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Top 24 Amazing Ways To Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home

“Of all the senses, sight should be the most delightful.”    – Helen Keller.

Eyes are traditionally the windows of the soul. Most people don’t like covering these windows with glasses. As glasses make you look studious, and prevent you from getting the glamorous look you want, most people try to lose them as quickly as possible.

Top 24 Amazing Ways To Improve Eyesight Naturally

It is important for you to know that changes in the structure of your eye result in long-sightedness (hypermetropia) and nearsightedness  (myopia). Such changes are contracted and corrected using the concave or convex lenses in your glasses. To get rid of glasses, most people use lenses or go under the knife. Surgery is a permanent solution for people who want to leave behind their glasses once and for all.

However, there are natural ways to improve one’s eyesight. These remedies purely focus on getting one’s eye back to its healthy state. They might take some time before showing their amazing results, however, for people with low glass number, this method is the most effective as the results can be quickly seen. The points given below are ways to improve eyesight naturally:

Care at the Nutrient Level – Improve Eyesight:

1. Carrots:

Carrots are known for their eyesight improvement. It is the primary reason for their popularity. Scientifically, it is very true. Carrots have high quantities of vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin K (phylloquinone), potassium and vitamin B6. They have a weight loss friendly nature and are very helpful in improving eye health.


Vitamin A promotes good vision and is essential in curing night blindness which is caused due to this vitamin deficiency. Carrots and colored fruits have carotenoid which also helps in preventing age-related macular degeneration.

So include this crunchy vitamin trove in your everyday diet. Munch it while watching TV or grind it up and gulp the drink down. Eat all the sticks of carrot from the salad and improve your eye health. It’s the best cure for night blindness.

2. Citrus Fruits and Berries:

Citrus Fruits and berries

Lemon, orange, grapes and all types of berries are high in vitamin C.  They are helpful in reducing the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C promotes stronger bones and blood vessels. This is also helpful in the regeneration of collagen around the cornea, which improves eyesight.

These fruits can always be consumed in the form of juices and shakes. Include vitamin c and help your body regenerate the damaged parts your eye.

3. Water:

The elixir of life has been given its due importance from time to time. Water has unlimited advantages to its name. For the eyes also, it has many credits to its name.

Benefits Of Water For Health

Drinking water keeps the eye moisture intact and lubricates the eye well. Restricted eye movement has been responsible for the strain on the eyes and impairment of vision. Along with this, water keeps the body fresh, and the muscles of the eyes are relaxed. Drinking water also improves blood flow which also improves eyesight naturally.

4. Go Nuts about Nuts:

Walnuts, pistachios, and almonds make up the nut stack. These nuts have high levels of omega fatty acids, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is found to prevent the eye from free radicals which have the capacity of breaking down the eye tissue.


Pop in nuts during your break and treat yourself with them.

5. Legumes:

Legumes, peas, and lentils all are an excellent source of bioflavonoid and zinc. Zinc is helpful in the absorption of vitamins.


They protect the delicate tissue of the retina. They lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Include them in your diet to prevent future damaging of the eye and to cure your eyesight naturally.

6. Fishes:


Fishes like tuna, maceral, and salmon are the best source of omega fatty acids and DHA. These are very helpful for the protection of the eye tissue. Also, fatty acids are useful for the prevention of dry eye syndrome. This syndrome normally results in irritation, redness and blurred vision.

Treat this issue with a regular intake of these fishes and improve eyesight naturally and fast.

7. Black Currant Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil:

Black Currant Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil

These oils also have high omega fatty acid levels. For those who are unable to add fishes in their diet, these oils are the best alternative. They prevent cataract and are helpful in curing dry eyes.

8. Spinach:

This leafy veggie is a superfood filled with all the nutrients good for the eye.  It has beta-carotene, vitamin C along with lutein and zeaxanthin. These are all essential for maintaining the eye in good health.


Lutein and zeaxanthin prevent the eye from being damaged by the harmful blue light. Vitamin A and C are useful in the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration due age.

You can consume spinach raw or cooked, as you like it.

9. Red Meat:

Red meat

Beef has been reported for having high quantities of zinc. Zinc helps your body in absorbing vitamin a and helps in delivering it to the retina, which leads to a higher production of melanin. Melanin protects the eye pigments. Lack of zinc can result in problems in vision.

Vitamin A prevents age-related macular degeneration to a large extent.

10. Eggs:

Eggs are probably the food suited most for a healthy breakfast. Eggs contain vast amounts of protein and many other essential nutrients needed for the functioning of our body. Eggs also have a high content of lutein. Lutein protects the eye from the blue light which is harmful otherwise.


Eggs are also very helpful in the regeneration processes of our body. Thus the damaged eye cells would be very thankful to you for introducing this wonder into your everyday diet.

11. Whole Grains:

It is always better to switch your refined rice and oats to whole grains. They have higher levels of zinc, niacin and vitamin E content when compared to their other varieties. Niacin and vitamin E are needed for overall eye health.

Whole grains

Including whole grains in your diets reduces your glycemic index, which can help reduce the chances of macular degeneration due aging.

12. Black Pepper with Honey:

Black Pepper with Honey

This is a home remedy for treatment and prevention of cataracts. Add a pinch of powdered black pepper to a teaspoon of honey and consume it.

This is known to be helpful in treating weak eyesight resulting from cataracts. This is also effective in treating a cold.

