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Tomato Nutrition and Health Benefits For Everyone

If you’re here to study the nutritional value of tomatoes, then you’re probably at the right place. You will find a perfect vision regarding tomato nutrition and the useful tomato health benefits at the end of this article. You’ll clearly understand the use of tomato in order to stay healthy. If you have been ignoring nutrition, you need to understand that it is one important aspect of life to stay healthy. It is high time that you know much more about nutrition to take care of your health amid your busy lifestyle.

We are all health conscious in today’s fast-paced world and we all are aware that we have to consume fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and vital but not everyone knows the nutritional values and the benefits of these fruits towards health. Tomato is a bright red coloured edible fruit, which you consume daily. Have you ever realized how tomato benefits for health? You could be knowing very little but there’s a lot you have to know!

Tomato Nutrition and Health Benefits For Everyone

Tomato Nutrition and Health Benefits

It is fortunate that we use this attractive red coloured fruit in almost all the dishes because tomato health benefits are not one but many. Apart from being an excellent source of many vitamins, tomatoes are an excellent source of copper. Tomatoes are low in sodium and saturated fat, and the cholesterol content is relatively very low. They also contain manganese and biotin. All these nutrients help in the blood circulation throughout our body. The nutritional value of tomatoes is considered to be really very high.

Number of carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, sodium, cholesterol and calories in one tomato


Nutrients Amount / 100grams (in grams)
Calories in one tomato 18
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 5mg
Potassium 237mg
Proteins 0.9g
Carbohydrates 3.9g
Total Fat 0.2mg

Important Elements in Tomato Nutrition:

How fascinating it is to know about one simple fruit that has been enriched with abundant nutrients, Here is everything you need to know about tomato nutrition.

Do tomatoes contain fat? Good news is that tomatoes do contain fat but in very fewer amounts and the type of fat that tomatoes contain is unsaturated fat, the type which is usually healthy. Tomatoes are protein-rich and moreover, the proteins present in the tomatoes generate calcium, iron, magnesium and many vitamins which help in the strengthening of bones in our body. One major aspect of the nutritional value of tomatoes is that they help in improving the eyesight. They also help in the proper digestion and reduce the blood pressure. They contain Vitamin A, B, C, and E which help in the various health functions.

One superficial fact among all the tomato nutrition facts is that tomatoes consist of a large number of antioxidants which have already been proven to fight against various forms of cancer. The usage and consumption of tomatoes have significantly increased only after people got acknowledged about the nutritional value of tomatoes.

Tomatoes help you in getting rid of dehydration because 95% of tomatoes consists of water. Tomatoes help in an effective cure of diabetes. The nutrients present in tomatoes help in gaining immunity against various diseases. Apart from being rich in vitamins, they help in the various health benefits.

Few Things You Can Do With Tomato; Tomato Benefits for You

Apart from tomato health benefits, there are also a few additional beauty care tips which you can follow. Here is the brief explanation of how tomatoes can benefit along with some fascinating tomato nutrition facts.

Tomato for Skin Whitening

Tomato for Skin Whitening

Tomato not only helps in nourishing you internally but it can have some amazing effects when applied externally and maybe you’ll like this one. Applying tomato for face; yes you prepare your own Tomato face pack. Tomatoes contain soothing properties and they also contain too many antioxidants which prevent ageing. Wrinkles will no longer be visible and you’ll be looking charming and energetic. In scientific terms, tomatoes help in removing excess amounts of oils and dust which will make your skin look fresh and clean.

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How to Prepare an Easy Tomato Face Mask?

For preparing a tomato face mask, all you need is one ripe tomato and a fresh lemon. Squeeze the pulp and the juice from both these fruits and mix well. Apply this to your face and let it remain on your skin for fifteen minutes after which you can rinse your face with medium to lukewarm water and wipe it using a soft and dry towel.

Fairness and Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Applying a tomato face mask can move your age back by number. It does not literally happen but yes, applying a tomato face mask twice in a week prevents the signs of ageing and then removes wrinkles from the face and also gives a glowing skin. It also acts as a screening guard for your skin by preventing the dust particles from entering the pores of the skin which is why we can call it as a natural sunscreen.

