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8 Acupressure Points for Sinus Treatment – A simple Cure Without Medicine

Here are the eight acupressure points for sinus which show an effective relief from the problem out of a very short course of treatment. Solving sinusitis problem is tricky. Unlike any other internal disease, we cannot cure it with particular remedies that are followed by addressing the root cause of the problem. A careful approach and sensible treatment only can cure the problem of sinusitis to give a yielding result although sinus problem has no cures unless undergone a surgery. You can however try acupresusre for sinus if you want to get rid of the irritable symtpoms caused sue to sinusistis.

Acupressure Points for Sinus Treatment

Understanding Sinusitis:

Sinus infection is an amalgamation of foreign bodies in a few spaces of our face, called ‘sinuses.’ The foreign entities can be any of the infectious species like fungi, bacteria, virus, or even the body fluids and phlegm.

When this additional stuff disturbs us in respiratory action, it becomes tough for us to breath at times. Not as intense as asthma, but when gets severe, sinusitis also demands a huge pay.

Sinuses (cavities within the bones or tissues) are all over the face, they are in the skull region, in the cheekbones, and behind the nose. Major impact seen due to a sinus problem is on the nose. People have grown sizes of sinus through the nose(doesn’t become physically external, but the swelling can be visible) when they have sinusitis.

Of course, the reputed sinus infection treatment is available and people live happily after undergoing the operation, too. But there are some failure cases of operation where the operation won’t work for a few people. There is hardly any chance to cure this problem in such situations. We will have to opt for remedies for sinus infection that give us temporary relief. The temporary relief must also be chosen in a way that it gives us a strong relief. Acupressure technique is one of such treatments. The alternative therapies have a special characteristic of working to the best extent as they promise, unlike the uncertain medicines.

Acupressure treatment never fails when it is considered to cure a disease. Or to state it differently, it doesn’t have any record of counter-impacting the disease or the patient for every treatment it claims. When it comes to the treatment by pressure points to relieve sinus pressure, the technique of acupressure gives all the best result we wanted. The activity of the sinus pressure points to drain sinuses acts directly upon the glands that provoke the problem and its impact will be understood when we realize the soothing effect that had already taken place in the body.

Does Acupressure Really Work?

Acupressure is a complete scientific process of healing that requires us to understand some definite pressure points present in our body. The trick lies in applying the right amount of pressure on your acupressure point while practising it.

If you do not believe in the power of acupressure points for sinus, you can try this method all by yourself and stimulate these acupressure points for sinus and examine some amazing changes that your body undergoes. The best aspect about acupressure is that you can try this method anywhere and at any time except for when you have had a heavy meal. Give a break of two to three hours after you have had your meals. Make sure that you are wearing loose fitting clothes while working on acupressure.

Know How Simple and Effective is Acupressure for Sinus!

Acupressure simply works on the basis of different meridians present in our body. Meridians are the energy lines present in various parts of our body. Stimulating these points or energy lines can help in internal healing as these energy lines are connected to various organs. You have to know the point or the exact location which you need to stimulate in order to heal yourself. Wanting to give it a try? This article gives you all the eight acupressure points for sinus by stimulating which you can obtain a soothing relief from the suffering and torment.

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection?

The starting note of this article was describing the treatment that it should be done very carefully. As sinus infection treatment requires great patience to deal with, we must find out technically useful ways to undergo any treatment.

When it is for sinus pain relief, home remedies work most effectively. As our suggestion of the day is Acupressure technique, we must brag about it and say every useful interlinking stuff on the treatment of acupressure points for sinus treatment.

Also, have the note that every praise of our Natural Remedies are purely authentic and proved. Nowhere the suggestions go exaggerated except the tone of invocation on those natural treatments goes somewhat over positive.

However, let us go through a few home remedies for sinus infection before discovering the pressure points to relieve sinus pressure or understanding reflexology techniques.

Tips and Home Remedies for Sinus Infection:

  • Breath exercises work wonders in regulating sinusitis. Do pranayama daily for 10-15 minutes. It will minimize and postpone your risk for an indefinite time.
  • Doing the respiratory exercises for more time in a day is appreciable as it can relieve many underlying ailments from the inside.
  • Have a clean nose and throat always. (Pranayama in Yoga always helps in achieving this)
  • If you have an allergy towards dust and temperature, stay away from them as they can lead to sinus infection or cause you one if you don’t have.
  • Make sure that you cover your nasal area and mouth while cleaning and dusting your house.
  • Breath fresh air and avoid exposure to the polluted.
  • Stay hydrated and feed your cravings. But I strictly do not mean to unfollow a healthy diet plan. But do not keep your stomach empty for a long time, it will cause every disorder in the body that you don’t expect.