13. Bilberry:


Bilberries are known to be rich in antioxidants. They are helpful in toughening tissue. These can be used to treat weak retinal tissue and thus improving your eyesight and eye function.

Try eating them raw or with jams.

14. The Sensational Green Juice:

For people who find eating the green veggie difficult, this is sure going to be a boon. The vegetable juices are packed with the jewels of the vitamin world. It has vitamin A, C, K along with antioxidants. The vitamins all help in regeneration of the cells and prevent cataract. This is also helpful for good eye health. This is the answer to curing your eyesight quickly.

The Sensational Green Juice

Take spinach and coriander in any proportions and grind them up. The juice that is formed will be green and thick. Add some water and lemon for taste and gulp it down. Some might find the smell difficult. You can also add mint to this juice for a fresh smell.

Exercise for the Eyes to Naturally Improve Eyesight:

15. Sunning:

Although there is no scientific confirmation that this technique is helpful for improving eyesight, it is still a natural way to improve your eye health.

Sunning for eyesight

Sit under the sun with your eyes closed. The early morning sun would be the best choice. Don’t squint and let the sun rays travel through your eyelids peacefully. Let the warmth ease the tension from the muscles. Do this for a few minutes. Rotate your head from side to side to avoid straining your eyes.

16. Central fixation:

Central fixation is when the retina focuses on the center object and only creates a blurred image of the surroundings. This is a natural property of the eye, and most often while observing something very closely, it is normal to shift your eyes rapidly and focus on different points on the same thing.

Central fixation

However, some people with imperfect vision have trouble to see due to this. They try to see the entire object under focus at the same time. This strains the eye and affects the muscles of the eyes. For such people, center fixation training can be done using an eye chart.

Fix the chart and allow the eye to focus on the first letter and allow it to leave the rest of the picture unclear. This way, psychologically, the brain accepts that the picture must be viewed as many focus points and this way your eye has no strain. This way you can prevent your eyes from losing their vision as well.

17. Shifting:

Most often, vision impairment is caused due to loss of motion of the eye. Rapid shifting of the eye can prevent the eye from squint and astigmatism.


Sit a few feet from an eye chart. Read the letters on the chart while focusing on each letter one after the other. This way your eyes keep shifting and exercise its muscles. Avoid looking at the chart as a whole while trying to focus on all the letters at one go. This could result in extreme strain on the eyes. This can improve eyesight naturally without inducing any medicine into your treatment.

18. Palming:

This technique is efficient during intense usage of your eyes. It relaxes the eye muscles and reduces the strain forming on the eye due to continued exposure. This is also good for replenishing the cornea with a new layer of lubricating liquid.

Close your eyes and put your soft palm over them. Don’t apply any pressure because this might put further strain on them. This is helpful in preventing the increase of sight due to stress.

19. Swinging:

This is an exercise which involves the usage of the whole body. Swinging your body from one side to side is helpful for sore muscles as well. Eating watermelon or drinking its juice could be useful in relieving your sore muscle.

Stand upright with your feet apart. Raise your hands to the sides to shoulder level and twist your waist while rotating your entire body to the right side. Put all your weight on the right foot by lifting the heel of you left foot slightly. Now repeat it for the other side.

This is effective in improving eye mobility and thus contributing to improving eyesight.

20. Blinking:


Blink very often. This has a calming effect on the eye. Also, it replenishes the eye with the lubricating and cleansing liquid. Relaxing and resting the eye improves eyesight.

21. Rotating Your Eyes:

Rotating Your Eyes

While sitting in the office for too long, this can be used to reduce eyestrain. Rotate your eyes in a circle motion. You can do it with your eyes open or closed with not much difference. Doing it with eyes closed can be considered the best as this helps in relaxing the muscle at the same time.

22. Rubbing Your Template:

This technique is effective in relieving all sorts of stress. Mental fatigue and stress are effectively cured by this method. Also, it relaxes the muscles around the eyes which in its own way cuts down on the strain felt by the eye.

Rubbing Your Template

Massage your template in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction with your fingertips. Gently press your forehead along the way as well. This relaxes the entire set of facial muscles.

Rose Water Cotton Pads:

After a hectic day out, this technique can relieve the entire day’s stress and leave your eyes feeling fresh.

Rose Water Cotton Pads

In rose water, dip two cotton pads and soak them for a while. Apply them over your eyes and lie down. This cools your eyes down and improves the blood circulation. Rose water is also used for skin lightening purposes. This way you can lose your dark circles as well.

23. Cucumber for Eyes:

It is common for people to put cucumber slices over their eyes while applying a face pack. Cucumber is mostly filled with antioxidants and has high water content.

Cucumber for eyes

The high water content is useful in cooling down the eyes and improving the blood flow. It relaxes the tense muscles of the eyes and aid in freshening up the eyes. So if you want to help your eyes relax, just put a slice of cucumber of your eye each and feel the calming sensation that seeps in.

24. Ithmid:

Antimony sulfate (Ithmid) is a silvery dark gray stone which is crushed into powder form. It traditionally used to darken eyes for beautifying purposes. Antimony is known to strengthen the optic nerve.


Ithmid or kohl is applied like you would apply the eyeliner. This is claimed to reduce skin flap growing on the eyelashes and reducing eyestrain. It detoxifies the eye moisture and helps in easing congestion in the tear ducts. Traditionally, it is claimed for improving eye health.

All these tips need time and patience. Keep working at them to see the results with your own eyes!