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11 Best Homemade Tips For Chapped Lips Cure Naturally

Chapped lips damage the best thing you own, Your Smile. In addition to that, they make you feel uncomfortable and are sometimes painful too. Lips are the first thing that most people around us notice. Licking and lip balms might appear to solve the problem in your head, but not in reality. The more you use lip balms, the more you have to use them. There are some amazing home remedies for chapped lips cure which solve the problem quickly. Check it out!

11 Best Homemade Tips For Chapped Lips Cure Naturally

Most people tend to lick or use lip balms thinking that they are curing them, but they won’t do it at all. There is a need to identify the exact reason for chapped lips and must be cured accordingly. Winter season is the main time during which most people get affected by chapped lips. During winter, it’s best to be cautious about lips to prevent them from becoming rough and chapping.

The natural way is the best way to opt for anything, and chapped lips problem is no exception. Let’s focus on natural and home remedies for chapped lips that are easy and simple.

Sensitive Need Care

Lips are one of the most sensitive, soft and attractive parts of our body. The skin of our lips is different from the rest of the face. Unlike other parts, lips have a very thin layer of stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the epidermis, and this layer is thick in all other parts of the body except for lips.

Also, Lips do not have sebaceous glands and sweat glands to prevent them from drying, and so it depends only on saliva for moisture. These factors make lips very delicate and sensitive which need to be taken care of.

Licking does not help

It’s a usual tendency to lick the lips when felt dry to make them wet and feel better. Shockingly, it doesn’t happen that way. Saliva evaporates way quicker than other fluids, and so when you lick your lips, saliva evaporates very quickly taking away the moisture that is already present on the lips and makes them even drier. So whatever may be the feeling, stop licking your lips. Licking is a tough habit to break but what to do! Sadly it’s one of the primary causes of chapped lips.

Major Culprits for Chapped Lips

Symptoms of Chapped Lips
  • Whitish scale on lips
  • Heavy dryness
  • Bleeding
  • Cracks on lips
  • Flaky lips
  • Mouth sores

Treatment for Chapped Lips

Following are the natural remedies that are the best cure for chapped lips and only involve stuff that is already at your home.

1. Be Hydrated – Whatever May

Water is the driving force of all nature. Water has nothing to do with us, but we have nothing to do without water. In fact, we are made of water. Most of our body parts contain water such as brain, lungs, heart, muscles, kidney and even bones. Water is involved in many biological processes in the body and is vital for everyone to drink enough water.


Without drinking enough water lips cannot remain wet. They immediately get dried which results in flaked or chapped lips. To avoid dry and chapped lips drink enough water, like 12-14 glasses of water each day and keep them hydrated. Water is universally available and universally useful, and thus is the most important remedy for chapped lips.

2. Honey and Sugar

Sugar is a natural softener that exfoliates dead cells on the chapped lips and restores their smoothness. Honey is a great moisturizer that can help for cracked and chapped lips cure. Honey has anti-bacterial properties which can treat chapped lips well.


Honey also works well with glycerine so that you can apply a mixture of honey and glycerine to lips for smooth and soft lips.

  • Take two teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of honey and mix them thoroughly.
    • Apply the paste on lips, with fingers or with a soft brush gently rub the paste back and forth on the lips to slack off the dead cells.
  • Wash it gently after some time with lukewarm water to get rid of chapped lips.
3. Rose petals for rosy lips

Rose petals have been used as a natural moisturizer for skin, and chapped lips cure for ages.  Rose petals not only heal your lips but also enhance the color of your lips. They keep the lips pink by exfoliating them and give a stunning effect to your lips. They help in maintaining the natural color of your lips. Rose petals are one of the best home remedies for chapped lips.


  • Soak rose petals in milk for few hours
  • Crush them make it into a paste
  • Add honey or glycerine (Optional)
  • Apply on your lips gently and wash it off with cool water after some time
  • Do this 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks to get rid of chapped lips completely.
4. Lip Scrub

Scrub the lips slowly and gently to exfoliate them and remove dead cells. This help in bringing back the natural color of your lips and also make them soft.  Sugar scrub is a very good natural exfoliator that is suitable for tender lips and is great for chapped lips cure.

