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Fed Up With Routine Medication? Try These Acupressure Points for Asthma For A Change

It is very unfortunate to know that some diseases are chronic, the symptoms of which will cause you uneasiness throughout your life. Knowing acupressure points for asthma and treating yourself can be the best medication you could try of all the other modes of treatment for obtaining a relief from the symptoms.

People who suffer from asthma take fish medicine which is believed to cure asthma, but the logic behind this? No one probably knows. People claim they have witnessed the result and asthma has been cured, but it is totally unreliable to follow something that does not have a definite logic.

Acupressure Points for Asthma

Acupressure for asthma? Does it have a definite logic? Let us explore the importance of acupressure, how it works and various acupressure points for Asthma.

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What Is Acupressure And How Does It Work?

Wouldn’t you agree with me if I say that the energy present inside our bodies is dependent on our thoughts and the way we react to the circumstances that we are surrounded by? It is quite evident from the fact that you feel tired and lifeless whenever you feel depressed and energetic and lively whenever you are joyous and elated. So your energy depends on your thoughts and your reactions.

This energy is known as life force or life force energy and it is amazing to know that we can control our life forces. You wonder how? When we have the capability of controlling our thought process, we can definitely control our life forces which are dependent on our thoughts.

So, what is the ultimate relation between life forces and acupressure? There are certain pathways in our body called meridians through which the energy flows. These meridians facilitate the entry of life forces in and out of our body.

The energy of each particular organ is connected to these lines of energy and acupressure is the process of stimulating the energy present in these points to heal yourself from the inside. You can try the acupressure points for asthma mentioned in this article if you are looking for how to cure asthma naturally.

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Asthma Can Be Lethal!

Asthma can be considered a real serious problem and it can cost your life if it becomes mild and is left untreated. The per cent of people dying of asthma has been increasing since 1980 and it is sad to know that disease has been taking the lives of many children when compared to adults. Females are more likely to get attacked with asthma when compared to males.

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How Can Asthma Be Treated?

Is there a cure for Asthma? This is a never-ending doubt that continues to linger around the minds of many people. Asthma cannot be treated completely but there are various modes and measures one can take to alleviate the symptoms and obtain a soothing relief.

There are a number of ways like various Long-term control medicines and quick-relief medicines that help in controlling the symptoms but you can make use of Acupressure points for asthma from time to time and relieve yourself from the uneasiness and breathing troubles.

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Acupressure Points For Asthma – Natural Cure For Asthma By Acupressure

If you have tried several medications and if you are feeling vexed up, you can identify these acupressure points for asthma in your body and stimulate the points to reduce your symptoms like coughing, wheezing, chest congestion and shortness of breath. These may help you in providing a natural cure for asthma.

1. Acupressure Point P-9

Location – Located exactly on the tip of your middle finger

P-9 pressure point for asthma

P-9 Point For Asthma

If you are being prone to sudden asthma attacks, you could be experiencing a severe chest pain. You can try rubbing the p-9 point as this helps in relieving you from chest pain. You may experience dizziness or shortness of breath if your work exposes you to certain substances that you are allergic to which in turn triggers the asthma symptoms. You can reduce the intensity of these symptoms by massaging the p-9 point.

How To Stimulate The Point?

Apply the required amounts of pressure on the tip of your middle finger. You must feel a sense of relaxation while rubbing the area and you can gradually release the extra pressure if the massage seems painful. You must not continue the pressing and rubbing if the massage is way too painful.

Acupressure Point P-9 Also Helps In Curing
  • The stiffness of the tongue
  • A poor memory
  • Excessive heat in the palms and soles
  • Sudden fever or an elevated body temperature

2. Acupressure Point GV-14

GV 14 Acupressure Point

Location – Located on the posterior side of your neck. The point is located exactly at the area present in the middle of your shoulders. To make it much clear, as collarbone is towards your anterior side, so is GV-14 point towards your posterior side.

