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Benefits of Honey- The Best Sweetener With Numerous Health Care Properties

“Honey” – The most delicious ingredient that can be used in any food. It can be called as a desert itself. This sweetest thing has got benefits in it. Honey used is used as a replacement for sugar.

Benefits of Honey

Rather than that, it has many nutritional and medicinal properties in it. From the ancient times, honey is used as a natural sweetener and the antibacterial and antifungal properties are the benefits of honey.

It has remarkable properties that act as a healing agent. It should be marked that it is recommended not to feed infants with honey because their organs are still developing.

The process of making honey is so unique. Watching it feels us see many wonders of life. The honey is collected by the honey bees and stored in the honeycomb. The honey bee contains another stomach in which it stores the nectar from different flowers; this is purified and stored in beeswax. This honey is extracted by firing up the bee wax and packed up in containers and served.

Honey Nutrition

The honey benefits include vitamins, minerals, trace enzymes and amino acids. The minerals include sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate.

As it is between pH level of acidic properties in between(3.2 to 4.5), it helps in bacteria removal, and the free radicals are prevented by the antioxidant properties of honey are the plus points of honey.

Benefits of Honey for Skin

Health care is a major predominant need that everyone requires these days. People have become very health conscious. Here are some skin and hair benefits of honey mentioned below.


Due to the pollution effects, the skin is losing its naturality. With the best benefits of honey, we can get the natural elasticity of skin back.


Honey is just a remarkable ingredient that helps to retain the moisture . It can be used hands legs and anywhere on the skin to make moist and hydrated.

Skin Moisturizer

Take about five tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of rose oil, two cups of almond oil shake it well and use this as many times as you want to use as per the skin breakage.

Heals burns

The external application of honey has shown up excellent results as equal to that of the medication effects. The anti-bacterial properties and the drying effect present in the honey benefits in this procedure. Many experiments and studies have shown that honey works excellent on wound healing.


No one likes their skin to get affected with acne. Whether it’s young or old, everyone wants a clean, fresh and healthy skin. Then just add up honey to your daily diet. There are humectants in honey which moisturize and can kill acne causing bacteria.

Treating Acne And Pimples

There are many ways to which we can include honey to the diet. Apply raw honey to the areas that are affected by honey which mostly faces and back. Wash it away after 30 minutes with warm water.The raw honey benefits in reduction of acne and also curing the oily nature of the skin.

Adding up a tablespoon of cinnamon to honey and applying it on the affected area shows up much result. Or boil some water and add cinnamon powder to it let it simmer and add honey and drink it. You can see the change yourself.


Rather than all the prescribed medication that contains many toxins and gives the effects honey is the best way above all that. Honey benefits in curing herpes just by applying it to the affected part. It completes dries up the watery part in it. The hydrogen peroxide in honey helps in cleaning up the wound.


If you are suffering from herpes, do give it a try on honey as it has all antibacterial and antioxidant properties which heal wounds easily.

Honey for Hair

Hair has become the primary beauty compliment for everyone. Due to the polluted environment and foods hair isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs for its healthy growth. Here are somestrong benefits of honey for hair.

Dandruff Treatment

Many people suffer from scalp issues. Just apply honey diluted in water, and within no time the scalp becomes healthy enough. The antifungal, antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of honey benefits in the removal of dandruff.

Dandruff and Conditioning

Although you are not a victim of the poor scalp, dandruff reduction and conditioning are essential requirements as people have become too allergic to hair oils these days.Honey helps in healthy hair growth and acts a natural conditioner to hair.

Natural Moisturizer

As said above the honey contains the properties that make it work as a natural moisturizer. It makes the hair hydrated and retain its natural effects. And above all, it does not give any side effects.

Perfect Conditioner

Applying honey to the hair with its dilution to water acts as a natural conditioner. It not only works on the scalp issues but also promotes hair growth and conditions the hair. Apart from all the costly cosmetics honey is the best way to be promoted.

Health Benefits of Honey


Take Care Of The Allergies

The anti-inflammatory properties of honey help up in fighting allergies. The honey helps in building up the immunity system. Add honey in your daily diet. It helps in building up your immunity.

