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Get A Quick Constipation Relief With These 6 Acupressure Points

Constipation is a typical ailment that doesn’t hurt much but irritates more. Reasons for constipation are a lot; they are in our hands to control. But we often neglect so many valuable tips for a healthy life and opt for an engaging lifestyle rather than a meaningful one. Notably, this is seen in food style. And what causes constipation lies in the basic fabric of our eating and working patterns. Knowing such important little things, we shall get to the quick constipation relief techniques through acupressure points.

Remedies for Constipation Relief _ Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure, being famous for its deadly treatments for lots and lots of ailments, again proves it is the best medication for constipation treatment too. Bets part of this technique in entire TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that acupressure can be done by the patient itself, with not much guidance of any specialist.

What Causes Constipation and What to Do for it?

Constipation is a disturbed state of the digestion process. A fecal mass may be stagnated in the intestines, or irregular bowel movements might be the other reasons which are caused by unhealthy diet and metabolism.

Let us briefly understand the primary issues that cause constipation, and also few relative constipation remedies be it regular or once in a season.

  • Diets with low fiber, high protein foods are major causes of constipation. Better avoid processed foods and dairy products.
  • Lack of water has an immense role in smooth digestion. Drink water in sufficient amounts daily.
  • Lack of physical activity also leads to improper breaking down of food. A 30-minute exercise practice helps everybody in being outright fit.
  • Do not use laxatives much to prevent constipation. They lead to excessive bowel movements, often results in diarrhea. It is always best to try natural treatments.
  • We should not always depend on chemical medicines that claim to give constipation relief Pills used for hypertension, allergies, and painkillers, antacids turn your body unresponsive after a long duration of usage.
  • Our weak immune system and bodies quickly tend to succumb for smaller issues like constipation. Start becoming stronger by each day irrespective of your age.
  • Do not stop the bowel movements forcibly or lazily. It leads to severe constipation later on. It is no shame to go for the cleansing of your inner body as it is everyone’s need.

Acupressure Points for Constipation:

The acupressure for constipation relief shows quick results by releasing life energy through meridians of the body. By removing excess heat from these meridians, body cells get enough potentiality to handle any disturbances in metabolism. This treatment regulates bowel movements with a great ease and least pain. Abdominal bloating, gastric effect and other precise constipation symptoms are effectively cured with acupressure points.

Now, let us explore the most natural way of treating constipation, i.e. acupressure treatment.

                                                                                                                             Also Read: Acupressure Points for Digestive Problems

1. ST 36:

Stomach 36 pressure point has great importance in acupressure therapy. It is located below the knee cap at about four finger widths, slight offset to the outer part of the leg. You can sense this point by keeping fingers in the region and rotating the knee joint, where the muscle has a lot of movement, there is the point ST 36.

ST 36

It has significant advantages for the whole body. Intestinal disorders, digestion problems are effectively cured by using ST 36 point. It is called ‘Three Mile Point.’

ST 36 can additionally relieve constipation symptoms, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, depression, and asthma.

2. CV 6:

Conception Vessel 6 acupressure point is located right below the belly button about two finger widths. CV 6 is named ‘Sea of Energy.’ Apply gradual pressure on the point and be careful while pressurizing. Gentle massage with fingertips can pull you out of constipation symptoms naturally.

CV 6

Do not apply firm pressure on the pressure point, use gentle force for 30 seconds continuously.

CV 6 is also useful in treating impotence in men, fatigue, menstruation problems in women, and digestive issues.

3. CV 12:

CV 12 is best known for its treatment for digestive system problems. Anyhow, do not attempt this acupressure point for constipation medication if you are suffering from heart problem, high blood pressure, and cancers.


CV 12 is named ‘Middle cavity.’ It is located in the midline of the body, right at the halfway between breastbone and belly button. Apply a soothing pressure with gentle force, by not pressing any deeper into the body.

CV 12 is the best acupressure point for constipation cure, stomach pains, heartburn, abdominal cramps, and emotional imbalances too.

4. LI 4:

LI 4 can be used for almost half of the ailments that are treated by acupressure. It is located in the fleshy part of the gap between forefinger and thumb of both hands. Apply firm pressure in the region from both sides of the point for about one minute.

Li 4 acupressure point

Large Intestine 4 or Joining Valley pressure point can provide a lot of benefits along with the constipation relief, viz. toothache relief, eye problems, allergies, and also strengthens immune system with extreme natural effect.

5. PC 6:

Pericardium 6 is known as ‘Inner Gate Point’ which is located below the wrist about four finger widths. PC 6 is located on both hands, in the hollow between the tendons. Apply pressure with your fingertips on the points of both hands, sparing one minute for each hand.

PC 6

PC 6 is known for curing headaches, nausea, asthma, motion sickness, upset stomach, which in some or the other way lead to constipation treatment.

6. LI 11:

The Crooked Pond or LI 11 is located on the outer edge of elbow crease. Use firm pressure to the point to get a quick constipation relief. LI 11 is known for indigestion cure and constipation treatment.

LI 11

Apply pressure for about 1 minute on each hand. Take deep breaths while applying pressure on the point.

The Crooked Pond also relieves diarrhea, skin problems, fever, and strengthens heart health.


Always remember, acupressure therapy doesn’t work well on pregnant women. Some points are strictly not allowed to be used on them. Mainly for constipation relief, it is completely unsafe to try acupressure or acupuncture treatments. So, it is better to go for some other natural treatments which promote health in every possible way.