GV-14 Point For Asthma

Suffering from asthma can be a big challenge for you especially if you have to reside in the areas which are cold or if you are suddenly exposed to those fragrances towards which you have an allergic reaction. It can cause you a severe and uncontrollable cough.

How To Stimulate This Acupressure Point For Asthma?

You have to start by gently pressing the point and applying the required amounts of pressure. Continue rubbing the area for ten minutes and make sure you experience a soothing effect while you rub and press the point simultaneously. If you find it difficult to reach the point, you can get the massage done by an expert or a specialist.

Acupressure Point GV-14 Also Helps In Curing
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • A high fever
  • A severe cough and cold
  • Epilepsy (a nervous disorder)
  • Upper back pain

3. Acupressure Point LU-9

LU 9 Acupressure Point

Location – Located exactly on the extreme top left of your wrist just where your wrist line is clearly visible.

LU-9 Point For Asthma

Stimulating this point can give you a major relief from a severe cough and congestion that is caused due to asthma. Since the airways in your lungs become inflamed or irritated, asthma can cause symptoms like wheezing which can be relieved by rubbing the lu-9 point.

How To Stimulate The Point?

You can use your alternate hand to rub and massage the area point well. You have to make sure that you do not deviate from the original point though you may feel tempted to rub the entire area. Making use of index finger and middle finger helps in giving you a much soothing relief in the area where the pressure is applied.

Acupressure Point LU-9 Also Helps In

4)  Acupressure Point CV – 22

CV 22 Acupressure Point

Location – Located exactly above your collarbone, just below your Adam’s apple. To make it much clear, the point is located near the hollow area of your neck.

CV-22 Point For Asthma

You must be much particular while applying acupressure at this point because this point helps in relieving you from the major symptoms like a Dry cough, congestion in the chest, irritation in the throat and severe breathing problems.

How To Stimulate The Point?

You can easily reach out for this point without much difficulty and you can use the sides of your hands, your palms, your thumbs or knuckles to rub and massage the area. You need to be quite gentle while using your knuckles as applying much pressure may cause you choking and other side effects.

Acupressure Point CV-22 Also Helps In Curing A severe heartburn

5) Acupressure Point LU- 1

Location – To know the exact location, you can touch and feel your right clavicle. LU 1 point is present exactly below the right clavicle where you can touch and feel your muscular area.


Lu-1 Point For Asthma

One of the major difficulties that people suffering from asthma face is Dyspnoea (Extreme difficulty in breathing). Lu-1 point is one of the significant acupressure points for asthma because the point is majorly located in the area that is associated with breathing.

It also helps in removing the phlegm from your throat and reduces the symptom of wheezing caused due to asthma.

How To Stimulate The Point?

You can apply much pressure while rubbing the point as it is located in a muscular area present below the clavicle. Make use of your palms, sides of your hands, thumbs of both your hands and knuckles to rub and massage the area until you feel a pleasurable pain in the area.

Acupressure Point Lu-1 Also Helps In Curing

Pain in the chest area

6) Acupressure Point SP-6

Location – The point is located exactly one foot above your ankle bone on the inner side of your leg.

Ankle Point or Spleen 6

SP-6 Point For Asthma

This point helps in relieving you from the symptoms associated with breathing troubles and chronic fatigue caused due to asthma. You must not apply acupressure at this point during pregnancy as it may cause side effects.

How To Stimulate The Point?

The most convenient posture you can opt for to reach out for this area is to sit on your bed or on the floor with both your knees bent and legs brought closer towards each other, adjusted in the shape of a diamond. Use the fingers of your right hand to massage the area while rubbing the acupressure point of your left leg.

You can continue rubbing and pressing the area for about three to four minutes daily. Since the area is sensitive, you need not apply much pressure to stimulate the point. A gentle massage is enough.

Acupressure Point Sp-6 Also Helps In Curing

7) Acupressure Point K-2

K2 Acupressure Point

Location – Touch and feel your ankle bone with your finger. Move your finger three to four inches forward in a straight direction towards your toes. This exact point is known as the k-2 point.