Moving on, the acupressure points for sinus headaches and other symptoms are ready for you. The points have a strong effect of treatment on your body, i.e. they work for several other problems as well. Go ahead to get the simplest, natural, and the best sinus infection treatment. Discover these acupressure points for sinus and start stimulating them to obtain a soothing relief.

A Simple Trick to be Followed Before you Try Acupressure for Sinus

Before you identify these pressure points and heal yourself, you have to know the right amount of pressure that has to be applied. You should be able to feel a pleasurable pain while you treat your acupressure points. When the force that you have applied feels pleasurably painful, you can assure that you have been correctly applying the method. But if the force hurts you too much and it seems unbearable, you can reduce the amount of force and adjust it accordingly.

If you are unsure about applying the right kind of pressure, you can get it done by a professional which will fetch you a definite positive result.

Acupressure Points for Sinus Infection:

6 Points On Face – Pressure Points to Drain Sinuses

The acupressure points for sinus headaches and other major symptoms are mostly found on the face, a couple of other points are on feet, hands, and other parts. The major number of points is on the face. The pressure in the sinuses can be relieved with the stimulation of these points and the treatment drawn through the process shows relief for significantly long-time.

Nose Ridges

Touch your nose bridge points that are shown in the image. The spots on both sides of the nose where the eye region exactly ends are the location of this pair of points.

Nose Ridges for sinus

Apply pressure for at least 3 minutes. Continue holding the point until you feel the relaxation if you can afford.

Activation of this point can result in many benefits for your sinuses. Nasal congestion can be relieved in the first place, which is key for sinus pain relief. When sinuses get blocked due to nasal congestion, energizing this point can help clear the blockage instantly.

This pair of points tops the list of acupressure points for sinus as they stand as barriers for sinus relief and sinus blockage.

Inside of the Nose Ridges

This one is a confusing pair of points with the above ones. Just slide your fingers into the eye region by not giving any gap from above points. These points will be a bit apart than the first pair.

The exact location of this pair of points is at the meeting point of eyebrow bone and eye socket.

The eye region comes into picture from here. Using the eye region for acupressure has more impact in curing the pains.

You can apply pressure on this points as long as you want to. It releases your tension in the head and also gets the blocked sinuses in the head clear.

Mental Stress Point

This is one more point on the face that shows important treatment for sinus infection. The pair of mental stress points is located on the bridge of the nose, just at the beginning of the eyebrows. The location is named 3 in the image.

Mental Stress Point for sinus

Apply steady, firm pressure with two fingers on one point each, simultaneously. Stimulate this point for 3 to 4 minutes. The sinus infection treatment is expected to result in the next 10 minutes.

The treatment at this point is similar to the above acupressure points for sinus. The uniqueness of this point is it also clears headaches, stress, and mood swing problems.

Edges of Eyes

Locate your fingers on the extreme edges of eyes, but not outside of the eyes. The location of these points is on the eyelids. They are located in the eye socket region, below the eyebrows.

Edges of Eyes for sinus

With this point, the sinus pain gets relieved quicker than other points.

Just Below the Eye and Above Cheekbone

This location is again in the eye region. Bring your fingers from the edges of eyes along eye socket from the bottom. A finger length’s area is all the location for stimulation of energy.

Eye and Above Cheekbone for sinus

Apply mild to medium pressure to activate the points. The same treatment is expected with this pair of points as the above point does.

All the sinus pressure points in the eye region will do a better job if they are stimulated one after the other. Practice it with a two-minute gap on each point to increase the activity of acupressure.

Nostril Edges

One last important point in the face region. Out of all acupressure points for sinus, this is the most remembered point. It is located beside the nostrils at the inside edge of the cheekbones.

Nostril Edges

Place two fingers on each side of the nose to locate the points. Press them with stiff pressure for about 4 minutes. It relieves pressure/pain from blocked sinuses. The nasal passages become clear with activation of this point.

The primary suggestion for how to get rid of sinus infection lies in this region as “Pranayama” and as acupressure for sinus with “Nostril Edge Point,” such is its importance.

The Other Two –

Wind Mansion

This point is located in the hollow region of the neck where the skull and neck meet.

Wind Mansion for sinus

It helps in alleviating headaches, stress, and congestions. It is an effective point to treat sinuses as many of the related problems like nasal congestion, headache is cured with the stimulation of this point.


Place your hand on your throat and slowly take it down until you feel a pit in your collar area. The centre of this pit is the acupressure point for sinus treatment.

Collarbone for sinus

Use both index and middle fingers at once to apply pressure on this point. The short-timed sinus issues can be resolved with the activation of this point. It helps in curing respiratory problems and also improves our immunity levels.

With this brief presentation, sinus infection treatment at home became simpler than ever. Enjoy the benefits of acupressure points for sinus with proper application. Otherwise, your nearest acupressure therapist or an acupuncturist can do this job for you. Since sinus infection is a sensitive problem, it is always better to go for expert’s treatment if you are sure enough that you are amateur at this job.