Tomato for Hair

Tomato for Strong Hair

What is the major hair problem that has been bothering you? A dry and itchy scalp? Dandruff? Dull and lustreless hair? Whatever could be the problem. This red fruit which we consider as a vegetable helps in a healthy hair growth since it contains vitamins A, B, C, and E.

How to Apply Tomato for Hair?

If you have run out of a conditioner and are looking for the ways to compensate it, you can make use of tomatoes to nourish and condition your hair. You just have to extract the pulp out of tomatoes and apply this to your hair strands soon after you have shampooed your hair. You have to leave it on your hair for five to ten minutes after which you can rinse and wash your hair with cold water.

Tomatoes for Mothers Who are Breastfeeding

Women who are breastfeeding are recommended to increase the consumption of tomatoes as this will help in increasing the lycopene concentration in the breast milk.

If you have been breastfeeding, you can also increase the intake of papaya, watermelon and grapes which are also rich in lycopene concentration.

Tomato Juice for Weight Loss

You have to control your temptations and food cravings if you are looking for ways to lose weight. But when your hunger mode is on, you cannot really control your cravings. This simple tip will help in curbing your hunger pangs and reducing your appetite. You just have to consume a fresh glass of tomato juice one hour before your lunch so that you will only consume the food in limited quantities.

Tomato for Healthy Weight Control

A simple tip that your doctor is going to suggest you for weight loss is to include tomato in your regular meals. Since the fruit is rich in water content and contains less cholesterol and fewer fats, you can include it in your regular diet.

Tomato for a Good Heart Health

Heart Health

Tomatoes are so good, they can make any dish appear attractive and taste delicious.  Apart from this, consuming tomatoes regularly will help you in reducing the risk of heart diseases because it reduces the fat content in the body and also the cholesterol levels are zero.

Helps in Easy Digestion and Reduces Constipation

Helps in digestion

A regular consumption of tomatoes will help in the proper digestion of the food and prevent diarrhea and constipation. One of the major health benefits of tomatoes is that the lycopene content present in tomatoes helps in reducing the blood pressure and enhance the blood circulation throughout your body.

Eyesight Improvement


Tomato helps us to maintain proper eyesight that is the vision and then also reduces the risk of getting night blindness and macular degeneration (it is the loss of the central vision).

Cancer vs. Tomato (Helps in the Prevention of Prostate Cancer in Men)

Cancer Prevention

The cases of prostate cancer in men have been significantly increasing.  The biggest breakthrough in the medical field is that tomato nutrition facts say eating tomatoes daily will help in preventing prostate cancers. Since prevention is better than cure, You can opt for various other foods other than tomatoes to prevent prostate cancer. You can include walnuts, Brazil nuts, coffee, carrots and salmons to put yourself in a safe zone.

Prevents Excessive Blood Clotting

One of the important aspects of tomato nutrition benefits is that tomato helps in treating a condition called thrombosis where the blood gets clotted in the midways and this will prevent the proper flow of blood circulation throughout the body. Researches have proved that tomatoes can help in treating thrombosis thereby enabling a free circulation of blood throughout the body.

Tomatoes Help in Relieving from Constipation

Tomatoes contain huge contents of water and fibre, and by consuming more tomatoes, there is a more chance of minimizing constipation.

How do Tomatoes help During Pregnancy?


Pregnant women are needed to be aware of a condition called NTDs (neural tube defects) which can cause some serious defects in a baby when it is born. To prevent the occurrence of this condition, the pregnant women are suggested to increase the consumption of tomatoes because tomatoes contain an element called folic acid which helps in preventing any kind of birth defects that may further affect the growth of the child.

Cures Depression

Cures Depression

Few doctors say that consuming more tomatoes leads to the release of good hormones like dopamine, which will regulate your mood and then sleep and also will increase your appetite. Apart from tomatoes, other dopamine boosting foods include potatoes, Brussel sprouts, avocados, broccoli, oranges and bananas.

