within the lifetime, a year, a month, a day, or the very next moment.