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Home Remedies for Asthma Treatment – Asthma Symptoms and Treatment

Asthma is also called bronchial asthma. The airways to your lungs get inflamed and also swell. They become narrow and it will start producing some extra mucus, which will make it difficult to breathe. It is very common disease and almost a million people get infected with this disease yearly. It can be treated by a doctor easily, but this disease requires a medical diagnosis. The doctor may advise you for some lab tests to know how severely you are infected. This is a very chronic disease because it can last for years or can survive a lifetime. Sometimes it will lead to death also.

Natural remedies for Asthma

It will cause difficulty in your breathing, which is the main chronic sign for asthma, it will make you sick from doing your daily activities. Not everyone has the same symptoms for few it is mild whereas, for others, it might be chronic. So when you identify you have the signs of asthma in you, you have to consult a doctor and start following some home remedies for asthma.

What are the signs of Asthma- Asthma Symptoms?

The one important thing you have to keep in mind is, you’ll never know the value of health when you’re healthy. You’ll realize it once the state of your health keeps getting worse. Firstly, you have to identify the signs of asthma so that you can start following some home remedies for asthma and consulting a doctor as soon as possible is advised because asthma isn’t a joke. It is a chronic disease, let us briefly discuss the asthma symptoms that are the signs of asthma.

  • Coughing, in the night. This happens because of the inability to breathe properly.
  • Wheezing.
  • Sometimes you also experience severe chest pain or pressure.
  • Shortness of breath, this happens because of the excess production of the mucus in the airways.
  • All the lung functions get slower and this will make you ill.
  • Signs of cold or allergens appear often.
  • Trouble in sleeping because of the bad breath.
  • Fatigue
  • Blue lips or nails
  • Pale and sweaty face.

When the lungs tighten more and more, then attack hits you. You should probably start following some home remedies for asthma at home before it’s too late because it is a chronic disease. When the symptoms go worse, it will lead to an asthma attack generally, it leads to heavy difficulty in breathing. Not everyone will be experiencing the asthma symptoms, in the same way, sometimes it is chronic. So you should probably start taking asthma treatment as soon as possible because it is not generally self-diagnosed but by following some home remedies for asthma in order to avoid further complications.

How to get rid of Asthma? Home Remedies for Asthma

Let us briefly discuss the home remedies for asthma and start following them in order to recover back quickly. You can simply call it as the treatment for asthma at home.

Raw Honey


Consuming raw honey twice a day is good for health, it will help you in clearing the excess mucus which blocks the airways and helps in the asthma attack. So consuming a tablespoon of honey twice a day will be helpful to maintain your health.



Have some garlic. Chew it and swallow to have an instant relief and a soothing effect. Garlic helps in the better breathing conditions for the system affected with asthma. So it is advised to consume garlic by the doctors also.

Warm Milk or Coffee.


This will give you instant asthma relief and will give you a soothing effect. The airways get filled with the mucus and there will be difficulty in the breathing, which will make the condition of the patient sick. So consuming warm milk or coffee twice a day will not help you in curing the disease but will give you temporary asthma relief.



One drop of highly concentrated eucalyptus oil mixed with a spoon of sugar will help you in giving a soothing effect immediately. You can follow this remedy twice or thrice a day.



Start consuming more and more fruits, we all are clear about the benefits of fruits towards health. So, by consuming more and more fruits, they’ll help you by providing essential nutrients and then help you in being hydrated.

Mint peppermints


They help you in giving an instant asthma relief, due to the presence of the mint flavor. It will help you in clearing the airways but this may not last for long, this is also for a temporary relief.



So start consuming seafood, especially fishes. They’ll help you in the clearing of the blocked airways, all they do is loosen the mucus and then it is all pushed out of your body by the digestive system. So it is advised to have fish in your diet.

Take plenty of rest

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining one’s life, so when you feel you are sick take rest, don’t work and stress your body or brain even a lot, even they need rest when they’re sick. So take plenty of rest.


Start drinking soups, and it is advised to have much garlic and ginger in your soups. They’ll help you a lot, like really a lot. Also, they will help in clearing the blocked airways and give you asthma relief.

These home remedies for asthma have to be strictly followed by the person with asthma because it can become chronic but they, however, won’t help you in the asthma cure. They’ll help you in reducing the complications of the disease. So, it is advised to consult a doctor, and also start following the natural remedies for asthma. By following this remedies, you can have a partial asthma treatment at home by yourself.