Cell Repair and Muscle Formation

Tomatoes are also helpful for the muscle building and the repair of damaged cells. To be more precise, tomatoes are like a doctor to damaged cells.

Immunity Boosters

They help in boosting the immunity in the system which helps us in staying away from a cough and cold. Our body becomes immune and strong to rescue our suffering from such diseases. Tomatoes are good immunity boosters which can be easily included in your daily diet.

For Bones and Teeth

Tomato makes bones and teeth stronger. This is because of the calcium and iron content present in the tomatoes. A daily consumption of tomatoes prevents the occurrence of various bone problems in adults.

Ketchup is the Second Name for Tomato

Tomato ketchup, I needn’t write much about this only because which one of you is not a ketchup lover? And it is said that the most loved ketchup is made from a tomato. This will help you take tomatoes in a tastier way. The intake is more here I say.

Tomato ketchup

Not only is the nutritional value of tomatoes very high, the people in Spain enjoy playing with these fruits. If you have ever heard of La Tomatina festival, you will be reminded of the people getting splashed with these red fruits and the streets of Spain turning red and bright.

One other significant tomato benefits are, it cures tumours and then helps in the first step against fight back for prostate cancer. So every one of us has to be conscious of their health and yes have knowledge about tomato nutrition. Tomatoes release antioxidants which help in killing the dangerous toxins in the body.

The main tomato health benefits are towards the heart protection. Tomato reduces the risk of heart and blood-related diseases. It also controls bleeding and blood clotting. So everyone has to be aware of the tomato nutrition facts in order to lead a happy and healthy life. So by looking at all the tomato benefits, it is clear that the tomato nutrition is high and helps a lot. And if you don’t want to try tomatoes or you’re allergenic to them I think not a person on the globe can say a no to Tomato soup, try it! Then maybe the food intake of tomatoes will then be more but just in a different way.


Like the proverb “too much of anything is bad” eating too many tomatoes will lead to the formations of the stones in the bladder. However, nobody consumes so much at a time. But Tomato nutrition is highly rich content, and helps us to remain healthy and makes our immunity system strong that boosts up to fight against various diseases. And however, some people might be allergic to tomatoes. So, maybe they have to find out the alternative measures or follow a diet which avoids tomato but satisfies the tomato nutrition to remain healthy and safe.

What Did we Learn about TOMATO NUTRITION?

Now that you have known about tomato nutrition, you must clear that tomato helps in the cure for various diseases and helps you by reducing the risk of cancer. There are various tomato nutrition facts we’ve discussed above which will help you understand the health benefits of tomato. Obviously, you have to be taking care of your diet intake so that you remain healthy and stay safe. Since tomatoes release antioxidants they also fight against toxins which are dangerous to our health. Not only with the health benefits but also for the beauty that is for fresh, glowing skin and healthy hair. Tomato for skin also makes the skin glow and then the blemishes will be gone and will help to remove the dust due to the pollution in the city. All you have to do is apply tomato paste on your skin and wash it off after fifteen minutes.

Tomato health benefits play an important role in maintaining the health of a person too because it fights against dangerous toxins and saves you, prevention is better than cure. Have a healthy diet and stay safe because firstly if you’re healthy enough to survive your life, then you can enjoy your life happily.

Shout Out to all Those Who don’t like Tomatoes, here’s Something for you Guys!

Maybe if the case is like you don’t like tomatoes, but still you can push them into your diet with few tips or call them my recipes.

  • Cut the tomato and then place it in between the bread and make a sandwich.
  • If you’re a junkie, then keep hitting on tomato slice pizza.
  • Nobody can say a no to this, yes proper tomato ketchup made from fine tomatoes.
  • Salads.
  • And these days tomato juice has gained the popularity as the best health drink. Maybe people who don’t like tomatoes should surely be trying so that they’ll change their mind like I just did.

Just find a way out and then work on your diet, because it’s the food you take which puts your body healthy and your brain peaceful. You do have to take care of yourself and respect your body to stay healthy. These are the various tomato benefits we have discussed in the tomato nutrition. Hope now you know the tomato health benefits. Stay safe and healthy.