Energy enhancer

Energy is just that everyone needs. The glucose, fructose are the natural sugars that honey contains. These act as a natural energy enhancer. Just add up honey to your daily diet. Have some honey with warm water in the early mornings. Or just add it up in your regular drinks.

Increases memory power

Anti-oxidants are the first food for the brain that helps in improving memory power.  Having a spoonful of honey daily that just enhances the immunity of the body and increases the memory power.

Memory Booster

Honey also helps in increasing the absorption of calcium to the brain that also builds up the memory power. It also helps in reducing dementia.

Cough syrup

As many of us suffer from common cold and cough, honey can be used as a replacement to the cough syrups that just disturbs the immune system. Honey contains all the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting back this.

Treatment of Viral Cough And Cold

Honey just soothes the throat and keeps it calm. It is an age old remedy. Even the world health organization has approved it to be the effective treatment.

Lemon-honey syrup

Lemon is good at killing bacteria and honey helps in soothing the throat. This is a very useful syrup.

Lemon-honey syrup

  1. Take some unprocessed raw honey and boil it in a pan not much.
  2. Cook lemon in another pan until the fruit skin softens.
  3. Now cut the lemon into pieces and add it to the honey.
  4. Simmer it and then drain the mixture.
  5. Refrigerate it and use it when required.
  6. Adults can have it four times a day about one tablespoon
  7. Children (not infants) can have half a tablespoon.

Sleeping agent

Sleeplessness is a problem to many people. It causes much tiredness to the body. Instead of medicated pills, let’s go onto some natural remedies. In this case, just have some honey.

Sleeping agent

The sugar levels in honey help in increasing the insulin levels in the body which relate to the sleeping agent of the body. The best way is to add up honey to some almond milk and drinking it up. It is an age old ayurvedic remedy. This is the additional benefits of honey.


As said earlier,honeybenefits uswith proper digestion. Raw honey benefits are much more than the processed one. It not much available even processed one can be used up in this.

Have some warm water and honey daily in the morning which helps in digestion which directly relates to the acidity problem reduction.

Immune system

Honey has many properties that contribute to increasing the immunity of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties assist in fighting back disease which helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

Immune System

It also increases the digestion and also cleanses up the body. Honey with some water is the best way to improve the immunity of the body.

Fights cancer

We know that cancer feed on sugar but honey is sweet as sugar but does not contain sugar properties.  It contains carcinogen preventing properties that prevent the growth of tumors in the body.

Cancer Fight

Few more phenolic compounds help in healing up of the cells, and many types of research have proven honey to act on cancer prevention.


Hangover is just a huge thing that people can’t come up quickly. It is just because the drinks consumed cannot be readily taken by the liver. The large number toxins intake cannot be processed by the liver.


A headache we also get because of the liver disapproval. But, this can be treated easily by taking some honey. Taking lots and lots of water can also result in decreasing hangovers.


Sinus is another such thing that ends up with many sleepless nights. Millions of people are suffering from sinusitis and spending lots of money on medication researchers.


Taking a spoonful of honey daily can result in the decreasing of inflamed infections within few months. It just kills off the sinus causing bacteria.


Eczema is a condition where the skin gets inflamed.  It seems very painful with dry, flaky skin and can also observe patches on the skin. Honey benefits even include this treatment, but it takes few weeks to cure.


Take honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon in water drink it up. Or, you can directly apply honey on the infected areas directly which moisturizes the skin removing the bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is also an another way to cure this.


Cholesterol is required for digestion but too much cholesterol results in many other problems. Do add up fresh vegetables, fruits o the diet for proper digestion. Honey contains many nutrients like calcium, potassium and B vitamins and does not contain any cholesterol levels.


Hence doctors recommend honey for weight loss and heart patients. As mentioned earlier warm water with honey, cinnamon and lemon is the best way to reduce cholesterol levels.

Blood sugar

People having blood sugar are prevented from having sugary substances. But honey is the best way to have the sweetness. Honey contains sweeteners, but it doesn’t contain any sugar properties. Automatically the replacement of sugar with honey results in the lowering of blood sugar levels.