Types of Asthma:

It is further divided into few categories, people with a family history of allergies or asthma are more prone to developing asthma as it passes through the genes. There are few types of asthma.

Allergic Asthma:

which is caused by the allergies, which will lead to a cough and cold.

Occupational Asthma:

It is caused by inhaling fumes, gases, dust or other potentially harmful substances which will lead to the blocking of the airways, creating difficulty while breathing.

Childhood asthma:

This happens, or the asthma attack hits you in your childhood itself. It may be through your genes if your older generations are said to be hit with asthma then you and your future generations also have the probability of suffering from this disease.

Exercise-induced asthma:

When you work on your body, i.e., exercise or play some sport and you easily start coughing and wheezing, then you might’ve been hit with exercise-induced asthma, which occurs when you work with your body. It can be chronic, so if the patient becomes ill. It is advised to give a pause to the exercise and take plenty of rest.

There is no cure for asthma and it a lasts for lifetime, all we can do about it is make sure the disease doesn’t complicate further. But once it is properly diagnosed then your life will get way better as there will be no complications and the airways keep getting partially cleared due to the intake of the valuable nutrients. But if neglected it will sometimes lead to death, so when you observe such asthma symptoms, consulting doctor immediately is advised.

What is the Cure for Asthma- Medication?

Generally, inhalers are used for asthma relief, these inhalers include some medicine, they are listed as below. All you have to do is go to the medical store closer to you, and buy an inhaler along with the medication which I’m going to mention in the below, but do meet or talk to a doctor before you start using inhalers. So the Medications include:

  • Albuterol and Ipratropium.
  • Salmeterol and Fluticasone
  • Budesonide and Formoterol.
  • Mometarone and Formoterol.

These medications help in the relaxation of your muscles in the airways and increase the airflow to lungs. This will give you asthma relief, which will make you feel way better. These medications are taken using inhalers, which will give an instant relief.

Asthma Diagnosis:

This is the process of checking your lungs working function rate. The name of this test is called ‘Spirometry’ test, which is nothing but you’ll be asked to take a deep breath and blow into the sensor to measure the amount of the air your lungs can hold and also the speed in which you can inhale and exhale. All these together help you to know the work rate of your lungs. For quick relief, inhalers are generally used as the initial step towards asthma treatment.

How long does the Asthma last?

There is no cure for asthma, all you can do is follow the natural remedies for asthma and take care of your health. Once the symptoms complicate, it will become chronic. So start having asthma treatment at home by following the remedies. By following all this you’ll have a happy life back.

Fish Treatment for Asthma in India, True or false?

There has been a news which every one of you might’ve known, the fish treatment for the cure for asthma. It is nothing but the patient with asthma, has to swallow a live fish down his throat. The fish is stuffed with yellow herbal paste and then after swallowing it, it is advised to not drink water for thirty minutes because there will be some reactions taking place between the fish and mucus. Then the fish loosens the mucus and then airways get cleared. But this asthma treatment has not been proven scientifically. Many of them have tried this. But it’s just because the way they feel after swallowing the fish, the belief that’s what makes them believe to feel better. But scientifically, it’s a story says many scientists. It was initiated by the Bathini Goud family, from India. They have been following this culture since old days and people also do believe in them, and many funds were given to them for this asthma treatment. But in the current world, all we need is proof’s and yet there are no proofs scientifically that it is a cure. But fish being a seafood, when goes inside it reacts with the blocked mucus and then loosens the mucus and it is kicked out by the digestive system, that’s how the airways get cleared and your lungs will be able to breathe happily with no pain.


The important thing you have to know is, firstly you have to identify the signs of asthma in you before it’s too late because asthma isn’t a joke, it will lead to serious complications which may sometimes lead to death. So once you identify the signs of asthma in you, it’s time for you to start following the home remedies for asthma, to avoid further complications. Asthma cannot be cured, but it will surely help in preventing the complications by following some asthma remedies. Having a proper diet also plays an important role, eat food which won’t spoil your health, but in return will help you to fight against such diseases. Obviously, it’s your own responsibility to make sure you’re healthy, nobody does that. Remain healthy and do follow some health tips for your own safety. So with this article, we are clear about the asthma symptoms and the asthma treatment. We have also clearly discussed the home remedies for asthma. Stay healthy and stay away from diseases.