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6 Reasons to Add Buttery Nuts to Your Diet – Health Benefits of Cashews

Cashew nuts are rich sources of the vital nutrients required in the body. There are multiple benefits of cashews ranging from the maintenance of a healthy heart life to getting a flawless and glowing skin. The sweet and salty taste of the nuts makes them one of the favorite snacks amongst all!


Cashew nuts are easily available throughout the year. Owing to the remarkable benefits of cashews the market is flooded with different types of the nut. To attract children to relish the nuts, a layer of chocolate and other flavors is added as a coating.

Things Discussed In The Article:

Cashew nuts and its history
Nutritional value of cashew nuts
Health benefits of cashew nuts
All about fats and cashew nuts
Cashew nuts-The most versatile nuts
Selection And Storage Of The Miracle Nut-Cashew Nuts
Ways To Relish The Nut

Cashew Nuts And Its History:

Cashew nuts are the native to coastal Brazil but are widely cultivated all throughout the world. Almost all the parts of the tree are popular and useful. The most useful parts include the cashew balm, cashew nut tree’s wood, cashew apple, the nut itself! The various health benefits of cashews make them an important item in every household.

The cashew apple is the fruit of the cashew nut tree. Cashew nuts are shaped like kidneys, found below the cashew apple. Many people munch upon the nut as a mid-meal snack. Most people prefer to have the roasted and salted nuts. The cashew nutrition shows they are loaded with healthy nutrients.

The buttery taste of the nuts makes it an important ingredient of most cuisines. The smooth paste of the nut will give a buttery texture to the recipes. If you wonder are cashews healthy, then yes they are very healthy! Being a rich source of vital Vitamins and minerals, cashew nuts are very healthy and fulfilling.

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Nutritional Value Of Cashew Nuts:

The innumerable benefits of cashews can be endowed with the rich nutrient profile of the nuts. They contain all the vital nutrients which the body needs for the healthy maintenance of the body functioning.

The cashew nuts nutrition shows that they are rich sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, etc. The low content of fiber in the nuts helps in the maintenance of healthy functioning of the body.

The cashew nuts calories are about 235 in number, in approximately 1.5 ounces of the nut. The vital nutrients in it help in strengthening the immune system of the body. The following chart will help you with the nutrient profile of about 40 grams of the nut:

Vitamin K 14.5 µg
Vitamin E 0.4 mg
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg
Copper 98%
Phosphorous 34%
Manganese 33%
Magnesium 29%
Zinc 21%
Iron 18%
Selenium 12%

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Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts:

There are innumerable health benefits of cashews when the nuts are stored appropriately. The greater shelf life of the nut makes it an excellent snacking item. The misconception of becoming fat through the intake of cashews had been known to mankind in the recent years. The various benefits can be enlisted as follows:

Maintenance Of Healthy Heart Life:

Improving The Cardiac Health

One of the best benefits of cashew nuts is the maintenance of a healthy heart life. You can keep a check on the different cardiac problems by munching on cashews as one of the healthiest snacks.

The frequent intake of cashew nuts is helpful in maintaining the levels of cholesterol in the blood. It will facilitate in lowering the levels of LDL while increasing the level of HDL.  There are innumerable benefits of cashews and positive effects on inflammation, oxidative stress, vascular reactivity, etc.

Having a fist full of cashew nuts every day, along with a diet which is low in fats will provide ample protection from cardiac problems. Being anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, there are various beneficial cashew nuts health benefits.

Prevention Of Blood Pressure:

Controls The Blood Sugar Levels

Various diseases of the blood, mainly high blood pressure, can be prevented to a considerable extent by munching on cashews. Being a rich source of Copper, you can avail the best benefits of cashews by eliminating the harmful free radicals.

One of the best benefits of cashew nuts is the formation and maintenance of the blood cells. The deficiency of Copper is linked to the deficiencies of other minerals such as Iron. The deficiency of Iron in the body can lead to Anemia, which can turn out to be dangerous in the long run.

Protection To The Eyes:

Eye Health

The eyes constitute to be one of the vital organs exposed to dust particles and pollution. Exposure of the eyes to excessive external factors can lead to eye infections. The cashew nutrition shows that they contain powerful antioxidants.

