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Justify Yourself on How to Increase Height with Foods and Exercises

How do you increase your height after teenage? Is there any possible way that enhances your height after the age of 18? Of course, the world only looks up to taller people as their heads are upward and people still do not know what’s the parameter for respect. What must be the most natural way to increase height to meet such a target of “better height?”

Truly pun intended!

During the growing years, the teens try various ways to boost the height. If you have wondered how to increase height, then there are various foods and exercises to increase the height. Even after 18 years of age, you can increase the height naturally.

How to Increase Height Easy Exercises, Simple Diet Makes it All

The prime factor that determines one’s height is ‘genetics.’ Genes have a significant role in determining the height of the individual. The other reason being ‘height growth supplements’ to work in helping us grow a few inches tall after the range that is gifted from genetics.

People will be more confident in their workplace or with the peer group if they have the desired physical appearance. Height also plays a crucial role in making the external look of the person attractive. So, incorporate healthy exercise to gain height the natural way!

What Affects The Height?

If you have thought about how to gain height fast, then you must understand the different factors that affect the height of an individual. There are various factors which determine the height of an individual, which can be enlisted as follows:

  • Genes
  • Nutrition
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Physical activity
  • General health

Ways To Increase Height:

There are various ways to increase height after 18 years, enlisted as follows:

  • Get adequate nutrition
  • Regular exercises
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Avoiding growth inhibitors
  • Practicing a good posture
  • Do proper stretching exercises
  • Get adequate exposure to the sun
  • Indulge in hanging exercises
  • Concentrate on having height growth supplements

Understand Body Growth, Height, And Development:

If you have wondered how to improve height, then you should first understand the natural working of the body. The basic understanding of the body growth and development will help you in incorporating the supplements in the diet plan.

  • The pituitary gland will secrete the Human Growth Hormone or the HGH.
  • It is responsible for the growth of the bones and the muscle.
  • The body composition will be maintained well through the HGH.
  • It regulates the metabolism of fat in the body.
  • The hormone will be secreted throughout the growing years of an individual.
  • However, it will be at its peak during puberty.
  • The growth spurts will begin around the age group of 11 to 15 years and will continue for the consecutive 5 years.
  • If you thought how to grow taller, then you must ensure healthy food intake with regular exercising in the growth years.

How To Improve Height:

If you have always wondered how to increase height, then you must keep in mind the following aspects:

Proper Nutrition:

Proper Nutrition

  • A balanced meal is very important for the proper growth and development of the body.
  • There are various exercises to grow taller but nutrition plays a major role in the body growth and development.
  • The diet must be a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • You can effectively accelerate the secretion of the growth hormones by eating the right food.
  • Food will energize the body and augment the process of growth and development.
  • The major height increase food supplements will include milk, green leafy vegetables, lean meats, nuts, etc.
  • Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of Calcium in the body, which will promote the growth and development of healthy bones.
  • Having the right meal composed of all the vital nutrients for the body will stimulate proper blood circulation, augment the metabolic rates, and promote healthy growth.
  • If you have always wondered how to increase height, then you must concentrate on the diet.
Regular Exercise:

Regular Exercise

  • The best way to increase height after 18 is to exercise.
  • The exercise regime doesn’t need to involve rigorous and strenuous work-out, lifting of heavy weights, etc.
  • A brisk walk every day, swimming, indulging in the favorite sport, etc. all play a significant role as an excellent exercise to gain height.
  • Physical activity plays a major role in maintaining the overall health of any individual.
  • Aerobics, physical activity, dancing, etc. are great ways to help in gaining a few inches.
  • Exercising will stimulate the nerve endings linked to the pituitary gland.
  • The increase in the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone will augment the growth spurt in people of all age groups.
  • Hence, if you have wondered how to increase height, then you must exercise well.
Get Proper Sleep:

Get Proper Sleep

  • Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to keep you healthy and active throughout the day.
  • The various chores of the day will require the body to be active, which is greatly dependent upon the quality and quantity of rest the body will get!
  • There is height increasing exercise, yet proper sleep will impact the overall growth and development.
  • A comfortable mattress, the bedroom lights, the color of the walls, noise, sleeping posture, etc. contribute in effective sleeping hours.
  • Even during the nap time, the body keeps functioning. However, it is of prime importance to understand that children grow well if they get adequate sleep.
  • A sound sleep of a minimum of 10 hours is essential for the proper development of the body and the best way for how to grow tall.
  • Keeping the spine straight, the posture while sleeping, etc. will impact the quality and quantity of the sleep.
Avoid Growth Inhibitors:


  • One of the simplest answers to the question how to increase height is to avoid growth inhibitors.
  • You must avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption if you are looking for a healthy body development.
  • Alcohol intake is found to inhibit the proper growth and development of the body.
  • If you have thought about how to gain height fast, then avoid alcohol consumption.
  • The natural body functioning will be affected drastically through the consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking.
  • Incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices in the daily diet plan will contribute in increasing the height by a few inches.
  • The best way to prevent the stunning of the growth of the body is through the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables for people of all age groups.
  • If you have wondered how to increase height naturally, then you must increase the intake of natural products and foods.
Body Posture:

Body Posture

  • Practicing good body posture while sitting as well as sleeping helps in how to increase height.
  • The best posture will be the upright posture whether you are standing or you are sitting.
  • The posture of a person will play a significant role in portraying their confidence levels.
  • A drooping posture will make the person look shorter and unattractive.
  • A natural and insignificant bent in the spine is normal.
  • However, slouching will make the person look short and must be avoided.
  • If you have wondered how to increase height naturally then you must concentrate on your body posture at all times.


  • Yoga to increase height has been well known for the olden days.
  • Every individual must ensure they indulge in stretching exercises every morning for a minimum of 15minutes.
  • Stretching is one of the best ways to relieve the anxiety and stress.
  • The spine needs to be stretched to its entire length to help in increasing the height.
  • The tension in the lower back will be alleviated through stretches and hence help in increasing the height.
  • The Surya Namaskar is an excellent yoga pose which stretches the body.
  • However, you must ensure that you indulge in yoga to increase height along with the appropriate diet plan.
Exposure To Sunlight:

Exposure To Sunlight

  • Going out in the sun is one of the best ways to get Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D plays a major role in the healthy development and growth of the bones.
  • A brisk walk in the sun is the best way to get Vitamin D and how to increase height.
  • The best benefits from sunlight can be availed through the morning beams of the sun.
  • When the sun is very bright, the benefits will not be readily available.
  • Apart from the exposure to the sun, you must aim at including healthy foods in the diet.
  • The best height increase food will be cheese, milk, eggs, fish, lean meats, etc.
Hanging Exercises:

Hanging Exercises

  • Hanging exercises are the best exercises to grow taller.
  • The requirement for hanging is a strong rod which is capable of holding the body weight.
  • The height of an individual will vary throughout the day and can be augmented considerably through regular exercises.
  • Dead-lifts, bent-over rows, etc. will be the best exercise to gain height.
  • Apart from increasing the body stamina, hanging exercises will work to correct the posture of the body.
Wear Lifts:

Wearing high heeled shoes

  • Wearing lifts or heels is one of the most popular ways to look taller.
  • A pair of shoes with lifts or high heels will help in adding a few inches.
  • Wearing high heeled shoes isn’t a natural way of how to increase height.
  • Such shoes will be designed in such a way that they will augment the height and in the most attractive way.
  • If you have tried all ways and height increasing exercise, but haven’t achieved the desired results, then try to wear heels.
  • The padding in the shoe soles will help in keeping your feet comfortable and yet make you look much taller.

The market is flooded with various synthetic products which claim to augment the height to a considerable extent. However, these products will be unsafe for usage in the long run and there is no guarantee to get the desired results. It is safest to stick with the height increasing exercise and different foods to help in augmenting the height.

The various tips will help you in how to increase height the natural way. However, it is paramount to keep in mind that the external appearance of the person will not be as important as the character of the person.