K-2 Point For Asthma

A sore throat and irritability can seem like a continuous obstruction causing you a major discomfort and inconvenience. Applying acupressure to K-2 point located on your feet can relieve you from these symptoms.

How To Stimulate This Acupressure Point For Asthma?

You can sit in a comfortable position in your chair and relax before you begin to massage the point. Grab the ankle of your foot and use your fingers to rub and press the zone. You can apply a good pressure on the area and follow one simple trick of acupressure, that is pressing it until it hurts good.

Acupressure Point K-2 Also Helps In Curing
  • Disorders related to the genital system
  • Irregular periods
  • Insomnia
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Sweating during night

8) Acupressure Point LI- 4

LI 4 - Union Valley Pressure Point

Location – The point is located in the exact web area that joins the thumb and index finger. This area is usually known as the purlicue.

LI-4 Point For Asthma

You can obtain a great relief from a sore throat and bronchitis by massaging the LI-4 point located on your hands. Your thumb of the alternate hand plays a major role in rubbing and pressing the point. Stimulating this point works for bronchitis as well as asthma both of which are disorders related to airways of the lungs.

 How To Stimulate The Point?

Locate the exact point with the help of your fingers and keep rubbing the point until you feel a sense of relaxation in the area. Make sure that you apply a gentle pressure and massage the area for about ten to fifteen seconds before you gradually release the pressure.

Acupressure Point Li-4 Also Helps In Curing

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Guidelines To Be Followed While Stimulating The Acupressure Points For Asthma

  • Before you try acupressure points for asthma, you must ensure that you apply the required amounts of pressure and not more or less than that because some points may ache while pressing and others may feel tender.
  • You will definitely obtain a soothing relief while pressing your acupressure points, but you should concentrate on the pressure that you apply and this depends on the muscular mass of your body. If your body contains more muscular mass, you must apply much pressure on your acupressure points.
  • To be more precise, you must ensure that there is a balance between the pain and the pleasure. If you feel that you have been putting too much of pressure, you can reduce it until you feel relaxed.
  • The trick lies in applying the right amount of pressure while rubbing your acupressure points. The pressing can feel painful sometimes, but if you continue the process for about two minutes and apply the required force with your middle finger and index finger, the pain will soon disappear.
  • It is much recommended to use middle finger while applying acupressure since it is the strongest finger.
  • The focus should not be changed or deviated from the exact location as this may nor bring in the desired result.
  • Self-acupressure can be applied at any time whether you sit in a comfortable position or lie down in a relaxed manner.
  • Since acupressure enables a proper circulation throughout your body, you should consider wearing light fitting clothes as tight clothes may not help in proper circulation of blood throughout your body. Make sure your nails are properly trimmed so that you massage the area smooth and quick.
  • You must wait for at least three hours after a heavy meal before your start applying acupressure.
  • You must not hold and press a particular area for a much longer time as this may result in some serious side effects. The correct way is to press and hold the area for ten minutes and gradually release the pressure from the area so that you give enough time to enable blood circulation in the area.
  • The best thing about acupressure is that you can rely on this treatment irrespective of your health condition (except pregnancy). To make the most out of it, it is recommended to make acupressure a daily aspect if your life to stay healthy and fit.
  • If you are totally new to the concept of acupressure, you can consult a specialist or an expert who can provide you with a soothing relief.

Tips to Reduce the Impact of Asthma symptoms

Treatment of asthma can become much easy if you follow certain tips that can reduce the intensity of your symptoms. Here are some easy tips that can reduce your suffering.

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Stay away from medicines & drugs that are not prescribed.
  3. Do not overdo asthma medication.
  4. Go for regualr checkups
  5. Stay away from allergents
  6. Cover your nose & mouth while travelling

Note – You can definitely rely on acupressure for asthma and give it a good try if you are fed up with all the other medications.

You can rub and massage these points at any time during the day but you have to make sure that you follow the above-mentioned guidelines and make acupressure a daily part of your routine life to see the most effective results.

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