You must have cashew nuts on a regular basis to protect the eyes and maintain a healthy eye-life. The pigment Zea Xanthin is a great antioxidant found in cashews. The pigment will get absorbed by the retina of the eyes and form a protective layer.

The presence of a protective layer will guard the eyes against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It has also been found that the best cashew nuts health benefits for the eyes are by protecting them against macular degeneration.

Skin Maintenance:

Spirulina Benefits for Skin

Cashew seeds are used to extract the cashew oil. The oil is extremely beneficial for the maintenance of a healthy skin. The oil is a rich source of all the vital nutrients such as Selenium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, etc. The protein in cashews protects the skin from environmental stress and makes it flawless.

Weight Management:

Weight Management

The regular intake of nuts is linked to healthy weight loss. Though the calories in cashews are high, having the nuts in limited quantity is advisable. Nuts act as excellent snacks and will help in weight management.

Nuts are nutritious and it is best to consume them raw. It is best to have the unsalted nuts for the management of weight than the salted ones. Any additives added to the nut will augment the calories in cashews.

Healthy And Strong Hair:

Healthy And Strong Hair

Having cashews is linked to strong hair and a healthy scalp. The topical application of cashew nut oil helps in maintaining healthy hair with soft and strong tresses. It helps in enhancing the color of the hair as one of the best benefits of cashews oil.

The benefits of cashew for hair are innumerable. Both the topical application as well as the oral intake of the nuts will be very healthy.

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All About Fat And Cashew Nuts:

The cashew nuts nutrition shows that they contain large quantities of fat. However, most of the fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The intake of these fats in moderate quantities will be beneficial.

You can improve the heart health, reduce cardiac problems, reduce the risk for stroke, help in weight management, etc. Being a powerful antioxidant, it will promote cell growth and division as the best benefits of cashews.

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Cashews-The Most Versatile Nut!

Cashew nuts constitute to top the list of nuts as one of the most versatile ones. The best benefits of cashews are the prevention of cancer, promoting healthy heart life, weight management, maintaining the eye health, regulating blood pressure, etc.

One of the most exceptional features of cashews is that they act as the best alternative to animal proteins and fats. They are packed with all the vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The unique buttery flavor and the diverse range of cashew nuts health benefits make them a healthy snacking item.

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Selection And Storage Of The Miracle Nut-Cashew Nuts:

Cashew nuts are plucked from the bottom of the cashew apple. They are mostly available in pre-packed containers. You can conveniently buy them in bulk containers as well. It is paramount to ensure you buy the nuts which are covered and stored. The best benefits of cashews can be obtained if they are stored properly.

Storage of the nuts will play a crucial role in the maintenance of the freshness of the nuts. If there is any moisture in the nuts, the protein in cashews can get rancid. If there is any damage to the nuts by insects, then the nuts will get shriveled.

Despite the cashew nut calories, they are one of the most stable nuts. On refrigeration in an air-tight container, cashew nuts will stay fresh for about six months. In the frozen form, you can store the nuts for about one year.

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Ways To Relish The Nut:

There are various benefits of cashews and they can be incorporated into the daily diet plan in the following ways:

  • Add a fist full of cashews to stir-fried vegetables, just before you turn off the heat.
  • You can add some cashews to cooked shrimps and beans.
  • Cashews along with maple syrup or honey can act as a topping for hot cereals.
  • You can have a healthy snack by mixing cashews with the other nuts.
  • If you wonder are cashews healthy, then don’t worry about the fat and have a handful of cashews every day!
  • Cashew butter is one of the best additions to breakfast milkshakes.
  • Cashew nuts smooth paste is used in many cuisines to give a buttery texture to the vegetables, chicken, and fish recipes.
  • You can roast cashew nuts with some salt at home in an oven as a healthy snack.

The benefits of cashew for hair, skin, and the body have been known to mankind for many years. There are different ways in which people can incorporate cashews in the daily diet, as per the preference and taste.

The innumerable benefits of cashews make it one of the most preferred nuts amongst all the other nuts. So, increase your intake of the nut and make use of the best benefits for you today!

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