  • Take two teaspoons of brown sugar and mix with few drops of olive oil
  • Add one teaspoon of honey and mix well.
  • Leave the mixture for five minutes to become softer, so that it could be easy to apply
  • Apply it over the lips and wash it with lukewarm water after some time. This is a good remedy for chapped lips that works very quickly.
5. Cucumber

Another natural and best cure for chapped lips is cucumbers. Cucumbers are very high in ascorbic acid(vitamin C) that stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is what that gives your lips fullness and glamorous look you desire.


Cucumbers are 85-90% of water! When they are applied to your lips, they restore the moisture content in them and hydrate your lips. They also protect lips from sun damage by preventing the formation of free radicals with the help of caffeic acid. They are simple and easy to use for chapped lips cure without any preparation which also works very quickly.

  • Rub cucumber slices over your lips softly so that all the juices are applied to your lips
  • Leave that for 10 minutes and then wash it with water
  • Do it several times a day especially during winter which is the best way to get rid of chapped lips
6. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

No wonder if we say Aloe Vera a skin specialist agent as it can cure every problem related to skin, be it on the surface or the beneath. Thus, applying aloe vera gel to the lips daily is surely the best way to get rid of chapped lips. They not only heal them but also relieve the pain due to chaps. It also strengthens the thin protective layer on the lips and keeps them wet. Apply aloe vera gel before going to bed for soothing and cooling effect.

7. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is one of the best home remedies for chapped lips. Applying petroleum jelly over lips provides your lips with proper protection and nourishment.  You can also apply a thin coat of honey before applying petroleum jelly before going to bed for best results. Remove the coating in the morning by wiping with cotton dipped in lukewarm water.

8. Milk Cream

Milk cream is a natural lubricant to your lips, and also it brightens the skin and lips. The high-fat content in this makes it best option for chapped lips cure. Chapped lips are also attacked by bacteria sometimes which make the condition worse. To avoid this problem add little amount of turmeric which contains antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial properties to your milk cream.

Apply a mixture of milk cream and turmeric to your lips and wash it after some time to get rid of chapped lips and protect them from bacteria. You will be able to feel the difference very soon after washing.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

The presence of essential fatty acids in coconut oil makes it an effective home remedy for chapped lips. It’s also called a reservoir for moisture. It’s a natural moisturizer that heals chapped lips by providing them enough wetness and relieves pain. They also help in preventing lips from cracking. Apply coconut oil several times a day to your lips for immediate effect and natural chapped lips cure.

10. Olive Oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the natural beauty secret that’s evolved as an essential component of the treatment for chapped lips.  Olive oil is a tremendous source of vitamin E which protects your lips in many ways. Fatty acids in olive oil are used to heal cracked and dry lips and also bring the natural charm to the lips. Sugar can be mixed with olive oil for exfoliation and to scrub your lips.

11. Lip Balm Tip

Most people with chapped lips are addicted to lip balms. As there are good and bad in everything, there are good and bad lip balms in the market. Some may contain irritable ingredients, and lack required beneficial oils, repairing ingredients and emollients. This kind of lip balms is of no use for you.

Lip balm

A good lip balm should buffer your lip skin from the elements. Choose lip balm high on emollients for chapped lips cure. Check the ingredient list of it for petrolatum, which stores the moisture and for dimethicone, which seals off splits and cracks in drying lips. Apply a layer of lip balm on your lips whenever going outside to avoid drying due to dry weather and exposure to the sun.

Doctor’s Opinion

Consult the doctor if the problem persists even after doing all the above remedies. Sometimes it can be a sign of infection or a serious problem like pre-cancer condition. As it’s better to play safe, see a doctor for the treatment for chapped lips if not in control or problem doesn’t die.